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  1. Right. My point was that minutes played and the circumstances under which they are played outweighs whether or not the player was a starter. Another commenter seemed to imply that if our best players (in this case AM) started, we would not pay the price of getting behind by 8 to 10 points early in the game. Of which this team has very little history. My pointing out that the only game in which this happened was one in which AM started ... I intended that only as irony and CERTAINLY not as being critical of AM. As Red points out she had nothing to do with UI's red hot shooting - especially all those threes. In a case like that, unless a team is sitting a world class defender, it doesn't make much difference which of its best 7 or 8 players were starters. I want to see AM get all the minutes that her endurance and the beating she is going to take permit.
  2. I can't remember which games got off to good or poor starts in earlier years, but since this topic is about Markowski this year, i just checked 21-22 game histories. Looks to me as tho the only time an early deficit of 8-10 points happened this year was in the Iowa game in which AM WAS in the starting lineup.
  3. yes, I had the same opinion about LB in the 19-20 season. That season's stats show that LB, despite not starting, had the 4th most total minutes played of all players - trailing only Whitish (playing the point), Eilely (often defending opponent's best scorer), and Cain (can't sit a six foot five shot blocker). I think that LB played as many minutes off the bench as she would have as a starter. I know that there is always an element of "prestige" in being a starter, but I think what really matters is not whether a player starts but how many minutes she plays. An important factor that is unknown to those of us looking in from the outside is how not being a starter affects the morale/attitude/self confidence of the player. We can only watch for player reactions to try to get clues. From having done that, I "sense"(or guess) that AM is more content coming off the bench than was LB. But again, I am going to go to a "coach knows best" approach.
  4. i 100% agree that AM should get as many minutes as her endurance and foul status permit. But since that number of minutes is going to be limited, I don't see that it makes any difference whether or not she is a starter. She can play as many minutes off the bench as she can as a starter. I trust that coach knows best which game situations best suit her considerable talents.
  5. YES! that worked. Thanks to all
  6. thank you. i wonder why it is so tricky??? i gave up when the search function produced nothing.
  7. anyone know the trick for finding the schedule of WBB replays? I was at the game Tuesday night but i forgot to record it and would like to watch parts of it again. I can find the highlights on YouTube but I wonder if the entire game might be available. Any help will be appreciated.
  8. First, I love this team. The performance this afternoon was uncharacteristic of the first 12 games: shot selection, shooting, ball movement, rebounding - all were strikingly substandard. I don't know how much this has to do with the competition. But, regardless of level of competition, the effort and the hustle (except for Haiby) were substandard and disappointing. On loose balls and contested rebounds, Huskers were out hustled and out fought. Most disappointing was that in the last few minutes, the bench deep Huskers seemed like they were more exhausted and worn down than the short handed Spartans. I know that some (and maybe most) members here will disagree with my last comment, but here it is .... I watched the game a second time. I think it was a very well officiated game. I saw no evidence of bias in favor of the home team. #42, with her quickness, ability to switch from lateral movement and straight ahead motion, and quick hands is very difficult to guard w/o fouling and that, not the officiating, accounts for the difference in number of fouls called.
  9. starting five played great. Scoggins is one of the most improved players I have seen at NU. Last year, she was a shooter, and adequate distributer, but questionable defensively. This year she retains her shot of course, the presence of Shelly as another distributor cause defenses to not be able to focus on her, and she seems to me to be a step faster/quicker on defense. Reduction of minutes and consequent rest might also contribute to her ability to defend aggressively. For the first time this year, the bench didn't contribute much. Markowski, with the ball in her hands under the basket, seemed seemed hurried - I think she missed five. Weidner, perhaps bc her minutes are limited might be trying to do too much - make something happen immediately - and gets a little wild. Her one bullet pass to a teammate under the basket was unexpected and too hot to handle but would have been a thing of beauty had it been caught. I thought Coley would be better defensively on #40, but no one was able to stay with her explosive first step toward to hoop. Having the benefit of one conference game against better-than-so-far competition playing fierce defense .... that might turn the next three games into better learning experiences for the freshmen. Jazz Shelly ....what a find! Might develop into the best Husker player of the last decade
  10. i also enjoy their analysis and commentary. I do get annoyed at Jeff's excessive criticism of the officials - which is weighed way heavily in criticizing calls and no-calls that go against the Huskers
  11. i do not hear anything that sounds like basketball on 105.3. Anyone know if there has been a change?
  12. i VERY MUCH hope that CU comes out with an aggressive FCP. I think that among Shelly, Weidner, and Sam* handling the ball and our bigs being on receiving end of passes to the paint, NU will shred a pressing defense. *Actually Izzy as well - she has shown good ball handling skills
  13. i found it .... the menu for all the rest of the games ..... https://www.pinnaclebankarena.com/plan-your-visit/food-beverage
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