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  1. 12dozen

    Nebraska vs. Washington State Game Thread

    They seemed to light a fire with Kate the 2nd half. She played much better. Still hate to see her pick up a fifth foul 25 feet from the bucket. Much tighter substitute patterns when the game was on the line. Good preseason experience. Coaches should have a good idea who to count on, come conference games. Still loose with the ball. Also, didn't seem really organized for final plays. Coaches need the early games too.
  2. 12dozen

    Nebraska vs. Washington State Game Thread

    Would like to see the ball in her hands at the end of a game.
  3. 12dozen

    Nebraska vs. Washington State Game Thread

    Maybe making the free throws will help.
  4. 12dozen

    Nebraska vs. Washington State Game Thread

    Play by play sounds like we are playing an international team. We started ok. Just need to regroup.
  5. 12dozen

    USC Upstate vs. Nebraska Game Thread

    Thanks. Doesn't look like anything too serious. She seems to be moving around OK.
  6. 12dozen

    USC Upstate vs. Nebraska Game Thread

    Just tuned in. Looks like Hudson got the start over Whitish.
  7. 12dozen

    Drake (0-0) vs. Nebraska (0-0) Game Thread

    I know it was only one game, but.... Three key returners, Whitish, Simon, and Cain, all were sluggish. My biggest disappointment, Kate. I was excited to see what a year in the weight room would do for her. I didn't see any noticeable improvement in strength, verticality, or conditioning. Still reaching for silly fouls and playing small for her size. Hannah played so nonchalant. Is that by design? Maddie, was just "off". Not sure where her head was. Any chance some of the players were under the weather a bit? The new kids were a joy to watch. This will be an entertaining year, regardless of record. Coach Williams has plenty of coaching ammo she can use from this game. Already looking forward to the next game.
  8. 12dozen

    Drake (0-0) vs. Nebraska (0-0) Game Thread

    Vets seem to be sleep walking, compared to the newbies.
  9. 12dozen

    Drake (0-0) vs. Nebraska (0-0) Game Thread

    Seems to be working. They have a nice team.
  10. 12dozen

    Drake (0-0) vs. Nebraska (0-0) Game Thread

    This one has tightened up considerably. Setting up to be a "nail biter".
  11. 12dozen

    The Media Thread

    I'm excited to see Hannah get a little help with the ball handling chores. The addition of Kristian Hudson and "Sam Haiby should take some of the pressure off her. Would not be surprised to see her offensive production make a nice jump this year. We will find out soon. Good luck ladies!
  12. 12dozen

    Coach Amy Williams Press Conference 10/1/18

    I'm looking forward to see how the strength and conditioning effort by Kate, shows on the floor. She wasn't too shabby as a pup, right out of high school. Also, will be fun watching how the new players fit in. This should be an interesting ride.
  13. 12dozen

    Is Anyone Out There

    If I read the schedule correctly, I'll be signing up for BTN Plus again, beginning in November. Looks like 13 games are scheduled for BTN Plus. Also see 10 games scheduled for BTN (including conference tournament), and one game on ESPN. Bring it on!
  14. 12dozen


    I share the nostalgia, of playing Big 8 teams of old. I can take or leave the Texas teams.
  15. 12dozen

    Is Anyone Out There

    Should be sometime in September. They have an exhibition game scheduled for November 3rd.