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  1. News article in todays OWH about Popa. Talks about how Popa spoke to Cain (from east coast also) and it helped Popa make the decision to commit. Popa had talked to coaches (and Cain) about how she'll be used, the city of Lincoln, and Cain told Popa it's basically a college town, etc. Popa got good vibes about team chemistry, and she just felt more and more comfortable. She's seen and heard a lot in her years in the recruiting cycle. Other things in the article we kind of already know. Her playing at several high schools, teams, etc. But really think she, Coley and Moriarity will make a great set of classmates. May well be a compliment each other on the court. The 2021 class is really a nice one already...could end up being coaches best class?.
  2. Maybe a little late, but I have to say through all this turmoil of the last year or so, with the... kind of eye opening transfers out...and all the newbies coming in..... This may well turn out as a nice step up. Long way to go to see it through to fruition, but sure looks like we're getting our act together recruiting. Next year may depend a little, on if we're able to play Cravens for example... and the other transfers on the court. Can't wait to see our next true big....one page had her at 6-7...maybe that means she'll grow a bit more by the time she gets here :) Sure looking forward to next season.
  3. I realize there's a 15 scholarship on roster limit, plus walk ons....but like I said don't think more than 15 individuals can play in a game. I've seen men's teams that have 5 or 6 walk on's, but they can't all play in an individual game....right?. Otherwise you could have who knows how many players play every game, if you had enough bodies. Can;t find a clear explanation looking quickly.
  4. Can't have more than 15 on roster by B1G and NCAA rules in any given year, so something would have to change. Pretty sure the staff is aware, and have something in mind already. They know something we don't know....redshirt ?
  5. Really ! Just what we need a big ! Can't find a lot about her. Some videos looks like she's pretty active in the paint. Interesting video on her history. She;s been around even n H.S. https://www.wtap.com/content/sports/Tatiana-Popa-Joins-the-Parkersburg-Lady-Big-Reds-566858861.html
  6. We've talked about it before.... Bella Cravens being able to play this year is high on the importance list. We simply need her height and rebounding inside, as a third post (with some experience) ...helping Bourne and Katy. Stewart may be pressed into service too. All the guards are intriguing. Ton's of options. Getting them all on the floor in practice together has got to be fun for the coaches. Just to see what they've got to work with. May have some surprises...and shooters...another big need. If Kissenger can heal up and play a lot...will really help getting this team to a good place. Wish Porter could be here earlier. Listening to interviews and seeing videos of the "newbies".... they look like a great group of kids. New team essentially, but some experienced starters to get this thing going. Games days are a long way off.....dang.
  7. Someone we've talked about numerous times..... Kalynn Meyer (6-3) of Superior won the Nebraska girls Athlete Of The Year award from Omaha World Herald. It was an easy choice. third year in a row...first time in Ne. history. (read the OWH article if you can) NU volleyball recruit of course. Her HS 1,882 kills is a class c-2 record Nationally ranked Discus thrower...and in the shot.. on a rare, rare level at the discus. May well be one of the best Nebraska female athletes ever. Could have played at UNL in either of the three sports..(volleyball, basketball, track - UNL offered in all 3) WOW
  8. Our 2021 recruit Allison Weidner, 5-foot-9 guard from Humphrey St. Francis was just named as a finalist for the OWH Nebraska girls Athlete of the year. (the winner will be announced next Sunday.) Congratulations on the nomination, and good luck Allison on the naming of Athlete of the year. Very cool stuff !
  9. OK guys, let's be realistic....change the word young for inexperienced if that says it better. Means the same thing to me. We have one returning senior...and with the most floor time of any on the roster. Cain, Sam, and Kissenger are about the only ones that's played more than a full season of B1G basketball. We lost a lot of players to graduation and transfer,....they had lots of minutes played. Can we competitive anyway ? Certainly hope so. Lots of possible combinations to put together a nice squad.
  10. Yes, saw that...wow are we a young team! One senior....Kate. But there's a nice mixture of talent on the roster too. Scoggins hopefully will have overcome all the injuries......has been a tough road for her. Can see probable starters......at least what I see as starters. Really a huge mix after that. We'll be starting over as a team. Maybe we needed a change. Not so sure it's such a bad thing really. ...But in the B1G that's a big deal Going to a fun adventure. Coaches have they're work cut out for them. Let the team back on the court gov. !
  11. Her comment about walking by the MIch huddle during a game was pretty telling....about the 1:25 mark
  12. redsteve


    OK, don't have much to do ...locked in the house..... Written in the Washington Post tells you a lot. It's one of those goofy papers that has crazy ideas some times. Seems like they hate the world He probably can't throw a baseball or shoot a 3...so anyone interested in a sport is weird for him. To each own of course....but why does a newspaper waste the space for silly stuff like this.? This is the current level of journalism seen today.
  13. Iowa isn't my favorite for sure.....like them or not.....At this point Iowa is just reloading year to year. They get excellent recruits. Bluder and staff......develop players.
  14. Let me check my crystal ball..... First of all they look like excellent recruits. While both have nice skills at the HS level,.... we all know it will be a much different environment in college. The question is who will get into the flow quickest, and then adapt her game to the B1G. Both look very good in that particular video. Good basic ball kills. Coley may be quicker, but both can shoot from everywhere apparently. Stewart more of a 4-5 spot in the lane, Coley a 4 ? Would like to see more of Coley's ball skills on video, but she seems to be athletic. Stewart comes with siblings with B!g experience, so that could possibly give her an advantage in knowledge of what to expect, and how to adapt. Seems to have a good BBall IQ. So realistically, both will need to step up the pace to be B1G competitive....but really like what can be seen in this video. They' kind of have different skill sets really, Just hope they can learn fast and fill the spots that have been vacated.
  15. redsteve


    UNL is in a pretty good position money wise. But the well is just so deep of course. UNL football, volleyball and men's basketball makes money. They pay for everything else. Get them open for play asap. Good try Minn....A one week pay cut is stupid. Not even close to a drop in an ocean. Pocket change to "major" sports coaches pay scales. Heck....25% of a years pay would be meaningful if there's really money problems of a significant scale.... effecting their athletic dept's budget.. Pay cuts..cut extra travel, etc etc...but no elimination of sports. OPEN BACK UP AMERICA !
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