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  1. mwm89

    90 Days

    Congrats Bugs on your upcoming retirement and all the years you put in and committed to that job!
  2. A replacement of sorts for Gareth Stroh, though I think he is a left-handed pitcher can't remember for sure now.
  3. Noticed that too and thought "dang". Would think she could get way over the net. Now I see it is no doubt rested against the tire. Still...
  4. At least some reason for doubt certainly.
  5. MSU seems to be doing pretty well picking up these transfers.
  6. I'll have to try to access that. Respectfully I say, all of that I guessed to be true, if not saw evidence for it.
  7. Indeed it would. Likely we will have to climb up the ladder some before a player that caliber would consider it. On the other hand, if they wanted to be a trailblazer...…...
  8. What's that adage about counting chickens?
  9. Just from what I saw in the hudl video she reminds me some of Lindsey Moore, and probably even a bit quicker.
  10. Yikes, sure do. Fireball is probably putting it nicely. A little surprised to see her in coaching,
  11. Yes welcome Ashley. We wish you all the best in your Husker career!
  12. Perhaps Cook wasn't that interested? Or can you provide any insights?
  13. Definitely a good thing, esp. if it's a 4 or 5 type to give us more depth there, or even an upgrade.
  14. Luv it when people spot doppelgangers!
  15. That's what worries me in regards to her.
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