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  1. While I agree with you I would gladly substitue UNO for Cleveland St.
  2. So this is a list of all the D1 colleges in states that border Nebraska plus D1 colleges in Oklahoma. Assuming (not so secretly hoping) 16 teams will be included one could create a hell of a tournament from this list University of ColoradoColorado State UniversityUniversity of DenverUniversity of Northern ColoradoAir Force Drake UniversityUniversity of IowaIowa State UniversityUniversity of Northern Iowa University of KansasKansas State UniversityWichita State University University of MissouriUniversity of Missouri–Kansas CityMissouri State UniversitySaint Louis Uni
  3. Man 16 team would awesome. I too miss Big 8 basketball. Watching Phillips 66 Big 8 basketball on Saturdays. I would welcome any team from the old Big 8 in this tournament. In my view the more the merrier. And then tell Crieghton they're not welcome in our tournament
  4. But what if you set them up on the other side of the bracket? If we make it through our side and get to meet them in the final that would be pretty sweet no? Anyone have a clue about how many teams we think this might be?
  5. No I am not debating it. But you are putting the cart before the horse. Creating an argument about how its unfair "if"...We haven't sniffed "if" in forever. Sure, when/if we get to the point your argument matters I'll scream from the rooftops with you. Until then it sounds like whining.
  6. When were we last even close to winning a division? It has nothing to do with the schedule.
  7. This! And right after a cycle of negative press. Way to flip the script.
  8. Yeah it sounds like whining to me. Time to prove what kind of a team you are. Hell, we can't even beat the teams in the West most years. I actually think its a good thing to start with OSU. You want to be a championship team? Here you go. You're playing one first game. Thats how good you need to be.
  9. 175 to 205. I had a double whammy of quarantine and sympathy weight for a pregnant wife. I stood no chance. I like to think we did our part in helping local resturants stay in business via grubhub, ubereats, and postmates. I have got back down to 192 from my endless rides to nowhere on the peloton
  10. They're for sale for $180 on Adidas.com Man I LOVE these, but I just can't justify that much money for athletic shoes
  11. And that tool Lunardi will still be rambling on how our record doesn't stack up and we don't deserve to get in
  12. Good god man! This is what I mean. Yay though another glimmer we may see a "full" b-ball season.
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