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  1. Understandable in that case. I was determined to be there for the last game...……..waiting for the determination (of those making the decision) to head to the ballpark under the much less than desirable circumstances.
  2. Stayed for the whole thing last night/early this morn. Great series win, though I witnessed in person the one loss. Pretty wild game, though. Hopefully we can get a couple of BTT wins at the least and earn a bid in the regionals (one way or another).
  3. Sounds disconcerting for fans of other schools in the B1G, and maybe for most of the programs themselves. Quite a haul for the Bucks, as they continue to excel on the recruiting front.
  4. This is HUGE!!! Now let's see if we can keep it up next weekend in the B1G v. Mich. GBR!
  5. Love the offense!! Now if we can hang on for one more inning. An insurance run or two here in the bottom of the 8th would be awesome.
  6. Sorry, but this is really getting old (meaning lack of offense)...…. Not convinced that offense we saw for a couple of weeks will ever show up. Again want to be proven wrong. I haven't seen enough development in this regime in the hitting dept. You're right, brfrad, we haven't seen enough decisions in this game, and overall, to be aggressive at any level and help the offense.
  7. FWIW, seems I remember reading that she chose Quinnipiac because she wanted to be close to her ailing grandfather, but he since has passed on.
  8. Needless to say, one would hope anyway.
  9. Kind of what I figured would be the at best scenario.
  10. Completely saddened and dejected when I heard the news of his passing. I only saw him play in the last 5 or so years of his career. I learned quickly after developing a love for basketball as a child that "Hondo" Havlicek was my dad's favorite player. I then began to admire him myself- both his on the court play and his demeanor and character off of it. He was my first childhood sports idol, and I can't even think of another that I could classify as such after him. I wish he was getting more attention in light of his passing- but he wouldn't have wanted it anyway. R.I.P. John Havlicek- and many thanks for the memories.
  11. The peril of following recruiting is to be let down when they choose someone else, particularly when they are highly regarded and in the radius. Oh well.
  12. So OSU gets another Braxtin (compared to Braxton) Miller to play there.
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