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  1. I agree that Teddy is the key. Not sure there's another player on the roster who can be among the conference's top 15 players. Kobe King might have, but ... Bart Torvik adds up the numbers and places us last in the BIG, the only team above 100. He also sees Thor averaging 13 ppg.
  2. I hope to feel differently tomorrow morning, but this is exactly the way I feel. How can you get excited about anything right now?
  3. Also doesn't show him pushing the ball upcourt, which we like. Mostly dribbling around in half court. Siskel and Ebert give his video a thumbs down.
  4. Also doesn't show him pushing the ball upcourt, which we like. Mostly dribbling around in half court. Siskel and Ebert give his video a thumbs down.
  5. It's funny, nobody did more with less than Cannon did at Bryan. He usually had a couple of good players, but never a roster that was anywhere near what the Metro powers had. But yeah, hard to figure how this year's team lost 5 games with all the studs.
  6. Nonsense, it's appropriate when proving your genius to others. As to who I want to see, it's Teddy Allen. We need star power, and he's the most likely to provide it.
  7. World Herald had an interesting story about 7-footer Harry Kersenbrock from Crete who went to Kansas to play for Phog Allen in the 1920s. He ended up starring for the KU freshman team, but died in a boating accident before making varsity. https://www.omaha.com/sports/plus/tragedy-kept-harry-kersenbrock-a-7-footer-from-crete-from-becoming-a-jayhawk-star-for/article_67da3f53-e72b-594a-9f12-4ad234d422a6.html
  8. Just a random observation, not directed at Eric VDH: This virtual recruiting on the class of 2021 is going to be interesting to follow. On the one hand, it seems like a lot of schools are going to end up with Shang Pings on their roster, guys who didn't quite get checked out thoroughly. Some players have been fully scouted already, and it won't matter. But others won't be and teams that need to fill a roster are going to be flying blind on them. On the other hand, it may turn out to work about as well as what they did in the past and the new model cuts down on recruiting costs. I've run out of hands, or I'd mention that Shang is still playing professionally.
  9. My favorite is The Year of Living Dangerously, with Mel Gibson as an Australian journalist in Indonesia. Directed by Aussie Peter Weir, who also directed Picnic at Hanging Rock and Gallipoli. Sigourney Weaver, while not Australian, also makes it worth watching.
  10. TV is probably the best route, if he wants a P5 job. Get a following and hope somebody hires "the brand." There's nothing about his coaching record that would attract a P5 program since the conference winning pct. in his last 3 jobs were NDSU .458, CSU .359, NU .406.
  11. I fell for Frida after watching the Name of the Game video. She also plays a mean game of Flaspol.
  12. I believe Iceland is the world's oldest democracy, but please don't look it up and prove me wrong.
  13. Agree. I'm not all that enthused about next year's possibilities because of the extent to which the roster is being remade. Part of this year's problem was that we didn't have a foundation of players to provide stability in the program. When things went sour, there was no cohesiveness among any part of the roster and "bad" became "worse" became "abysmal." It isn't just that we had bad apples and now they're gone. A year ago we all thought they were great guys. Now we have another group that includes guys with warning flags and guys who bolted other programs because they were unhappy. Some of them aren't going to get the playing time they want. As for what Fred did at ISU in his second year, he was building off a 16-16 team that was 81 in KenPom vs. this season's 7-25 and 162 KenPom, so not sure there's much to bolster the argument that we're going to make a big leap. A big leap might be .500, and a steady step forward might be 13-14 wins. I do think the talent level's higher and the redshirts will help in terms of stability, but it's still a huge rebuild from a very low base. Two years from now is another matter, very hopeful about that, but next year's team could struggle early and will need to have the positive voices drown out the negative in the locker room. But what do I know either.
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