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  1. I noticed the proposed changes (below), in another Forum. Do we have extended staff, we could utilize with this change? I read, on the men's side, they could possibly use Doc Sadler on court, while an assistant is out recruiting. He is currently, Special Assistant to the head coach. If not, should we look to hire an analyst, or special assistant? Sources: The NCAA has approved that starting on 9/20, two non-coaching staff members in men's and women's basketball can engage in on-court practice activity during the 21-22 season. No more than four coaches and non-coaching staff mem
  2. If Markowski is 6' 3", Popa is every bit of 6' 5". I look forward to seeing these pups develop.
  3. Is that Brady with the boot on her left foot? That must have been a serious injury.
  4. Moving out the 3 point line could influence line-ups too. Not sure that was good news for players like Scoggin and Brown. On the other hand, if they can expand their range, it could play in their favor. I obviously don't have a clue, but definitely looking forward to the season.
  5. Maybe Amy can follow Hoiberg's lead, and hire a Director of Recruiting. Wouldn't hurt having another basketball mind keeping track of the Transfer Portal, and possibly assisting with advance scouting and game prep.
  6. Isn't there a saying, along the lines of: "If you want to be the best, you have to beat the best"? The opportunity will sure be there.
  7. Much respect Kate. Thank You. Maybe, send a son or daughter our way, sometime down the road.
  8. So little injury information is shared, could it be a HIPAA thing? Same goes for Ruby. Any word on her?
  9. Nebraska Cornhuskers (13-12, 9-10 Big Ten) vs. Colorado Buffaloes (11-10, 8-8 Pac-12)Saturday, March 20, 2021, 5 p.m. (CT)My Town Movers Fieldhouse - Collierville, Tenn.Live Video: FloHoopsLive Radio: Husker Sports Network (4:45 p.m.) Matt Coatney (PBP), Jeff Griesch (Analyst) Lincoln (1400 AM-KLIN), Omaha (CD 105.9 FM), Huskers.com, Huskers App
  10. 2 turnovers in 28 minutes is as impressive as the 4 of 7 from three shooting. Well done WB.
  11. Then you would have missed Matt and Jeff. They are in excellent voice today.
  12. Whitney is on fire. "Turn Out The Lights"...... Too soon?
  13. Based on the Jeff and Matt broadcast, the team will need to show extraordinary composure, to put up with these officials.
  14. Sounds like a home field advantage for the Skyhawks. Already 2 fouls on Kate. Chance for Stewart to have a big game.
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