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  1. Some tough stretches on there, particularly at Mary and at OSU back to back in Feb.
  2. With the talent level we have currently I think she could take the team to another level most likely.
  3. She's impressive for sure, esp. for her age!
  5. Now that I look at the year ranges of others I realize our "peerness" is that we all went to Lefler. I was there from 79-82.
  6. Wow some of us here really are in the same peer group. I knew about Mr. Wall's passing since he was a member of my church- and also my former Life Science teacher. Had Mr. Dymacek and Mr. Childress also. Sorry to hear of his loss. Yeah, I missed this post altogether. Better late than never i guess.
  7. Congrats to MSU! Way to bounce back after losing the first in a not close game.
  8. I think this move will probably be for the better, esp. during the summer months when there is not a lot- or as much- Husker news to discuss.
  9. And not necessarily for the better from a fans perspective. However, there are other resources for that info, incl. KNTK 93.7FM. It will be interesting to hear the new format over time and get a feel for its entertainment and information value.
  10. Right on to everything you said here, Kendall!! Perhaps if we went to Columbia or similarly seeded team, we would be celebrating a Regional win.
  11. I think Kopps made us a little too antsy at the plate.
  12. I feared this game was setting up for this kind of an ending. Really sucks. It still has been a great season, just ending painfully.
  13. Good call. That's probably it right there.
  14. Too late in the eve. for me to think that hard that quickly.
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