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  1. He's now a qualifier for D1. Has reeled in offers from Nevada, Washington State, and Northern Colorado since announcing that 4 hours ago.
  2. Oh. Here's 18 minutes of tape from his AAU season
  3. Got a offer from Wisconsin. I really want him in the 21 class. Sallis would be good also, but I admittedly really want Chucky
  4. There will be about one or two that transfer after the season. Whether it be by choice or they're shown the door. There's a whole year to play out.
  5. That's not horrible. 250 for your upper level 100. First year buying season tickets (student discount is a nice thing). 250 is better than I expected to be honest
  6. To me we'll see a combination of: Mack Green Burke/Cheatham The last guard spot will be dependant on matchup for that game. If we're playing team with a bigger guard you'll likely see Cheatham. To caveat, you'll likely see all 4 on the floor to close the game Curtis probably spots Mack's minutes at PG also. Up front my gut tells me it'll be: Stevenson Yvan If Cross elevates his play and adjusts quickly you could see him plugged in for big minutes. Kavas will likely be one of the first guy's off the bench. We'll likely find out more during the Italy trip. There's versatility with this team. Having options is not usually a bad thing.
  7. Happy to finally have someone from Nebraska drafted to the NBA
  8. Been listening to a lot of Elton John lately so this is beyond perfect
  9. I expect we'll hear today that he's staying in the draft.
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