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  1. Good shooter. Probably a 4 in Freds system. I'll take it honestly. Get up to 210 and I'll feel better
  2. https://www.omaha.com/huskers/blogs/two-graduate-transfers-and-a-commit-headline-nebraska-basketball-s/article_ced8194a-8d64-5953-a775-fa9ebebfa06c.html So. This weekend we have: DeAndre Davis to reaffirm his commitment Haanif Cheatham And Matej Kavas (6-8 F from Seattle)
  3. Arizona has the McDonald's AA at PG coming in, so I pretty much cross them off. A&M does worry me a bit. I admittedly don't know much about their roster (just looked. Looks like a sophomore PG and bringing in 3 freshman/1 JUCO) The relationship with green puts us at a very good advantage though.
  4. This along with Haanif Cheatham this weekend. Both would be huge pickups.
  5. Someone can feel free to call me at idiot, but it's there any chance that Donovan Williams can bump up to this class? I know him and Fred are meeting on Friday, just a thought I had
  6. Watch Loyola here. I think we all kinda expected this. 5 open scholarships now
  7. A lot of discussion about Amir. I personally think if he can get a semi respectable jumper he will fit in perfect. Now. His mechanics on his jump shot are out of whack. We all know that. BUT, if there's any staff that I trust to get his jump shot right, it's this one. I'm not expecting a HUGE jump next year. But by his junior year I truly think we'll see a much different player with his jumper. With that being said, I think the only toss ups right now to come back next year are Nana and Thor, as we've all discussed. Thor always seemed to inject energy whenever he played and was an outstanding passer. Personally, I'm out on Nana. Didn't perform well in P5 ball for my comfort. But I'd welcome him back if the staff trusts him. I'm going to PENCIL in Haanif Cheatham right now. I think Roby is gone from what I'm hearing. So that leaves then with only one front court player. One of the UNLV kids will be nice. Calloo would be nice. Will be an interesting next few weeks
  8. Something to help us see who we're targeting.
  9. Something to watch..... Basically every school will be in on him I imagine.
  10. Ed Chang from SDSU is transferring. Didn't see the floor a lot this year. Makes sense.
  11. Looks like he likes to drive. Defense is definitely there. Not a lot of jump shots, but it does seem to be there. High motor is the biggest thing that stands out.
  12. Think this is the first offer of the 19 class for Fred.
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