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  1. Hopefully Prohm doesn’t take the Alabama job if it opens up.
  2. I’m torn. I’ve always been a big Tim Miles fan. I just want what’s best for the program so we can get that first NCAA Tournament win. Going to be a long week or so.
  3. Didn’t they both step away from the team for a year? Thank God they both came back.
  4. An alum here too. I’d love to see the Mavs make it. Then I’d have a team to cheer for in the NCAA Tournament.
  5. I wonder if it was the same fat turd sitting near me. I absolutely loved seeing the look of despair on some of their butthole fan’s faces after the game.
  6. That was fun! I’m so proud of the guys today, especially our seniors!
  7. Depends if Thad Matta wants him on the roster next year.
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