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  1. I've refused to listen to this for a variety of reasons, but mostly because of what I'm reading on what he said. To say "well I got guys to Nebraska and brought them to levels that they never saw recruiting wise" was true, but it also was the reason he was let go. Throwing a team together without factoring in how guys may potentially fit together, which he clearly did based on how the last few seasons have gone, is the opposite of correct team building. That doesn't absolve Fred of blame to not make it work, but if your job is to get players together that can lead to a good season you would factor in fit. There's more to this pod I'm sure, but it reads like he is not having any self accountability, which isn't necessarily shocking.
  2. Still some good and bad, but in the end it came down to turnovers, and the main guys were the ones turning the ball over. Kept it within 4-6 for a long time, but eventually turning the ball over as much as we did was going to catch up. -Sam has been very disappointing these last few games. Might still be an adjustment period from NDSU to HM, but I have not been impressed. I still like him a ton and like what he brings, but he's turnover prone at times and isn't aggressive to score. I like that he tries to actually run the offense most of the time though, and he is great at pushing the ball on the break, just needs to be more comfortable in the half court, specifically vs pressure. -Despite it being a double digit loss, 3 ball was shot the same both ways with both teams making 9. Difference was Neb gave them 20 free possessions, with Memphis only turning the ball over 13 times. -Walker looked good out there, and I liked what he did at times and what he can do moving forward. He catches the ball and typically makes a decision on what he wants fairly quickly, whether it be DHOs, drive to the cup, or kickout to guards. -Keisei continues to be a sparkplug this team needs. When he gives you double digit points off the bench every night basically, that helps immensely. -While I love Dawson's defense, his offense was the determining factor for him playing a ton or not, and right now he seems indecisive. Wants to shoot it seems, but doesn't trust himself. -I do really like how often the team turns passes into buckets. 17 assists on 22 made buckets is a pretty good number honestly. FSU on sunday and they're only 1-6, with losses to Stetson, UCF, Troy, UF, Siena, and Stanford. Their only win is vs Mercer, with it only being a 9 point win. I'm looking and it seems like a team that can be beat up on the glass. Matchup wise, I like it, just need to execute.
  3. Assuming this is the last addition, this is my penciled in lineup Griesel Emmanuel CJ Wilhelm/Gary (toss up, but I lean Gary i think) Walker -Lloyd (6th man. Wing primarily for CJ and Emmanuel, but might play lead guard too) -Wilhelm/Gary -Kieta -mcpherson -lawrence Offensively, I have no idea who's going to score. CJ has to jump to 10+ PPG and Emmanuel/Griesel both have to match previous outputs with the jump in competition. Walker can maintain I think. The defense is this team might be one of the better defenses we've seen in a few years. Emmanuel and Gary both pride themselves on defense as does McPherson. Wilhelm was active in the passing lanes last year with his hands, if he can be more sound and disciplined I like him. Walker is a solid defender. It's kinda cool to contrast to what we saw last year. Offensively, we had 3 guys who were usually good for 10+ a night and 4 once CJ started heating up. I'm not sure what to think honestly, but my initial reaction is I like this group. Just need some scoring jumps. Offense may be eye bleeding bad at times.
  4. My new phone hasn't let me post in here or comment for some reason, so I haven't been able to give thoughts on this. It's Creighton. I am not sure if it's a great basketball fit(nembhard has the pulse of the offense already and Baylor wants to operate as a ball handler), but they'll be a great team. To reiterate that it's Creighton, coach Howard was following his mom, his dad, and Baylor as recent as today. That has since changed as he isn't anymore.
  5. Griesel will be the primary option. McPherson should give him rest, assuming he's ready. Lloyd should do some initiating also. For the last one, TBD. If Reeves comes aboard, he can probably do some. If not him, it depends on the guy they bring in. Matt made a point about Wilhelm. You could throw him at the top of the key and have the play start once he catches it. He did exhibit some good passing instincts in the games he played.
  6. My biggest thing about juwan that I love is he doesn't need the ball to be impactful. He'll crash the offensive glass, cut when there's openings, or set screens. His athleticism pops off the charts though. In contrast, his 3 ball leaves a bit to be desired. I wonder who they play him with at the 5? Maybe start Wilhelm at the 4 and have Gary be the first sub for Walker and slide Wilhelm down? If his 3 ball can get to at least 30%, this isn't an issue though.
  7. I'm a bit hesitant on him, but his energy and ability to fill in off scorers is something this team has needed for years. Athleticism pops off also when watching. My concern is how much offensive skill does he have right now. Getting a scorer through the portal is still necessary even if they get him. That much is definitely true.
  8. Haven't seen any husker writer confirm it yet, but looks like juwan Gary may be visiting tomorrow and Tuesday.
  9. Banton getting playoff minutes at the end of this Toronto/Philly game. I'd assume Mikki Moore was the last Husker to get playoff minutes without doing much research
  10. Welp. That was fun while it lasted lol
  11. The more I read and see about Betts, the more I like.
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