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  1. If this ends up the case I suspect we will know relatively early in the season the fate of Hoiberg
  2. Hell even I'm starting to come around. You know if this break this way...and that breaks that way...then maybe...just maybe...BUBBLE TEAM! MY MAN POLISH RIFLE!
  3. To be honest I am feeling the same vibes. Not vibes I think he is turning this ship around, but vibes that Hoiberg is gonna be here 2 more years.
  4. If they do ultimately sell alcohol at Memorial Stadium we could blame all the empty seats on people being stuck in the beer line... Ba Dum Tsh I'm here all night folks!
  5. I am really shocked by the stuff that has been coming out about Frost concerning the neglect of his responsibilities. I generally take the rumor stuff with a grain of salt but there's so much of it coming out. And I'm not talking about infidelity/drinking type rumors but the not doing the bare minimum the job requires. Just shocked.
  6. This is why I think this is a major rebuild. They are horrible. I though the D line would so much better than it is. To me this shows the portal is nice, but you really can't use it to plug as big of a hole as we had coming into the season. And I really bought the idea that we could. I had my suspicions about the O line. Seems the only way forward is development. And thats gonna take awhile i.e. years.
  7. That would be awesome! But I suspect the battle that plays out this season is "Does this team reach the double digit win column?"
  8. I think there's a snowballs chance in hell he's over .500 this year. And since you asked (I'm sure its obvious from my other posts on this subject) if I were Trev I'd have already shown Hoiberg the door. That said I think this year will be the most enjoyable losing season of his tenure to watch
  9. Lucky for us it would be determining Hoibergs fate after 3 seasons and 13 games
  10. Sure, there may be aspects of ISU that are better than NU. But as a whole NU is a better job. Hell by conference affiliation alone I think you could make the argument that every Big Ten job is better than ISU.
  11. He seems as good of choice as the other names being tossed around. From what I've read up on him he has turned down quite a few jobs/interviews in the NCAA and NFL. After Frost and Hoiberg I think hiring a coach is nothing more than a crap shoot. So whoever the next coach(es) are I'll get behind them.
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