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  1. I remember when I thought Michael Jacobson would be a 4 year anchor. After that, I quit thinking anyone would be an anchor.
  2. Not that much to show for basketball here, but he got a degree from NU. Good deal for him.
  3. Projected number of transfers in portal by day under new rules:
  4. Jimmy turned on the wayback machine.
  5. Glass half full: High level recruit, averaged 10 ppg in the BIG so you know he can score Glass half empty: Wisky played their best ball after he left
  6. One of the top transfers available. Sorry to say, but I don't see us in the running for him.
  7. Goodine is going to Providence.
  8. That's a funny one to watch over and over, since the whole thing is one long rewind. Great movie, for those who have never seen it.
  9. They have no Q1 wins outside the BIG and only one Q2 win outside the BIG. They're O-2 against the BE, including a home loss to the last place team, and 0-1 against the B12. Four of their 5 Q1 wins were home games in conference. I'd say they're exactly what they're given credit for: a team with a losing record, although against a tough schedule.
  10. I realize that the streak is some smoke and mirrors, but as you said, it's still a thing in the minds of the fans. My point is that if attendance slips, it won't ever come back like it was. People will fall into a mindset of buying tickets based on success, rather than just inertia. You might be right that it provides some sort of cleansing of the Husker collective soul, but we're going to miss the money.
  11. Be careful what you wish for. Losing the sellout streak in football would be huge. The inertia of ticket renewals is worth a lot of money, and much of that would end if the streak ends. People have held onto tickets for years, thinking they don't want to get shut out if the team rebounds later. It's not good having the fan base saying "show me something first." Leave that to other programs. As for basketball, the shiny new arena and FH are selling tickets now, but another crappy year is going to cut into season ticket sales. A lot of basketball tickets also have been sold on the idea that "I don't want to get shut out when the team becomes good," a carryover from football. Moos might be pushing his look in lowering expectations.
  12. Yeah, it's easy to look at who's coming next year and think it's all going to be great, but they have to learn to play together, like this team did (or didn't). Coming into the season, we had a couple of JC all Americans, couple of good transfers and what looked like a good bunch of freshmen. There's no way the noncon should have been that bad just looking at talent level vs. most of our opponents. But you can't account for what it takes to come together when the roster has had massive turnover. That Cheatham comment about what appealed to him about NU stuck with me. He said, "11 roster openings," or something like that. Everybody comes in thinking they're playing major minutes, and the adjustment doesn't always go well.
  13. I read the article and actually came away less hopeful. Young man has had a tough road and faces many, many more challenges. Fred doesn't have magic dust, Huggins and Marshall also knew there were warning flags and they had programs in place for him as well. So does Fehringer at Western, and there have continued to be bumps. I'm pulling for him to see his way through, more personally than for basketball. I know young people who are struggling with similar problems: mental health issues, substance abuse, children out of wedlock, interaction with the criminal justice system. If basketball coaches had the answer, they'd be in a lot more demand than they are for just coaching. Comparing this situation to Royce White and expecting a similar outcome is nothing more than wishful thinking. We simply don't know. And while I absolutely hate football analogies on this board, TO had failures beyond Lawrence Phillips among the players he tried to help. Mental health is sometimes impossibly complex.
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