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  1. I couldn't find his best quote but this seems to work about as well.
  2. Wow, forgot about Chandler Smith. Glad to read that she is playing and it has worked out for her. Seemed like a really nice young lady.
  3. Congrats, Makenzie! Looking forward to seeing you play in a Husker jersey.
  4. I concur. And the fans comment he will never rightfully live down I'm sure.
  5. Of course, not disagreeing w/ that nor was I making an overall comparison. Just simply going on the success or trend of the program with each at the helm. I probably could have used another coach to make my point.
  6. Didn't realize she had been there for 12 years. Kind of like Pelini doing well with Callahan's recruits. She had some really good ones. Bo's record stayed pretty constant, hers went downward.
  7. Let's hope. Need someone like Lindsey Moore or even better that can protect the basketball.
  8. I should mention now that I look forward to better things from this program next year and beyond. Of course it's encapsulated in player development and recruiting.
  9. Obviously RU will be fresh and we know they are quick and aggressive. I'm sure they will press a lot in the backcourt. Could very well wear on PU by the 2nd half.
  10. Now to look forward to the recruiting season to see what happens there. Purdue was the aggressor in this one, overall. As been said, we gave up WAY too many off. boards. In some cases the ball seemed to have eyes for Purdue. We appeared almost zombie-like for a while in the 1st half. We would lose our man at times on D. I'll credit the ladies for scrapping in the fourth, but they fell behind a little too much this time. GBR!!
  11. Let's keep fighting to extend this season, ladies. GBR!!
  12. Can't think it helps that it is in Indy, Purdue didn't have to travel far and they have a game under their belt. Hasn't been that long since Sat. so the last matter shouldn't be an excuse for us.
  13. She (Gusty) impresses me as a Danny Manning type that can carry her team on her back and perhaps get them far in the NCAA's. Maybe me saying this will jinx them.
  14. I remember that night fondly. Sigh!
  15. Yes. Kristan Hudson from FAU I believe. She was a good ball handler if I recall but didn't see much of her myself before she was injured. I'm sure her experience will be beneficial if she comes back.
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