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  1. Have to include Jaz Shelly to the 3 shooters group. I'm pretty sure she had like 10 three pointers in an game at Oregon. ...at a 40+ % clip for the season. I understand she has shot well in practice. Coley will shoot the 3 also. Last years B1G playing experience, and all the practices will give her a head start this season. Still is a freshman.
  2. At the point Jaz, 2 spot Sam, 3 Coley, 4 Issie, 5 Bella, to start. Go with experience. But this first one is a scrimmage really, so Coach could do about anything. Anticipate everyone will play ..... entire bench will hit the floor. Really want to see all the true freshmen play. Markowski (we know what she can do) & especially Weidner ...how she looks in the college game ...and Moriarty's defense. Might be so much subbing in and out, it may be hard to get a real look at the "newbies" to the squad. But's time to fire away....enough practice ! This seems to be a positive energy team Get that vibe anyway..
  3. Not surprised Minn is making progress. Good knowledgeable coach in Whalen, and one of the best recruiters around, in Shimmy. May be one of the best 4 or 5 teams in the league sooner than one might think.
  4. We have been equal opportunity turnover achievers for the most part really. We share making turnovers. Every position. A Coaches nightmare. Obviously, it can be the difference win or lose. That being said, it's not real prevalent. We seem to be streaky ......go a couple of games OK, then get caught up in the turnover monster. Simply skill and mental development needed? Teams with quick defenders have been able to take advantage of us at times. Causing turnovers....& stealing the ball. But many times it's just poor decision making....lack focus. This new team has to be a coaches dream. Lots of talent. With the mix of lots of newbies, this team will be so new to playing together, that turnovers colud be an issue early on. We'll see... but this is probably the most skilled team Coach Amy's had. Hope the team is able to make a markedly positive difference as this coming season goes on. With this size squad, pick out and play those that are better ball handlers ?
  5. Anyone else notice we're only a month away from the season start ?? (have the preseason game in just 3 weeks !) I want to see a couple of games, and see what we have for a team. But just seems from all I've seen/read so far, this should be Coaches best team.
  6. The most interesting thing I heard in a interview with coach today...was that that Jazz Shelly could be a choice for point guard, and Sam may be asked to focus more on defense.....meaning give some others a chance at the point. (I don't recall the exact words, but's the gist of what she was saying.) Apparently the practices when Shelly was here has given the coaches somethings to think about. Sounds like there are several that are getting looks at the point. Weidner was named also.
  7. The first part of the video is Friday's opening night women's basket ball. Couldn't find anything else. The rest is cheerleaders and mens BBall
  8. So, apparently this can't be seen on line or on TV. Only in person at PBA. Correct?
  9. Pretty sure this is the same Australian team is largely pro level players. I think a couple are WNBA, and most of the rest are Aussie pro team players. Only a couple are college players, one of which is Shelly. She's one the youngest on their team. And she played for Oregon last year. Maybe it can be said she has the most high level experience than anyone coming into the team for a long tine. Said it before, don't want to wear it out, ..... but just have the feeling she going to be huge for this Husker team.
  10. I've seen tapes of Mendelson playing both volleyball and basketball. Strong physical player. Athletic...not point guard skills of course, but moves good....particularly for a girl 6-6. Is a big hitter in volleyball....can see why Cook is interested. Reminds me of Kubic.
  11. Popa was supposed to be 6-5 in early recruiting info., so the pix seem to indicate that. Like mentioned Bella is a beast, and with Markowski added, they would make a pretty dominate lane defense if in there together. No idea how much Popa might be ready for the college game. But her dad was NBA so she has a good pedigree and decent knowledge of what's going on. Just think we'll be better around the basket, it should allow the backcourt more freedom to excel. ...In theory anyway. The season is getting closer...6 weeks or so......Anyone else get excited just talking about it..... :) (I know I'm weird today)
  12. All this is just speculation for now, where we end up this year. But if we end up a .500 team again the the B1G.....sorry but that would be a disappointment. If our newbies get playing time and can come thorough, just see us better than that. But to many if's.... Maybe I'm overly optimistic as usual, but... Envision a different set of starters and a different second 5 off the bench than last year. Shelly, Markowski and Weidner can make a big contribution. I see a tough mindset in those 3 in particular. Anyway, could go on for pages....sure looks good for a better next season..
  13. Shelly will play on the 2021 Aussie National Team in the Asia Cup late this month and early Oct. She was of course already on the Aussie teams since 2015, and she was on the gold medal team that upset the USA team at the 2016 FIBA under 17 team. She had 23 pts in a upset semi final game against the USA. Really looking forward to her playing for the Big Red...she may well be a difference maker this season. Just get her on the court and let her play...she knows the game. ....and she's only a sophomore... :)
  14. Meyer could be said to be a "legacy" recruit. Family history at NU, and one of the best Nebraska girl athletes in state history. National level discus thrower. She was destined to be at NU. And like HUD said she looks the part pf a high level track athlete. Imposing figure pretty much says it. Look very strong and developed. Her skills as a youth wasn't honed to play volleyball, rather the family's discus roots. She may well develop into a strong middle blocker.......bigger and taller than I recall. Had some nice blocks in the scrimmage. No idea if there is any gentleman's agreement for her to pursue track. Who knows ...maybe she chose to play volleyball rather than throw. Anyway.....wow.....the freshmen are very very good. Will be a stronger volleyball team show up first game. Some look like they can definitely play competitively now.
  15. DITTO ! Super young ladies. Very grounded and articulate too. Aussies play in a system....as they said. Get them all together at once and would be fun to watch. Very lucky to have them on the team. Their national teams, play extremely well together. Just not quite as skilled (or a big) as US teams. I like their accents :)
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