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  1. mwm89

    Minnesota vs. Nebraska Game Thread ETC.

    Needless to say, you never know who's on the roads. Sounds like you made it home in spite of it. Good deal.
  2. mwm89

    2019 Nebraska baseball

    Of course we all know projections are pretty lame, and at best based on incomplete info. But we'd better at least finish a little better than that. Would think Moos would not find two consecutive absents from the B1G Tourney acceptable.
  3. mwm89

    Huskers vs Illinois...

    Good call on that one!
  4. mwm89

    Huskers vs Illinois...

    Pretty darn close.
  5. mwm89


    If someone were to be replaced in the starting lineup, I think Maddie is the most obvious choice. Even though she played okay last year, trying to make an outside player (which she did mostly in HS) into a 3 or 4 doesn't always go too well. Just going by what I've seen on the court but my opinion doesn't mean jack either when it comes to some things. The one who has earned a starting spot the most is Brown. Some coaches seem to like to go with an experienced starting lineup to "break the ice" then substitute as they deem necessary.
  6. mwm89


    I don't believe there will be any changes, either. Wondering if there might be any contrarian views.
  7. mwm89


    At Illinois up next- dare I say this is a "winnable game"? Got to find a way to get that one however we do it, get back to .500. Got arguably the two best teams out of the way for next few games- certainly the most athletic in the B1G. Will be interesting to see what transpires in the next few games (lineups, performance, etc.).
  8. mwm89

    Trivia Question fun

    Looks like it's Ohio State. Lost to Cincinnati in consecutive years. Before that they beat Cal to win the title. Pretty sure that was the Havlicek era. My dad's favorite player as well as mine when he played for the Celtics.
  9. mwm89

    Trivia Question fun

    Spitballing here. Didn't Houston Lose in two consecutive seasons? Probably not the first though. I was thinking UH lost to NC State in '83 then to G-town the following year. I did not search engine this matter, though.
  10. mwm89

    Scouting Maryland

    Offensive execution seemed to digress as the game wore on (from our end). Over time as our program continues to grow hopefully we close that gap on the athleticism, hopefully with the next class.
  11. True. But he still got too close to the basket than he could have IMO.
  12. If we just stay in front of him and make him work to get downcourt or pass the shot would have to be even luckier.
  13. mwm89

    Scouting Maryland

    Comparatively speaking, not that impressive by MD.
  14. mwm89

    Scouting Iowa

    I agree the coaches should do what they can reasonably to get the numbers to 12 or 13. With gals that could play if they had to if not a cut above that.
  15. Correct. That was my point in my original post. I was trying to jog my memory if there had been anyone since Maric. All those you mentioned fit in the mold of a "traditional 5" essentially and were pre-Maric. Thanks for answering HHCMatt above. That is exactly what I meant by a post player. I know in this day of basketball it's hard to use terminology like "post player" without writing an expose. And I agree that the players you mentioned would be considered post players in Miles' offense.