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  1. Let's hope that Brown stays. Losing her would be catastrophic. And I think that to be anywhere near competitive in conference play, it is essential that we find find a couple contributors in the portal. Just ask yourself: putting the talents of Porter, Stewart and Brown on one side of the teeter totter and Eilely, Whitish, Mitchell, Veerbeek, and Mershon on the other .... well especially when you add the experience factor, it's pretty easy to see which is the greater mass of talent. i cheer for this staff. I want them to succeed. But I see a troubled season coming
  2. i was focusing on the RESULT and IMPACT of the blocks, not the style. I love to see her blocks. And I like the look of accomplishment on her face afterwards - especially when they result in a turnover and she turns to get to the offensive court
  3. I believe she is an important asset to the team and I am glad we have her. But I also think she should be getting better. In addition to all that is said above, i would add getting off her feet for rebounding AND trying to get some of those blocked shots to come back out onto the court rather than going out of bounds - which is kinda like just another offensive rebound agains us.
  4. I think almost every player improved from AWY#1 to AWY#2. And with the influx of freshman talent in AWY#3, I was so hopeful. Even when AWY#3 tuned out to be sub 500, I thought that with another year of maturity, skill development, and familiarity with each other, year 4 would be like the spring bloom in a field of daffodils. as of the first Iowa game, the crocuses and tulips were out. And then ...... What happened after that is a mystery to me.
  5. perhaps because SDSU is 22-9 and in second place in their league
  6. she does a lot of things that Kate Cain doesn't do. Has good hands, doesn't fumble, and can get off her feet
  7. But where are my manners? I should stated by saying, "thank you, Bugeaters for taking the time to do that research and then for reporting it"
  8. That's interesting. Their W-L records are closer than I would have guessed. One big difference tho is the outlook for Yori at the end of her 4th year - by which I mean mostly the talent that would be on hand for the next year. And that portended CY's ability to recruit in the future. Ford, Hardy, Griffith, Montgomery, Paige, and Turner, and Aubry. I don't see a crew like that playing for AW next year.
  9. I am not completely sure what All About's point was, but when you add the fact that we only lost one player (Kissinger) and that the way playing time spread around, it's hard to believe that fatigue was a factor .... well what does that leave. We could be equally curious about what LJS writer Brent Wagner was getting at when he concluded his LJS account of yesterday's game this way .... "This marks the 4th time in the last five years that the Huskers haven't won a game in the Big 10 Tourney". Hmmm. Perhaps I am reading too much into this, but i take note of the fact that the story was about a particular game and the last sentence was about the tenure of a coaching staff.
  10. And if I were your assistant ruler of the world ---- find a PG in the transfer portal to tide us over till Allison Weidner gets here. I saw her this afternoon. Some recent media items have raved about her court vision and passing skills. The rave looks not to have been overstated. I haven't seen passing like that at The Bob or at PBA since Lindsay Moore and Rachel Theriot moved on. Not by a player wearing white anyway.
  11. I saw her today too. I certainly agree that evaluation is difficult given the players around her. But I am a bit more positive. Remember, she is 16 or 17 so she can get stronger. Tougher too. Regardless of the competition at D2, she appears to have the passing skills that UNL has lacked since Lindsay and Rachel departed. I think she can give BIG opponents coaches something they won't enjoy reckoning with.
  12. So disappointed in this season. After the non-con games and then especially after beating Iowa (I dismissed Creighton as just an off night), I had my hopes up. Keeping in mind all the close game losses in 18-19, I figured that the additional year of maturity, conditioning, familiarity with each other, and experience of the four sophs would turn close loses in into wins. But nope. Seems like, if there was any improvement, it was hidden by even greater improvement in the conference teams we played. In addition to #4 and #34, I thought that #13 did some good things yesterday, but overall this team was brought down by the same problems that plagued it in nearly all the conference season. In the last minute of the game, attempting to defend against UM inbounding the ball, I actually saw Kate actually jump! Twice!!! Sadly, I don't see it getting any better next year. Losing #5 is going to hurt. I would say that #3 won't be as great a loss --- I would say this IF (really big IF) we had a more talented PG awaiting her turn. The incoming recruits seem to be "more of the same". Perhaps we get a nice surprise gift or two from the transfer market, but failing that it's gonna be another finish in the bottom half of the league. Moos either settles for that or he tries yet another coaching change - meaning we wait three or four years to see if that works out any better. Having said all that ..... my fervent hope is that this team goes far in the NIT and proves me stupid!
  13. Anyone have any clue as to what went on immediately after the last game that caused Williams to be so long getting to the post game radio interview? Not the it HAS to be a bad sign, but over the decades that I have watched college bb and followed a few far teams closely, it seems to me that more often than not it points to a lack of unity - either among players or between some players and the coaching staff. I am NOT trying to start a rumor with this question - I make no implication that I know something. I am just wondering out loud. I hope that the Huskers can come to court Thursday with determination, enthusiasm, and fight. I still think that it is realistic to expect at least one victory in the tourney, maybe two. Then one or two NIT home games. With the top 45 or so teams in the country having gone to NCAA without us, maybe a deep run in NIT could happen and that would be a confidence builder for next year. And about next year .... incoming recruits appear to be "more of the same" - competent contributors, yes, but is there a difference maker among them? Perhaps Amy can strike gold in the transfer portal by finding either a top quality defender or a talented PG sitting on the bench somewhere bc she has an even more talented player in front of her.
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