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  1. I was going into next season, thinking we could be in a decent position...but now.......just a little cautious about any predictions. There's going to be lots of changes coming next fall. Maybe even more new players (in addition to expected recruits.) so things may look a lot different. So, not thinking too much this early... about who might start. And doubt we lose any more to transfer. Rebounding will be an issue again, after losing 2 forwards. Need more newbies that will battle for the ball...this could be the key to the puzzle We may be ok at the guard positions, especially if Kissenger plays the whole season. We may have enough for a set of starters, and a couple more, but after that...will be the big question. Will have a lot of new blood. that will be learning, learning, learning as fast as they can.
  2. Will be interesting to watch for Mershon in a year or so. Sometimes a change in scenery, and a year to grow up some more, may put her in a different place at Minn. . And hate to see a good kid go else where. She always seemed focused, and played hard. And a 6-3 body inside will be missed..... ....the lack of depth inside will be apparent next year, particularly losing Veerbeek too. The staff has to be hunting desperately for more bigs.
  3. Both are transferring out of program
  4. redsteve


    How's everyone surviving during this virus outbreak? No one ill here, and don't know anyone that has, or had the virus. Rates are very low here. The streets are pretty empty, especially after about 9;00 PM We're kind of hunkered down here....watching Netfix, the news, Trump daily updates and briefings, etc etc. No sporting events to go to or watch, which sucks. Have been to the grocery store...was kind of eerie...people would avoid others in the store, and no one was smiling......pretty serious and going about their business. Some shelves are fairly empty...can goods, disinfectant, And there is no toilet paper, which is totally weird ! Lot of people are kind of running scared. Me not so much. Careful, but not panicking. WASH YOUR HANDS !!
  5. Pretty much misconstrued what I said....read it again. And I will repeat in another way. ....players do not all have, or reach, the same level of capabilities, no matter the coach. Are all NBA players the same as MIchael Jordon ? ....Of course not. Why not?....bad coaching?
  6. Unreasonable ? Covers a lot of ground. ...probably not unreasonable for most of us here....but our expectations are high, like most fans of any sport. Even with a good coach, some players reach the highest level of their own capabilities, and level off...doing what they can do. Everyone hits a certain cap...or level of abilities. Not everyone is an All American, and isn't going to be one. Continue to wonder about recruiting...and obviously what is done coaching wise to improve players, and the play of the team. Like mentioned several times...suspect there could be some changes over the winter....would hope so anyway. But no crystal ball here.
  7. Everything's canceled but Saturday...and it's probably next.
  8. Yes, have said that here, since the first time I saw her play at NU. Just easy to see she had skills and the mentality. Just needed to get adjusted to American and B1G play. With the right coaching she'll be real good in coming years...let her play. Started to say she should start next year...but you never know....
  9. Maybe I can't read but where we ? This is my biggest concern with the current staff
  10. None have mentioned the aussie Porter. She has Australian national and international experience. If she's even on the level of Issie then would leave a space on the roster possibly near the top of the point position. So she may factor in. Way to much water to go under the bridge this summer. May be some changes we're yet to know about. .
  11. According to the article she wasn't offered by Nebraska...or Creighton, etc...so may be a reason she went north.
  12. And he was a super effort player....hard worker. Must be missing something...why is she not going to UNL?
  13. I'm not on the dump Williams bandwagon. It's too early to bounce her out. Coach gets paid the big bucks to run the team, and make fixes as she see's fit.. It just seems to me, some changes and improvements need to be made. We may not be able to make progress operating just as we are. ....must improve....and get to the big dance. I can think of lots of things we would do and purse. But...it's not my call. So...I'll eagerly wait and see what's in the news about women's Husker basketball over the off season. Moos meets with all the coaches in the off season, and reviews the team, and offers input.
  14. "This marks the 4th time in the last five years that the Huskers haven't won a game in the Big 10 Tourney" Pretty sure it hasn't gone unnoticed by certain concerned individuals.
  15. Yes.... Watching Nicea play all these years has been great fun. Her enthusiasm, hard work, just plain consistent effort is the way it should be done. You can tell she's had the correct kind of guidance in her life, by her demeanor and actions. It will serve her well. Actualfacts...it's been a pleasure to have her as a NU representative and student / athlete. Just hope you and Nicea have enjoyed it as well....nearly as much as we here.. have too.
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