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  1. Basically they're still actively recruiting other positions other than a big it seems. Which signals in my brain that we must see more attrition coming
  2. Well I mean getting Sanogo or some big seems to be a priority. Should've worded that better.
  3. Looks like getting a big is the priority right now, especially with Sanogo's virtual visit tomorrow. We'd be full once we take him or someone else on. I'd expect more attrition to happen with this being reported
  4. Oh. I see we're arguing about Donovan today. I wish the kid the best, especially cuz he's from Lincoln. We never have that kind of talent here in Lincoln. Could he have fit here? Most definitely. But he didn't sign when he was given the chance. At the end of the day I trust Fred to make the right call on this. Let's let it play out and see if he did.
  5. Since there's an above 50% chance he lands here I'm going to go down the YouTube hole and see what he can bring. Little clips I've seen I can see a good rim protector and rebounder. I'm interested how him and Yvan can compliment each other.
  6. Very significant pickup. Gives us a chance to run a variety of lineups in 21-22 (assuming his waiver doesn't go through). Hopefully they can land one more big (Sanogo or Jeff otchere) and if one of arop or cross leaves, they'll probably use their scholarship on another sit transfer.
  7. Turns out he ended up at Tulane lol
  8. Looks like he ended up at South Alabama.
  9. Kevin Marfo ended up at Texas A&M
  10. Lists us as one of the schools. Would be a huge pickup
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