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    But I thought it was determined that the best players came from smaller cities.
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    Navin R. Johnson

    Shim Shams

    Until it made Carl Reiner yell "cut" to late because his eyes were drawn to the option-grab and made him cockeyed. Those actors would still be alive today if not for that. Had to write a number of checks for "one dollar and nine cents" after that.
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    Shim Shams

    Why did I click on this headline? Worse yet, why did I play the video 15 times?
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    Shim Shams

    He's a fella that just put a check for TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY BIG ONES in the bank! Well, he put 200 of the donuts in the bank, took the other 50 donuts in cash.... The opti-grab was a pretty good innovation.
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    Navin R. Johnson

    Shim Shams

    Who is that good looking guy?
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    Mike Scioscia to Step Down

    Personally, I don't think Mike Scioscia goes quietly. That's been his baby for 19 years! We shall see what will happen in the next 2 months.
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    Player Power Rankings

    Agree with Talley observation
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    Depends on what time of day you talk to Jean. I've never tried that burger....
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    Read this this morning, tried it this afternoon. Two thumbs up!!! Just how hot is the Angry Cow?? The waitress talked me out of it... but I’m curious.
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    They're in the process of dropping it again. However, if you're in the mood for a great burger, we've opened a restaurant in Omaha on 168th just north of Tiburon called Angus Burgers and Shakes.