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  1. what we heard just before the season started and then early on was that the substitution pattern would permit playing aggressively on defense for the entire 40 minutes The idea was that fatigue would not be a factor
  2. how do we know that that wasn't part of her decision?
  3. Tom Jones


    the writer thinks that George Carlin's birthday is a NATIONAL holiday? ???? I think that requires a vote of Congress. Anybody can name any day anything they want but c'mon, a national holiday? I quit reading that goofy article at that point
  4. thumbs up to this, Whoop. Although I have my concerns about whether this staff has the capability of making UNL a nationally relevant team, I have no doubts at all about passion, enthusiasm, effort, and want to.
  5. I still hope for a big. I will be hopefully optimistic on this one. The video of her skills drills and of her play (thanks Whoop) is more impressive than are her stat lines. Enthusiasm about her highlights must take into account that we don't know anything about the level of competition, but still she showed some moves, quickness, and sharp shooting. I am going to mention one aspect that concerns me a little. She is 2016 HS graduate, born Dec. 28, 1987. That will make her 22 when she arrives on campus. Assuming 3 years of eligibility, she will be 26 in her senior year competing against some players as young as 19. This is rare in college athletics, not unheard of, and I have questioned the fairness of it when our team are the young ones. I can't remember which team or which player it was, but I do recall watching a game the year in which Nicea, Hannah, and Grace were freshmen when our opponent's squad included two players with tremendous advantages in physical maturity. I looked up their ages at the time and confirmed they were way older. Way back in the Yori years when playing at Devaney I wondered about a few of the brutes on the PSU roster.
  6. I find myself wondering what other schools were trying to recruit her.
  7. good to know. thanks to both RedDon and Redhac for the info. So looks as tho there is plenty of room for another transfer or two if players are interested
  8. I think that she now has 11 on scholarship along with one walk on. There seems to be potential for all three transfers, but also reasons to wait and see before getting too excited. One was honorable mention in the Big Sky Conf, one may continue to be hampered by knee problems, and one was a meaningful contributor at Texas Tech but hardly a difference maker. With only one senior and one junior (not counting status of the transfers), seems as though there is room for more transfers without limiting future recruiting. I still hope for one or two "sudden impact difference makers" with the physical maturity that developments after age 18 and who are proven performers in major conference competition. Situation looks better than it did two weeks ago.
  9. that's encouraging! I hope on the other ends of the phone there are some long lean cat quick thoroughbreds with springs in their knees who are allergic to mountains and beaches and have spent their whole lives yearning to see cows and cornfields.
  10. Caveman, I agree with ALL of that. I grant you the hypothetical (we can overcome the talent loss with better teamwork), But what reason is there to believe that any of that will change? What if we mired down with all those same teamwork deficits but with less talent?
  11. As I recall, she replied "no comment" when asked if there were reasons other than being closer to home.
  12. I agree that, given our needs, she would be a nice addition. I have long been conflicted on whether i am comfortable with the idea of 25 yo athletes competing with 19 year olds. But this one would make me happy. Funny how wishing the best for my home team can erode by objectivity!
  13. can a GRAD transfer have three years of remaining eligibility?
  14. That's right, but it is misleading. As I understand it, a school may not contact an athlete then on the roster of another school. BUT there are all sorts of ways to get the word out. Any friend of the "hunting" school can say to a "hunted" player "don't know if this interests you, but i have it on good authority that if you were ever thinking of leaving your present school, such and such a coach thinks you would be a good fit for his/her team". I think there are plenty of ways that an athlete could know which schools would come calling once she entered the transfer portal.
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