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  1. So heres what I'm thinking. It's a mash up on thoughts expressed by 49r and Throwback. First, I agree with 49r that I don't believe there are 2 teams that add enough value (at least in the sense for football reasons which is why this is happening) to invite them to join the BigTen. A side note - I believe there is zero chance Notre Dame would join. But I do believe you do need to combat this move from the SEC. Second, I think Throwback was right that you need to look west towards the Pac10. The relationship is already there. But do they need to combine? I'm not so sure
  2. I'm on the West Coast. Early games are the best! Have my coffee, watch my Huskers, game over by noon and I have all Saturday left!
  3. If Osborne wasn't so short sighted we could have stayed in the Big 12 ruling the north and now be punching our ticket to the SEC. What an idiot for taking us to the BIGTEN all those year ago
  4. Well hell lets just keep this crazy train rolling. Its also Osbornes damn fault basketball has sucked for as long as it has. If he wasn't so successful the University would have focused more attention on the hardcourt and banners would be hanging in the rafters by now!
  5. The amount a person makes shouldn't matter. If a person is true to those words they should be applauded if it also makes them financially secure. Because as you eluded to in the example of a teacher it is rarely the case.
  6. I'm sold. I enjoyed the Q&A video. Thanks RedDon He seemed sincere. I liked his answers. I hope he is exactly like he came off.
  7. Favorite beer: Steel Beach or Claritas by Mike Hess Favorite Spirit: Bourbon. Basil Hayden. But its usually a glass of red wine for me. Favorite cuisine: Mexican Favorite NBA team: Whoever has a Husker on the team. Favorite athlete of all time: Jordan. "Vacations" or "trips"?: Trips. Vacations are too long. Beach, mountains, big city or theme park?: Moutains. The smell of the air. The briskness as the temperature drops when the sun goes down. The ability to hike far enough where there are no other people Mis
  8. Honest question here. None of them were grad transfers correct? I think that makes a huge difference. This kid did his time at Juco, then ASU, now grad transfer. To me this is a bit of "one of these things is not like the other" in a good way.
  9. So about 3-4 years from now is what I'm hearing you say
  10. Are they though? Thier last 20 years. They had a good year last year. https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/schools/iowa-state/index.html
  11. No disagreement here. Thats why I used total revenue. Although I suspect our football program brings in more revenue than thiers too
  12. If you go by total revenue for the athletic department in 2019 (I figure the best way to compare is prepandemic) Iowa St had $95 million in revenue and we had $136 million. https://sports.usatoday.com/ncaa/finances/
  13. Up until this point I have had no dog in this fight. That is no longer the case. DOC SADLER FOR AD!
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