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  1. If my memory serves me right there were a lot of national media members that have Mading as a breakout candidate before practices started. Don't know why he didn't end up at rhode island either. It's paying off right now though. I believe we showed slight interest during Miles last summer at AAU. Intriguing player. He's blown up as of recently so throwing out hat in the ring might or might not pay off in the long run.
  2. Gives us a spot to use on a big but this sucks. I would've taken him in and just figured it out later. He must know he's gonna get some good offers soon
  3. I need to buy single games this year. Purdue, Rutgers, UM, PSU, and Wisconsin are the ones I'm looking at.
  4. Do we think this will impact the Stevenson case at all?
  5. The staff raves about Thor all the time. I think he'll give them a calming factor to the offense at least to start the year. He does some things really well, which will earn him minutes.
  6. Roby making his preseason debut on ESPN for the Mavs
  7. Obviously the bigs are a question. Yvan will be in foul trouble all year I imagine, so do they play a combination of Kavas/Stevenson to give him rest? How much can akol or cross provide this year? They are pretty much polar opposites. Cross can score and take you off the dribble, but I worry about him on defense. Akol can defend probably 3-4 positions on the court, but I worry about his offense. Mack, Green, cheathem, and Burke all provide something different individually, and that's the 4 guards I THINK you might see us close games with with Kavas or Stevenson at the "5". I love how this team was put together in such a quick manner. They were able to retain key guys AND add guys who will contribute early this year. I'm expecting a roller coaster season where anything can happen. I'm just bracing for a hectic year that will have fun b-ball involved.
  8. I think Sallis may be a better fit for Hoibergs system. But this is tough. He could've gone to anywhere other than Wisconsin and I would've been cool. He's likely bringing Mors with him too
  9. This one really stings......... I really hope we lock up sallis now
  10. I didn't buy much stock into everything because it's a scrimmage obviously. It's FLASHED some skill sets more than anything I thought -mack and Burke need to be together in the backcourt. Not sure if there's a backcourt who can keep up with them. You can see the natural speed in them right away with the ball in their hands. They need to spell each other so one of them is always on the court. Will be huge in my opinion -i noticed it was mentioned, green will likely flash great scoring prowess this year, but few and far in-between. -i thought yvan was strong, constantly active and moving (big thing for me at the 5), but after him I it looks pretty bad. -Stevenson looked slow as others said, but I believe he was going through the motions. - I don't know if it means anything, but the ASSUMED starters (Burke, Mack, cheathem, and Yvan) had Thor with them on the "Red" team to start out. Just an observation. Could be nothing or something. -my girl loved banton and I really think he can be huge for us next year. Preferably he puts on some muscle but he looks so smooth and instincts are there. Just wonder if his motor is constant as others have stated. We'll struggle because of our bigs in the big ten. Our backcourt players can probably compete with everyone, but in the big ten it's a bigs conference. Unless Cross (who didn't look that bad. He just needs to reshape his body) can put on 30 lbs of muscle in *checks watch* a month it'll be rough down low. Had a great time and I love the potential of this team.
  11. I'm assuming it has just haven't seen anything on it, but I'm curious anyways . Has anyone heard if Stevenson's waiver got submitted? Some schools are hearing back on whether or not they can play next year. Haven't seen anything on Stevenson yet.
  12. Piece Basnett put up on the LJS about Yvan. I think he's important to this team come big ten season.
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