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  1. redsteve

    USC Upstate vs. Nebraska Game Thread

    Big Congrats to Taylor.......she will get 30 at some point in her time with the Huskers. https://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/womens-basketball/kissinger-s-flawless-day-leads-nebraska-women-s-basketball-team/article_e4ea8fc6-6438-52f1-9079-c416c95b54cf.amp.html
  2. redsteve

    USC Upstate vs. Nebraska Game Thread

    Fully realize it's very, very early....but defense was an issue last year and it apparently needs to get further attention. We're not very physical like it takes to make your presence known. Both Drake and USC Upstate used body blocking well. More than likely they're processing so much other information...the basics of defense is not yet in the forefront. I was only able to see the last quarter, but the inside passing looked better. Passes weren't so much a "lob" pass as now were thrown with a bit more speed on it, and the attempt was to hit Kate when she's moving. It's risky passing to a stationary player.
  3. redsteve

    USC Upstate vs. Nebraska Game Thread

    I ‘ll be in Church......don’t suppose the Pastor would care if I played it on phone while he’s preaching. :) Hope the ladies have some fun and the Husker’s work on their game. Need some serious reporting by you interested bystanders. GBR !!!!
  4. redsteve

    Drake (0-0) vs. Nebraska (0-0) Game Thread

    The third qtr....geeeeze. They got way more aggressive, and we wen't into shock it looked like....over dramatic ? Their experience in their system showed, and they run it well. Drake has some shooters that have been adapted into their system. (they look and play like Creighton ) We're kind of the opposite with so much inexperience...may have been the difference. Our number of turnovers were not good. Hannah had a tough first game. Team defense is still a question. We seemed to get out hustled lots of times. They were physical.....we got pushed around with subtle little pushes and shoves. (they were trained to play that way...thet're good at it....didn't get caught by refs much) And we fouled a lot...too much. The big ouch of the game: The lob inside attempts to Kate were feeble, and contributed to the loss. Horrible execution. It was a turnover machine. Sorry to be so negative.....it was just disappointing I guess. Coach has a few things to work on...I'm sure she knows it. On the definite good side.....the newbies will be super this year... and beyond. Love their hustle and aggressiveness. Didn't make all that many mistakes for newbies. Were hot shooting at first, then cooled some. (Drake defense had some say in that) Haidy gets a wow for sure. Absolutely great overall floor player, and she was be the best ball handler on the floor. She picked up the team when she was in at the point. Her smooth quickness allowed her to attacked the basket with ease. While the loss was real disappointing there was some really good stuff too. The ship needs some work....Coach(es) will get to work. This kind of game was real good to see just what she has, and how to mold the team together. We're definitely much deeper and that has it's own set of issues....getting playing time for everyone in a sensible manner. The fun has begun.
  5. redsteve

    Drake (0-0) vs. Nebraska (0-0) Game Thread

    The young ones play better defense than the oldies OK, it's about tied...anybodys game going into the 4th qtr. We"ll see if Drake runs out of gas. They look a step slower...
  6. redsteve

    Drake (0-0) vs. Nebraska (0-0) Game Thread

    It will be a real good first test. Drake is experienced and ...experienced some more. Offensive powerhouse. Our starters should be able to keep up, and maybe even set the pace. Will be up to the bench to make this thing work tonight. The Drake bench is good too.
  7. redsteve

    Creighton Game

    Say it every year.....the NU game is the same to Creighton as their League Championship/Final Four game. Creighton lives and dies to beat NU in any sport. Last year they played one of their best games.....against us.
  8. redsteve

    GAME DAY is here !!

    Highlights: http://www.huskers.com/mediaPortal/player.dbml?clip=5901035&db_oem_id=100 http://www.huskers.com/mediaPortal/player.dbml?clip=5901037&db_oem_id=100 Also....Artifacts (sp) ? Nicea is going to have a great year. She looks totally confident
  9. redsteve

    GAME DAY is here !!

    One last comment on the Kearney scrimmage game. Leigha Brown will not be on the bench for very long......will be hard to keep her off the floor. She can do it all...already.
  10. redsteve

    GAME DAY is here !!

    Lots of subbing going on so it's a little hard to have any continuity...but the depth is obvious. Got talented freshman. Brown....has the tempo for sure. Hailby ...smooth going to the basket. Wow so far tonight. Our overall defense is tough. Lookin good. Coach has them running.
  11. redsteve

    GAME DAY is here !!

    Game day and 2018-2019 season are finally here. 4:00 PM on BTN plus, live radio at Huskers.com Omaha World Herald today: (has some info on ASU secret scrimmage) https://www.omaha.com/huskers/womens-basketball/amy-williams-wants-four-husker-freshmen-to-be-major-contributors/article_5cb3ff13-fc96-550c-82d5-dbbe43b66578.html Nebraska 76 Kearney 52
  12. redsteve

    SEASON STARTS about a month away.

    Concerns ? ......Not now anyway. If she's having any pain, weakness....etc....???? May just be precautionary.
  13. redsteve

    huskers 5th according to women's hoops world...

    The writer seems to think Gustafson is "Ms. All World". (she is good) It sure wasn't enough last year. Blunder found out it takes a team, not one player by herself, no matter who it may be. (their fans thought so too) Frankly, Iowa didn't look good as a team, each time we played them. Apparently Blunder figured that out too. Supposedly they've worked on that. The key for them this year will be the supporting cast. Next year.....no Gustafson. Iowa better enjoy it while they can. See them a lot weaker....new big coming in? Seems like these is one...but she won't be another Gustafson. Smack: When we played Iowa at home, Doyle seem to want to prove she went to the right place after bailing on NU..... Just what I thought I was seeing anyway.
  14. redsteve

    huskers 5th according to women's hoops world...

    It's early, but I'll jump in with both feet..... This will be Coaches best team so far. Expect a lot of improvement, especially in the second half of season. Hey, we'll have maybe the most experienced starters than we've had for the last few years. Once the newbies get their feet on the ground...we'll have the best bench we've had in the last few years. Next year we only lose a couple of players to graduation.....we'll really be in better shape overall than the last several years. Top level B1G competitive. And Coach Amy's best team. (and with what is probably another group of Top 20 recruits.) This is the face of optimism
  15. redsteve

    huskers 5th according to women's hoops world...

    Nope, don't think 5th is high enough for the ladies..