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  1. Since this is a free site, I suspect there are many more fans, like yourself, than those with insider information. We do see contributions from Sam on occasion. The rest of us, try to share information, as we stumble upon it. Please don't be discouraged. If information becomes available, this is as good a place as any, to see it.
  2. Although, I have concerns at times; I expect we will be improved. Mostly, because of the 2nd year players. These are Amy's recruits. They obviously have, what coach was looking for in players. Just my view, but I think this bunch is above average in competitiveness and self motivation, not to mention skill level. There is no reason to believe, the incoming kids aren't made of the same stuff. It takes time to build the type of depth, where playing time isn't a given. Seems to be the direction we are headed. GBR
  3. Can't argue with the points you've made. With the exception of Nicea, the returning players did not show improvement last year. Development, this off season, is huge. Also, judging from threads on this site, several opposing teams are killing it on the recruiting trail. Huge job ahead, for this staff, to be competitive in the BIG. I hope they are up to the task.
  4. One can only hope, we get to see how Coaches Cook and Williams make this work. Please pick Dear Ole' Nebraska U.
  5. I don't know for a fact, but wouldn't basketball take priority, if on a BBall scholarship? Seems like volleyball would be the "as time permits" sport.
  6. This years freshmen would have made up a fairly salty team.
  7. Damn.... Oregon State with girls 6-3, 6-6, 6-7, and 6-9. There are plenty of men's teams, with less height.
  8. I agree on the weather. Prior to retiring, I would attend an annual, work related, Golf outing in Fargo. The event was always in May. We played about half of them. Some were snowed out and others were cancelled because of Red River flooding. Weather aside, I really enjoyed the town of Fargo.
  9. Happy for the Nebraska girl. Hard for me to not think, "What Could Have Been". Just wasn't in our cards.
  10. I was rooting for Jess. Felt strange cheering for Notre Dame. Glad she is graduating. ?
  11. Thanks Sam. If I may ask a question, did you get a feel for how the approach is different this off season? Player development seems to be the core element, to fielding a new and improved version in 2019/2020. What are the coaches and staff doing differently, to help players make "the leap"?
  12. The E-edition of the OWH does say "deferential". (Saturday 23rd edition) Context would also fit. The example was related to a last second shot wound up in Mershon's hands. One of the better scorers should have taken charge.
  13. Like Sam mentioning Hannah's game trended downward "a bit" this year, I think his article was "a bit" on the powder puff side.
  14. 12dozen


    On the flip side, we also won 3 conference games by 6 points or less. Not a good year, not a bad year. Seems, 9 - 9 is who we were this year. Looking forward to the new and improved version this coming season.
  15. 12dozen


    Conference sends 6 teams to the Women's Big Dance, 3 teams to the WNIT, and 1 team declines bid. Tough conference indeed.
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