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  1. Been said many times here......just a great dedicated, hard working, Nebraska kid, that can shoot the eye out of the basket. What a super Husker she is. We thank you Taylor.... and good luck in your next step(s) in life.
  2. Britt Prince stuff https://journalstar.com/sports/high-school/basketball/girls/pair-of-point-guards-are-garnering-di-offers-attention-before-touching-a-high-school-court/article_dda414be-b237-5590-8618-a75d29260b41.html
  3. Really like this get ...may well be a strong inside presence. Good work by the coaches, and great to have you in RED Alexis...congratulations !!! And especially happy for a proud dad...Andy Markowski. Watched him play for the Big Red many times.
  4. At one point Ruby P was scheduled to be here in early Aug.....but heard nothing else since. Some of the airlines are flying more now, so....??
  5. Another Omaha World Hearld article in today's paper. Mostly about Cain, and her perspective on team. She said it pretty plainly, poor chemistry developed on last years team....some weren't happy with playing time, etc. Didn't go into details really, but it isn't hard to figure out. She cleared the air essentially, But she's very happy with the "new" team. All the girls are getting along fine and it's refreshing to have everyone on the same page. With a common goal to improve the team, and work together. So it just may well be a fun team again. Like every
  6. We have some nice recruits coming in now, plus more in the next two years. Definitely some talent coming on board. I've seen enough of how Coach runs the teams. This coming season is the time we take the next step in program improvement.. Coach has been here through several classes....no doubt Rome wasn't built in a day. These days players come... and they go. As already stated in other posts, not getting the Fremont girl in indicative of our situation, as she has pretty much said. ...gathered from reading between the lines. Just hope we have turned the c
  7. SOME VIDEOS Her ppg is excellent for a sophomore....will be very interesting to see how she develops in the next two years. She can throw the long ball ! Has very good overall game, https://www.maxpreps.com/athlete/callin-hake/TmSHSdPDEeeT-Oz0u-e-FA/videos.htm?videoid=7f23c31b-9c05-4386-aaad-ea55cad805da (go to lower part of page) https://www.hudl.com/video/3/10468356/5e79a11ad45ff0137c70a87d https://www.ncsasports.org/womens-basketball-recruiting/minnesota/chanhassen/chanhassen-high-school1/callin-hake1
  8. At least we finally hear we still have a NU women's basketball team. Unfortunately not any info about the players basketball wise. How the team is blending, new players etc etc. But at least they're back on the floor working out. Signs of hope for a season, for sure. Go girls ! Keep them out of the bars !...... Bars are an incubator for Covig 19
  9. Recruiting is a tough, tough business. We just will never know about the conversations that go on between recruits and coaches. Let alone the thought processes going on by the staff. Some look like Amy misses to me too, but there's a lot of things involved that we never see....and other team's coaches are very good recruiters too. These days charisma of coaches is as important as the ability to coach. When Shimmy was here she could draw in recruits big time. Just look at the list of recruits we signed (and those seriously considering us)......in Connie's l
  10. TRANSFERS This thing of constant transferring has become the norm it seems. in basketball (mens and womens) as we just lost three off our womens team. 3 out and about 3 in The NU men's has new team every year. Football has some leave too. It's not unusual in the B!G now, and other schools outside the B1G. Penn St 5 out 2 in, Ohio St 4 out, Wisky 3 out, 2 in, most of the rest in the B1G had ar least one leave....except Iowa...no transfers in or out Others.....Ga Tech 4 out, 1 in, ...N Carolina 3 and 3 , Tex Tech 4 out 1 in, ...Auburn had 7 leave,,
  11. redsteve


    Is he serious ? Probably just lives to see his name in print. This whole change everything nonsense going on, is just that ...nonsense. Except the good stuff that's changing and coming from the women's Husker team.
  12. redsteve


    Bunch of sissies ! I thinks it's Harvard that still won't have people in classes this fall.....a work done online. How would you like to be paying $50,000 a semester (or whatever their number is) and no classes meeting.
  13. We seem to have a lot of prospects with knee issues. Unfortunately it's not unusual.... men or women. Article reads pretty good, so Brooks's coming back well. Two of my sons play lots of different youth sports and both had a knee scoped when they were young. Was a few years ago now, and both have no issues with knees. Weren't bad ACL problems so it wasn't as bad as it could have been.
  14. News article in todays OWH about Popa. Talks about how Popa spoke to Cain (from east coast also) and it helped Popa make the decision to commit. Popa had talked to coaches (and Cain) about how she'll be used, the city of Lincoln, and Cain told Popa it's basically a college town, etc. Popa got good vibes about team chemistry, and she just felt more and more comfortable. She's seen and heard a lot in her years in the recruiting cycle. Other things in the article we kind of already know. Her playing at several high schools, teams, etc. But really think she, Coley and M
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