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  1. Not much to note on -Cross struggled a bit today, which might happen a bit. We have to remember he's basically a 4 playing the 5. And he's still reshaping his body. -burke erupted. I love how active he is on defense. Gambles a lot. But he's quick enough to make up for it -watching some of the stuff Fred was drawing up, it amazes me. He's an incredible coach. Even the simple stuff like dribbling towards a guy which signals to him to cut. It's amazing -yvan looked good at times, and then he looked 17 at times. He was going against TJD (who looked incredible by the way. WOW) and for his first taste of big ten size I wasn't upset. Sure there's stuff he needs to work on. But he's 17 and I've noticed improvements from the first game to now. He's going to be good. -Thor is the calming factor. He's crafty and knows where to be at all times. Ready for tomorrow. Progress overall is all I'm looking for. And it's been that way to date
  2. I'm going to the game Sunday. They're gonna be tired. Fuck
  3. Add Delano, shamiel, Walker, and Donovan to this next year. We're cooking.
  4. I'm at work. At work until 7. Probably for the best. Might turn it on when I get home if it isn't too bad.
  5. I want to believe in Teddy. I trust Fred in establishing who he wants and the culture he wants. I am not going to say sell out for Teddy, but I'm intrigued. Especially with the apparent wing need off there bench now next year Anyone know if we've offered yet? Edit: just read the article from the athletic (called "this comes first : Teddy Allen wants to play basketball again, but he's at Wichita State for his mental health". By cj Moore). Really pulling for him. Seems like he has a good head on his shoulders and knows what he needs to do. Just needs help.
  6. Green has been the PG half the time when Cam isn't in so he has experience. But it probably won't end that great. Not as much ball movement
  7. I'd go find best available sit transfer (PG preferably) and probably another wing? As far as competing, it depends how these guys develop throughout the year. I like the 4 headed rotation at the 4/5. Burke/Green will both get more comfortable as the year goes on. Mack will also. Donovan can come off the bench and be a scorer. There's pieces. I'm optimistic on next year. Mainly because we will have 4 guys who can compete with big ten bigs.
  8. So. That was a game. -Creighton probably had the two best players on the court. Marcus Z and Tyshon are both really good. And showed it. Best players from a talent standpoint we've played. -Opting for no Cross/Yvan in the second half for Kavas/4 guards helped spacing. Commentators said time and time again how the lane was clogged. Kavas helped open that up for us. -Let's just take it game by game this season. This team has talent and yes they're learning how to play together, which I think they're learning more and more every game, but more importantly for me at least they're all learning how to play P5 basketball against high competition. Haanif and Thor are the only two who have played at this level. It's a learning curve. PATIENCE. Long season with plenty of ups and downs. We have talent. I trust Fred and how they responded in the second half shows that they can in theory compete. Just need to take their kicks
  9. If anyone wants to watch Cincinnati and MAW they're in next. I kid.
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