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  1. So you're sayin' there's a chance!
  2. But Petteway was also a volume shooter and if I remember correctly the analysis struggled with what role he would fill in the NBA. Conversely, with Roby, the analysis seems to suggest the multitude of roles he can fill. Petteway you knew exactly what you were getting and Roby the possibilities are many. So while the draft # are close they really do not seem close.
  3. I think he's gone. Which leads me to this thought. To me Roby will be like Mikki Moore. In that I could be watching this kid in the NBA for the next decade thinking, "Damn! How did we not get more out of this guy while he was a Husker?!?"
  4. Hell, I am gonna double down. 7th place and last 4 in
  5. Man...I had to pick year one. In some other thread I stated I was highly skeptical of Hoibergs ability to bring in all these talented recruits/transfers I read about on here. Boy was I wrong. To me he has nailed this. This looks as talented top to bottom team going into a season as we have had or at least close. If these kids want to make it to the NBA then I am assuming they are coming in here to learn and bust their hump. That's what I am going with. Legendary status year one walk off tourney win. Why not?
  6. Don't disagree with a word here. The easiest fastest way to get it done though is to stay here. I lied I do disagree with something. It wouldn't be designing plans around a degree from Nebraska it would be designing plans around the fastest way to obtain a degree. And I think that line of thinking does have merit. I bet Thor ends up in a graduate program somewhere for something after his "pro" career is done. And for that you usually need a degree. Any degree really. Which is why this is his master plan and my conspiracy. Also to me it was just assumed he wanted to play basketball AND study. Should have clarified. I love going down thought wormholes :)
  7. And the likelyhood of the waiver being granted is? Is this a just have to wait and see thing?
  8. Not caring about any optics is foolish. I think for any person. I have no idea which ones Hoiberg does care about. But I would stake my life on he does care about some optics. We'll at least get to figure out which ones over the next few years
  9. I think that would be the absolute worst scenario. Some prick media member would run that story all year long. "Thor not allow to stay on team". And worse...what if he showed up to the games in the student section.
  10. I get that. He could still cut him. But to me that's when it does become a bad look for the coach. Again, this is all within the framework of my conspiracy theory. But, if you cut a kid that tells you his plan is to graduate within the next year and leave that's just dumb. That narrative is bad and is not worth it. Especially when you might not even fill out the scholarships.
  11. Thoughts...A ridiculous stance. So Nebraska basketball is some sort of Samurai style program. Its about honor before all and falling on your sword? A new guy gets his people. Those are rules. Its his head on the chopping block. He gets to pick what sword to fall on. Jeez people there's a freaking portal for a reason. And its not because Nebraska is the only school this happens at. You want that nostalgialistic view. Go watch Hoosiers.
  12. My conspiracy theory - Hoiberg had the same conversation with Thor as all the players that are leaving. "Son, you ain't gonna see the floor." Thor is the only one that said, "Pffft, I ain't leaving." Why? Because Thor has a plan. I saw in another thread where everyone in his family is highly educated. I think he wants his degree. Get it done. If he transfers it prolongs it.I think he must be close to graduating. He busts his ass over the next year. You can crank out credit hours in those summer sessions. Gets degree paid for. Leaves. Goes play pro in Iceland or wherever next year. Works out for all involved.
  13. Man, I see this as the best opportunity. (1)Win a championship in LA you're a legend. (2)Lose and who cares - its a shit run organization anyway. He already has one. Even if he does fail he will get another head coaching job because see #2. At least from the talking heads on TV he seems to be held in high esteem from the people in the NBA. That's all that really matters. Who cares what the general population thinks if the people that hire coaches in the NBA like you.
  14. I agree with this in principle. What I have questions about is this next year only. To me this is expectation vs. reality. I agree the money has been ponied up. I expect the recruiting to be better in spades. The reality is there are a shit ton of open spots this year. Does every one of the guys he bring in this year help long term? If so I am all for it. If not if a few of these guys stay one more year and the coaches can get some studs in the next class yeah. I will absoultuely not believe this staff is going to fill those 5 scholarships with nothing but world beaters until they do. I hope they do. So it makes sense to me to hedge (this year only) and space out the scholarships.
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