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  1. There might be a chance he walks also if they make the tourney. Or is that too much to assume?
  2. thrasher31

    In state kids?

    Agree. Haven't seen him play yet. It'll be interesting how His recruiting picks up in the spring after he gets his act up.
  3. thrasher31

    A strategy?

    I'm just taking it one game at a time. Certainly a feasible strategy. But let's get past PSU and the house of horrors that is the Bryce Jordan center
  4. thrasher31

    In state kids?

  5. thrasher31

    2019 PF David Skogman

    Just offered.
  6. To caveat, after the twolves fired Tom thibodeau as GM and coach, a top candidate was hoiberg in the off-season in either the GM or HC position.
  7. Starts snowing as soon as I leave..... Of course.
  8. If we can get Glynn, James, and Roby to play at a high level and everyone else play like they did tonight is it a stretch to say our season can turn around? I'm two beers deep and about to start hitting liquor. So if I sound crazy pardon me
  9. Whoa. This thread was made two weeks ago. Already 16 pages long.
  10. This could help the bench. Give us a solid producer off the bench.
  11. Thor is starting for Thomas Allen tonight...........
  12. thrasher31

    Who stays

    It all depends on who we bring in. I feel like Thomas Allen will stay because he'll be the 2/3 best player on the team next year. Two Nebraska kids I feel like have a good chance to stay. Mika will be tricky. I think Nana transfers to a lower conference to where he can shine. Thor will be interesting, especially if his minutes keep increasing. Amir is only a freshman and still has room to grow. I want to see who they bring in before I fully speculate. That's what I think might happen though
  13. thrasher31

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    The big ten is drunk. Only explanation
  14. thrasher31

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    Indiana is about to lose their 8th straight game. Losing 54-47 with 5 min left to Rutgers at the RAC At least we don't look THAT bad.
  15. One game can change everything. But right now it sucks.