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  1. To get back to the subject for the title of this thread, I think Mr. Edwards will be firmly in the mix. 1 on 1 with Keon Edwards
  2. Nope. I could be wrong of course, but I don't think we were a serious option for him.
  3. I think you may have meant this, but it was Sergio Wilcher that was commenting on Lawrence's visits. So far we haven't actually heard from Simeon regarding his visit and just a tweet from Jamarques.
  4. Let's see, Wilhelm at the 5 plus four other shooters. That should help spread the floor.
  5. I wanted Jasen to be a Husker, just like Traudt and Sallis and Hepburn. Not only are they talented but they are home grown. Why the latter matters to me is basically a pride thing I guess in that such talent has been few and far between over the years and that talent has rarely ended up at NU. Oh well. I wish him and the others the best of luck except for when they play NU. Ultimately what I care about the most is for Nebraska basketball to become relevant in the B1G, meaning upper half finish more often than not and of course, getting to and winning in the NCAA tournament on a consistent basis. I think Fred will get us to where we want to go and hopefully soon.
  6. Unless I missed something, he has an official visit lined up in October so I'm guessing we are still in the mix.
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