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  1. Was thinking this morning about next year's team post McGowens brothers, and there's a massive hole at PG. They'll lose both move and Trey. McPherson can show me he's ready to fill in, but I imagine we take a transfer and I'd prioritize the hell out of Avery brown. This can all get thrown for a loop if one of our 2023 PG targets reclassify (Simeon or chase for example). But I'd put as much as I can towards Avery
  2. He's still in the portal. Wonder where he'll end up or if he ends back up at prairie view A&M
  3. draft is in a few weeks. He's getting workouts with teams. I think a late 2nd or preferred UDFA with a guaranteed 2-way contract is what'll happen. Really rooting for him.
  4. I immediately thought about him when Banton announced he was staying in. He'd be what Banton was last year, but the feedback he got might've been "go dominate another year in a lower conference and you'll be drafted" I would've loved him
  5. just me speculating, but this could be a possibility. He's from Brooklyn so I'm assuming theres an abdellmasih connection. At the same time, there was no St John's offer out of HS back in 16/17. No rumor. Just me speculating. If they plan on filling this quick (they should imo) leaning on connections/relationships is going to be key.
  6. As of now, this is my rough guess. G: Trey G: Bryce G: CJ F: lat Big: Walker Off the bench (in order) Kobe Andre Keon Wilhelm Wildcard here is Tominga. He has a quick release and fits into what the offense wants. Him not getting here until after the Olympics may hurt him initially, but I can see a way where he works his way into the rotation. Lakes and McPherson are both interesting guys, but I think they'll be further down in the rotation. Lakes may start off higher backing up lat, but that'll eventually be Wilhelms spot imo Obviously, this can all change based on who they bring in with Bantons scholarship.
  7. That would be huge, but after looking at the roster, I think they'll be pursuing a wing. Jordan Hall would've been target #1, but he went back to St Joe's. Right now there's about 5 "bigs" on the roster (including Lat/Wilhelm). In contrast, there's about 4 wings right now (Bryce, Lakes, CJ, and keon). Dawson would easily be the most talented big on the roster from day 1, and the relationship is already established from HS (Fred offered him). I just personally think they look on the wing direction
  8. Put up a decent line minus points. Not really moving the needle
  9. There's some interest at this stage. Watched some tape, and he flies off the screen. Wants to come back down in the fall for an OV at a football game
  10. Bryce got some good publicity from the Iverson event. Getting talked about as a draft prospect once he adds muscle to his frame. Im really excited to watch his development
  11. No scholarship guy I believe. He was being pursued by us, UConn, and auburn the hardest apparently. Very interesting commitment. Has size and looks like a bit of explosion. Under the radar. I like the guard rotation as it currently stands, so I wonder why they took him. Elijah wood 2.0?
  12. I need him out of my life now. He makes me hate Wisconsin 10x more than I should. AND I WANT TO LIKE THEM. Especially with Chucky, johnny Davis, and mors next year. Brad ruined it
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