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  1. The officiating is horrible horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. NE needs better offensive movement plus better defense. Williams is pulling her typical no-adjustments by using a time out as it is now the end of the 3rd quarter and no time outs have been taken by her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are now down 14 versus 13 at the half. Missing a bunch of lay ups again plus 4 of 16 on 3s and only 7-12 on free throws!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Exciting game, but not the win results desired! NE shot 33-83 or 39.8% overall and 9/34 or 26.5% on 3’s (shot 3’s by NE were 41% of the total shots. For the season to date, 38% of shots attempted have been 3’s as have Iowa’s). IA shot 37 of 60 for 61.7% and 11/19 or 58% on 3’s. NE free throws 11/16 and IA 10/11. NE won all the other stat categories except assists with IA with 22 and NE with 17. YTD NE is shooting .462 overall and .360 on 3 pointers. IA is shooting .479 overall and .313 on three pointers. On average on 34 attempted 3’s, NE might have made 12.24 3’s versus the 9 that occurred or 9 more points. Nonetheless, IA’s shooting percentages were well above their averages YTD. Defensively, NE needs to improve its defensive scheme, execution, 3 point defense and interior defense on the posts. Caitlin Clark is slippery to defend. She was 1-6 on 3’s; 8 rebounds; 12 assists; and 7 turnovers. Perhaps the better defense on her is let her shoot 3’s where she is shooting .239 on the season. See below: ## Player GS MIN FG 3PT FT ORB-DRB REB Assists TO PF A TO BLK STL PTS 22 Clark,Caitlin * 40 11-24 1-6 8-9 1-7 8 12 7 1 12 7 1 2 31 14 Warnock,McKenna * 37 8-11 7-9 0-0 0-10 10 2 5 1 2 5 0 2 23 25 Czinano,Monika * 32 10-14 0-0 0-0 2-3 5 2 0 4 2 0 0 2 20 Offensively, NE likely needs to expand on using more 2 point jumpers versus so many 3’s when they are not going in. 23 offensive rebounds were awesome for the game. Still missing too many lay ups. The officials for the game did us no favors as well. Lastly, NE women’s coaching needs to improve in all areas to include better use of time outs to make adjustments! In the 4th quarter, NE still had 4 timeouts available and using one late to advance the ball after a made shot. So!!! NE ended the game losing with 3 time outs that could have been used for strategy moves. Meanwhile, the team is the best team in awhile but will have to fight hard in the Big Ten!
  4. Poor shooting is part of the blame for the loss to include 10 missed lay ups, 4 each for Borne ans Markowski. Rebounding was lacking with Bourne only one and Cravens only 2 while Haiby had 7 and Shelley 9. Williams did a poor job of coaching with at least two timeouts left at game end and lacking in adjustmens to slow down Clouden who had 32 points (15 of 17 on free throws). Likely a box and one on her would have helped slow her down.
  5. Per Lincoln Journal Star. "Husker women's hoops dip into transfer pool to add Jaz Shelley, a transfer from Oregon by Brent Wagner Apr 13, 2021 Updated 5 min ago 0 The Nebraska women’s basketball team will have another player from Australia on its roster for next season. Oregon transfer Jaz Shelley announced her commitment to the Huskers on Tuesday evening via social media. The 5-foot-9 guard from Moe, Australia, played in 22 of 24 games this season for the Ducks’ NCAA Tournament team, including 11 starts. She averaged 4.0 points per game and had 42 assists. She’ll join Australian players Isabelle Bourne and Ruby Porter with the Huskers. As a freshman Shelley set a program-record with 10 three-pointers during a win against UC-Riverside. For her college career she’s shot 38% on threes (61-158)."
  6. Trinity only played in 2 games (started both) averaging 24 minutes in each, was 3 for 5 on 3's and averaged 5 rebounds. Her injury status continues to remain a mystery. Anyone know what her status is relative to being healthy and coming back next year?
