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  1. For sure Will be interesting to see how this all turns out. Their regime probably hangs in the balance as to what they can do this recruiting cycle. Prolly need two grad transfers if they can get ones good enough to play at B1G level, and a couple of freshmen also. Just spitballin'. I'm rooting for this staff.
  2. If we could even split the difference between these two I'd be pretty pleased. Both would be AWESOME!!
  3. He was pretty much a beast. Him and Hayes together won a couple of championships.
  4. mwm89


    Seems like we're trending in that direction, looking at the scenario nationwide.
  5. Always appreciate your input, Sam. And a team always needs shooters(no kidding).
  6. That was my impression as well when I looked at those. And Leigha should start next year and play as much as she can handle.
  7. According to Matt and Jeff they are likely to receive an NIT bid, and with a good chance of hosting. We shall see.
  8. Analysts talk like they still have a chance at the NCAA's because of their SOS. IF they get in that might buy her another year. Playing Maryland tom. so I don't see that as a W. Pull a HUGE upset and who knows.
  9. Energy and focus appears to be going down the drain. Getting eaten up in the paint also.
  10. I'm guessing we're all wondering and waiting to see how things are going to affect them, and how they'll play overall (emotion, execution, intensity etc.)
  11. pretty good projection. Of course, it's tourney time so you can sometimes expect the unexpected.
  12. Good to see the bats come alive and avoid the sweep. Something good happened today in Huskerland.
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