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    On the flip side, we also won 3 conference games by 6 points or less. Not a good year, not a bad year. Seems, 9 - 9 is who we were this year. Looking forward to the new and improved version this coming season.
  2. 12dozen


    Conference sends 6 teams to the Women's Big Dance, 3 teams to the WNIT, and 1 team declines bid. Tough conference indeed.
  3. You can't teach height. 6' 5", and only a junior. Nice. Good luck coach Williams.
  4. After watching the tournament for a couple of days, I'm thinking, going 9 - 9 this year, was nothing to sneeze about.
  5. My response was to the comment about returning players, not showing improvement from last year. I agree, several freshmen seemed to get more comfortable as the year unfolded.
  6. Player development will be huge. A serious area of concern with this staff. Hopefully, the strength and conditioning group steps up. It's not like the University doesn't have leaders in this field being utilized by other teams (football and volleyball for starters). Solicit their advice. Not sure how much can be done, but speed, quickness, and the vertical game could use some improvement. Hate to say it, but we have a couple players, look like they are wearing lead boots. Too much 'Matador' defense, as the opponent runs by for an easy layup. On the bright side, this freshmen class has added much needed athleticism to the team. The class coming in, will add some more. Good chance our freshmen have more game experience, than any other team in the conference (or nation). They know what to work on to be more effective. Roster size will be improved. Will there be competition for minutes? I hope so. Already looking forward to the next season. Thanks for the effort Ladies. GBR
  7. I would argue, Nicea upped her game. Taylor is improving. Hard to argue for the others. Fingers crossed, that this off season will be more beneficial.
  8. 30 games in, and same fatal flaws. Coaches need to up their game. They seem to be recruiting OK, but verdict is out in a lot of areas. Hats off to ladies. No one can say they don't compete.
  9. Only down 10 at half. Better than it looked a little earlier. Hoping we took their best punch and we come out swinging.
  10. Raining 3's for Purdue. They will be hard to catch if they keep this up.
  11. Nicea deserved to be on the All BIG defensive team.
  12. I'm with you. Would like to see Northwestern and Michigan State lose. I think that would put us in a tie for 6th for the season. Don't have much interest in the other games.
  13. Agree. Many of the better teams, turn this type of pressure, into easy buckets. Upgrading ball handlers, and athleticism, should help. If not, might need to look at the coach.
  14. Some kids just have a feel for the game. I hope Sam's tenacity on the boards, and knack for being in the right place, rubs off on the rest of the team. She carried us down the stretch (this game). Seems like most players on the roster, have carried us at some time or another. My MVP for the year, would be Nicea. On an inconsistent team, she seemed to 'bring it', every game.
  15. Getting ahead of myself. I know there is more season to go, but find myself thinking ahead, possibly because of the way the Iowa game went, and because of how this season has unfolded. It will be an interesting off season. Will the freshmen improve strength and conditioning? Will they enhance their basketball skills? Will they be more able to handle a 'Gustafson" level player? Will all returning players, our team, be better prepared to handle 2019 Iowa level teams? I'm a bit concerned, based on the last off season. Of the 5 returning starters, one could argue, 3 didn't improve (regressed?), 1 stayed about the same, and 1 player blossomed into a candidate for conference defensive player of the year. Is this coaching staff, including strength and conditioning, a pushing, hands on, staff? Or, are they more of a provider of tools and direction, but leave much of it up to self motivation? I have no idea. The past off season, would suggest a need for some tinkering to their approach. Coaches aren't out of the cross hairs either. Plenty of areas, they could improve on. (game preparation, and in game management are a couple that come to mind). The off season will be interesting. Thanks for letting me wander a bit. OK, back to real time. Bring on Penn State. Good Luck ladies. GBR
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