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  1. It could take a few games for us to see a pattern of starters, subs, etc. Feel like Brown, and Scoggin will be our 3 point specialists. I could also see Moriarty in a starting spot especially if her defense is there.
  2. So I think we see a couple of freshman in the starting lineup. My five are Haiby, Issie, Coley, Markowski, and Jaz as our point.
  3. Per their Twitter, UNO. Looks like no Dillard (knee), Popa (Redshirt), and Brady did not play. All three were not dressed to scrimmage. So any news on Brady and Popa?
  4. You like to have a 2:1 ratio for assists to turnovers for your guards. At times we have had those number in games. But what seems to burn us in close games is one or two turnovers late that lead to points for the wrong team. I think we can all think of past games where we was tied or down/up a basket and we make a bad pass that leads to a quick two from them. Those hurt. Now you can expect those from freshman. But too often it has been 3-4 year players making those key mistakes. Watching the top teams in the B1G and their PGs rarely make those mistakes. Hopefully we have a couple of PGs that can turn this trend for us.
  5. That is one thing I hope we have have this year. More consistent passing and ball handling. We have had our trouble with both over the years.
  6. Actually it was Hannah's sophomore year. If you look at the roster from 17-18, they ended up having three players go into coaching Wood, Simon, and Cincore. Wood and Cincore as seniors played a big role I think in setting the tone for that group. Leadership can play a big part of the success of a team.
  7. Michigan is at 11, and Ohio State is at 17.
  8. On the NE thread in Volleytalk it was posted she is now graduating next year.
  9. So tickets should be coming soon with only about three weeks til the first game.
  10. IMHO Sam's natural position is at the two. It would be nice to have two who could go back and forth at the point.
  11. So did anyone here go to the event?
  12. The Sept 20th twitter photo Flex Friday, no make than Muscle Monday.
  13. Thanks for the update. Too bad for her. Hope all goes well for her surgery/rehab.
  14. redsteve I would also add Kendall to your three. She showed signs early this year that she can play in the B1G. I could see two or three of them getting into the starting lineup. Looking forward to November.
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