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  1. Cazzie et.al. , Yes, I saw EXACTLY the same thing. When I got up this morning, I was thinking about writing something similar to your OP, but I thought that my impression would be so far out of the mainstream that I would look uninformed and naive. I mean how can a casual observer question the ability of BF to prepare a team for the tourney? But now seeing what others have said, I don't feel stupid and alone anymore. In the closing seconds I remarked to my wife that the MD players seemed shell shocked - almost as if someone had just told them that their university had decided to end the
  2. CG will be nothing but a nemesis for us until she goes on to terrorize the WNBA. Greenway is six years away. We should all start praying now that in 2024 we will see this budding superstar in a Husker jersey.
  3. About Iowa's Clark .... let's hope she can early out from college and just go to the WNBA next month. Thinking about playing against her for the next 3 years ... it's a nightmare!
  4. i am pretty sure that I saw Ruby Porter in the bench area during the Colo game. if it was she, she was not on a scooter and was being pretty active. I couldn't see if she was wearing a boot,
  5. is anyone else having problems with choppy video on FloHoops? For me, it's like every other step a player takes is missing
  6. i am generally not one to complain about officiating or, more generally lack of "fairness". BUT in this instance I object to Maryland coach being permitted to crowd opponent's' ball handlers from just barely over the side line. Twice Sam was trapped on her right (the hoop side) by her defender and on her left side by coach freese jumping up and down, waving arms, and screaming. even tho coach was not right in the court she was kinda the second player in a two on one trap. There was a fine line (or maybe no line) between encouraging her own player and taunting/intimidating the opponent
  7. AW's stats overall are way better than just 24 pts per game.. P/G25.2. Ast/G6.5. Reb/G6.7. Stl/G6.5. Blk/G0.2. And if you saw and noticed her breakaway speed in the first two tourney games .... WOW! While dribbling she easily puts several feet between her and pursuing opponents. Her assists per game are understated bc often times she rockets passes too hard to handle for her teammates. Cravens, Bourne, Markowski, Coley, et.al. being on the other end of those passes will change turnovers into assists.
  8. something else to consider about Sam's decision to dribble out instead of taking the layup ..... what if she had attempted the layup and missed? It does happen, and remember she had missed several close in bank shots earlier. That might have been on her mind. Didn't nearly this same thing happen to Whitish (I think it was Whitish) a few years ago? I recall her saying in the post game interview "the game was ours but I missed a bunny shot". If Sam attempts the layup and misses, then if Huskers don't get the rebound, they have to play defense. Might go to OT or even lose. I like
  9. wow! I have long suspected the degree to which she was committed to the team, but that look is startling. I wonder if it is a momentary change of expression and how it would look on video.
  10. Amen! She also has had a couple of timely steals and disruptions of opponents' attempts at fast breaks. Having had a few games with only 7 players would have been games with only six (yikes!) had WB not come our way as a walk on.
  11. Was not able to watch this game live, but i caught the replay late last night. Truly impressive! KC has had some good games as a Husker But I have never seen play like she did yesterday! A true force in the lane. No one had a bad game and I loved seeing the teamwork. I really doubted that this team would climb the hill that was laid out in front of them, and I am glad to say that I was wrong. But I am saddened at the name calling and the juvie taunt of one commenter and would hate to see this forum deteriorate into personal attacks. Members are not "a-holes" for having expre
  12. All around it was another great effort by the entire team. Everybody contributed. There is one thing I wonder about (and this comes out of curiosity not criticism), that maybe somebody with greater insight than my own can help explain ...... With a few seconds remaining, Huskers up by 3, Rutgers bringing the ball up court needing a 3 to go to overtime, clock ticking down... Huskers had accumulated either no fouls or only one foul in the 4th quarter thus having fouls to give before they would result in free throws. Instead of playing usual defense, why not interrupt Rutgers' rhythm and of
  13. late in the 4th quarter, Whitney Brown's 3 pointer appeared to be the result of what LTF is hoping for. It came right after a TO, the inbounds pass, the movement of all 5 players to set the screen, and getting the shot off all came quickly and methodically as tho that's what Amy was drawing up during the TO.
  14. What a performance! Huskers played with focus, organization, and effort all the way. This is what will be required to remain competitive with teams possessing more quickness and athleticism. Yesterday I saw the fight and determination that was evident during AW's second season but has often been hard to find since. GREAT JOB all around, ladies. It especially great to see Scoggins and Brown hit the 3s. Of course there are a few recurring problems that i hope we will see less of the most annoying to watch are 1) lazy lob passes over defenders capable of grabbing them out of th
  15. Something else that I don't understand. I ripped on it last year and it showed up again today. I refer to our inability (or lack of intent) to execute a play when we get possession of the ball at the end of a quarter with no time left on the shot clock. Seems like every other team I watch handles the ball protectively until attempting to get off a shot with about 5 seconds remaining in the quarter. That way (I am playing Mr. Obvious here) the team possessing the ball either makes the shot or has one, maybe two, attempts at a put back or draws a foul while leaving its opponent with very litt
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