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  1. He's still at the top of the guys I want for 21. He's going to brewster for his senior year.
  2. I'll stand by that we'll likely see a variety of lineup combos until one sticks. Walker/Yvan both spotting each other at the 5 and Lat getting minutes at the 4 and 5. I believe it's matchup dependant and also depends who plays well together. The shooting upside of Lat is a very good point, which is why I think we will see him out there at the 5 for stretches at a time. I do not know how he would do against the Kofis or Potter's at the 5( two most obvious guys. Not including Luka, trevion, or TJD). It's certainly possible, but I'm still sticking that we'll see Yvan at the 5 and Lat/shamiel at the 4 to start out the year. That will likely change though depending how guys play and who plays well together. Also, getting Trey eligible would be a huge lift for this team. WITH Trey eligible, this would be my rough draft. Trey Allen Banton Stevenson/Lat Yvan First guys off bench: Thor/Kobe (can fill in at any wing position/can provide shooting) This is an extremely versatile team that we will have next year. You could argue about 4-5 different starting lineups and we will likely see about 4-5 different lineups throughout the year.
  3. Ended up at Louisville and reclassifying into this class
  4. http://www.hudl.com/v/2DX6uX If anyone's interested, here's his Hudl tape
  5. I like that they're stacking up on options at the 4/5 for next year. Between Wilhelm, Eric, and Gabe, they have options. I still imagine the staff prefers Wilhelm, but that is all speculation honestly. Really hope they can land him though
  6. This is a kid worth taking a flier on. At worst, he's a rim runner with some rim protection. Seems like a solid plan B they had in place
  7. Looks like the meeting went well. Only caveat is he wants to visit somewhere BEFORE he commits. Which I understand honestly. It'll be interesting how Matt A and Fred handle this
  8. Watched his tape about a month ago and my initial reaction was "eh". I'm gonna have to go back and rewatch it in and pay attention since he may be an option.
  9. I think I saw he's going back to the booth next year and waiting for the right job. He wants a P5 gig again.
  10. Think this is a huge get. His shooting and bball IQ will translate. I understand the kavas comparison but Kavas didn't have much time to prepare for P5 play and was clearly outmatched. He had some bright moments in some games. Essentially I see Lakes taking Thor's minutes the following year and transitioning to be the floor stretcher for the drivers (Dalano, Trey, Kobe, etc). On defense as long as he's adequate I think we'll be ok. We were a very easy team to attack on defense last year. When you play 4 guards and a 17 year old center/undersized 4, it's going to be easy to attack on offense. There's only so much you can do. Next year they have legit size, length, strength, and talent. I'm very optimistic about lakes.
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