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  1. Don't worry friend I will argue this for you. Had the ref T'd him there it would have been a ridiculous bushleague call.
  2. Glad this is the 1st one I have been able to tune in to
  3. Realistically I think there is zero chance. So I chose 1 win in the non con.
  4. My thinking is Luka is 20 and Por(can't spell) is 24. In two years those 3 will be 22, 23, and 26. Play Roby as much as you can for these two years because that's when I think the contend. And then hopefully he's ready and management looks like geniuses
  5. Funny little story... So last night my wife receives of text from a coworker about the loss. He's a Creighton alum. I live in San Diego and still can't escape them, but I digress. Anyhoo, I tell her "meh it's an exhibition game and they probably were trying different lineups to get ready for the first game and it doesn't really matter blah blah blah." So, later when I get on the board I am thoroughly confused as I see unl's Vol12game1 post. Huh!?! Wait we lost a REAL game?!? Totally forgot about the secret scrimmage. In my defence I just started a doctorate program and have been detached from just about everything. My wife wasn't happy when I woke her up with a stunned, "Babe. We lost ."
  6. No one will convince me Doc doesn't peruse this board from time to time
  7. It seems this is where we are splitting hairs. If Green (or whoever) is averaging those #'s and is still only the 2nd leading scorer its gonna be a loooooooong year. Which it still may be. What do the kids say? Trust the process?
  8. No disagreement here. I tried to address multiple post with just 1 reply. I think we struggle all season because there are nothing but new players. And my original post was more to address the thought that Harley was being slighted. Regardless who ends up in that spot I hope they produce better than Harley.
  9. Satisfied yes. His % was 43% 2pt, 34% 3pt, and 61% FT as a senior. I don't think its trashing Harley to state if Green doesn't do better than those numbers we could struggle. Harley was O.K. but he was average at best.
  10. I don't know man...Redshirt year means another year up in SD. Unless I could make it pro that is a cost too high for me.
  11. Well, if history is any indicator I don't think you have to worry too much about this one
  12. I mean I basically convince myself every year that this is the year we make the tourney and get our first win. So I can’t imagine this year will be any different. Now where that means we end up in the final standings of the BIg Ten I am not sure. I'll say 6th with the Big Ten being a 6 bid conference and this is the year we get our 1st tourney win. See how easy it is for me to get there
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