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  1. Thank you for this. I remember his recruitment back in 2018-2019, and I don't think I was impressed when I watched him (watched basically every big available due to the big situation Miles and co was in at the time).
  2. Derrick Walker is incredible. Won the game and had a play or two similar to that in that game. He's exactly what they needed at the 5
  3. The more I watch Derrick Walker, the more I like him. He shows something different every game. Good defender, good out of the high post, and knows how to position himself in the post.
  4. I would want to be there for Thor. Has progressed a ton since his freshman year.
  5. Ball movement is amazing, defense has been good with mixing up coverages, and shots are falling. No real qualms this game. Teddy is playing extremely well also. If they get this Teddy going into next year, they'll be a tough team.
  6. Looks like when Teddy came to the top, he started looking like wtf
  7. I've went back and watched the final possession, it looks like Teddy was supposed to set a screen for Trey and hopefully get Frazier on him. Never happened and Trey probably should've attacked baseline if he was rejecting the screen. Good drawup, horrid execution
  8. Great question and I'm sure he did. But I'm blaming Kevin Warren still.
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