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  1. Welcome to the forum ! "You all seem like reasonable, insightful people" You forgot to mention good looking, intelligent, and of course experts on UNL women's basketball, ...and .... we're widely known in the basketball world for our profundity, acuity and perceptiveness . In other worlds we're pretty much full of BS...but have a good time doing it. Again welcome (I do follow men's BBall,.... but what can I say)
  2. Jazz usually gets the other teams best defender...so that makes life difficult for her. Alexis and Weidner are also getting attention defensively too. That's what good defensive schemes do...guard the best of the other team..... It ain't rocket science. When other teams play us straight up defensively, we have more success.
  3. Sorry, but I keep saying it...defense. We just don't play aggressive defense. Watched the game with a focus on our defense. If you watch Maddie & Hake....they are on top of the guard they're supposed to cover........ they didn't play here last year. VT wasn't extremely quick. They had a good mix of offense and defense. And they were much better shooters...across their roster. Reminded me of Gonzaga. Both team were more experienced by far. The teams we have lost to are much better defensively. But...our roster does seem to have enough quickness that it could happen. Real defense just doesn't seem to be a major focus of playing the game. Disappointing loss. We were slow to get out of the gate.
  4. Our guards are too far off the VT guards, when on defense. They will kill us with their 3s. Defense !
  5. ACCN (ACC espn network) is 213 on Cox in Omaha. I have it and didn't realize what all it is. I see it has replays from last weekend games. Never watched it much. Anyway, ...great! The game...this may be an uphill battle. It will give us a feel for where we are in the big stack of things.
  6. Not to offend anyone, but Moriarity just might be putting up the numbers to be a starter.
  7. Shelly for president ! AMAZING What a game. Nice that we could stay tough and persever for the win. I thought we might get beat up n the boards with their height, but Markowski was a warrior with 15 rebounds. When that happens it lets your guards and forwards get extra shots
  8. This will be a tough one. They're quick and athletic and can score. They rebound well. So defense will be everything. Top scorer/rebounder is their 6-5 center Wouldn't be surprised if we double team her, but not enough time to prepare that probably They'll have size on us in the post, and very tall subs. 6-4, 6-4, 6-5. One is Gony from Lincoln. She spent a year or so at Miami. Saw her play in high school. She's athletic, but needed a lot of skill development and playing time. but she's 6-4 Another note: New Coach for football Matt Rhule...sounds like a great fit. Loved the win over Iowa yesterday. Congrats Mickey GBR
  9. Congratulations to Annika! She has paid her dues, and deserves the recognition for a well done 23 pts, with several different shots. (80% from the floor shooting 2 ptrs) Rebounded well too. Markowski was solid with another double-double. (third of year... team high). Wiedner saved us in the first half, and got us going. These two are solid game after game. So much for the sophmore letdowns.
  11. KInd of goes back to what has been discussed many times here. ...The way we apprach defense. It just dosen't seem to be high on the list of team focus. You have to do it in practice, so when you see played against you, in a game...your ready...or not so much. Creighton and Drake are defensive demons. And their 3's went down the net. Strong physical play is the way women's basketball is evolving. It was just a matter of time. Other than Markowski, (and a few others) banging and crashing around the basket not as much, but do believe you can/must learn it. Markowski was the most productive (pts-rebounds, etc) player last year, per each minute played. She played lots of nimutes last night and you see the results. Tarelton didn't double and triple team her. a lot..to thier misfortune. Creighton and Drake did. On one hand we're one of the few teams, that plays the a full bench most of the time. But, just wonder if that's feasilble anymore. Of course we hope to see everyone play, so.... Both Creighton and Drake played their starters predominantly the whole game. Shooting all these three's are great..if you make about half.
  12. Another not so strong opponent...maybe have too many ?? Tonight will be interesting to see if we've folded up our tent....or....have learned a couple of lessons about being competitive....and can be more competitive than who we're playing.
  13. Similar to the Creighton game.... Teams that go after us physically, both offensively, and defensively (sp)... seem to break us down.
  14. The game was replayed now (Wed) on 13, Omaha Cox. Been watching replay, and our shooting just killed our chances. And we were a step slow many times. Our defense, or lack thereof, was a huge factor....has to be a bigger part of the program. We kind of got out coached at times. Seemed like the game coaching was a a step slow. But that's a whole other deal. And Creighton's shooting was crazy unconscious. And that was the killer. In the last gtr or so, you could kind of see our girls were just POd. Some of the BS traveling calls, getting fouled and no calls,....got to Issie for one. She got called for 3 sec's in the lane, and when it was called she wasn't in the lane. She also got a foul called late and was almost no contact. Weidner had a couple of obvious hammer jobs with no calls. Markowski "spanked" a couple of Creighton players in the paint. Something interesting was during a time out about mid way thru the 3rd, Mandeson (sp) #21.....anyway she walks over to a ref standing on the mid court sideline, with a big smile on her face, and they talk back and forth for a minute or so, and they were both smiling while chatting. Doesn't matter now, just don't forget next year on our court. Anyway, in the replay we lost again. Creighton will win a lot of games if they play like they did yesterday......if they can keep up that pace and shoot that well all season. Having watched this particular NU team for a couple of years.....they will be back with focus. They will take out some frustrations, on a few opponents. OK enough babbling. Onward and upward
  15. We got out hustled in the first qtr, and got way to far behind. Creighton's intensity/focus is the difference. We picked up our intensity in the first half.,,,but too late. But panic kind of set in in the second half. The Gonzaga game was the same thing in the tourney. ......I hope we learned a lesson. And we got out shot by far. We missed so many shots...that kind of surprised a little. The Big East officials see the game differently than B1G officials. Issies patented move under the basket was called traveling ?? Lots of contact that wasn't called. While the different officiating wouldn't win the game for NU...it did effect us some. Hoke can play, and can shoot. Will do ok this year. Molarity, Stewart, and others off the bench had good minutes. But we were trying to push the pace, maybe to far beyond what we're used to playing. But we an learn from that too. Playing too weak opponents beforehand didn't help either. On to the next couple, lets see if we can have more intensity and focus. No doubt the women will take this one to heart, next time out.
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