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  1. Please lord baby Jesus let the 1st instance of this be the Crieghton game
  2. Nope. Not possible to do around me. I remind anyone that will listen any chance I get of this fact. It usually elicits an eye roll from my wife and the response, "Yes babe we know. Your Huskers are about to be great."
  3. Man if he did he would become a legend. He would be on sports center regularly. He would make bank in endorsements. And I would yell to my wife, "Come check out this sky hook!" Every single time he made one. The entire time he was at Nebraska. Shaking my head muttering to my wife, "Beautiful! It's beautiful isn't it?!?"
  4. Harden!?! I'm talking more Jordan, Bird, and Magic. Then came the Iverson crossover. Which ultimately was ruled a no go. I disagree that it was never technically traveling. If the refs call it its traveling. What I do agree with is the interpretation of the rule has changed drastically. Ultimately I think we're splitting hairs. My preference would be a stricter interpretation of the rule. But we both know that's never gonna happen. Ahhhhhh I long for the days where the eurostep didn't exist.
  5. Yes. By today's interpretation that is in no way a travel. While I was young that would have been called. Ultimately I omitted my thoughts on my heart will always believe it to be traveling because I was fairly certain someone would post a post stating what you you stated. But I am weak and couldn't help myself. And now here we are
  6. I had that same thought as I watched and rewatched it. I know that's how it's called now. But in my heart it will always be traveling. Que old man voice "Back in my day...that was traveling"
  7. Oooh that was pretty He picked up his dribble about 6 ft behind the 3pt line and finger rolled it in
  8. Life is also too short to worry about getting heckled over leaving a sporting event early. I too have many times left events early. Nearly everytime it was due to a conflict. Most times that conflict was sleep algebra. If I get home at x, am asleep by y, I'll get zzz amout of sleep before I have too wake up at ungodly o'clock a.m. And I've been heckled for it. And I deserved it. I will argue 4 things - 1. sporting events are different than every other example you gave. 2. Nearly every time it's good natured heckling (if it's not disregard all my arguments), 3. If you are leaving a sporting event early you should be heckled, especially if the only reason is to beat traffic. 4. if you can't take a good natured heckling then you need to suck it up buttercup! I STAND BY MY ARGUMENTS!
  9. Maybe he'll want to make 2 and done a thing
  10. Whoa whoa whoa. Hold your horses there friend. This story hasn't ended yet. Had last year been his final year you'd be correct. To add to your senario... but miraculously the player was given an extra year due to a once in a lifetime pandemic. This allowed him to rehab his shoulder and become the off the bench 3pt specialist that fans had always opined "why does the other team always have this unheard of player that comes in and just lights us up and we can't". He went on to shoot above 40% on 3's for the year and helped his team to thier 1st NCAA tournament victory.
  11. He looks bigger already. I expected him to look much skinnier.
  12. I know nothing of draft projections. Who do you think the 2nd is? Because if we send TWO kids to the league this year not only are we dancing we're making a nice little run as well
  13. Unbridled enthusiasm aside I agree. I think if this kid does end up a lottery pick after this year it will be because of coaching and we will be dancing. Obviously it will also mean he is extremely talented. I am not trying to say it will be coaching alone. I totally buy in to what Norm has posted about if this team makes incremental increases in aspects of there game we are a much better team. So if the coaches can turn this kid into a lottery pick then I have to believe they will also get those incremental increases out of the rest of the team and we are all a very happen bunch come March. As far recruiting. Yeah, if he can put two kids (one a lottery pick) in two years in the league...Its gonna be a fun little run and I'm gonna enjoy every second of it.
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