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  1. mwm89


    Certainly looked that way today, anyway. Virtually no reason to doubt in any case.
  2. mwm89

    Nebraska vs. Washington State Game Thread

    Yep. Fortunately we're just getting started.
  3. mwm89

    Miles has surgery

    Certainly is the lesser of the two evils, I would think.
  4. mwm89

    Kansas Football: Dust in the Wind

    Liked the post, love the song, and band!
  5. mwm89

    GAME DAY is here !!

    Yeah, that's my impression sometimes too!
  6. mwm89

    2019 Recruits

    Boo Hiss!!
  7. mwm89

    huskers 5th according to women's hoops world...

    I'd like to think not as well. Not surprised that they would not give us enough respect. Disappointed, but not surprised.
  8. mwm89

    Nebraska Football 2018-2019

    I imagine it won't be this Sat. unless it gets too far out of hand. Which I'm hoping of course that is not the case.
  9. mwm89

    Dedoch is N and now out...

    I suppose it wouldn't. I actually tend to like groaners, or eye-rolling types of comments/jokes and was only needling you in good nature. But it probably wouldn't always be used that way.
  10. mwm89

    Dedoch is N and now out...

    Actually, I was referring to what is to the right of a post, with the up and down arrows, the laugh face, etc. But my inability to define what that is, or know its name, made it unclear. Oh well.
  11. mwm89

    Dedoch is N and now out...

    Hee hee. We need to include eye-rolling emoji on reaction bar.
  12. mwm89

    SEASON STARTS about a month away.

  13. mwm89

    Nebraska Football 2018-2019

    That would be great, needless to say. However, like we did at one time, they have 2 wks. to prepare for us. That won't turn them into a great 'D', but they'll certainly be ready to get the taste of defeat out of their mouths. What luck once again.
  14. mwm89

    2019 Nebraska baseball

    I see Purdue is playing its 2 exhibitions against junior college teams - that might be a really smart idea going forward for NU baseball for recruiting purposes. Get a talented juco team in here, let them see the facilities, etc. I think this is a really good idea.
  15. mwm89

    Nebraska Football 2018-2019

    would not doubt that as a possibility.