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  1. This is NU volleyball recruit news but please bear with me. She a Nebraska girl and deserves the recognition. Kaylynn Meyer of Superior Ne......at the Nebraska H.S. State track meet, just set the top NATIONAL distance for 2019.... 176-8 She broke the state meet record 3 times in the state meet....and her longest throw was by about 12 feet beyond the Ne record !!! This record may never be beaten again Her throws were into a wind apparently, or her dad Andy Meyer (has held the state Nebraska state record 30 years ...for boys discus)....he said she would have been over 180 ft. (one throw she fouled on was over 180...an official said) Nebraska girls are awesome !!!!! ADDED NOTE: Read this morning...Coach Cook said she can also throw at NU if she want's to, and her dad Andy confirmed.
  2. OSU is getting the job done. If it's all above board and honestly done, them congratulations to them. Hoiberg has proven it can be done...and in just a few weeks, and has put together a recruiting class that's stunning....it's amazing what he's so quickly done. He has the perfect setup in experience, his makeup, coaches, facilities, etc that can get it done almost unbelievably so. These thing can and do happen.
  3. Senior Maddie Simon will lead a trio of Nebraska women's basketball graduates at spring commencement on Saturday at Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln. Simon, a 6-2 senior forward out of Lincoln Pius X High School, earns her bachelor's degree as a communication studies major from Nebraska. Simon is joined at graduation by fellow 2019 WBCA So You Want To Be A Coach selection Rachel Blackburn. A 6-3 forward from Leavenworth, Kansas, Blackburn did not compete during her fourth year at Nebraska in 2018-19 because of chronic knee pain that challenged her throughout her first three seasons in the Husker program. A tremendous post defender, Blackburn appeared in 54 games with 10 starts in her two seasons on the court. She was a three-time member of the Tom Osborne Citizenship Team. . Bria Stallworth gave the Husker women's basketball program three spring graduates by completing her bachelor's degree in psychology. CONGRATULATIONS LADIES !!!! http://www.huskers.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=100&ATCLID=211802489
  4. Seems to be way to much hype about how Ware might play among the teams. Obviously hope she picks us to start with. Would be a great opportunity for her. And us too. Like said, if we're lucky enough to have her choose NU....It would be up to both coaches and Ware to work out her overall schedule (practice/ games/travel...etc etc)...for best of all concerned."
  5. braska.... you have mischaracterized my post.....by omitting the line right above it, in the same post ......all to fit your agenda. The line you quoted in your post ....and also omitted my line of my same post...."It would be up to both coaches and Ware to work out her overall schedule (practice/ games/travel...etc etc)...for best of all concerned." The next to the last line of your previous post, pretty much plagiarizes my quote above. Been around UNL sports for several decades, and I have never said ANY UNL coach is a dictator. Or that any UNL coach forced any one to do anything....so...plese don't mischaracterize me and try to fit me into your diatribe... by doing so. i said...."May be completely wrong, but kind of doubt Cook would take second fiddle, no matter who has ....officially... the scholarship". That has no connotation that Cook is a dictator....simply that he will agree.... to what he will accept. ...and not play second fiddle just to make things work out. He's in a position where he doesn't need to do anything else, no matter who has the scholarship package. The reality of the situation.
  6. It would be up to both coaches and Ware to work out her overall schedule (practice/ games/travel...etc etc)...for best of all concerned. May be completely wrong, but kind of doubt Cook would take second fiddle, no matter who has ....officially... the scholarship. Certainly a unique situation for all..... but a nice problem for basketball.
  7. Would say now... that we have more than just a foot in the door...but the doors wide open. WOW
  8. That's not good for any future playing basketball. Know nothing about the affliction, but sounds like even with surgery it didn't fix it. Just have to take it as it comes and hopefully for her, it will work out.
  9. Iowa St is sort of on the up swing, Helps recruiting undoubtedly. They're getting good players the last few cycles. So not so surprising Ryan committed there. We pick up our winning percentage next year, get to the big one consistently, and we'll benefit in recruiting too. Just need to get there. Pretty obvious....but...not so easy or done quickly.
  10. flip through to find Nebraska Attack https://issuu.com/adamc624/docs/ua_2019_magazine/22
  11. Have to acknowledge it...somehow Ohio State goes after, and gets a lot of upper level players. They look for H.S.players, transfers, grad players, ...where ever. Some years more so than others of course. Your daughters good enough you can even get a job there
  12. Show's how bad his predictions are....we're not in it. Iowa's not in it ...will be a more "normal" year for them. Both of their scorers are gone, so they may be more of a mid pack next year.
  13. That she's even here is huge. UNL would be a great school for her. Fairly close geographically...and maybe the biggest reason...she might be able to play both sports. Hell no, I ain't to proud......Lauren...this is the school for you !! The team and the fans... know who you are, waiting with baited breath.. and you'll achieve great success here....easily.
  14. I skipped everything up to the 14:15 point.....will listen to it all later. It's nice to sort of confirm what we have kind of thought here...all along. This year was just an off year...we're young......will be better next year for sure. ..On to NCAA's next year. Coach probably gets at least 5 -6 years to get the program going full steam ahead. Everyone's pretty confident it will happen.
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