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  1. IMO, Brown is at her best, when fresh. As she tires, her defense becomes a step or two slow. She's not alone. We had several players get that many minutes last night, and their defense hit a wall. I don't care if Leigha starts, or plays a few more minutes, but too many minutes could be counter productive in my mind. Luckily, Maryland is a different animal than most of the teams on our schedule. Our record isn't bad. Not sure what everyone's expectations were, but we are still on the path to a successful season, and the possibility of dancing is still there. GBR
  2. We're running out of gas. Maryland spreads their minutes like we do. Not often, our opponent is the fresher team late. They have a deep, talented roster. Good effort by our girls.
  3. Didn't go back far, but looks like ISU, averages in the top 5 attendance, most years . Finished 2nd last year. They have a solid program. I like us, going after the same kids they are.
  4. Announcer on BTN+ is guessing on names. Nicea scored, and wasn't even in the game. Amusing.
  5. I think you were talking about Lewis. She finished the night with zero fouls. I wish the refs would treat Kate like that.
  6. I was looking more at the minutes. But yes, there is subbing going on.
  7. Not a lot of subbing by Wisconsin. Hopefully, they wear down late.
  8. I don't think she is free lancing. We do it so consistently, I figure it is at the direction of the coaches.
  9. Not smart to reach in, for sure. I'd like to know why the coaches send the post out to the perimeter to defend in the first place. Seems like an unnecessary use of energy, and a risk to a foul prone player, to boot.
  10. If my Googling is accurate, there will be a regular NLI period for Division 1 basketball (April 15 - May 20, 2020), to go with the early signing period in November.
  11. I'm looking forward to Brady playing herself into shape. Could she be our next 'Jasmine' type stopper? Make some improvements on defense, and take care of the ball better, could be a fun year. As mentioned, excellent team victory today.
  12. Is Sam 100%? Turnovers are a bit concerning.
  13. Do we have a history with this crew?
  14. Google Omaha.com I see it is available there.
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