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  1. You're selling your assets low. You need to aim higher.
  2. Probably gonna use it when they run out of toilet paper.
  3. To piggy back on this, at least where I am located, a Dr. requests the test. A consult is then made to an infectious disease MD. If they agree a test is required a call is made to the CDC. The CDC then makes the final call if the test should be administered. No red tape at all.
  4. But at the same time they are quarantining the team. So he must have symptoms that mirror the virus. Don't see the need for shaming. Seems to be a bit much.
  5. Or it could be a coaches way of making his transfer picture clearer
  6. He may be. He is also the lowest rated pg (roughly) in the draft projections from the 1st six I looked at on google. So if that is what it takes to get to the lowest rated I think it confirms my thinking that Cam Mack has no chance to be drafted.
  7. I am in the group that thinks he has no chance to be drafted. And this discussion has me intrigued. So I went and looked at draft projections on a couple of different sites. A kid from Marquette is consistantly rated as the last pg taken this year. Around 45 to 55 depending on the site. He averages 27.7ppg and shoots 40+% from 3. No Way I think Cam Mack could hit those #'s. And while his passing and vision is nice even if he did improve his other stats will he even have a chance to showcase it next year? A lot of my opinion is form from this very board. What is he going to be next year, the 3rd or 4th scoring option? That's seems to be eluded to in other discussions here. This kid does not strike me as someone that will do well in a diminished scoring role. And I've seen nothing this year that shows me he has a team first mentality.
  8. I think that's too high of praise.
  9. What I have noticed is the confidence it seems he has in taking those shots.
  10. The narrative that there is a "big drop" in talent amongst certain players and Thor is not bearing out by evidence on the court. Does that continue? Who knows? But with each passing game I am becoming more convinced we see a lot more of Thor on the court next year than many are predicting.
  11. Put me firmly in the "this thing comes together in year 3 and we dance" camp. Next year I see us winning the ones we're supposed to, continuing to be tough at home, and struggling on the road. I think we end up on some bubble discussions but ultimately fail. But year 3...
  12. But to be fair to hear "wait and see" coming from Norm does feel a lot like "doom and gloom"
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