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  1. 12dozen


    I wonder when the BIG will release a TV schedule. Picked up quite a few games on BTN+ last year.
  2. To quote the story, "injuries, including some that lingered from years past", makes it sound like some of the players are still healing. Could be ongoing issues with each of the players you have mentioned.
  3. Agree. "Injury plagued back court" sounds a bit ominous.
  4. Bourne, a rare Sophomore Captain. Nice.
  5. Sounds a bit like the approach of Fred Hoiberg and our men's team. You do still need length, or you will get killed on the boards. Fred is committed to this approach, and recruits accordingly. Sounds like Kieger is dealing with the current cards she's been dealt. Still, it could work. Should put lots of pressure on opponents defense.
  6. There are reporters covering the team?
  7. 12dozen


    This staff likes to play lots of players. I'm hoping we identify 6 or 7 top girls, and give them the bulk of the minutes this year. Also hoping Brady becomes the lock down defensive player we need. Nicea left some big shoes to fill. Agree, Porter should step into the line-up day 1. And lastly, I hope Stewart showed up ready to contribute. She could be a sleeper. Fingers crossed.
  8. 12dozen


    Don't think Hud's comment was specific to this issue with the schedule. Any information about the Lady Huskers is hard to come by. Sam (OWH) throws us a bone every now and then. LJS might make a comment occasionally. Other than this site, crickets.
  9. Per SB Nation.... Per a report made by the Atlantic Coast Conference to ESPN, the Big Ten has cancelled the annual women’s ACC/Big Ten Challenge for women’s basketball this season. This came out the same day that the pairings for the annual men’s challenge were formally announced by the two conferences. What is still lacking at this point is a clear reason from the Big Ten Conference for why the men can play, but the women cannot. The appearance certainly is not a good look for the Big Ten, and a clarifying statement would be beneficial. In its absence, fans are left to
  10. Good to hear we offered. Shoot for the stars.
  11. I doubt the lack of WBB information, does the program any good. Is it a reflection of a staff that doesn't share much? Low priority of those covering the program? Perceived lack of interest by fan base? With the lack of live sports action for months, I'm confused why recruiting coverage isn't more prevalent. Hard to generate interest in a vacuum.
  12. Per Sam, OWH... One of the top girl’s basketball scorers in the state of Minnesota committed to Nebraska’s 2022 class on Wednesday. Chanhassen guard Callin Hake, who averaged 22.2 points per game last season as a sophomore and 20.4 points per game as a freshman, announced on Twitter she was committing to Nebraska. She has two more seasons of high school basketball to play, and she’s the first known commit for NU’s 2022 class. The 5-foot-9 guard will join the team just as several guards, including Sam Haiby, would be graduating. NU has three guards
  13. Double post sure beats not posting. Thanks to each of you.
  14. Husker.com article below. Huskers Welcome Seven Newcomers for 2020-21Huskers.com The Nebraska women's basketball team will have a strikingly different roster in 2020-21, as Coach Amy Williams welcomes seven newcomers to a 13-player roster, including four West Coast transfers, a talented freshman post from Minnesota, a top player in the Australian National Team program and one of the best guards in the state of Nebraska.Although much of the United States and the world shut down in mid-March because of the coronavirus outbreak, the Husker coaching staff went to work add
  15. And now one more. I hope she is an excellent addition. But, where are the "Bigs"?
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