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  1. Penn State 236th, and only a 2-2 record. Yikes. Am I reading that right?
  2. Is that Griffin, back row, far right? Great picture, thanks.
  3. I didn't have any issues with volleyball last night. Gave up on the basketball feed. Will watch later. Listening to Matt and Jeff.
  4. Anyone having trouble with the BTN+ feed? I'm having some buffering issues.
  5. For a lightly regarded team, I was impressed with Morgan State. They worked their fannies off on the defensive end. They also crashed the boards on both ends. Good to see our depth prevail. There was quite a discrepancy at the line, but don't think they were "homered" in any way. If anything, they got away with quite a few fouls in the paint. They also threw up quite a few prayers, that managed to bounce off the glass and find the hoop. Well done ladies, Bears and Huskers.
  6. Morgan State brought it, all night long. This should be a good experience for our ladies. Good to see them pull away in the 4th quarter. 15 boards and 12 points for Nicea. Nice double double. Great night at the foul line for the team.
  7. Definitely, not a job for the timid. I'd like to think, the opportunity to compete in this conference, will help our staff bring in the athletes needed. No complaints here, on last years newbies. Hoping we get to see a little more of this years class, tomorrow night. Early returns, seem positive.
  8. Might just be an Amy decision. Bourne brings some additional depth. Missouri wasn't dominant in the post. The more athletic post players might be what the game called for yesterday. Good results, regardless.
  9. Any updates on Kate? Not seeing any mention of an injury anywhere. Hope that is a good thing.
  10. I missed most of the game, too Any idea if/where/when the game replay might be available?
  11. Helms must not be at 100% yet. Hard to impress in 3 minutes, but she sure looked comfortable with the ball in her hands.
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