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  1. Got to admit to being disappointed when I first saw the field for this one. Yeesh. But now I'm excited to play some mediocre teams, good chance to take a step forward.
  2. Agree, I think the coaching staff likes Cheatham. He's an easy target when we're playing so poorly, but his resume is pretty impressive. I know he's coming off an injury but this guy is talented. Highly ranked recruit, started at Marquette. I'd think he'd be a good player on a functional team, but he might not look like it on a dysfunctional one.
  3. FWIW, TeamRankings still has our win odds as 89.6% against Southern Utah. Bad opener, but very likely our worst game of the year (or at least most unlikely loss). We'll beat somebody we shouldn't and even things up.
  4. Omaha Central grad Tre'shawn Thurman signed with the Pistons. Still scratching my head over why UNO was his best offer out of high school.
  5. I agree, but didn't want to post a "eh, we didn't need him anyway" comment. You handled it better than I would have.
  6. The annual snowball fight always looked like the scene in Doctor Zhivago when the czar's mounted troops rushed the crowd.
  7. I used to sing that last line "she's a clean queen" and thought it was hilarious. Must have been drinking something.
  8. Regarding the loss of buzzer beaters, a switch to four quarters would allow for 3 buzzer beaters, just not one at the end. I'm for anything that reduces replays.
  9. That's one interpretation. Another is that Hunter thought coaching for Danny Hurley at UConn had more upside than NU. Plus, he was an East Coast guy before he came here so he's heading back to where he's comfortable recruiting. So the issue of job security might have mattered, but more in the fact that the UConn job was better long term, regardless of an extension for Miles.
  10. According to this, Miles' recruiting classes were ranked: 72 in 2012 56 in 2013 95 in 2014 27 in 2015 55 in 2016 75 in 2017 83 in 2018 66 in 2019 Consistently mediocre, the one outlier was 2015, when TM could sell the success of 2014. The program's lack of success was a bigger recruiting factor than a contract extension imo. Doesn't take into account how the recruits panned out, of course. Either way, transfers made his program, not his recruiting of HS players. https://www.cornnation.com/2019/3/29/18260493/nebrasketball-a-history-of-tim-miles-recruiting-classes
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