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  1. I agree with this in principle. What I have questions about is this next year only. To me this is expectation vs. reality. I agree the money has been ponied up. I expect the recruiting to be better in spades. The reality is there are a shit ton of open spots this year. Does every one of the guys he bring in this year help long term? If so I am all for it. If not if a few of these guys stay one more year and the coaches can get some studs in the next class yeah. I will absoultuely not believe this staff is going to fill those 5 scholarships with nothing but world beaters until they do. I hope they do. So it makes sense to me to hedge (this year only) and space out the scholarships.
  2. I agree grad transfer>Thor. If We fill out all the scholarships. I know the breakdowns have been done. So I apologize for asking and not looking it up.. But assuming Roby is gone. How many scholarships do we have filled with Thor? And I see its right above ;)
  3. I guess I don't get this sentiment. I be no means am enamored with Thor. However, and I may be misunderstanding this, its my understanding we have 4 scholarships open for next year WITH Thor. Someone on here in one of the threads said (paraphrasing) it will be a matter of IF we can fill all our scholarships. I understand the reputations of some of our new coaches recruiting acumen. But color me skeptical that this recruiting acumen translates into enough help next year. Is Thor next year really that bad? I mean how many of those unused scholarships are going to have to sit a year? Are we looking at only 7-8 guys that are eligible to play. Count me in the group that thinks Roby is gone. I am as excited as any person but I still see a big transition year next year where we are hamstrung by depth and inexperience. Thor, I think, helps bridge that year.
  4. This is not a comment about this article or situation, but I feal it has some relevance. My brother-in-law is the head coach of a nonrevenue generating sport in the BigTen. He tries to bring his team out to SouthernCal every year for a spring tournament. I get to see first hand him negotiating his budget and the interaction between him and his administration when he asks for something. When he asks for something it is always to try and provide a better experience for his team. He is grateful for the support he gets. Those coaches seem to know about all the situations like what happened in the article. When he trys to get his people other jobs I love to pick his brain. Why isn't such and such a good job? What have you Heard about such an such place? Its amazing to listen to him and his assistance reasons to these questions. Almost always their #1 reason for a "good" place is admin support. Which, duh, makes all the sense in the world.
  5. Nothing better in sports than a good redemption story :) Look at this years Masters
  6. Same. That team played defence like thier hair was on fire.
  7. My opinion in recruiting is - Don't break to law. Toe the line by all means. Thats why its there. Don't cross it. If you operate in the grey area be careful and don't do anything that would bring shame to the university.
  8. I mean this almost has to be the determining factor if the plan is to compete next year or not in my opinion. Sure a lot of things could break our way if Roby leaves in which we would still be competitive next year. Color me skeptical. I feel we utilized all our capital to the basketball gods with the new coaching hire and they will turn their angry eye back towards Nebrasketball. I believe this disposition is know as being jaded
  9. I hope this is what wins him over. I think the exact same thing. Spending a year with a NBA coach, college coach, front office NBA guy, high achieving college player, and NBA player all rolled in one is a great opportunity. Hell, it would almost be like he would also have an agent for a year.
  10. I would think Calipari's next job would be in the NBA.
  11. Spent 8 years in the Air Force. Was stationed on a few Army bases as well. There are some dudes in the military that are athletic freaks and can BALL. And not those crazy special forces guys either. Just regular dudes with regular jobs.
  12. Disagree. Big if...but if he came here it would be for maybe 2 years tops. I think that gets you through the transitional period. Which next year will be and I think it helps get some recruits. Theeeeeeen he leaves. We have recruits in hand and you hire your defensive coach. Perfect :)
  13. I think 0.01 % chance. But I can see the series of events that lead to it happening. Mostly I could see it hinging on his wife wanting to be close to family. If you have never been in that situation, trust me, it has much more pull than one can imagine. My wife's family is in SoCal so I am all good :)
  14. Not saying it would happen but (1) family is always a huge pull (I assume she still has a lot of family in and around the area) (2) She is a pretty established actress. Living in Lincoln (or Omaha) wouldn't be a hindrance to her career. Planes do fly out of both locations. I suspect it would be private planes if need be(3) I don't suspect Wade would be here too long if he did accept a position. Gets him some experience in coaching and gets his wife close to her family while she is raising an infant (4) Its not like they don't know the area. They are both Midwestern folks.
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