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  1. I on the other hand hope this is only a Quad 4 win
  2. I know nothing. Conspiracy therory - Matt Davidson for AD. A giant Nebraska homer leading the charge! Knows basketball and football
  3. cornfed24-7

    predict our win total and season outcome

    22-9 regular season 2-1 Big 10 Tournament 2-1 NCAA tournament 26-11
  4. cornfed24-7

    Tyronn Lue is the new Head Coach of the Cavs

    I just went through, pretty much, this exact line of questioning in my head before comming back to check this thead. Came with the same answers as you. Other thoughts - To me he's a NBA guy. In my biased oppinion they're college guys and NBA guys. And if there is an exception its going the other way. I don't believe he would want to. Seems like a city guy. Biased opinion as well. I grew up in a small town. Live in Southern California now. I absoultly would not move back to Lincoln. I think hes cut from the same cloth. How good of a coach is he? I really don't know. Haven't the foggiest idea. Not my expertise.
  5. cornfed24-7


    Man...If we do that other teams are gonna have to choose how much they even want to put their big men in againist those stats
  6. cornfed24-7


    Had a conversation with my Dad. He said, "I got some stunned looks and a few laughs because I told some people at work my son thinks Nebraska has a chance for a couple of wins in the tournament and to make the Sweet 16 if things break right." I said, "I do believe that!" He said, "You say they can make the tournament every year." I said, "This years differnt Dad. We're gonna be good. Maybe real good. Maybe better than Piakowski good"
  7. cornfed24-7

    Athlon Sports 'N'

    Pretty sure the same thing I am
  8. cornfed24-7

    The rotation this year

    210-215 this year 225 - 230 next year
  9. cornfed24-7

    Jordy Gone

    Rump roast. You can make it taste great but it takes time and patients otherwise it taste like crap and has a funny texture.
  10. cornfed24-7

    Akoy Agau

    Surely someone has showed him how to not bring the ball down below his waist when he is in the post by now
  11. What royal fan said. Just a guess from a guy in San Diego on how he sees this playing out. But if I'm right then I knew the whole time
  12. This is what I am interested to see. I think he almost certainly will be hiring a coach next year regardless of a negative or positive result on the outcome of the season. As far as track record I have no clue how he will do if he has to hire a coach. There are so many variables on if you get a solid hire. One being luck.