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  1. Brown is here, and has been. No indication she will leave (fingers crossed). With regards to next year, we are losing Eliely, Whitish, Mitchell, Veerbeek, Mershon, and Hudson, and adding Stewart, Porter, and a walkon. Not sure that teeter totter gets off the ground. Still time to upgrade the roster, but recruiting track record makes one wonder.
  2. 12dozen


    Similar situation here (Eastern Nebraska). Zero cases in this county, so far. Hit the store on occasion. Grass is starting to turn green. Probably go out and fill mower cans with gas this week. That is about the only, somewhat normal, thing planned. Take care all.
  3. I agree, players come in with different levels of ability. That is why recruiting is so critical. I can not speak for others, only myself. I have zero expectation of a player to reach All American level. We have had a few grace our University, but not many. I do expect most players level of play to improve from one year to the next. If for no other reason, physical maturity and experience should result in marginal improvement from one year to the next. I hope Amy finds success, but obviously, have some concerns. I appreciate all who contribute to these scrolls. We share an affinity for our Lady Huskers. It is refreshing, we can have a civil discussion on this site. That seldom happens in other Husker forums.
  4. Whitish? Simon? Maybe a couple of our sophomores? Would they be better examples? I appreciate the effort of every Nebraska athlete. They deserve the best support possible. A concern, shared by many on this site, is the general development of players by this staff. Are we being unreasonable?
  5. I'm not trying to be critical of Kate. I just used her as an example. I'm questioning how effective this staff is at developing players. The thread topic is Yori vs Williams. When it comes to player development, I give Yori, and her staff, the edge.
  6. As a freshman, Kate averaged 9.9 points a game, 7 rebounds a game, and had 100 blocks. Through 30 games this year, Kate averages 9.3 points a game, 7.2 rebounds, and has 101 blocks. Great stats for sure. Is she really getting better? She did have a down year, by her standards, last year. Glad she returned to form. Wishing her great success her senior year.
  7. Not saying she doesn't contribute greatly. Just my thoughts, she could be much better. Her footwork, mobility, and defensive positioning could be much better. Foul trouble is a result. She is constantly reaching. Blocks are great, but not much help from the bench. She is not the only player that could benefit from better positioning, footwork. The next game we block out well, and limit offensive rebounds, might be the first in quite awhile. I am thrilled Kate plays for us. Just don't believe she has come close to reaching her potential. And, I don't think it is her fault.
  8. I too am concerned regarding this staff. Player development is weak. Recruiting? Not to a level needed to compete, upper tier BIG. The combination of mid level recruiting and little player development, is a recipe for disappointment. Point guard isn't the only position that has underachieved lately. I really feel bad for Kate. She should be a star by now. I can't help but think, she'd be a force if coached by one of the other BIG staffs. Sorry for the whining. Maybe a run in the WNIT is still in the cards. That could help.
  9. If this staff had a track record for developing players, I'd be a little more optimistic. "Pretty urgent" seems accurate.
  10. I see the Coyotes and the Jackrabbits play today at 1:00 on ESPNU. Could be entertaining.
  11. Back in November, Rutgers, Minnesota, Purdue, and Iowa also had recruiting classes ranked in the top 20. Not sure if this has changed since, but expect they are still in, or near the top twenty for the 2020 class. I'm having a little trouble remaining optimistic. Any chance we will add a player or two to this class yet? Anyone privy to some potential good news?
  12. What's your point?
  13. Sir, your daughter's effort and performance on the court, has exceeded most, if not all on this roster, for several years. It has been a joy to watch her compete for the Huskers. Well done.
  14. Hard to disagree with your argument.
  15. I think Amy addressed this during the year. She likes the fire power Leigha brings with the first wave of subs. She does not want to see a drop in production. Now, was it successful? That can be debated. Will she continue to bring Leigha in from the bench next year? That is also up for debate. IMO, good chance, Leigha starts the next two years.
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