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  1. Agreed. People do the same with Stevenson which I don't get. I would imagine if Yvan does start, he will probably end up splitting time with Walker at the 5 when we need more of a true post. We should have lots of options at several positions.
  2. JMO, but I don't see Allen putting up 20+/game in Hoiberg's system (maybe under Miles) nor anyone else going forward. I think we are more likely to see several guys averaging between 10-15/game. With ball and player movement being paramount in Fred's system, it should lead to more players having scoring opportunities and less likely that we will have someone be a dominant scorer. Having said this, we should have more guys on the roster that are capable of going off for big numbers on a given night. At least I hope this will be the case.
  3. Didn't see anything in that video not to like.
  4. I think this is the method used by most schools that aren't blue bloods.
  5. I was a Biology major so spent lots of time in Bruner Hall from 83-87.
  6. But you could coach! You obviously got more out of that advanced basketball class than I did.
  7. Let's bump the points to 6 as I'm hoping he can knock down a couple of 3's per game.
  8. If you are a competitor, you want to compete/play, plain and simple. This move will give Charlie a better chance to do just that, plus it will save him a boat load of money. Thanks for your time as a Husker and best of luck!
  9. Cross took some shots when he shouldn't have, but my point is Cross missed a lot of open looks that were designed for him to take. Let's hope he and the rest of his teammates shoot a higher percentage in year two. I'm not so sure Allen will be the 'MAN' or anyone else on this team, but hopefully most will have the ability to step up on any given night and deliver when needed.
  10. I agree King gets the waiver and Cross will be in the rotation. I don't think Cross needs to be more discriminate with his shot selection, he just needs to knock more of those open looks down. He wouldn't have been taking all those 3's if Fred hadn't given him the green light. I have a hunch that Walker is going to be better than most fans are thinking. He's plenty athletic and is more skilled than Ivan. Primary ball handlers should be Webster and Banton, so barring foul trouble (or if McGowens gets a waiver), one of these guys should be on the floor at all times. Bes
  11. Plus 30 pounds or Andrew Drevo.
  12. I believe I heard that all of the players have left Lincoln and even if they were in town, I'm not sure if they would have access to all of what you mentioned.
  13. I would think slim to none, but who knows. From a roster management standpoint I think it would be better to have him sit a year and take over the point when Webster moves on. I really hope King gets a waiver, but more than that, I hope there is a basketball season in the fall.
  14. Although Webster described himself as a score first point guard, hopefully he has some play making ability too.
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