  7. I thought the team played one of their better offensive games of the season with relatively good player movement and less standing around. As reflected above we finished close to the Iowa stats and shot likely a season best 49% from the field but Iowa shot 54%. Our players guarding Clark tried to keep up with her but when she makes 3's from 8 or more feet from the three point line it is frustrating. She has one of the better step back shots from anywhere on the court. Perhaps if someone like Coley who is taller could be a good defender on her. Anyone who guards her has to have the quicks and be able to fight through screens to keep up and other players need to ready for her as well. Our interior defense was someone better. I did not help when one of their other players made a bunch of threes. NE team defense needs to improve as well to help win games. Perhaps with 15 or more players on board next year, with some being quicker, that periodic full court pressure and some traps might be used as well.
  8. The above shows the comparative WBB stats this year for 18 conference games with 2 games to go and a 9-9 record versus last seasons 18 game conference schedule with 18 games and a 7-11 record. I thought it would be interesting to compare the average stats for each season to see if there is any reflection as to why NE WBB has won 2 more games in 18 games than last year. In comparing the stats for NE and the opponents averages, there does not seem to be any clear cut reason we have won 2 more games in 18 games. NE has scored more points but so have the opponents so the average margin was less favorable at a negative 3 points. More field goals have been made by NE with slightly better shooting average of 0.419 versus 0.401 last season. The same number of 3 pointers have been made at 123 but slightly lower average of 0.388 versus 0.352. Free throws made are 214 versus 220 last year with slightly less percentage at 0.725. Total rebounds were down from 703 to 701 and rebounding margin was slightly less favorable at -1.8. Assists were up from 247 to 266. Turnovers were slightly less at 258 versus 266. Assist to turnover ratio was 1.0. Steals dropped from 112 to 70, while opponents went from 133 to 144. Blocks were slightly less at 106 versus 111. Therefore based on average stats for 18 games this year versus last year, there seems to be no clear-cut positive increases to rationalize 2 more wins. This years team with multiple newcomers has played very well at times. Haiby and Bourne overall have elevated their game playing. Cravens has been a good addition but hampered of late with unable to play. Cain has had some positive games but lesser ones as well. Personally, most of the time this team has been more enjoyable to watch. The team still needs a better offensive scheme and defensively as well!
  9. 2020-2021 2019-2020 Season 2020-2021--Thus far 18 games 2 to go Season 2019-2020-for 18 games Team Stats -Conference 9-9 thus far Team Stats -Conference 7-11 Overall Team NE Status Opp Status Overall Team Statistics Statistic Relative to last yr Nebraska Opp Rel Last Year Statistic Nebraska Opponents >SCORING SCORING Total Points Better 1229 1284 Better Total Points 1197 1231 Points Per Game Better 68.3 71.3 Better Points Per Game 66.5 68.4 Scoring Margin Worse -3 -- Scoring Margin -1.9 -- >SHOOTING SHOOTING FG: Made-Attempted More Made 466-1065 472-1218 More Made FG: Made-Attempted 427-1064 460-1191 FG: Percentage Better 0.419 0.388 Slightly better FG: Percentage 0.401 0.386 3PT: Made-Attempted Same made 123-364 123-380 3PT: Made-Attempted 123-349 118-347 3PT: Percentage Slightly less 0.338 0.324 Slightly Less 3PT: Percentage 0.352 0.34 3PT: Per Game Same 6.8 6.8 Slightly more 3PT: Per Game 6.8 6.6 FT: Made-Attempted Slightly less 214-295 217-319 Better FT: Made-Attempted 220-299 193-273 FT: Percentage Slightly less 0.725 0.68 Better FT: Percentage 0.736 0.707 FT: Per Game Slightly less 11.9 12.1 Better FT: Per Game 12.2 10.7 >REBOUNDING REBOUNDING Total Slightly less 701 733 Slightly more Total 703 736 Per Game Slightly less 38.9 40.7 Slightly less Per Game 39.1 40.5 Margin Slightly less -1.8 -- Slightly Better Margin -1.4 -- >ASSISTS ASSISTS Total More 266 258 Slightly more Total 247 255 Per Game Better 14.8 14.3 Slightlymore Per Game 13.7 14.2 >TURNOVERS TURNOVERS Total Slightly less 258 170 Less Total 266 216 Per Game Slightly less 14.3 9.4 Less Per Game 14.8 12 Margin Bigger -4.9 -- Margin -2.8 -- Assist/Turnover Ratio Slightly better 1 1.5 Slightlymore Assist/Turnover Ratio 0.9 1.2 >STEALS STEALS Total Much less 70 144 More Total 112 133 Per Game Much less 3.9 8 Slightly more Per Game 6.2 7.4 >BLOCKS BLOCKS Total Slightly less 106 45 Less Total 111 60 Per Game Slightly less 5.9 2.5 Less Per Game 6.2 3.3
  10. The officiating of the game was horrible!!! Part of our turnovers were the multiple muggings the Northwestern players were putting on our team with no fouls called! Nonetheless, our team players need to avoid long passes when possible and have our players come to the ball as well as making better passes to begin with. The team escaped despite the turnovers with a good number of rebounds despite Cravens being unable to play.
