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  1. It's super early in the season and the team is still learning how to play with one another, so yes, let's give guys a chance to show us what they can do. Having said this, the transition to Fred's offense is probably going to be the hardest for Teddy as he is a ball dominant player.
  2. I don't know if they would either, but until they return I would give Stephenson more minutes. He has the body and seems to be crafty around the hoop.
  3. Teddy needs to let the game come to him and stop hunting shots. If he plays within the structure of the offense he should be ok, otherwise he will become a liability.
  4. They showed highlights of Maryland's game with Old Dominion and Maryland is not ranked.
  5. I'm not talking about the national perspective, just the Big 10. BTN covers everything Big 10 and the game was carried by BTN. They show highlights of every Big 10 game if they can and if not they at least post the scores from other games. Again, this just seemed odd that they didn't acknowledge that we even played yesterday. I would be making the same point if another Big 10 school would have been left out as well. After all, this was the opening day for basketball and we were a part of BTN's 12 hours of basketball promo.
  6. You guys are missing the point. We are a member of the Big 10. The game was on BTN. We are relevant because we are a member of this conference. No one on this board is acting like we have done something great. It just seemed odd to me is all.
  7. I generally haven't bought into the B1G having a bias towards Nebraska, but now I'm starting to wonder. During halftime of the MSU-EMU game they showed highlights of all of the completed games in league, except us. Not even a mention. Since the game was carried on BTN, I would assume that you would show results from all games that were televised. Coincidence?
  8. I don't recall Ubel having bad hands, if he did it was due to lacking strength early on. Yvan on the other hand does not have good hands and that may or may not be something he can improve over time. I hope he does.
  9. I agree regarding Yvan. Like you, I hate to single him out but despite him reshaping his body his ceiling will continue to be limited due to his hands. He has no touch around the hoop and lacks a feel for the ball in general. He will need to work on this in the off season, but for now he needs to focus on doing the things that will help the team win like rebound and defend. Otherwise, yes, there were a lot of positives on the floor today. Let's hope we don't hear about more positive tests tomorrow.
  10. You are correct, but the uni TB is wearing was debuted in 90-91.
  11. I agree. If we did go after shooters, we sure haven't had much success in landing them. Glad to see that this will be different going forward.
  12. The game has changed a lot in this regard no doubt, but we rarely have had one guy that the opponent had to respect from beyond the arc. I think for NU, coaching philosophy probably has played a larger role in why we have lacked shooters.
  13. I would imagine part of his struggles may have been B1G teams saw that Thor was our only legitimate threat from deep and placed a little more emphasis on him in their scouting reports.
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