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  1. thrasher31

    2019 Recruiting

    Not saying it's someone we SHOULD prioritize. Just a thought. We need a post pretty bad. Might not be the best option but it might be a good option.
  2. thrasher31

    2019 Recruiting

    https://247sports.com/Player/Peace-Ilegomah-46038767/high-school-189783/ https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cardiachill.com/platform/amp/2018/12/12/18138382/peace-ilegomah-transfer-pitt-panthers-basketball-kevin-stallings-jeff-capel-center-frontcourt A post transfer. Need to look at his tape, but might be worth a look. We need all the help we can get
  3. That had to be the best environment I've ever been at for PBA (wasn't here for no sit Sunday) -Thomas Allen gets better every game. His defense is really impressing me. He's smart with his shot selection, which is probably one of the biggest things I've noticed. He's showing why he was a 4 star coming here -I don't think it's been mentioned, but those "big" lineups with roby, cope, and heiman seemed to actually work. -Roby is getting more aggressive. -james was hot from 3 all night. When he's hot like that he's virtually unguardable. -everyone that played contributed in some way. -amir could've been used I think, but his absence wasn't missed that badly -the rest of these games going into big ten play after the new year are very winnable. Let's go into big ten play with only 2 losses and keep it rolling.
  4. thrasher31

    Creighton (6-2) vs. Nebraska (7-2) Game Thread

    Maybe see Thor tonight? I don't think so but it might be a possibility
  5. thrasher31

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    The other Myles, Myles Cole, just won it for them. This helps us I believe. Right?
  6. Tough loss. I don't think that's the end of the world, but some problems from last year reared their heads again. Going long stretches without a FG. Or a solid look. The 1-3-1 seemed to work to end the half, I don't know why we didn't go back to it to close the game. That was a big boy game for Amir Coffey. Which killed us. And effected JPJ on the offensive end. Brady REALLY impressed me. Very active and kept the ball high. We need to come out Saturday, punch Creighton in the mouth and show that they are learning from mistakes. These next two are going to be huge for us resume and confidence wise.
  7. thrasher31

    2019 PG Mika Adams-Woods - VC

    https://www.zerogravitybasketball.com/news_article/show/973642 Continues to impress me honestly. I'm excited for this kid.
  8. thrasher31

    Illinois (2-5) vs. Nebraska (6-1) Game Thread

    Brad Underwood looks like the angriest person in the world. I smile looking at his permanent scowl.
  9. thrasher31

    2019 Recruiting

    https://247sports.com/Player/Edward-Turner-46052550/ This may be a wishlist, but I was doing some research for PFs still available and I REALLY like this kid. We still haven't offered and he doesn't have a lot of great offers on the board. He wants to go to Arizona because his dad played ball there but they have loaded their class (I believe). I think he would fit well here, but this is just a conversation creator obviously
  10. thrasher31

    Roby will be back. Book it

  11. thrasher31

    2018 B1G-ACC Challenge Schedule

    Davison, world class flopper/charge taker, back at it again with NC State
  12. Which is what we need to watch and follow. No rim protection hurts in that kind of defense.
  13. -Tanner is giving us huge minutes in the middle. And Brady is getting called on when needed and stepping up. Need those two -Roby showed good flashes. Little cheap fouls are still a problem at times. -once JPJ started attacking, his 3 started to fall. That's a formula he used last year and I hope he goes back to that this year. -my bench concerns are going away as each game passes. Nana has been a revelation this year. Overall I'm happy with this win. Offense looks stagnant at times, I wish they'd get Thomas Allen more involved but his role is limited. He's doing good in that role thus far. Illinois gave us two very tough games last year. We seem to struggle with teams who use pressure in the halfcourt. Let's just mop the floor with them on Sunday.
  14. thrasher31

    Nebraska (5-1) vs. Clemson (5-1) Game Thread

    His shoe was in robys face. Of course he shoved it away.
  15. thrasher31

    Roby will be back. Book it

    I thought about this earlier this week actually. It would benefit him to come back for a couple reasons -he gets to play his natural 4 position (heiman I'm assuming moves over to start at C) -he will likely be the primary option on the team -I think once draft time rolls around teams will see him as a fringe 1st Rd early second. Coming back will help him boost that stock. This is all wishful thinking obviously. I think he'll rebound from tonight's performance. Texas tech is a hell of a defensive team. He'll go back and watch some tape. He was passive more than anything. AGAIN. It was just a thought. It all depends on how he looks throughout the year. 50/50 chance.