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  1. You all probably noticed OSU had a nice come-from-behind win in OT at Iowa on Wed.
  2. I think everybody has figured out their roles, accepted them and executed pretty well on O while playing more tenacious on D. Issie likely being out for awhile will create a hole as far as production on both ends. Will be tough to fill hopefully not as serious as it looked/sounded.
  3. Whew! Turned into a rollercoaster game. Way to do it, Huskers! Issie hope you heal quickly!
  4. Way to go Huskers!! Keep it up, ladies.
  5. Gotta like the way this team keeps fighting. Granted UM played w/out LB, but we fought back after an 11 pt. deficit on the road. I don't like all the off. rebounds we gave up (who would), though Hillmon is a beast. I trust that we'll continue to build on this. GBR!
  6. Caught my attention too. Almost posted that last night but had trouble with submission. Of course, it helps to have scorers too generally, but Sam has definitely done her part.
  7. Can't wait to see what she can do in a Husker uniform. Knows how to produce and is getting even better. She has great teachers.
  8. Way to protect the home court, ladies! 2-0 in the homestand, 3-0 in conf. play. Tough road stretch, but I know you'll keep fighting- just like you've have been. GBR!!!
  9. Too many TO's but NW did not capitalize on them much more than we did on theirs.
  10. MERRY CHRISTMAS!! And great graphic Red Steve.
  11. By my recollection IU started turning things around near the end of the Yori era. They beat us in Lincoln near the end of the season in her final year here, and have steadily improved from the beginning of Moren's tenure onward. Kind of disgruntling that we haven't done that.
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