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  1. My thoughts are the 3 ball is neutralized by the unforgiving double iron playground rims. Gotta go with 49ers team.
  2. Nah man. This is the new age. Gotta keep those lungs healthy now and eat the edibles
  3. Hmm an odd take. It seems to me to be a perfect fit. A program building coach going to a school that needs its program built.
  4. I'm pretty stoked for Miles. I'll get to watch his team when he comes down here to San Diego!
  5. Doc has made a damn fine career for himself and I'm happy for him. I hope if/when he does transition to an administrative position its with Nebraska.
  6. Ahh. My brain was only letting me think of it as a verb.
  7. But isn't it assumed if ones says "dunk" the basket has been made? Like I can't go around saying I can dunk the ball knowing damn well I can't even jump high enough to be stuffed by the rim.
  8. If we were I don't know if I could take knowing my team sucks at cheating too.
  9. I was literally just typing the same comment but stopped to read yours.
  10. Ahh everyones dirty. Got it. Thats your excuse. Yup great program
  11. Soooooooo I assume we're ignoring the FBI investigation when when we say "the right way" and "incredible program"?
  12. Sure buddy. Like I said...part of the problem.
  13. I can see by all your Fox News buzz words you are part of the problem. Have fun in your make believe war.
  14. If you want to try and defend his word choice...be my guest. There are certain things you can't say. Its not that hard. I'm not even talking about his intent. It does't matter. It is a boneheaded choice of words you just can not use. Woke mob? Really? If you think what he said is o.k. you're part of the problem man. As far as "Cancel Culture" whatever. He did something stupid that his boss now has to answer for. At a time when the focus should be on a successful year. This was entirely avoidable situation he caused. Thats why anyone is even talking about his job. Not some can
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