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  1. Well dammit. The dad playing at Wake Forest I didn't know, and honestly I don't blame him for doing that. Need a PG still to replace Webster following this year and pickings are starting to get slim. Wilhelm still is needed, but getting a PG to help handle the ball next year is extremely important still.
  2. hes been at the top of my list for a while. All signs point to us. All FCs on rivals and CBs on 247 have us.
  3. That's about me only question to this. The scholarship piece
  4. 247 just dropped a CB for us also. I have no clue how the scholarships work out, but he's a guy who's been atop or near the top of our board for a while.
  5. As long as it isn't Creighton or KU, I'm good
  6. It'll come down to us and Marquette down the stretch apparently. I think I like our chances here
  7. Extremely hard to find tape on him. Thank you for this. Found a highlight tape of his also, but that's more valuable
  8. Decomitted from Louisville, hopefully we get reinvolved here
  9. We made his top 4. UH I'm going to assume is the favorite, but haven't heard much on him
  10. Top one is from this year. Bottom from last year
  11. Looks like Jasen got his rating by 247 also, and he's inside their top 150. If somehow they can get both Jasen and traudt it would be a home run. https://247sports.com/player/jasen-green-46085874/
  12. He's still at the top of the guys I want for 21. He's going to brewster for his senior year.
  13. I'll stand by that we'll likely see a variety of lineup combos until one sticks. Walker/Yvan both spotting each other at the 5 and Lat getting minutes at the 4 and 5. I believe it's matchup dependant and also depends who plays well together. The shooting upside of Lat is a very good point, which is why I think we will see him out there at the 5 for stretches at a time. I do not know how he would do against the Kofis or Potter's at the 5( two most obvious guys. Not including Luka, trevion, or TJD). It's certainly possible, but I'm still sticking that we'll see Yvan at the 5 and Lat/shamiel at t
  14. Ended up at Louisville and reclassifying into this class
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