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    When Yvan is your age, do you think he will regret his decision to play for his country? Or will he look back fondly on that decision? Personally, I don't think it really matters in the grand scheme of things. I understand your point, but look at it from the perspective of a 17 year-old kid getting ready to move to America for at least four years. Playing for France may have been a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
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    FloSports subscription...CANCELLED! Hopefully it will be a very long time before I have to think about signing up for that crap again.
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    My first ever Husker game at PBA. Expecting nothing but a win tonight
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    We won; therefore USF must suck. If we’d have lost, they might have been mediocre. Do I have that right?
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    WSU was a bit of a turkey, but I'm glad we stuffed them. And if the team wins another game this week, the third will be gravy. It is Thanksgiving week, after all.
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    2021 4 star PG Carter Whitt

    Wherever Walter Pitchford went
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    GMU fell behind the Sharks, but the Jets intervened. After that, it was a rumble!
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    Disagree, most barf makes it into the bucket.
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    Video of the game if you didn't get to see it
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    Nice neutral site win. I only caught the last quarter but it appears several ladies made big contributions to this victory.
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    PLEASE God, let us win one of our next 3 road games... (and I think you know which one)!
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    Just a few for now... -- D was much better in the second half... mostly because Cheatham shut down Elleby for the most part. (BTW I would like to have that kid on my team). -- Cross is turning out to be a lot better than advertised. With each game he grows. He can shoot the rock and dribble-drive. -- When we actually put in effort on the D end... we get a lot better looks in transition on the O end. -- Would love to see Curtis take some minutes from Kavas. I realize that Kavas has size, but that's really all he gives us. -- Burke scores, but takes some very bad shots. He's certainly our volume guy this year. -- FT's would have put this thing away early.... and late. -- Rebounding was much better in the second half and look what happened. -- WSU was as bad as advertised. -- A legit shot to head to GA Tech at 5-2 after an 0-2 start is nice to see. -- While the competition isn't great, a tournament win could be just what the doctor ordered for this team.
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    Dang the sky fell pretty early this season.
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    A few rebuttals.... Hoiberg has never recruited centers who are three point shooters. That’s a misconception that Chris Heady keeps writing in his articles, but it’s not true. His ideal player archetype for a center is Jameel McKay. McKay could’ve been described how you described Yvan and Walker (couldn’t shoot or dribble, undersized). But he’s what Hoiberg wanted in an athletic, rim-running, rim-protecting big whose main role on offense was to set screens and get offensive putbacks. That’s not to say he wouldn’t like to have a big who can shoot, but he never recruited one at Iowa State (Vanderbeken was a McDermott recruit). They would go 5 out at times with guys like Niang and White as their biggest player on the floor, causing mismatches. Banton and Cross fit that mold. They are still recruiting for 2020. It’s not abnormal to not sign any players in the early signing period. Doc doesn’t run the packline. It has packline principles, and he wants to keep the offense out of the lane, but it isn’t the pure pack. Doc wants to get out into passing lanes and harass ball-handlers to force turnovers, but you can’t do that as much without a rim protector to erase mistakes. We’ve offered a lot of bigs in the 2020 and 2021 classes who fit the mold of what we want on both ends of the court.
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    Thank you Nicea...you saved us ! 15 rebounds..and was a big disrupter on defense. Help us stay in the game...and bust it open late. Our zone slowed them down. Excellent at the free throw line tonight...kept us in the game Leigha loves this kind of game....lets her play free We finally wore them out a bit
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    Missouri losing a buy game. The epitome of brutality.
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    Red Don


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    Sam Haiby

    Is in a walking boot.
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    I listen to Kent when I can’t watch Nebrasketball.
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    2022 Recruits

