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    Media getting access to practice today

    Both guys fit in, Akol is fun to see since he's from around here. I thought his shot actually looked good and he is super athletic, him just figuring out which position to play and getting more skilled will be huge. He blocked Samari off the backboard to win a scrimmage drill and everyone went nuts, a lot of fun. Matej has a pure stroke, will be a good guy to have just to keep the ball moving and hit some shots for us.
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    That may or may not be true. I thought Thor looked pretty good in his minutes.
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    Capria Brown 2020 offered by NU

    4^ combo guard Capria Brown out of Illinois was offered in July. Looks like the aggressive player I like, that can provide some "spunk", and "attitude". http://www.espn.com/high-school/girls-basketball/recruiting/player/_/id/238935
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    I think the problem the OWH has identified is that for every walk-on Charley Easley on the basketball team, you have to find a spot in intercollegiate athletics for a woman to participate. And, evidently, adding walk-on swimmers to the women's swim team or walk-on runners to the women's cross-country team is viewed by some as trying to circumvent the rules. So you might not see 5 years of Charlie Easley. Because his presence on the hoops squad basically either takes away a walk-on spot from the football team or forces the athletic department to find another spot for someone on the female side of the ledger. And I'm saying this in as non-political, purely objective of a manner as I can muster, so don't read anything extra into it.
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    All the games will be streamed by FIBA. The U just put out an article with the times that France plays. Not sure if France will play Germany in the tourney but the Germans have Mo Wagner's younger brother Franz who will play for Michigan this year.
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    Could say a lot... I am very excited. So good to see Doc back in red though!
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    OT: Portable Burner anyone?

    I bought the portable burner for the crab boil because I was doing it on the stove stove top and it was taking forever to to do it but I mix in shrimp and crab and this time I'm going to mix in some mussels with it Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk
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    Red Don

    Kylee Blacksten 2020 offered

    Again, Kudos to @redsteve! https://wbbblog.com/2020-class-recruiting-summaries/
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    I lol'ed at my twitter feed last night
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    Is it just me, or does anyone else see KCross as more of a forward. Man that shot is smooth and he has some moves.
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    Should have played for the Nuggets!
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    Navin R. Johnson

    Cam Mack Question

    As long as we are healthy for the start of the season I can live with it. More minutes for others to improve their game.
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    Snoop Dogg approves
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    That's real crappy, man.
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    Good to see someone else is along for this hard to watch ride. Draogo sets a liberté moving screen that every B1G ref could feel to free up a teammate. France up 3 with :33 to go.
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    Escargot Big Red!
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    Just seeing Doc our there on the practice court this week made me smile ... Absolutely NEVER saw that coming, a huge positive vibe/influence for everyone involved.
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    Great having Doc back!
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    Cam Mack Question

    It’s a graduation issue, not a grades issue, according to this post by klrgumby on Red Sea Scrolls: He is a 4-2-4 juco rule guy so he has to graduate since he started out first at Stephen F Austin out of HS before transferring to his juco. Had he gone juco out of HS he’d have been cleared already.
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    Kylee Blacksten 2020 offered

    And put in a good word. I know u can't do that though Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk
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    Are you sure Jace's bank shot counted?
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    I said when he committed, maybe not on here but somewhere, he is a better basketball player than Thor.
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    Annika Stewart

    i forgot it was her sister that played at iowa. probably because hannah was living in n.d. at the time of her recruitment and later family moved to mn.
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    Nebraska has offered 2021 5-9 guard Allison Weidner from Humphrey St Francis. (per the Omaha newspaper) Weidner has made a visit yesterday to UNL, and was offered on the visit.. She plays this summer on the All Nebraska Attack team. She was the 2019 Nebraska Class D state track Champion in the 400, 800, and 1600. Will make visits to other schools before deciding, but could commit early. The Columbus Telegram Newspaper just before 2019 State tourney:: 2021Allison Weidner, Humphrey SF, so: She's one of the state's top point guards regardless of class; averages 19.8 points per game and has 169 assists and 155 steals. Fifteen blocks, too. Last Feb 2019 article: Weidner was named First Team All-State over the weekend and was named the Honorary Captain of the D-2 squad by the Lincoln Journal Star. https://columbustelegram.com/sports/high-school/no-flyer-girls-clinch-second-straight-trip-to-state/article_cbd89055-6c0b-53ad-aa14-d230647ca62e.html
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    Sorry dozen, fat fingers! my apologies.
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    Thanks @huskerchode. (Here's the relevant paragraph- probably worthy of its own thread. I'd start one; but I don't want to be seen stealing chode's Thunder. ) (I don't know why it is so difficult for all of us fans to discover/discern WBB offers. Several have talked about the lack/absence of recruiting information. It seems as if one has to stumble across this kind of information quite by accident.)
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    Creighton Game this year

