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  1. Did they name a POW? wonder who got that over Haiby.
  2. mwm89

    Win Poll

    My initial thought when I saw the post was 17, but thinking/hoping the potential is there for 19 or better. Of course it's nearly impossible to gauge how we'll compare to other B1G teams at this point.
  3. I remember him as Mr. Haney from Green Acres. Those interactions with Mr. Douglas were maybe the funniest parts of the series.
  4. Me too for sure. We must be more victim to those polar winds and fronts.
  5. I hope she's hungry and goes out and has a really good year. I'm betting she's worked towards that.
  6. Was definitely thrilled when I saw the news of him getting that. Great that the President acknowledged him with the honor.
  7. mwm89

    Annika Stewart

    Thought the name sounded awfully familiar.
  8. I'm certainly eager to see- as I suspect everyone else is- what she'll bring to the table and how much she'll be used this coming season. I suspect she'll get some good minutes certainly as the season rolls along, if not immediately. Time will tell.
  9. Rough game for her and the Aussies.
  10. Odd time for a season opener indeed. I'm guessing logistics somehow dictated that time slot.
  11. RIP Coach Barone. A bit shocked to see this, but didn't realize he had crossed into the 70's. Used to watch sometimes on KMTV when he did "The Tony Barone Show" when he coached Creighton.
  12. Still one of my all time favorite movies!
  13. That crossed my mind as well with the run difference going into the btm of the 9th.
  14. Congratulations to Coach Bolt! Great to here that this was his dream job. When he went back to the state of TX, I thought he wanted to be back home pretty much for good. Will be interesting to see what he can do here. It's not always the "sexy hire" that can accomplish the most at a particular program. GBR!!
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