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  1. The Fall recruiting contact period begins Monday, September 9th, and runs through September 29th. I've already seen mention of Hoiberg and staff being ready to hit the ground running, and a list of potential recruits they plan of visiting. Hopefully, similar information regarding the Lady Huskers, will see the light of day. Go get 'em coaches.
  2. I read in the article, "Williams can't talk about specific prospects, but NU is still looking to sign 3 or 4 recruits for the 2020 class." Can someone at least report official, and unofficial planned visits? It seems this type information is reported almost weekly with regards to the men's basketball program. It would be interesting to see who we are chasing. (OWH/LJS?)
  3. Thanks Red. This forum beats the local papers to the punch again. Well done. Any idea, who they might be targeting in the Atlanta or Washington, D.C. areas?
  4. I noticed some Tweets from the coaches in your "Huskers Win In Europe" thread. They were from July 20 and July 21 mentioning hitting the road for recruiting. Mays was headed to Georgia and Iowa. Goehle to Minneapolis, Ames, Ia., and Thailand. Chuck Love to DC, Atlanta, and Ladera Ranch, California. Amy was headed to DC, Atlanta, Minneapolis, and Grand Rapids, Michigan. No mention of local recruiting. The Stewart girl from Minnesota might have been the Minneapolis target? Just guessing.
  5. It is discussed a bit in the Allison Weidner thread. Quick answer, it does seem we have offered her.
  6. Is that the "Urban Meyer" option?
  7. It's been mostly "crickets" regarding 2020 recruiting. One wonders if the staff isn't saying much, or doesn't have much to say. Did they take the summer off? Who knows. Hard to build/retain interest, without an occasional mention. Would be nice if the local papers put a little effort into covering Nebraska Women's sports, (other than volleyball).
  8. Cliff notes? Won't show me the tweet.
  9. I think you posted a link, a couple months ago, regarding Ohio State recruiting. At the time, they had 5 commits rated in the Top 65. I wonder if any of the violations are related to recruiting.
  10. Isn't it a bit odd, we're not seeing more coverage of her recruitment? I know the Lady Huskers don't have the following football has, but if this were a Top 100 football player, within walking distance of the stadium, there would be daily updates. Are we recruiting her hard? Has she already eliminated us? This years recruiting has a strange vibe. Sorry for the head scratching.
  11. Never posted a link before. Hope this works. It mentions the Louisville offer to Lincoln Highs Gony. https://247sports.com/college/louisville/Article/Nyayongah-Gony-has-a-Louisville-offer-to-play-womens-basketball-and-made-a-visit-last-week-133518374/
  12. I Googled Nyayongah Gony, and didn't see anything about a Nebraska offer. I did see a July 8th article from 24/7 sports, mentioning the University of Louisville being the first to offer her. Looks like a good one.
  13. BirdsOntheBat? Never had a downvote before. What exactly did you find offensive in my post above? Do you work for the OWH?
  14. I've been hoping for some good news on the recruiting front. Not sure, this meets that need. Miss Weidner might turn out to be a great player. At the moment, her offer list is less than impressive. She does have a couple more years of high school ball to shine. Still holding out for encouraging news regarding current year recruiting. The next time the OWH talks to Amy, it would be nice to know if she's been utilizing Official Visits? Has she extended many offers? Maybe, ask a tough question or two.
  15. Have to agree. We are either purposely keeping recruiting quiet, or we don't have much to show for efforts up to now. Can't help but be a bit uneasy. Year 4, plenty of scholarships to give, and less than 4 months to early signing date. Would be nice to hear something encouraging.
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