    Party bus and a suite!! IM IN
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    I think this fun fact would be more appropriate for Standhardinger.
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    It’s near the end of this article. https://journalstar.com/sports/high-school/basketball/girls/fremont-s-mccabe-st-francis-weidner-pick-up-offers-from/article_d0b6c82a-fc57-5a4e-99f0-ae1f38c4aadb.html
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    2022 OFFER Taylor McCabe (Fremont)

    Another Taylor>>>>> She is young.... a sophomore to be at Fremont. Word is she's got a shooters eye.
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    Annika Stewart

    maybe a little incentive for Annika from gopher site (question and answered by another gopher fan) Originally Posted by blkroll Had Stewart been offered by the Gophers? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk "Stewart had an offer from the Gophers. She will most likely be a role player at the Big 10 level."
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    Mr. Red


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    I think I watched that one.
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    Aus vs USA.....

    From Husker site on Bourne: http://www.huskers.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=100&ATCLID=211807827
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    Red Don

    coach williams alert...

    Whew, just recovering from my Heart Attack (after reading Whoop's Headline ).
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    Or, perhaps, the Wisconsin’s JV reference means that everyone on Latvia’s team looks like a cousin to Thorir Thorbjarnarson?
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    Aus vs USA.....

    I'm certainly eager to see- as I suspect everyone else is- what she'll bring to the table and how much she'll be used this coming season. I suspect she'll get some good minutes certainly as the season rolls along, if not immediately. Time will tell.
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    Keeping up with the offers/visits

    There was an article where he was killing it on I believe the AAU circuit and they listed him as 6’6” or 6’7”. You never really know until they step foot on campus, though.
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    He will have to adjust to Big Ten officiating, though. Which means that if he's wearing a shirt that reads "Nebraska," he'll have to be super-stationary when he's setting a pick — and that might not always be good enough.
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    He's currently playing in a close one with 3 minutes to go. His shot is falling today as he's put up 8 on 4-5 shooting
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    Transfers watch

    Collins easily the longest leash imo.
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    The New Era Begins

    Made a deep dive into Buzzy and he's a KC guy who was a mentor for Marvin Clark and coached for MoKan Elite. https://www.chronicle.com/interactives/marvinclark (This was a good article and even mentions him watching us beat Indiana on a recruiting trip) https://nypost.com/2017/11/08/marvin-clarks-remarkable-journey-hes-a-kid-you-cheer-for/ In a nutshell among the teams that recruited Clark out of high school was Iowa St with Hoiberg/Matt A. When Clark transferred, he transferred to St Johns and Matt A. Seems like a hire based on him being able to develop guys and tap into AAU around the St Louis/KC area.
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    Thanks for sharing that. Oh boy, that was good stuff.
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    I didn't get to see any of the five-on-five work but Derek Peterson mentioned he saw Banton initiating offense with a group featuring Kavas and Stevenson as the frontcourt. Lot of versatility with this roster and we could end up seeing some odd lineups. Banton's got a lot of work to do with that jumper before he can be truly effective as an initiator though.
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    Lauren Ware

    not sure how to copy, but, according to a tweet by Ware, huskers are out of the running. minnesota only big ten school mentioned. bummer. plus ucla, tennessee, texas, and arizona "the top 5".
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    Here are the mentions of every player from what I have seen so far: - Haanif Cheatham: great leader - Matej Kavas: high basketball IQ - Jervay Green: N/A - Dachon Burke: scorers mentality; great effort - Derrick Walker: physical specimen - Shamiel Stevenson: most athletic looking player; best rebounder - Thorir Thorbjarnarson: fits nicely into new "read and react" system - Cam Mack: with team but not practicing at the moment - Dalano Banton: unique body type and skill set - Akol Arop: N/A - Samari Curtis: can shoot it from anywhere including close to 50% from three so far in practice - Kevin Cross: appears closer to 6'6 than 6'8; smooth with the ball Yvan Ouedraogo: not currently with the team - Charlie Easley, Brett Porter, Jace Piatkowski: N/A
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    We also have the sad distinction of being the only team in B1G history to finish 4th and NOT make the Dance That might define Nebraska Basketball in a nutshell. BUT the “little engine that could” days, the NIT road games, the endless “Bubble watches” those will soon be part of a bygone era of Husker Hoops. Someday soon many of us will sit courtside somewhere & watch our Huskers advance DEEP into an NCAA tournament & become once and for all a “Basketball School” too...
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    All Along The Watchtower Original: Bob Dylan Remake: Jimi Hendrix
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