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  1. Bart Torvik's preseason ratings have us at 66, about the same place. Katz has us 11th in the BIG, Torvik has us 12th.
  2. Derrick "grew" an inch, 6-9 sounds better than 6-8 for a Big Ten center.
  3. My thoughts as well. We might have missed on this round of local talent, but Fred has established that we're after them. We've missed guys in the past because we just didn't show enough interest. Good things ahead!
  4. Now that we have a competitive team, I'm expecting all road games.
  5. Don't they know that we hate each other?
  6. Interesting to think about the game if they'd used a box, instead of a peach basket. Even weirder bounces off the rim, for one thing.
  7. I'm glad we're giving the option. It's a mistake to go to all digital because it will cause some oldtimers to just give up on season tickets, and it will lower sales. I'll repeat my horror story from the NCAA volleyball tournament in the spring: Ticketmaster went to a new technology so your bar code changes every few seconds. Only way to use it was to put it in your digital wallet, rather than take a screenshot. It didn't work on some older phones, so there was a line of people standing to the side trying to get it to work. Like everything else, they roll out a new technology befor
  8. I agree, Husker hoops fans have been kicked in the teeth enough times to not let the last two years get them down. Plus, the future is VERY bright. But Covid has changed the formula, along with more viewing options. A lot of people don't want to tie up their money if they think we're going to be canceling games again. Others (mostly older fans) may have decided they didn't mind watching from home, instead of going out into the cold. I still think we'll have great crowds, but I don't expect season ticket sales to be what they were.
  9. Coach K and Roy Williams are gone and Kansas is in limboland with realignment, so those bluebloods aren't what they used to be. Bennett has a national title is generally regarded as one of the top 5 coaches in college basketball. I'd say most kids would consider Va a top-level offer.
  10. If I ever write a screenplay for a Western, the hero will be named Chance Westry.
  11. A friend text me about it in the morning, but then I couldn't find anything about it. It's almost like the AD is a big, bloated bureaucracy that can't get out of its own way.
  12. I'm sticking with "NIT or bust" with the expectation that we're at least at bubble team. So NCAA wouldn't be a shock, but I can't call it an expectation. Some sobering facts: We return 52.6% of minutes (according to T-Rank), which is just 8th in BIG. So we're returning fewer than average minutes from a bad team. There's no way to sugar coat a 3-16 conference record. And say what you want about Teddy, he and Delano are big losses. While we're much more talented overall heading into the season, we still are going to need time to put the pieces together. We're just a fairly experience
  13. I heard he was transferring to Bell West. Also, Josiah Dotzler has picked up offers from Liberty (Shiloh Robinson there) and Drake.
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