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  1. I'm optimistically cautious. I need to see Yvan first. They need him to be somewhat productive on defense and the glass. I think we'll be able to score and defend on the perimeter. The 4 man rotation up front is what I'm watching. And I believe Cross/arop are battling for that last spot off the bench. Love Cross's potential. But hes a project in the big ten right now. We can honestly finish anywhere from 6-11. There's so many variables that will tie in.
  2. They were apparently gonna try to meet up with him but it just never happened. I think they said that on the Husker Online podcast or the Husker247 one. Forget which one honestly
  3. Listened to his whole interview on FB and he mentioned how they aren't "selfish" anymore as a unit. Good interview nonetheless
  4. Glynn is still one of my favorite huskers all time. Glad to see him and on his feet in a pro league.
  5. So I think we can pencil in Kavas and cheatham at this point. Burke in my opinion also. Overall depth has been big this trip, and we're missing two "supposed" starters and akol. Akol I'm still intrigued by for defensive purposes but so far so good
  6. We need video of this.
  7. Hopefully we get a box score
  8. I'm really liking Burke so far..... The year off and having JPJ as his roommate helped a lot.
  9. Has anyone seen anything about a stream for today's game?
  10. Trying to not read too much into these exhibition games. But the main things that stood out. -Cross has skill. We all knew that. We just weren't sure how much was going to translate to D1. It's been smooth so far. He'll contribute this year likely, but he still needs to work on his conditioning. That's the key for making the next level for him (which is the main reason he came here according to him) -We're getting to see who can run the team if Mack is down for some unforeseen reason. It's a platoon right now with Green, Burke, and Curtis. -Yvan will be a huge lift to the team on the boards. If not grabbing them at least throwing a body on the opposing trans biggest guy. -burke will be my favorite player this year. Saw a chasedown block and he can draw fouls (thank JPJ).
  11. Yeah he's more naturally a 4. More or less being forced to play the 5 due to need. Walker and Yvan next year at the 5 will ideally move cross back to the 4
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