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  1. Great, now BIG refs will give us flopping calls. https://www.ncaa.org/news/2022/6/9/media-center-panel-approves-awarding-a-technical-foul-for-flopping-in-mens-basketball.aspx#:~:text=The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight,would shoot one free throw.
  2. I'm not worrying about guarding the PG, we can switch everything with our size. Might occasionally get caught in a mismatch with Walker's man, but that's a small price to pay for cutting off drives and giving up open 3s. We have a starting group that can play bully ball, like Houston or UConn, but is it going to? That's my first question. If we continue to push pace and shoot 3s, this team is not going to be good. Just not enough offensive talent. At some point we'll need somebody to put the ball in the basket. Bando seems like the best option at this point, but keep in mind he was the 4th scorer on a team that won 1 game in the NIT. His highlights show mainly spot up jumpers, with occasional drives after somebody else got the defense out of position. And for all the offseason kumbaya talk, how together will this team be when 3 or 4 guys are competing to be "the man." That's my second question. As for the Koolaid, I don't think the talk of a bubble team is crazy at all. I see a group that Gregg Marshall could turn into a bubble team. But can Fred to it? That's my third question.
  3. TOSU is 41st in the Top 144, 6th in the BIG: https://www.collegesportsmadness.com/article/20971 Iowa 45 and 7th Wisky 60 and 8th Maryland 67 and 9th Rutgers at 73 and 10th Penn State 83 and 11 NW 101 and 12 Minny 118 and 13 NU 135 and 14
  4. Iowa 45th in the Top 144, 7th in the BIG. Wisky 60 and 8th Maryland 67 and 9th Rutgers at 73 and 10th Penn State 83 and 11 NW 101 and 12 Minny 118 and 13 NU 135 and 14 https://www.collegesportsmadness.com/article/20959
  5. That's the problem imo. The athletic department is full of cliques, grudges and backstabbers. These "professionals" use the media and boosters to get their POV out to the general public. Hot mic doesn't excuse it.
  6. I'd fire an assistant AD who was spreading that stuff. Totally unprofessional. No wonder the department is a shambles.
  7. Timing is bad for anyone currently employed. We'd essentially have to work the back channels for 3 months with our fans asking Trev what he's doing every day. Seems like someone unemployed is more likely with this timing, but who knows, none of the old rules apply any more. Let's hope the Stoops brothers don't ask Cardinal Mooney alum Bo what he thinks of DONU.
  8. Trev to hoops fans: "You're used to suffering, so live with it another year."
  9. Wisky 60 in the top 144 and 8th in the BIG Maryland 67 and 9th Rutgers at 73 and 10th Penn State 83 and 11 NW: 101 and 12 Minny: 118 and 13 NU: 135 and 14 https://www.collegesportsmadness.com/article/20925
  10. You forgot to mention that she wasn't a Husker hoops fan. That probably got her an extra 2 or 3 years of life, an extra 8 to 10 years of having her mind intact.
  11. Whoa, has nearly 30 offers. Says Providence, USC and St. Mary's are most heavily involved. https://stockrisers.com/s/443/drew-fielder-is-breaking-out-in-the-2023-class-talks-offers-game
  12. In basketball terms, Charles III is a lot like Bill Guthridge, who was 60 when he finally took over for Dean Smith. Hasn't been a King Charles since the 17th century. In basketball terms, Charles II was losing badly to Oliver Cromwell but rallied and came out on top.
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