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  1. Quite a salary for a head women's coach. But the results this year shows she is probably earning it, esp. if she can keep that high a level going.
  2. Very conceivable. I believe Verbeek started her frosh year and Alexis seems more developed at this stage than she was. Every season is different, but just a general comparison. Realizing they don't have the exact same game it doesn't appear to me, but just matching up height and size.
  3. I am adding my sincere thanks to Kate for her contributions and success here and well wishes for her future!! An awesome young lady! GBR!!
  4. We have no scollies to give, right? I would like to have a player of Juhasz' caliber on the floor. Of course we have a couple of bigs coming next year.
  5. I lean that way myself. I think it's worth a look certainly on our end.
  6. I wouldn't mind probably any of them if they don't want to play there. Not likely to want to check us out if any do enter but you never know.
  7. Guessing possibly some time next week?
  8. Mission accomplished. Let's get some more ourselves and pad this lead.
  9. I'd be great if we can get out of the 2nd w/ giving up a run.
  10. Not the way anyone wanted the season to end. The rally near the end-notably Sam's efforts- showed they were not going down without a fight. The differential in making threes and the run that CU had in the fourth to pull away obviously made the difference in this one. When there is really no prep time in the postseason, who can make shots and plays will tell the tale. Future looks bright. GBR always!! Edit: after looking at the stats, it wasn't so much how many threes made but the percentage. But they basically forced us to shoot more from there and we weren't as successful as
  11. Was only able to catch the last half of the 2nd Q. Great to get at least one more win for the season. Sounds like the next game will be very challenging- but they'll be up for it no doubt. The result today shows they were focused on having more success for this year. GBR!!
  12. UT Martin will obviously not have to travel far, for whatever that is worth. Are any fans allowed, does anyone know? Will be interesting to see how they match up. GBR!
  13. Odd trend that every team that played a doubleheader lost them both.
  14. It's a tall task, obviously. Go out and play your best ladies and let's see what happens. GBR!
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