  11. How come Williams does not call her first time out until there is only 1:31 minutes left in the game????????????????????????? We were down 71-76 at that point, and previously we were down 71-72 at the 2:57 minute point. While the fourth quarter had multiple lead switches and there was the under 5 time out at 4:41, prudent coaching would seem to call for a sooner time out than at the 1:31 mark to kind of reset the team and reinforce the need for good defense and good shots!!!!! She just saves all the time outs to the end to be able to take the ball out on our side after a made shot by the other team, hence last 3 time outs at 0.56; 0.44; and 0.28 seconds. Sam had an off night while Cain played well offensively and had some blocks but struggles to defend an athletic center like Cash.
  12. https://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/womens-basketball/amy-williams-provides-update-on-injury-to-isabelle-bourne/article_ef94abbe-d54a-52a9-9fee-c9606938685d.html
  13. https://hailvarsity.com/womens-basketball/nebraska-wbb-coach-amy-williams-updates-statuses-of-issie-bourne-trinity-brady-micole-cayton/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=nebraska-wbb-coach-amy-williams-updates-statuses-of-issie-bourne-trinity-brady-micole-cayton
  14. So the 20-21 season is good news in terms of getting some transfers to bolster the team plus the recruits that we are in line for in 2021. However, (as I have said before) the major problem and bad news is we have the same coaching staff which has proven to be ineffective in improving and in fixing problems. Several things have remained issues with the current coaching staff the last few seasons to include turnovers; lack of offensive rebounding; defensive issues at times; numerous missed close in shots; and questionable offensive schemes/development particularly for the 4/5 position players. So unless the current staff gets some coaching acumen, it looks like the 2020-21 NE women's basketball team will likely be another season of mediocrity or less. Recruiting is only part of trying to get better, but improved coaching is paramount!!!
  15. Ashley Scoggin's High School Girls Basketball Stats Career Stats Ashley has played on 2 high school girls basketball teams covered by MaxPreps. The accumulated varsity totals are in the last row of each table. Scoggin was out her senior season of high school after suffering a torn ACL in the summer of 2015. The injury also led to her delaying her collegiate enrollment until the 2017-18 year at Salt Lake CC. Game Stats Year Grade Team GP MPG PPG DEFR OFFR RPG APG SPG BPG TPG PFPG Varsity Totals 52 12.7 2.1 1.6 3.7 2.3 2.3 0.1 3.7 3.0 14-15 Junior Varsity 23 16.2 2.9 1.8 4.7 2.3 3.1 0.1 3.1 3.1 13-14 Sophomore Varsity 29 9.9 1.6 1.4 3.0 2.2 1.6 0.1 4.1 2.9 Shooting Year Grade Team GP Min Pts FGM FGA FG% PPS AFG% Varsity Totals 52 661 216 534 40 1.2 46 14-15 Junior Varsity 23 373 125 304 41 1.2 46 13-14 Sophomore Varsity 29 288 91 230 40 1.3 45 Shooting Cont. Year Grade Team GP Min Pts 3PM 3PA 3P% FTM FTA FT% 2FGM 2FGA 2FG% Varsity Totals 52 661 56 191 29 173 235 74 160 343 47 14-15 Junior Varsity 23 373 30 109 28 93 127 73 95 195 49 13-14 Sophomore Varsity 29 288 26 82 32 80 108 74 65 148 44
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