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  1. But if you look at the bright side we are equally bad in both! Don't ask me why that's the bright side. Its all I got
  2. Yvan with the little under dippty doo. I see a kid getting coached and listening to some coaching. Makes me happy
  3. Actually, if there are any other 5 star players with a brother as good as Trey I would contend its a better strategy to get the 5 star with a brother than the 5 star without one
  4. This. Each game I gain more optimism. My eyes are showing me they are getting better. I guess I am not sure what others expectations were for this season. I know people hate thinking that the current season is for building the team for next season. I see a nucleus of players that are just a player and some game experience away from being a pretty solid team.
  5. This is the kind of hatred and pettiness I can get behind
  6. Man I'm seeing the exact opposite. I am really excited about the talent level on this team. Is there a bunch to clean up? Sure. Do they look like they have only played 5 games together as a team? Most definitely. I am taking the outlook with basketball like I did with football this year. The Covid season is 27 scrimmages and its only purpose is to get better for the start of next season.
  7. I feel dirty even saying it, but I love the move. Its bush league. Don't care. If after 5 games you don't have it in your scouting report that he does that thats on you. To your comment about getting T'd up for the move. My wife and I were discussing it last night(she HATED the move). My thoughts were so long as he doesn't do it any more egregiously than the way he did it the 1st time last night (it was soooo bad) he'll be fine. Its the rule. Can't just go making up technical fouls. Also, it makes me LOVE him as a player. He has to know doing that is going to make him
  8. My thinking is this - I must preface this with I have no idea how good Oregon is. I just assume that are comparable, in talent, to at least one other Big 10 school. So. This game will better prepare is for the conference slate. If the Big 10 is gonna be as good as many on this board believe then I just don't see the benefit in some incarnate scrub team. PLUS how cool would it be to see this match up! Come on 2020 throw us a curveball!
  9. He hustles. He looks to me like he leaves it all out on the court every time he plays. I think thats why I like him so much. I like what he brings to the table on D. He looks stronger and able to hold his position better this year. And there is no question in my mind he will get stronger each offseason. He's going to play again a lot this year by default. That experience will pay dividends one day. And hey, I'm a Nebraska Basketball fan, I'm patient. I can wait. Been doin' it for years
  10. Of course. But that doesn't mean they hold no value. Also, how else would you form an opinion? Maybe you have access to more info. I don't. I read the paper, message boards, basically any info I can get my hands on including social media posts and go from there.
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