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  1. Shelley, who played her first two seasons at Oregon and started 12 games, announced on Twitter she was transferring to NU. Due to NCAA COVID allowances, Shelley will have three years of eligibility left. We'll have a boat load of guards. We're going to have a full bench. Wonder if there will be a transfer(s) of our own ? Or injury issues?
  2. So who will start next year ? Too early for predictions? Maybe but there's new predictions out there already...why not join the silly discussions. My first shot...Coach will go for some experience to start things going next season. Sam Issie Kendall Bella Ashley How the balance of the squad, the newbies, and recovered injured players play out.... will come into play soon. Markowski is a natural at her position of need in the middle, and has that B1G player mentality that her dad will provide her. So....The rest fit i
  3. Great young lady. Classy always...very positive personality, never heard her say or do a negative thing since the day she walked on campus. Thanks Kate, it was great to have you here as a Husker. Good luck in everything you do.
  4. Geeez, you guys can be so literal sometimes. Was talking about yesterdays game... not forever history. And where the game is going today. Hey it was a close fought important game...stuff happens. Nobody gets there with no skills. Obviously. Didn't say Baylor had no skill at all, but it's undeniably apparent by watching the game Baylor takes it to the other team physically. They were charged with fouls multiple times for charging for example. And many fouls we not called when they hammered people when rebounding. And a lot were too...and they all add up.
  5. The thing about UConn is they beat you with skill and excellence. They don't try to physically beat you to death and try to intimidate you physically. They intimidate because of the how skilled they are at playing the game .. Like Cook a little ? ...yes probably. Maybe I'm too old school....I personally don't prefer the physically beat you up way to play, and unfortunately the NCAA and the refs are letting it go that way....the most thuggery wins ? Is that where we're going? Seems like it watching these tourneys. Let it happen and don't control the game by the refs calling fouls.
  6. Watching games today off and on while doing other stuff. UConn beat Baylor...by one basket ....and the whining has started. ESPN is saying Baylor was hosed on their last possession when no foul was called on the Baylor players shot. Maybe she was... maybe not. Baylor played bully ball the whole game, beat on UConn and a lot of fouls weren't called. It was just one of those games either team could win...somebody losses...somebody wins. Both teams were impressive. It could have been the Championship game. ********* Indiana just plays clean eff
  7. We're only losing potentially one to graduation...and haven't seen any signs of any of our own transfers, so doubt we'll be looking at taking a transfer here. But if a special one knocks on our door?? See Minnesota as on the rise. The program is being built as we speak. They just need a few more skilled people to deepen the squad. it means 50% of the Top 10 recruits for 2018 class will have transferred, and 11 of Top 25---44% .........Play me now the way I want it done...or I walk.
  8. New article on next years team. Sounds like the team has renewed expectations coming next year. ...me too ! 'Williams said competing in four tournament games — two Big Ten, two WNIT — taught her players that physicality is “amped up twofold” and rebounding is even more important in the postseason. Nebraska hopes to capitalize on those lessons next season.' Agree with that 100% https://omaha.com/sports/huskers/womens-basketball/nebraska-womens-basketball-aims-to-give-everyone-a-run-for-their-money-next-season/article_79e0cc42-8d85-11eb-8b4e-1f1da01c1d36.htm
  9. Would guess, and it's a guess, if she had been starting and playing good minutes here, she would have stayed. Never understood why our best offensive weapon was sitting the bench. But we'll never know if it was a simple as that.
  10. I see Leigh Brown had 28 in Michigan's win. Just watched part of the game, but she has improved.
  11. This reminds me of a Minn game...we get beat up... ..and we just missed way too many shots...it was ugly. Give Colo credit ..they got us out of sync and we never recovered
  12. Colorado is shooting 50%..and 50% from the 3. Just don't believe they can keep it up. Colo has lots of fouls ..we'll see if that comes into play. Their pressure defense is working If we can just start hitting shoots this will be a different game.
  13. They have us on our heels with scrappy defense. Our shooting just ain't there. And they've been lucky with 3 shooting. People hitting 3's that shoot less than 20% normally.
  14. FYI FloHoops has full replays almost immediately. You can watch many of the other games too Creighton won by about 8 or so...it was closer than that in 4th but lots of fouling late and CU made free throws, I'm now watching some of the Co-Lou game. Co is up by 20 in 3rd qtr. Colorado is way more athletic than Tenn. They look tall....but hard to tell just watching game.
  15. We shook of the nervousness and got it in gear. Tenn M had some fans there. They went home sad. But we're happy. Nice performance from the whole team...Ms Brown...awesome...she was feeling it !.
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