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  1. Left Gonzaga with an offer. That's a tough one
  2. Watched expecting a blowout. Especially with how physical Rutgers is. -Green has earned his PT back and then some. He was everywhere in those final 10 minutes. Attacked the rim, had active hands, and played within his role and excelled at it. -easley had a good game, got taken advantage of at times by bigger players but that'll happen. Effort was there. Thought that corner 3 was good -Thor is a flamethrower -Cross gets better every game. Yvan REALLY needs to work on his finishing. -Burke and cheathem both struggled a bit today. Opened up for Green to take advantage I'll take a 3 point L by a step back 3 over an outstretched hand on jervay green.
  3. Not upset at all. Thought there's a lot of positives to look at. Hate losing but losing on a last second step back over good defense on green, I'll take that shot. Not a high %.
  4. Closing lineup with Easley and Green. If you would've told me that a month ago I would've thought you were crazy
  5. I am absolutely loving this effort from Green. Holy shit. He's all over the court
  6. Having to overhelp on Thor is opening up SO much for Cam. Jervay had a nice drive but couldn't finish.
  7. They're calling ticky tack fouls like crazy. Green with a nice take
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