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  1. We have enough ladies 6' 2" or better for Cain and another to play off of one another, or to have a better inside game. For whatever reason we don't see it much at all.
  2. I have no doubt they're looking to get their swagger back. I hope we have the confidence and can compete and stay in it.
  3. Is she also getting vball offers, do you know?
  4. Sounds right. ISU and coach Fennelly (sp?) have continued to get some of the better players in the midwest at least.
  5. That school seems to be producing their fair share of good athletes. Hopefully we can snag this one as well!
  6. I understand your take here. I would like for them to develop more of a killer instinct and play like they want to take the other team out of it. Perhaps the Minn, win helped in that way. Will be interesting to see.
  7. To sound redundant, very good game overall by the ladies and great effort given. Cain and Whitish played really well tonight- having an effective inside/outside game made a big difference. Bottle that ladies and take it to every game going forward. Great bounce-back game after a very disappointing loss earlier in the week. GO BIG RED!!!
  8. Always a warm feeling inside when you beat Blunder and Co. Way to go, Husker Ladies!
  9. Rand, you had me at "Havlicek". A childhood idol of mine. Thanks for posting!
  10. Dittos to what redsteve posted. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!! Enjoy reading everyone's input on this board.
  11. Ladies did quite well to go thru the non-con with only one loss. Just a general "duh" observation there. Looking forward to seeing how they compete with the B1G. Yes there are some weaknesses as has been noted, so we'll see what coaches and players alike can do to compensate for those, or show improvement in those areas. GBR!
  12. The ladies had a really good year overall. Well done, ladies! Only 5 losses, and 3 of those to UW. Can't always be Final Four participant. Gotta really like the prospects for next season. Should be interesting. GBR!!!
  13. My congrats to Hannah! A pretty incredible feat accomplished here.
  14. Cain looked good again from mid-range last night, and posting inside as well. Hope she can keep that up!
  15. That would make an interesting fit.
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