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  1. Does anyone know the status of transfer guard, #11 Kristian Hudson? I thought from the first few games that she could provide depth at guard. I am not sure if the woman who last two times has sat on the bench in street clothes is her or not. Anyone know?
  2. this is mostly a good idea, 12Doz, but i would discourage info sharing about players' relationship with coaching staff. I see a lot of ways that such discussion can go rapid fall south and not many, none really, that it could be much help. Even if someone says "it's great, great, great, never been better", there might be minority soul or two who would dispute that and start wondering who is spreading sunshine. This is just a suggestion - i dont claim to be anything close to wise..., i just thought that i had seen a weakening of the lock on ol Pandy's box.
  3. I agree, HuskerCWG - It's been a long descent. An NCAA tournament calibre team, under effective coaching, could be built just from the players who transferred or committed and then did not come: Romeo, Chandler Smith, the Page sisters (I know - that's been hashed over enough here), the two top 50 guards who committed but went elsewhere, and now Shepard. And after the long fall down, I am having trouble seeing a bounce back in the next couple years. Yes, last season's freshmen will all be better, the two transfers might be really good, and Kissinger could into a stud/star. But what will we do for size and post presence? The open looks for threes that Whitish et.al. enjoyed while Shepard was being double and triple teamed won't be there. And can Blackburn, even if she is healthy, keep us competitive in rebounding. I would love to be more positive, I really would ....
  4. WHAT? ???? At the time she chose between SW and SE she was 14 or 15 years old! I think we can forgive a little indecisiveness there. As for going to Fremont, yes, there is that history but then, in view of her father getting great job in Fremont, that history is completely meaningless in terms of her loyalty to a school. Was she suppose to live apart from her family in order to show continuing commitment to her team? She definitely appeared to have conditioning problems. But "be ultimately better off without" her? ??? First it's difficult to understand how "ultimate" can apply to her two years of remaining eligibility. And second entering a new season without the previous year's top scorer and rebounder and with virtually no post presence to replace her --- hard to think how in the world this can be improvement
  5. I am disappointed that the article didnt mention Grace Mitchell. She didn't get the minutes of those mentioned, but I thought effort was always evident and her play was always solid. She was usually guarding bigger opponents but i thought that she often out worked them. I look forward to seeing her contributions in years to come
  6. Re Jess arguing .... I didnt see it that way. First, she didnt react to EVERY foul, but she did react to a few. Second, what i saw looked more like asking for explanation rather than starting an argument. After she got a response from the ref - or no response - she got right back into game mode. I sure agree with Maddie making a big contribution in the second half. After noting that she hadn't played many minutes recently, i was encouraged that she played a lot and played so well.
  7. Hey, AF1 --- if you taught her to be good at everything, looks to me like a smashing success. 6 points, 6 boards, 6 assists, and (if i recall correctly) 3 steals PLUS outstanding defense on one of opponent's leading scorer. She would have to sell popcorn and throw free t-shirts to broaden her areas of performance! She is getting to be my fave too.
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