    looks like we maybe in on this kid from Fremont. Coach Williams had a like on this tweet.
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    Nice of them to give the Mavs some love, but we beat Wazzu by 11, Omaha only beat them by 8, so by the infallible law of comparing scores, clearly NU is #1 in the state. The Counciltucky Bluejays clearly are not part of Nebraska - just waiting on the Unicameral to do the right thing and redraw the state border.
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    Cam being over the top when things are going well isn't a problem...it's when he's over the top when things aren't going well that's an issue for this team with adversity problems. It's like hey man, no shit you just had a bad play and now you're acting like you were caught murdering a puppy...how many more bad plays in a row would you like that to lead to? I made this tweet that I don't consider an anti-Cam tweet at all. Someone made an obvious Cam Mack "stan" account to sort of chew me out and 3 other people at like 6 am Saturday morning before deleting the tweets. Our point guard seems to be a dramatic person surrounded by people that feed that. This isn't necessarily a good nor bad thing. I appreciate the passion, i do. Will he be able to channel it to make this team better when things are tough?
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    The idea that we are a team that plays to the level of our opponent is a really optimistic take :) Sure hope that is true, but kind of afraid that we may be in for a rude awakening when we get home from Cayman and start playing some of those better teams. This might well be the worst rebounding team I have seen in 50 years of watching NU basketball - although to be fair when you miss that many free throws you do pad the other team's rebounding stats a bit. But offensive boards were something like 25-3? Hard to comprehend that happening against anyone, much less a SWAC team. While the clock was running we did seem to find our shooting touch though - and the team is fun to watch at times, and they do play with enthusiasm on the offensive end. It does make it a little less stressful to watch games in seasons like this where expectations are low and any win against any team can be viewed as a positive. Let me preface my next comments by saying that I love watching Cam Mack play and appreciate his talent. Might be the best passing point guard we have had - at least since Brian Carr which is something I really appreciate as a fan. Love players who see the court so well. All that say - boy do I wish he would cut out all the hotdog celebrations and just play the game. I don't want to take away his enthusiasm - and I don't mind some celebrating as long as it does not detract from the game. But at times his show boating extends to situations where he should be focusing on the game and defense. The wicked crossover that broke the guys ankles was fun to watch - but after it happened he was more focused on pointing at the guy to emphasize what he had done, than he was at taking advantage of the situation and going past the defender who was on the floor. I would not have argued if the ref had blown a whistle and t'd him up for taunting on that play - and frankly in the long run it might have done him good if that had happened. The other thing that bothers me is how much time he spends waving his arms to try to get the crowd involved. That is a good thing for players to do in some situations - but again he seems more focused on waving to the crowd than he is on playing focused. Last night his guy just went right past him while he was doing that. As a fan I am more likely to stand and yell if I see players working hard and really focused on playing defense - than I am if the players seem focused on getting me to stand and yell. Again I love most of the things about Cam's game - just wish he would keep his focus more on playing the game - than calling attention to himself. If he plays hard on both ends believe me the people in the stands at NU will notice and appreciate him without him asking them to do so all the time.
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    A very fun game to attend! Wish we could’ve held on to the lead and extended it, but we found a way to win and right now, that’s progress. cam can take over games like I haven’t seen in a long time. His handles and ability to get to the rim are top notch. He had a pass to Cross that was unbelievable. Kavas and Thor hitting threes is a nice addition. seriously, our free throw shooting is mental and it’s bad. We need to fix that fast. Jervay showed some flashes as well. Excited about the future!
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    Anyone down for a Monday night, Cayman Classic drinking game??? Anytime we go 0fer from the free throw line you take a shot. The bonus, blackout drunk shot happens on an 0-3 and you have to finish the bottle! So, who wants to spend Monday night in the hospital with me and have a scheduled sick day from work on Tuesday and likely Wednesday?
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    This is a safe place - and I’m glad we’re here for you to get that out of your system. Hope you feel better. We’ll be fine. We love you.
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    Was meaning to make a SDSU scout topic. Please post anything in here about SDSU that you know in addition to the fact that Baylor Scheierman might say 'hold my beer' when it comes to guys from Nebraska not good enough to be offered by Nebraska killing Nebraska
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    Going to be a long year for you because I think this is the norm for this team.
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    He could be sick or something. Hard to judge without knowing the facts.
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    Do you like watching something that looks like a pick up game with fancy uniforms?
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    Norm Peterson

    Morrow leaving

    There could be a number of explanations why Ed isn't getting much PT. Maybe Marquette's shoes don't fit Ed's feet very well.
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    Man we are making some stupid passes Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk
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    Video stream is good quality, but the camera work seems a little disconcerting switching to the end zone view.
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    a 25 point win for Hastings, And it is foggier than shit out.
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    Hell... let’s win all three and call it a day.
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    "Offensive rebound and put back is good. Record that. I want to use that" - Kent Pavelka
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    Yeah, F the NCAA and their non-sensical rules. Lets not punish the likes of North Carolina for blatant academic fraud but punish a kid for trying to find a new home after two different coaches he committed to left. On the glass half full side, this team should be pretty darn good in year 3 when these freshmen and sophomores and sit out transfers are upper classman. But still, F the NCAA!
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    South Point Shootout

