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  1. I can say without a doubt that his shoulder will not be 100%, having had shoulder surgery myself, but it should not hinder him either.
  2. I may be mistaken, but I think this is the first time that Gary has had the injured shoulder repaired. His shoulder should be good going forward if everything goes well with rehab. Can't speak to the condition of his knee/s, but I think he had a little help with the facial fracture.
  3. While we're day dreaming, think how much more this would open up the offense. Walker has been very good, but limited offensively. Traudt would force defenders to guard him beyond the 3-point line and is explosive enough to put the ball on the floor and go by people.
  4. Not that it matters, but that game was at home. We had them sweating in Ann Arbor until KT got T'ed up.
  5. This is true, but 2 of those starters came from the portal. Who's to say the staff can't land similar players again? And although all 3 of those starters were solid contributors, none are irreplaceable. This is college sports. Players graduate/transfer, others step up or in to replace them. I get it. The first 3 years under Fred have been a disaster in terms of wins and losses, there is no arguing that. But it appears that Fred has figured out what he needs to do to win here and we do have a few nice pieces for next season's roster. If the staff can land some guys from the portal to fill the gaps, they have a chance to keep the positive momentum they've created this season.
  6. I know it came in a loss, but got to have a feel good moment from the game.
  7. Ditto on Dawson's defense. As good as Bando has been, Dawson has been just as good.
  8. Let me add how much I appreciate Walker and Griesel (and Bando) playing for the Huskers. They are talented players that are fun to watch and without them we will certainly look different next season. HCFH will have to tailor his offense to the skill sets that the returning players have, as well as any new additions. This is what every coach has to do every year. Hopefully we will have some guys currently on the roster develop and that the staff can add some solid contributors through the portal.
  9. Yes. He appeared to be directing it toward the student section under the basket. I presume he was being heckled, but got to be better than that.
  10. Texas fired him with cause so apparently they felt there was enough evidence against Beard to do so. Good coach or not.
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