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  1. redsteve

    2021 Sara Puckett

    There seems to be a gap in the union of minds here !
  2. redsteve

    Summer workouts

    Man... that looks like work !!
  3. redsteve

    2019 Recruits

    Can't find much on line for Iliana Perez. Has a younger sister ....
  4. redsteve

    2021 Sara Puckett

    Welcome to Big Red Nebraska Sara !! http://prospectsnation.com/player/sara-puckett http://www.maxpreps.com/athlete/sara-puckett/KcFEib5-EeaAdqA2nzwY6g/default.htm I may just hold my breath for this recruit
  5. redsteve

    2020 Recruits

    Jaddan Simmons STUFF https://www.hudl.com/profile/8694115/Jaddan-Simmons https://www.greenbaypressgazette.com/story/sports/high-school/basketball/2017/08/26/southwests-simmons-thriving-recruiting-spotlight/594370001/ https://www.hudl.com/video/3/8694115/5a1ce27fbd6af20ba496a2dc
  6. redsteve

    2019 Recruits

    No, ...Pa. isn't mentioned as a place where the staff has visited....at least that's what NU's tweet's say. Could have offered on the phone of course. Sounds like a good prospect just doing a quick search for info. Change of topic: See the volleyball team just got a new commit .....Lincoln girl ......that hasn't started the 9th grade yet ! ..... (6-3 and still growing) Came to summer camp/workouts and Cook offered. She was an Iowa native, that moved to Ne when she was young...and was hooked on NU volleyball Nebraska is a hot bed of good volleyball players...Div 1 players. NU has a Nebraska girl in 4 or 5 straight years of commits. National Championship(s) breeds more and more very young kids that identify with, and want to be like the women's volleyball team
  7. redsteve

    2019 Recruits

    I see the coaches recently (according to NU womens BBall)...have been recruiting in.... Kansas, Colorado, Minn, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Georgia, Florida (Duckett ?), and ...Aussie land. So where will the next recruit come from? Saw where Coach Amy recently said there's a couple more recruits coming that may put them in a top 20 recruiting class again. So some silent commits ?? She must be pretty confident to say that kind of stuff. Also that 2019 Helms got a 4 star rating on one of the recruiting sites. Haven't seen a rating on Bourne
  8. redsteve

    Who will win the Big Ten

    This will be an interesting year in the women's B1G. About the only one to be kind of predictable for near the top is Maryland. But we were competitive with them last year. Should be even more so now. We should right in the mix for the top half of the league. There might be a fight among all those mentioned.... and Michigan too. Indiana ? Then the bottom half will fight it out. Iowa, Ill, Northwestern, Penn St, Mich St, Rutgers..... A surprise team is very possible....lots of roster and coaches changes all through the league. So anything can happen. Several new players that will have an effect on some teams personality. Graduation does the same. Just another year in the B1G. Like everyone...tired of waiting. Come on November !!
  9. Took her a year to figure that out ? You could see it when we played them last year. No offense but Gustafson. Nothing else but her was in the scheme. We exposed it by shutting down the balance of the team...all they could score with was Gustafson. There's five on the floor, not one. Their fans even were pointing it out. Doesn't matter....we'll probably go 2-0 again !
  10. redsteve

    Isabelle Bourne 2019

    This is one recruit I'm really can't wait to see until she gets here. She has experience like we've seen very little of...before. The B1G may still be formidable, but she'll have a head start for sure. BIG THANKS to Kelsey ! (may have been a little Griffin recruiting behind the scenes) “I am beyond excited for both Issie and Nebraska Women’s Basketball!” Griffin posted on Twitter when Bourne committed. “I’ve been able to train with Issie and she’s talented, works hard, but above all else is a great person!” If Bourne’s anything close to Griffin — who had her Husker jersey retired in 2014 — Nebraska will be getting a steal.
  11. redsteve

    Ohio state

    Must be a typo
  12. Not even considering free throws for this discussion. (but...would be real surprised if they don't improve free throw shooting accuracy) Kind of see it from a different angle. Pretty sure they (we) will be more prolific scorers as a roster....more experienced starters for sure. That level of experience will help us have better shot selection, and improved accuracy when shooting. (starters ....another subject maybe, but not really) The offensive roster will be deeper. With more skilled players that can contribute effectively.... throughout the lineup. And to the point. ........Believe, and expect, there will be improvement in the rebounding, that will help us score more consistently and often. (and obviously improved defensive rebounding will give us more chances to score. Chrystal ball prediction. So....offense improves 5 points/game scoring for the season.
  13. redsteve

    Leigha Brown is 'N'

    Found this under NCAA rules. There's probably more...but I have other things to get done today. FALL PRACTICE: The 2017 Council also introduced legislation that would change the women’s basketball first practice date to 42 days before the team’s first competition, allowing 42 days to complete 30 practices. SUMMER Basketball. In basketball, a student-athlete who is enrolled in summer school may engage in required weight-training, conditioning and skill-related instruction for up to eight weeks (not required to be consecutive weeks). A student athlete who is enrolled in at least three degree-applicable (pursuant to Bylaw credit hours in one summer term that is fewer than eight weeks in duration may engage in required weight-training, conditioning and skill-related instruction for up to eight weeks (not required to be consecutive weeks). Participation in such activities shall be limited to a maximum of eight hours per week with not more than four hours per week spent on skill-related instruction
  14. redsteve

    Leigha Brown is 'N'

    "Close out week three"...... It looks like the girls are working hard ! Increasing stamina, and adding some hard earned muscle tone. So how long does summer practice last ? Anyone know?
  15. redsteve

    Isabelle Bourne 2019

    That's been known for a while....so maybe old news ? Coach Amy will now have mostly all her own recruits/players. ***** We "talked" about the roster some before.... After this 17-18 year we lose 2 more, so will be 6 short roster wise...but....we have at least 2 coming, and sounds like maybe 2 more commits in the mill for 18-19. Will lose 3 more the following year (Hanna, Nicea, Grace)....so we'll need 4 or so every year for a while to sort of keep a (near) full roster. Coach does play lots people, so the more the merrier.