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  1. Agree....that's how she may have seen it too. And the possibility of another big coming in (Mendelson) may be a factor. So the search may be on for another big...or a 4??? This revolving door never stops.
  2. Yes, so with Mendelson, we're at 14. So one more could be taken. Popa is kind of the wild card so to speak. Simply haven't seen her play enough to know what we might expect. If she holds her own inside...will fill in a lot to the overall picture. Mendelson just might be the key. Don't want to get the expectations to high, but she may be the real deal we've needed. But our bench will be strong and deep next season. Maybe one the strongest we've had in years. Guard heavy for sure. This is going to be good.
  3. I think _not positive).....the "roster" is the active 15. Non playing scholarships don't count on the "active" roster. Example a permanent retirement due to injuries, but still keeps scholarship. ..Taylor Kissenger
  4. I think we're back to the 15 limit on the roster...after all the gyrations of the COVID fiasco. ....So we could add 1 supposedly. With Mendelson we're at 14. I've forgotten how Mendelson's scholarship deal works out....volleyball vs basketball. Or for which team she holds a scholarship.
  5. That's for her to decide ....what she'll do next. UNL has offered to do the right thing and honor the scholarship. She could possibly find another school and scholarship. Pretty sure she has/will explore options in her best interests. Good luck to her no matter what she does.
  6. Like I posted in another thread...... Just glad it's time to move on, for the players, fans....everyone.
  7. Just glad we're moving on. For the team, fans, and everyone.
  8. Just as well ask for the everything,,....... But, who ever it is, and would prefer someone that has a Husker connection.... And has strong defensive coaching skills....and can of course.....recruit.
  9. 50 years doing what she loved. Very few can say that about any occupation. A pioneer in women's basketball, and the accomplishments are extensive to say the least. She started back in the day when few girls even played basketball. Very well spoken heartfelt words about her retirement and career. Quite a lady ...and great person. The essence of hard work thought out her life, and what can be accomplished.
  10. Not surprised at all. Next step is to have attorneys suing schools for more money to players....or any other thing you can think of that might happen. I'm to old school I guess. Remember when just the thought of getting your free ride to college paid for was huge. Who ever caved to the idea of the transfer portal as it currently is, and the NIL money pit. ..what monster(s) have been unleashed. When money becomes a determining factor... then Katy bar the door. Have heard of certain UNL athletes supposedly making huge NIL figures already. Free use of cars for endorsements..etc etc UNL has become a leader of the NIL "experience" Haiby thankfully has benefited from NIL. Has to be others in many sports. It is what it is. Stay tuned.
  11. Yes......Most likely saw their playing time not improving. So Portal. I read an article yesterday, where roughly 40% of those transferring don't end up n a better position or no school of their choice picked them up at all. (not my thoughts, but a sports writer).
  12. Sam will be gone after next season, so that may help the over abundance guard situation.....the following year anyway. With the new commits in 2022, 2023 it will get crowed at guard again. The way things are now....the portal could take a couple away after next season ? Could be all wet but think Moriarty has only touched her her capabilities. Really mobile and quick on the floor. Don't want to loose her. The need now, and for the near future is bigs. 4s and 5s. Popa is a 5 as I understand it. She may be the key for making the inside work next season. 5's are pretty rare it seems. Issie and Stewart will be the 4's. Coley just hasn't played the inside much, in her history.
  13. Maddie Krull A BIG get ! EXPERIENCED ! Will be just what the doctor ordered for the 1,2, 0r even the 3 spots. But the 1 spot add is huge. http://www.espn.com/high-school/girls-basketball/recruiting/player/_/id/238907 Didn't remember her being a 4* at Millard South.
  14. Smart heady Nebraska girl. The article makes total sense for her. Two sports are too much, especially if one's a national level sport. Her reasons for leaving volleyball are realistic, and opened up other options for her anyway. She's gifted at the discus throw. Can you imagine her rebounding for the women's basketball team ? ...... 11 1/2 shoes !!
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