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  1. I mean he did say, "...but if Moos pulls this off no one across the country will believe it."
  2. cornfed24-7

    Minutes Played by Starting Lineup

    Anyway to do something similar on the defensive side as well?
  3. cornfed24-7

    Minutes Played by Starting Lineup

    They're my Colorado
  4. cornfed24-7

    Minutes Played by Starting Lineup

    They're the team in conference play I most enjoy see us beat
  5. cornfed24-7

    uneblinstu post game chatter: Vol 11; ed 12

    Refresh my memory please. Thor is a ...sophomore?
  6. cornfed24-7

    Either we're good enough or we're not, the reprise

    I'm not sure they would be able to exploit it. Thought of something else. We struggled against that 2014 Baylor team. And in my clouded memory that team had length like we do.
  7. At a minimum we can agree on this
  8. Unless we are able to make an incredible run in the NCAA tourny TM won't be getting any big time offers. I think one of the tenets of this argument is this exact quote. Many people on this board, myself included, thinks now and thought back then this is exactly what is going to happen. And if you subscribe to that thinking its maddening to watch this play out. Not the basketball of course
  9. I on the other hand hope this is only a Quad 4 win
  10. I know nothing. Conspiracy therory - Matt Davidson for AD. A giant Nebraska homer leading the charge! Knows basketball and football
  11. cornfed24-7

    predict our win total and season outcome

    22-9 regular season 2-1 Big 10 Tournament 2-1 NCAA tournament 26-11
  12. cornfed24-7

    Tyronn Lue is the new Head Coach of the Cavs

    I just went through, pretty much, this exact line of questioning in my head before comming back to check this thead. Came with the same answers as you. Other thoughts - To me he's a NBA guy. In my biased oppinion they're college guys and NBA guys. And if there is an exception its going the other way. I don't believe he would want to. Seems like a city guy. Biased opinion as well. I grew up in a small town. Live in Southern California now. I absoultly would not move back to Lincoln. I think hes cut from the same cloth. How good of a coach is he? I really don't know. Haven't the foggiest idea. Not my expertise.