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  1. YES......we need her athleticism
  2. Jaddan Simmons has like 10 offers already as a sophomore. Will be a tough get, but real nice guard.
  3. redsteve


    Fully agree Buds...many were very closes losses. "Close but no cigar". But....My realistic side says......we did lose all those games. Must always keep in mind...we are in a rebuilding process. Inexperience, short a defender, not so good shooting at times, turnovers, getting out rebounded, .....all typical issues when rebuilding, that add up during a game We saw them all. In the many games we won...not so much. Coach knows it... so does the team. The kids are working heart and soul. Fully invested. Great kids for sure. You can see it on the court. Coach hinted...... she would have done some things differently in hind sight. Becoming a B1G coach has got to be learning experience. Most of the successful coaches have 10 plus years of agony ....learning at the top levels. Still feel we're two years away. Improved next year probably, but more so the next when coach has all her own recruits, an some time to get the act together. Have tremendous faith in the process in place. We're just beginning. I believe in small miracles... we will get there....and as proof I washed my car in the driveway yesterday. It is actually possible. There is summer coming.
  4. redsteve


    Unfortunately it's a sad statement of where our team was this year. As we all are....I'm very hopeful we can change course, and with new help coming in, we'll break out next year.
  5. What little I watched her here, she seemed to have the natural skills, and real good feel for the game. Had a nice shoot. But could also sense she wasn't all in, and wasn't totally comfortable....home sick .... What ever...but just heard on the tube... she was named 1st Team All WCC ....she just drilled a couple of 3's. Gonzaga's just lost a couple of their starters to injuries....so it's tough going against BYU in WCC tourney final
  6. Yes, it's probably just who wants and will get Barancyk....has done a nice job of coaching and winning.... without top level talent. Get's the most out of players.
  7. Congratulations Makenzie !!! Very exciting ! We welcome you to UNL !
  8. She had some good years with her own recruits a few years ago. But wasn't able to keep up the pace of recruiting quality and talented kids. ...apparently. Times have changed. We talk about H.S. kids now, and can watch their games on line......that didn't used to exist. In the last 10 years or so, there's been a big jump in the overall women's.talent level all over the US...and Europe, Australia, etc. There's more parity...more good teams. You see European girls on college teams in the B1G. And we'll soon have an Aussie too. So recruiting has become a even bigger and a huge deal, like in the men's game. A coach that is a top level recruiter, and with the school backing and commitment, can develop a top level team. Sounds simple, and very hard to do.... takes time....But you see it more and more. A teams success is more and more, dependent on recruiting (always has been but maybe to a lesser extent)...... in Penn St's case, can also be the demise.
  9. Very well spoken young lady. Glad to see she's becoming part of the Big Red wave of lady Huskers. We need her ASAP !
  10. Coaches obviously saw it...Mershon has improved a lot and it showed yesterday. Her defense and apparent comfort zone with what's expected. led to more playing time. Has lot's to learn and improve on..but she's a freshmen that got lots of playing time, and will benefit hugely next year...(as will EVERYONE on the squad.) There's dozens of things that need lots of attention as mentioned in the other posts above. All deserve some merit. In general overall terms.... NEED FIXES...CONSISTENCY for rebounding, full court pressure, boxing out, turnovers...the list goes on ...as it does to most teams. A constant battle for every team to improve. Coach will continue to recruit and improve the team...she is not working with a full team she has recruited.... for 4 or 5 cycle years. (takes that long to develop a team of the coaches choosing) After that we'll see where we stand, and if we have the team we want/need. Connie had years to develop her team (which she did well)...and depending on your perspective....may be a different time in the women's game since Connie started here. Talented players are more in demand than ever with more schools putting more emphasis on women's basketball. I submit it might be more difficult to recruit a full talented squad. Cable TV, ESPN, etc etc have all put the women's game on the map. We're short of talent. (see above) That alone could be a endless discussion, and debate about what we need. But it's got to be pretty obvious to Coach. We got "out talented" last night. Debatable why...but we never really seem to jell completely. . Because of all the influx of new talent? Trying to get it to mesh took many games. Next year....will have more good new talent. Could have a little of the newbie issues we had this year, but the team AND staff has gone through it this year. Last night our freshmen looked like freshmen at times. Get used to freshmen folks, even if they are good players. Really looking forward to next year as sophomores, and watching their development over the winter. All and all..a tough year. Looked great at times, not so great at other times, We were close to the sweet spot. Just had issues getting there sometimes. Many things we did great. Kids (they are young kids) ... worked hard, and they really seemed to enjoy playing together and pulled for one another. As a biased fan, still enjoyed the bumpy ride.
  11. Go out on a limb...don't think Purdue can shoot that well in the second half. So can we settle down ??? ..(think we were in panic mode a lot) Can we play better defense and get the offense's act together ? Purdue playing yesterday obviously has them comfortable. Cain and Brown must be in the game
  12. Wisky and Ohio St are neck and neck in the 4th ....Wisky by 10 with about 4 min.. Wisky is felling it !
  13. Not so sure the third time is a charm. We must be ready from the get go. Play a complete game........please. We have been showing flashes of it all season. Don't think a bye necessarily gives us much advantage....except maybe Purdue plays it's starters quite a bit. ...but kids at this age can play consecutive games pretty easily.....maybe 3 or 4 in a row is a different story. Must keep McLaughlin in check as much as possible and not let her go off for 30 (like we did against them...twice.) Their other guard and a forward usually does most the rest of their scoring. Need this win, and another for NIT ? It coming down to the wire.
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