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  1. Who knows. In a couple of years, her mom will be an 'empty nester'. Maybe the Lady Huskers could find a position for her on their staff. NIL might be another attraction, here at home. Fingers crossed!
  2. If Oregon was added, sure would be a boost to the conference Track & Field programs.
  3. Regarding football, found this info on the web. Won't be a simple process to join another conference. ESPN's contract with the ACC runs through 2036. That grant of rights deal includes language that if Irish choose to join a conference in football before 2036, they are contractually obligated to join the ACC.
  4. Absolutely nothing to base this on, but I sense a future in coaching for this young lady. Didn't it seem, she was always engaged in some capacity, the entire time she was injured and unable to play? I only have game day sidelines as reference, but she looked involved. Happy BDay Trinity.
  5. More of the same, just another version ... Nebraska women’s coach Amy Williams may be looking at the best team she has had in her seven seasons running the show. The Huskers will get the chance to prove it against a loaded slate. Nebraska is ranked No. 22 in the ESPN preseason rankings and No. 20 in the way-too-early rankings released right after the 2021-22 season ended. It returns Alexis Markowski, the Big Ten Freshman of the Year, plus All-Big Ten players Sam Haiby, Jaz Shelley and Isabelle Bourne and starting guard Allison Weidner. That strong core group will face off against No. 6 Iowa, No. 15 Ohio State, No. 18 Maryland and Michigan, which reached the Elite Eight last season. The Huskers will also match up with Michigan State, Northwestern, Penn State, Wisconsin and Illinois. Those are their home games, but they will travel to face No. 12 Indiana as well, in addition to games at Minnesota, Purdue and Rutgers. The double-play opponents are Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Northwestern and Illinois While football and men’s basketball are each in make-or-break years under Scott Frost and Hoiberg, the main women’s programs in the fall and winter months continue to surge. It remains to be seen if there will be fireworks for the men’s programs, but the women figure to put on a show a few months from now at the Devaney Center and Pinnacle Bank Arena.
  6. I wonder when our local NIL businesses will start showing Britt Prince some Husker love? Different times for sure.
  7. Your 'under the radar' Huskers? Don't leave us hanging here.
  8. Darin Erstad jumps out to me, as someone who excelled in 2 sports. Matt Davison did OK. To a lesser extent, we've had athletes compete in Volleyball and WBB, but I don't think tried it for more than a year or so. Cepero and Havers come to mind. Probably others. Meyers could definitely compete in volleyball and track. Names not jumping out to me, but I think we've had several football players compete in track over the years. Just thinking about it, highlights how special Mendelson is (or at least, we hope she is).
  9. There is an article in the LJS today regarding Mendelson and the Huskers. Below is an excerpt from it, with a mention of Brady and Dillard. ********************** Summer practice begins: The Huskers began summer practice Monday. The team started with a smaller group but will be welcoming players back as the summer proceeds. Freshman Callin Hake from Minnesota graduated Friday and will report to Lincoln this weekend. Jaz Shelley and Isabelle Bourne went home to Australia and will join the team in a few weeks. Sam Haiby had offseason shoulder surgery. She’s doing some workouts but hasn’t been cleared for shooting drills yet. Nebraska is expected to have all five starters from the end of last season back — Allison Weidner, Alexis Markowski, Shelley, Bourne and Haiby. Guards Trinity Brady and Nailah Dillard are both practicing after missing all of last season with injuries.
  10. Odds might be long, but I like us throwing our hat in the ring. You never know.
  11. That would be one heck of a get. The young lady is getting quite a bit of attention. Copied this from the net; UT is the 11th school to offer the 5-foot-10 guard. Clemson, Vanderbilt, Austin Peay, Memphis, Oklahoma State and Middle Tennessee State have also offered. Last summer, UConn and South Carolina showed up at Berry's AAU games, and Louisville made multiple trips to see Berry play.
  12. I hope she proves to be a great hire. I had fingers crossed for someone with Power 5 experience, but imagine the 'fit' is just as important. Good Luck, and welcome to the Huskers, Jessica.
  13. There is a short article in today's LJS regarding Popa. She is no longer on the team. She has not put her name in the Transfer Portal. And, as of now, she will remain a student of UNL. That was it.
  14. My concern is more general, not needing an immediate response to the Popa situation (whatever it is). It would clear things up if something was said. With regards to Popa, I have wondered for a year if she was making any progress. For a couple of years; is Trinity Brady in our long range plans? We wondered about Dillard. Any updates on Mendelson? I'm not looking for a violation of HIPAA, just general info with regards to our roster and staff. We care. We're interested. Throw us a bone. Then again, maybe no one is covering the sport between seasons. Hard to share information if no one asks, "what's going on"?
  15. This seems to reflect the original discussion. We don't know. Why not disclose tidbits of information that isn't protected? It's been like pulling teeth getting advance recruiting info the last few years. Sam provides some updates on occasion. Others on this site do excellent research. How was Popa coming along? Fans are thirsty for any insight the program could share. Seems we could be given a bit more consideration. If one thinks we are being ignored, or taken for granted, it can lead to some resentment towards the staff. I'd be a little more tolerant if I felt better informed. OK, that's my $.02 for the day. GBR
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