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  1. Hey losing with "team 1st lets share the ball" mentality is definitely a different culture than losing with a "me 1st Imma get mine" mentality.
  2. I agree, but the bar to clear to be "better" is ridulously low.
  3. Older yes. Better remains to be seen. But when 11 wins is the bar that is "better" it doesn't really mean much.
  4. If anything the football/bball teams should be offerring a few of the boyfriends of the 5 star volleyball recruits.
  5. Both seem pretty much the same and we won't know jack until each season plays out. The media seems to really like Frosts moves. Pretty sure we will soon be seeing the articles that proclaim we will win the West and are dark horses for the playoffs.
  6. This may be true, but it doesn't mean things will get better.
  7. I could see some collective being a royal prick if that happened and making the athlete pose in the old schools logos while enrolled at a different school Only kidding guys and gals
  8. Ooh I got I one too! My wifes cousin called in her chips to get super bowl tickets this year for her and her son. Was in one of the boxes with a bunch of famous people. One was Steph Curry. Which she photo bombed . Made it on to Stephs IG account. The FB is hers
  9. I just looked up the website and it looks like its a new venture from one guy that started some of the other online sites. https://www.on3.com/about/
  10. Is it "the" factor? No. Is it a contributing factor? I could be convince. From the outside looking in it seems to have some validity. To me it seems if all things have been equal if the Football and Basketball coaches are taking a chance on a kid they pick the out of state kid before the in state kid.
  11. We are just in different places. I think this team struggles to get to double digit wins again. My guess is around 12.
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