    realtimerpi game predictor: USC (44) vs Nebraska (42) Record 3-2 5-1 Conf Record 0-0 0-0 Home Record 1 - 1 4 - 1 Netural Record 0 - 0 0 - 0 Road Record 2 - 1 1 - 0 Power Rating 0.7204 0.7231 Power Rating RANK 44 42 SOS 0.5419 0.5131 SOS RANK 37 68 Average points per game 71.28 73.10 Average points give up per game 67.03 66.38 RealTimeRPI GAMER - Game Prediction Analysis GAMER Score Prediction: USC 68 Nebraska 69 GAMER Likely Score Range (68% chance): 58 ~ 78 60 ~ 78 GAMER Winning Probability: 49.6% 50.4 % GAMER Winning Odds: 1 to 1.0 1.0 to 1
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    Wait, Brooklyn Sharks..... were the Flint Tropics unavailable?
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    I’m not sure when I feel worse: when we’re at the free throw line or when the Blackshirts are facing a third and long.
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    I thought Sean Woods on the other side was a pretty good coach. They were draining shot clock in the 2nd half to keep us from going on runs and possibly to keep possessions down so his key guys wouldn't foul out. They had a good game plan to beat us.
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    This crossover might be filthiest thing I’ve seen on a basketball court
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    Because tonight there would probably be mass suicides in several sections.
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    It's been 3 hours. Are you sure there's nothing new since then?
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    I’m almost ashamed to admit it, but this will be my first time making a road trip to Omaha for an “away” game. Most visits to the Big O require a visit to the Homey Inn on 50th & Saddlecreek, so I’ll start there, but I was curious if there was any HHC sanctioned pre-game event taking place? Hadn’t heard any chatter on the board, but I cannot WAIT to roll into CHI decked out in full Husker regale’ & show the Bluebirds we mean business. Like The Who sang, “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”....!
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    Matt Coatney came out with this post on his FB page. I want to take a moment and give you my personal rule on commenting on player injuries. We are five games into the basketball season and I have received countless messages on social media asking me specific questions about player injuries each and every day this season. I have not nor will I respond to those. I'm not trying to be a jerk. Injury information is something that is privacy protected at many levels and released through official channels. If I'm allowed to know injury information from the team, I get paid by my employer to release that information through my radio broadcasts. If I'm allowed to comment on injury information, that's where I'll discuss it, either on a game broadcast or coach's show. Additionally, I spend a great deal of time combing social media to find out why our opponent players are out. I read players' mom's friends' Instagrams, Twitter posts and especially Facebook. Through the years I've given our coaches valuable information about opponent injuries that wasn't otherwise available. For example, let's say K-State's best player has a high ankle sprain & is out for three games. That is invaluable information for their next opponent because they don't have to prepare for that player. K-State, however, doesn't want to release that as they want their next opponent to waste hours unnecessarily scheming against a player who won't play. If that player's mom's best friend puts on Facebook - "I was going to go to the K-State game with Betsy Sunday, but she isn't going since her daughter Katie isn't going to play, so who's up for a backyard bar-b-cue?" they have just given away tremendous information. I can't tell you how many times I've found out stuff like that on our opponents. Thus, if you send me a question, even on a private message, it's not personal, but I'm not going to answer it. I hope you understand. Thank you for your attention.
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    Huskers in the Pros Thread

    Des Moines Area Nebrasketball fans get a double dose of Husker G-League Duos this weekend. Clippers GLeague team with JPJ and Evan Taylor up first tonight, and JPJ is still on fire
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    I don’t like picking on posters but he’s already played and been successful for 4 years at D1.
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    For a lightly regarded team, I was impressed with Morgan State. They worked their fannies off on the defensive end. They also crashed the boards on both ends. Good to see our depth prevail. There was quite a discrepancy at the line, but don't think they were "homered" in any way. If anything, they got away with quite a few fouls in the paint. They also threw up quite a few prayers, that managed to bounce off the glass and find the hoop. Well done ladies, Bears and Huskers.
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    GOOD STUFF (The ads...you can update your wardrobe bugs) https://huskers.com/news/2019/11/14/womens-basketball-wbb-recap.aspx?path=wbball https://huskers.com/watch/?Archive=3353&type=Archive https://huskers.com/watch/?Archive=3355&type=Archive https://huskers.com/watch/?Archive=3356 https://huskers.com/galleries/womens-basketball/wbb-vs-morgan-state/1080
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