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  1. Rough game for her and the Aussies.
  2. Odd time for a season opener indeed. I'm guessing logistics somehow dictated that time slot.
  3. RIP Coach Barone. A bit shocked to see this, but didn't realize he had crossed into the 70's. Used to watch sometimes on KMTV when he did "The Tony Barone Show" when he coached Creighton.
  4. Still one of my all time favorite movies!
  5. That crossed my mind as well with the run difference going into the btm of the 9th.
  6. Congratulations to Coach Bolt! Great to here that this was his dream job. When he went back to the state of TX, I thought he wanted to be back home pretty much for good. Will be interesting to see what he can do here. It's not always the "sexy hire" that can accomplish the most at a particular program. GBR!!
  7. Is this the same knee or different one? Can't remember.
  8. Shocking news. I have always been a big fan and supporter of Erstad the coach and the person. I have been rooting for him to be one to take the program to the highest level. Of course that won't be the case now. God bless you, Darin Erstad, and all the best to you moving forward and in the next phase of your and your family's life. The epitome of what it is and means to be a Husker. GBR!
  9. Disappointing way to end an overall pretty good season. My expectations for the program is to find better everything next year and beyond as far as level of recruiting and development/coaching. I would hope that is everyone's. I realize we have some good, young players playing so we'll see how they do in the coming years and if/how the program progresses as a result. GO BIG RED!!!
  10. We saw the potential scenario unfold after the two out single. I said, "no God, no. Don't let it happen". Then it happened. Disgusting.
  11. Really good run through the B1G Tournament overall. One game pitching didn't show up, in the final hitting- or at least timely hitting- didn't. Looking forward to what's next, where we will go and seeing how well we perform. GO BIG RED!!!!!
  12. Incredible effort and fight by the pitchers. Batters for the most part showed discipline at the plate and it made a big difference. WOWSERS!! Go get 'em tomorrow, fellas! GBR!! ?
  13. Hitting can fade from game to game, though you always have your batters. Pitchers unfortunately, as has been alluded to, can run out. We can hope that UM doesn't hit as well the 2nd game, and one of our pitchers, best the starter, has the game of his life. If not, it doesn't look good that there will be a Sunday. But of course games aren't played on paper. Yes, keep fighting Huskers! "It ain't over, till it's over!"
  14. Understandable in that case. I was determined to be there for the last game...……..waiting for the determination (of those making the decision) to head to the ballpark under the much less than desirable circumstances. ?
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