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  1. Wasn't that the Illinois game at the end of regulation?
  2. There are several scenarios that could play out, but here are some possibilities. Lat returns to Australia to play professionally and Banton improves his game enough to take a shot at the next level (G league or overseas??). Walker could look to play professionally as well and even Trey if he feels it's time for the next step. Then if Bryce has a monster season...
  3. In think Bryce may be underrated as an athlete due to his slim build. Can't wait to see what he can do once he gets in the weight room.
  4. I think the main objective is to play professionally somewhere. I wish it would have worked out here as he has some talent but best of luck to him going forward.
  5. I hope Tim checked to make sure this Ben Johnson won't be jumping ship to go back to his alma mater as an assistant in the near future.
  6. Cowley plays like Loyola Marymount did under Paul Westhead, raining 3's. Tominaga started off slow but heated up. Looking forward to see what he can do for us next season.
  7. In more B1G news, Penn State's Izaiah Brockington apparently has re-entered the portal.
  8. It will be interesting to see how the transfer portal changes, if any, when high school kids choose to commit/sign, meaning they may wait longer to see what a team's roster actually looks like.
  9. Sorry, I couldn't resist. It seemed as though Doc had his favorites that he would ride. I think those that hung in there ultimately realized that Doc was trying to get the best out of them. Coleman certainly didn't see it that way or at least didn't appreciate Doc's methods.
  10. I attended a practice when Adrian Coleman was still with the Huskers and Doc was on him the entire practice. It was pretty obvious that he wasn't going to take to Doc's style of coaching and I wasn't surprised at the time when he transferred at the semester. He did go on to have a good career at Butane Cookman though...I mean Bethune...damn it Navin!
  11. One thing I'll add is who starts doesn't really matter. Lat could start all season long, but his backup (whoever that is) could play more minutes and may be the guy that plays during crunch time. The great thing about this roster as others have stated is that we have options and it would appear lots of them.
  12. Only when you compare to teams that underachieved.
  13. So Logan Ogden is coaching at Utah. Who would've thunk it?
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