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  1. Bourne (#12) started and played a lot. but didn't score well. (USA is very defensively) She had good rebounding and all decent around game. They played the USA which is pretty good, but not particularly polished...and lost by about 20. Rough and tough sloppy game A quick video of Bourne getting pounded....obviously she got hammered. (the only video I've found of the game so far.) https://www.usab.com/news-events/news/2019/07/wu19-game-1-aus.aspx FOUND GAME REPLAY ON YOU TUBE
  2. Schedule has a variety of match up's....we will need to be able handle the match ups no matter who they are and play up to our level ...and improve. So there's some value there. Might actually tell where we'll be headed next season. Hope it's a better pre-season than last year, and expect it will be. We learned a lot last year, the staff and players a like. And of course get our overall act together as a team, get ready for the B1G. it's long time before we get under way. Meld the new freshmen into the team...look for us to be stronger overall. Like everyone, pretty anxious as usual.
  3. The Omaha World Herald has a new article in the paper. "Huskers seeking bounce back season following bumpy ride" Unfortunately don't subscribe to on line service, so can't link it..... but take morning paper. OK article... nothing earth shattering. Anyway, it talks (laughingly) about Cain not knowing how to ride a bike. (Team will take two bike tours on their Italy trip this summer.)..... It's Williams first European tour with a team. Team is healthy except for Helms..she had additional leg surgery for the old condition of "compartment syndrome" in legs, and is coming along OK, beginning slowly. The new freshmen Trinity Brady is progressing ahead of schedule for a freshmen, and is learning fast. Quick learner apparently. Coach noted Cain seemed to lose some confidence last season as her minutes lessened a bit last year. Fragile confidence factor. Issues bouncing back...moving on to next play when was a problem. Stats were about the same as her freshmen year. Bourne will play with the Australian Under 19 team this summer, and not join the Huskers on the European trip. Will join us this fall after her play with Australia's play is finished. Some other things, but don't have time list it all.
  4. There seems to be be some concern about continued improvement into the coming season. I too...expect improvement.....for numerous reasons already delineated in my above post. If improvement doesn't seem to occur by early regular season, after the 4 new players get their feet on the ground,....then I will also re-evaluate. Until then ....lets all relax...and see things through our rose colored glasses :)
  5. New season... new squad really. Let's start over to some extent, but build on last year. There were improvements in several areas. Less turn overs, improved free throw shooting, etc. But searched for scoring and defense sometimes. Maybe everyone can contribute more points this year, and defend the hoop. Coach at one point after the season said she would/could have done a some things differently. Never heard what that was. Anybody ? On paper this seems to be a good team, talented, with a diverse array of position players. Those coming back will be a year wiser and more mature. Probably earned a lot from the off and on last year. Expect the sophomores to excel this season... had lots of playing time last season as freshmen. Four (3+1) newbies to blend in with the team. Would be nice to have our Aussie play with us this summer. So we'll see how that works out. With her experience she may jump right in with both feet..never miss a beat this fall.. Expect us to be better in the paint. More experienced interior position players...and Bourne. All in all...very optimistic. Really see us taking steps forward. From what I've heard and read the kids seem to be really hungry to change what happened last year.
  6. Yes, it does. Two streams of thought on tough or weak pre season schedules. Still haven't decided if the "cream puff" is the way to go, or a more aggressive pre season schedule. Kind of lean toward a weak, with a tougher couple of games just before the season starts. It seems to work for Purdue and it may be the best option for a not so experienced team that needs to jell, and learn to play together. Success breeds confidence regardless of schedule. Maybe puts your team in a good frame of mind when the tougher teams come to town?
  7. GEEEZZZZ #10 overall ranked player by ESPN Notes: Member U18 French National Team in 2017.
  8. http://www.huskers.com/SportSelect.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=100&SPID=25&SPSID=32&DB_OEM_ID=100 I see Kristian Hudson is shown on roster
  9. Nebraska incoming freshman Isabelle Bourne earned a spot on the Australian Gems team for the upcoming FIBA Under-19 World Cup, the Australian National program announced on June 4. Games will be played this summer; http://www.huskers.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=100&ATCLID=211804973 Great recruit !
  10. Maybe you all have seen this but..... http://www.espn.com/espnw/sports/article/26654901/basketball-volleyball-bucket-full-ice-two-sport-recruit-lauren-ware?addata=espnw:ncw:index
  11. Look at Mich St's class....6 recruits https://prospectsnation.com/players/verbals/2019/Michigan State?title=
  12. This is NU volleyball recruit news but please bear with me. She a Nebraska girl and deserves the recognition. Kaylynn Meyer of Superior Ne......at the Nebraska H.S. State track meet, just set the top NATIONAL distance for 2019.... 176-8 She broke the state meet record 3 times in the state meet....and her longest throw was by about 12 feet beyond the Ne record !!! This record may never be beaten again Her throws were into a wind apparently, or her dad Andy Meyer (has held the state Nebraska state record 30 years ...for boys discus)....he said she would have been over 180 ft. (one throw she fouled on was over 180...an official said) Nebraska girls are awesome !!!!! ADDED NOTE: Read this morning...Coach Cook said she can also throw at NU if she want's to, and her dad Andy confirmed.
  13. OSU is getting the job done. If it's all above board and honestly done, them congratulations to them. Hoiberg has proven it can be done...and in just a few weeks, and has put together a recruiting class that's stunning....it's amazing what he's so quickly done. He has the perfect setup in experience, his makeup, coaches, facilities, etc that can get it done almost unbelievably so. These thing can and do happen.
  14. Senior Maddie Simon will lead a trio of Nebraska women's basketball graduates at spring commencement on Saturday at Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln. Simon, a 6-2 senior forward out of Lincoln Pius X High School, earns her bachelor's degree as a communication studies major from Nebraska. Simon is joined at graduation by fellow 2019 WBCA So You Want To Be A Coach selection Rachel Blackburn. A 6-3 forward from Leavenworth, Kansas, Blackburn did not compete during her fourth year at Nebraska in 2018-19 because of chronic knee pain that challenged her throughout her first three seasons in the Husker program. A tremendous post defender, Blackburn appeared in 54 games with 10 starts in her two seasons on the court. She was a three-time member of the Tom Osborne Citizenship Team. . Bria Stallworth gave the Husker women's basketball program three spring graduates by completing her bachelor's degree in psychology. CONGRATULATIONS LADIES !!!! http://www.huskers.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=100&ATCLID=211802489
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