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  1. Bryce got some good publicity from the Iverson event. Getting talked about as a draft prospect once he adds muscle to his frame. Im really excited to watch his development
  2. No scholarship guy I believe. He was being pursued by us, UConn, and auburn the hardest apparently. Very interesting commitment. Has size and looks like a bit of explosion. Under the radar. I like the guard rotation as it currently stands, so I wonder why they took him. Elijah wood 2.0?
  3. I need him out of my life now. He makes me hate Wisconsin 10x more than I should. AND I WANT TO LIKE THEM. Especially with Chucky, johnny Davis, and mors next year. Brad ruined it
  4. 5 star out of HS. Popped at times at KU, just never stuck for whatever reason
  5. No clue what the hold is on Grant-Foster. But if he got cold feet, go this route instead in my opinion
  6. This is a great point. The rotation is pretty set I think, but adding another wing with some talent should help. If Wilcher beats him out, so be it. The ball handler situation isn't the best, but I can see 4 on the roster now (I'm pegging Bryce to handle the ball for stretches also). No TRUE PG but a bunch of guys who have the capabilities. Plus, the upside of Banton. Started off strong but fizzled out post COVID. Retract towards the middle between those at least and I think the issue is in better standing
  7. If it's tyon, it makes some sense. Long wing that can guard multiple spots. Certainly underwhelming yes, but I think it's solid.
  8. Ok. I'm calling my shot then on who it is.
  9. I'd at minimum kick the tires. Upside is there, and given how Fred likes his offense to have multiple ball handlers in it, it would fit Devin a lot. A lot of his struggles early were because he was asked to handle a big chunk of the offense early. He turned it around as the season went on, but deploying him with another ball handler (like Fred likes) makes a lot of sense. Plus, the Wilhelm connection.
  10. The little bit of video that's out there, looks like a sound defender that could use the training table for an additional 10 lbs at least. Solid pickup though
  11. We recruited him out of HS. He's a georgia native, so you have to think both georgia schools may have the lead. Identifying lead guards though, which is a need
  12. A little late to the party, but I loved the offer for him out of HS and thought he would fit perfectly. Just got to the party late. High level shooter and probably my favorite thing is he isn't afraid to mix it up in the post if needed and has some muscle in him too. If he can do that in the big ten, that creates some different lineup options that can spread the court out completely. Extremely good pickup. Defensively, we'll see because it's too small a sample size from Xavier to determine one way or another. Identify a ball handler and big next and we'll
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