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  1. 10-11 from the line? He must be in a slump.
  2. I wasn’t sure because I read something about pre-delivery of tickets on StubHub, but assumed that doesn’t apply here since StubHub has some arrangement worked out through Huskers.com.
  3. Thanks. I’m assuming the buyer just prints the tickets and I can just toss the original tickets in the trash?
  4. Has anyone here sold their tickets through Stubhub? I’m curious how the process works and if it’s fairly simple.
  5. It will be really nice to have his free throw shooting on the team next year. It’s extremely painful watching us shoot free throws this year.
  6. Out of curiosity, are you and Norm not optimistic in regards to just next year, or are you not optimistic at all with our future under Hoiberg?
  7. His best year was his sophomore year at Nebraska when he averaged 9.4 points and 7.5 rebounds.
  8. I’m assuming this is related to the Teddy Allen commitment?
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