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  1. That's just wild.
  2. Thanks Whoop. I hope you and everyone here will do the same.
  3. Yes, delayed congratulations to Rhonda Revelle and the NU softball team!! Their hard work and talent paid off yesterday and I enjoyed it. Well deserved! GBR!!
  4. Fantastic!! GBR!! (close enough)
  5. I would second that notion.
  6. Yeah forgot that UConn was actually the 2 and NC St, the 1 because of that home court advantage. should have fact checked first. But in my mind UConn is the fave but wouldn't be too surprised if State pulled it off.
  7. Looks that way and will certainly be proven essentially if the other 2 one seeds win tonight as expected.
  8. Yet another thing in sports Crayton outdoes NU in accomplishing. Still, great job by them (and nice to remember we beat them at least this season).
  9. must not be many on here who remember or know the name Charlie Greene. While I didn't watch him run at that time I remember the stories and watching video of him running. Loved the fact of course of hearing that a former Nebraska athlete was once the fastest person in the world. RIP Charlie.
  10. well not from me anyway. Got the impression from previous statements that she was glad to be here.
  11. Probably wasn't a good look (or good in any way perhaps) for the B1G for Iowa to lose........but who cares! That was a great game with a great result! I give them credit they (CU) did what we couldn't. As mentioned the lack of prep must not have been good for UI.
  12. Didn't get to watch today as I was at work for most of it, and don't have ESPNews anyway. Listened to the latter half of the 4th. Sounds like we were tired but both teams have played long seasons. The worst part right now is realizing the season has come to an end. I wished we could have given them more of a battle but that said we had a really, really good season. Exceeded my expectations I would say. Certainly there are things each player and the team overall need to work on, but the opportunity and potential is there for that growth to happen esp. with the youth. I am at least as optimistic for next year and the future as I am disappointed in the result today. Thanks again for the season ladies! GO BIG RED!!
  13. My thought was it looks like it worked out OK for them (WSU) really. But I get her point.
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