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  1. We lost to the 121 team in KenPom and have beaten 198, 223 and 330, all of them on our home floor. Next up is 319. Then the real schedule starts. I like the team, but not sure how you can draw many conclusions at this point, other than we're better than last year.
  2. Lat can shoot, but he's not a threat to drive so you can push out on him. If he really was going to shoot at 45+%, then he would have had better offers. He can be a good weapon for us, but others have to do the heavy lifting for him.
  3. First off, it wasn't me. But one explanation might be that we were pretty excited about last year's guys at this point too. And they were ranked higher. And we haven't seen this year's guys on the court yet. But like I said, that wasn't me.
  4. Creighton pulling out of tournament with positive tests: https://twitter.com/BluejayMBB/status/1329548780631363584?s=20
  5. Haven't seen this elsewhere, but Ohio State and Dayton pulled out of an SD tournament because South Dakota trips require a 14-day quarantine when you return. With our COVID rate soaring, we could start losing teams too. Not worth a 14-day quarantine to play three games.
  6. Purdue beat Iowa, so not sure they'd duck us and want to play Purdue.
  7. 180s on KenPom? We'll be much higher in the preseason than last year's train wreck. We're 104 on T-Rank preseason, which is similar, a jump of maybe 30 points since McGowens' waiver. His addition is huge.
  8. I checked some old newspaper stories and Goode also mentioned ND's engineering school was better regarded than NU's. This quote was funny: And, of course, 3 NCs followed.
  9. Teddy should have been on, but I'm surprised Banton was. While he was a 4-star recruit a couple of years ago, he had a so-so freshman season at a mid-major and sat out last year. We know about him, but you wouldn't expect him to show up in an article like this. For example, the guy listed after Banton is a North Carolina transfer, and the guy after that is the only JC on the entire list and he's at Kansas. The other factor is that when they call you an "impact player," it doesn't mean just at your school, it's means gaining notice nationally. So pretty good to have two players pic
  10. Hmmmm, I guess nobody's posted anything on this yet: https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/30121649/sources-ty-lue-finalizing-five-year-deal-coach-la-clippers
  11. The Red team won the karaoke running drill.
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