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  1. Another aspect I will watch over the years that follow this whole mess is the trajectory of the salaries of coaches. Football and basketball. My guess is we've seen the highest average salary for power 5 coaches for about 10 years. Give or take a few years.
  2. I like your ideas. Your thoughts got me thinking. Now I know the conference doesn't break up nicely into four groups, but I think that's they way you do this and I am gonna tell you why . Four bubbles gives you more control when an outbreak happens. So instead of disrupting seven teams if a team pops positive you only disrupt three or four teams. This would allow for more games to be played amongst the other teams while the positive bubble of teams are quarentined for whatever length their guidelines are at the time. Then the bubbles switch up. Do this over six to eight weeks making it a three day tournament every two to three weeks. Quarantining bubbles as you go as they pop positive. Have a weekend set aside at the end for any makeup games to be played and have it as a tournament(s) at the end. Then the Big Ten Tournament. Simple right?!?
  3. You're giving them too much credit. I think this counts as another failed test. Just like a test positive for THC is a failed drug test. So they're still O-fer
  4. A win is a win is a win is a win. Don't care how we get that monkey off our back.
  5. I am not one that knows much about fashion, but is my man wearing a sports bra?
  6. But towards the last half of the season they will become serviceable. I like your shot. Just needed to add a bit. If I have faith in anything in this world its Doc ability to teach some defence.
  7. I think this is sentiment is the biggest problem with combating this virus.
  8. So if we go by last years stats he is now about 235lbs and 6'9''. I've always been a little more optimistic about his ceiling than most. Cautiously optimistic, but still. I am starting to become giddy about this kid. If, like Norm assessed, his boulder hands (my words) become a little more supple...oh boy!
  9. My bet is Notre Dame would work something out with the conference that thier other sports are affiliated with.
  10. He looks lean! He was a little hefty last season. Oh, I am excited! Please lord baby Jesus let there be basketball this year.
  11. Had to go with fireworks. Out here in San Diego. Haven't shot off fireworks in about a decade. So generally work the forth so I can knock out one of the holidays I have to work. Man I miss fireworks. May seem childish, but man I LOVE parachutes! Shoot them off as a kid. Getting the big ones that go ridiculously high. Chasing them down. Hoping they didn't get snatched up by a giant ass oak tree. Have to walk by that tree for next year. Eyeing my parachute nearly every day. And when the trees didn't get them. There was a hoard of us trying to be the one to catch it ...Great times. I try that out here...I start a fire and burn down a subdivision. Actually just had a conversation with my wife. Told her I think we are gonna have to take a few summer vacations back to Nebraska when the children we are gonna have are old enough. Show them how I think the forth should be celebrated. She was less than on board
  12. I think it would be awesome if kids realized the power they have to do something like this.
  13. Yeah! Missed it. Then fumbled it off his leg out of bounds
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