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    Norm Peterson

    Pepsi v. Coca Cola

    Royal Crown and Crown Royal continue to miss out on a great opportunity for a joint marketing strategy.
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    Glynn passed Jack Moore for 18th place on the all-time scoring list
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    Hype Train

    Yeah, I just want to win our most important game...the next one on the schedule. I will worry about March, when it gets here.
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    Well... 1st game at PBA in like 3-4 years. My last was Indiana at home in early conference play. Love that place. I’d be a season ticket holder if I lived here. Crowd- good turn out, but quieter. Lotssssss of families today. About what I expected. Didn’t get that free Runza. Oh well, gotta eat there anyways while I’m back! Play- about what I expectedly. After the first 2 minutes you could tell that this was just too fast of a speed for SWMS. Credit to them though... they could shoot. Roby Watch will be interesting heading to Wednesday. Wasn’t worried before the game as most tweets I saw said that it was just “precautionary.” Miles comments after had me a little worried though. Regular starters did great. Loved Tanners effort on the boards today. Unlike some... I like some of what I see from Thor. His mistakes are either due to trying too hard or not having a lot of PT. He has excellent vision. I feel he could be serviceable next year and the following year as a 5-10 MPG guy. I plan on getting tickets when we make the Tulsa regional. The grind starts Wednesday. Huge opportunity.
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    Pepsi v. Coca Cola

    I forget. Which one makes whiskey? That one.
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    Ron Mexico

    Because it never get's old

    Dukie V Baby! Slam Bam Jam! Diaper Dandy!
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    2019 NCAA Bracketology

    I was thinking about this. Be interested to see B1G road records in first two games of conference play after January for the last 5 years. At any rate that’ll be two Quad 1 games with students away. Great opportunity for us!
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    Hype Train

    Hope he's right but let's get in then win a game first, and then another...
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    Feel sorry for the guy that has to drive them