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  1. If I recall correctly, Curtis left shortly after Fred said that so who knows what would have happened to his playing time. Seems like he already had his mind made up.
  2. Has any team in the history of college basketball had to play the kind of schedule we have played since we've returned from the pause due to covid? In arguably the toughest conference from top to bottom to boot. In what has to have been a physical and mental grind for the players, they have continued to compete hard every time they've stepped on the court. That alone gets a yes vote from me. Also, when you win a conference game with your leading scorer going scoreless and only playing 10 minutes due to 'Coach's Decision' shows progress. To me, our success this season was going to b
  3. I would have to watch it again, but from the angle they showed there was more room to go right than left. Regardless of the officiating, we charge too much in general.
  4. The defender was moving but why was Trey trying to go around him on the left? If he goes right he had a layup.
  5. There is a simple remedy for this. Stop running into the defender, especially in transition. It's not that difficult.
  6. Regarding #4, I would say that Trey and Shamiel have it, it's just the decision making at times that limit it. Trey's drives to the hoop at times are as good as you will see in college basketball in terms of finishing and Shamiel is a very good finisher on the break with the ability to hang and utilize either hand to finish. I don't necessarily consider Delano to be a freak athlete, rather a tall one with some guard skills that makes him somewhat unique. Regarding #5, Yvan has the intangibles, but lacks certain skill sets.
  7. IMO, less. If you are looking for contact, you are taking your focus away from the basket and decreasing your chances of finishing.
  8. Lakes has no confidence at the moment. Better start believing he belongs or he won't be here next year.
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