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  1. Yes.....another Aussie. Really want to see her play. She's certainly no sleeper. Appears she has some game at the college level.
  2. I'd say that's her on the extreme left
  3. With the visitations being allowed to open up again, Prince was recently on UNLs campus for a visit. So we must at least have our foot in the door., and Price is listening and looking. A commit from Prince is probably a long way off... .... but ..... The program has been getting some good local vibes since Markowski, and Weidner committed. Offers from the Maryland level schools will be tempting
  4. Yep, Markowski is the real deal B1G prototype. Big, strong and aggressive. She may get a few lessons early on from more experienced bigs in the league, but Markowski may hand out a few too : ) Can't wait. Really, really like the newbies and the experience we have coming back. Optimistic as usual, but we should not be a .500 team again, at all. Just get the right players on the floor and let them go at it. Should be Amy's best team. The league will have different teams this year, Lots of newbies, transfers in and out. Looks like there will be some good teams...we incl
  5. Women's practice has started according to LJS article. First thing I've seen for a while. Good article. Practice will be 8 weeks Lot's of stuff... Freshman guard Kendall Coley previously joined the team in January and appeared in 12 games last season. Williams said each of the freshmen added something to the team. “Both Kendalls found themselves matched up against each other some and they were taking each other to the perimeter and posting each other up a little bit,” Williams said. “(Weidner) made some fantastic passes.” AND Markowski, t
  6. So says the crystal ball We will very much be a team that can go any direction...most likely up... but just how far will take quite a while to play out. We'll be a huge team number wise. And more talented maybe, than we've been in Amy's time at the helm. No need to get into who starts, what positions, etc etc now. Don't see how we can do the musical chairs thing with 15 or 16 ....a lot of sorting out....a lot of sorting out to do. About half of the team are newbies. I wish we could play 10 preseason games and see who can do what. As is said ever
  7. Just my view of course, and Geno's opinion is that of a coach... ...but the transfer thing is getting crazy. And yes it does really mess with a school and all the time, money, and work (effort) spent recruiting a player. The whole thing is kind of a one way street, the player gets to do their own thing with little regard for loyalty or honoring the commitment they made for getting a paid (free) education, usually because they aren't a starter (sound familiar)...or don't get what they want. It's all about me... is the current vibe these days.....so be it I guess, like lo
  8. Hiring Shimmy will definitely boost Minn's roster. She's an excellent recruiter... as you'll find....she did it here at NU for Connie
  9. Serious life changing medical events can make one pause to see where your priorates in life should be. While you may be very successful in your occupation, and in turn recover medically ....the question is...what's really important. Mitchell made that decision. Good for him.
  10. Her move makes sense for her really. She want's to go home. She's done all she can at Baylor coaching wise. LSU will probably be her last stop, and will eventually retire from basketball there. 10 more years roughly ? Would be interesting to know how her move came about. What happened to get her to consider LSU. They contacted her? Or could she have put feelers out to contacts in the coaching world. How long will it take to put together a contending team?
  11. This new edict by the NCAA to let anyone transfer and play the next season is really going to crazy up the scene. (can only do it once) Would hate to be a coach these days. The NCAA has chickened out, and doesn't want to be the one deciding who gets to play, and who has to sit out a year. Just let them all do whatever. There will be some kids left out in the cold......too many transferees and not enough places to go. ...or at least where they want to go.
  12. GUARDS: Thinking too far ahead probably, but what the hay......discussion With Shelly now on board and the very good newbie guards coming.... plus the 6 or 7 on the roster already...we will be top heavy with guards. But they're some good ones. Will this allow more pressing on defense? Who of this group might help fill the 3 spot? Anxious to see Weidner in the mix... and Moriarity for that matter. Both are excellent additions. Really will have good guard (1-3 spots) group even if one or 2 still can't play from injuries....or transfers Maybe the best group we've ha
  13. It may be weird....but after watching some videos ...Ms Jaz kind of plays like Porter. Probably because both grew up in the Australian training camps. Both seem to have a sense (IQ) for the game and are not afraid to play aggressively. They've both had some very good experience before they got here. Porter has had a good year. It took her few game to get used to the B1G pace and play, but she was an asset....and as a freshman to boot I would imagine Shelly will be ready to go.... from the get go. So I'll just wait until she gets here and see her play in a
  14. Shelley, who played her first two seasons at Oregon and started 12 games, announced on Twitter she was transferring to NU. Due to NCAA COVID allowances, Shelley will have three years of eligibility left. We'll have a boat load of guards. We're going to have a full bench. Wonder if there will be a transfer(s) of our own ? Or injury issues?
  15. So who will start next year ? Too early for predictions? Maybe but there's new predictions out there already...why not join the silly discussions. My first shot...Coach will go for some experience to start things going next season. Sam Issie Kendall Bella Ashley How the balance of the squad, the newbies, and recovered injured players play out.... will come into play soon. Markowski is a natural at her position of need in the middle, and has that B1G player mentality that her dad will provide her. So....The rest fit i
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