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  1. Do not forget we will also need some good luck come the fall. Keeping everyone mostly healthy is a good start. No season ending injuries.
  2. If we could get Nissley to about 40 and maybe Jaz close to that at the 3 point line it will open up the middle for AM. Plus having AW and now DW being able to drive to the basket and we could be a tough team to guard if we can get a little bit of luck for the season. We will also need some of that luck on the other end of the court. AM will need to play smart and not pickup silly fouls. Plus will need for Stewart to pickup her play with better defense and rebounding. With what looks like a loaded VB team we might not see MM til after Christmas.
  3. I think we have talked Amy's status here quite a bit. Was Tom asked to leave or did he want a change? Only they know. I too hope we get better play from the veterans and the incoming class plays like a veteran. Karl is correct that it will not get any easier going forward. You either step it up or you get left behind. Here's hoping we are moving on up.
  4. Nice to see Allison back on the court. Also Cook talked about her some with JB on Saturday post match. She was in the weight room and they bonded over horses.
  5. I would rather they just not be on the floor if they do not want to stand for the national anthem. Let them do what OSU did when they visited Lincoln. Those who did not want to be on the court left for the anthem.
  6. The only problem for MM is VB only has 12 scholarships so unless there are some transfers out she is going to have to do both. No seniors for the VB this year. I too think if an opening happens and she could go with VB only she will do just that.
  7. Hearing Mendelson is having a great spring for the VB team. Makes bringing in a 4-5 from the portal that much more important.
  8. Wishful thinking we could be in the running for some of the top portal players. Williams and NE need to be in the top 4 of the B1G on a regular basis before we may get some of them to take a visit to Lincoln. Amy and staff need to do the ground work to find those players who may help that may go under the radar from other schools.
  9. I think our guard play next year could depend a lot on how well Weidner comes back. I hope all goes well and she is close to 100% when practice starts. Krull is also an option at the point. Searched youtube and found a highlight reel of White. A pesky defender and has a nice little pull up jumper. Could be a good player coming off the bench if Weidner does indeed start.
  10. I can understand taking a point guard. When you are not sure how much you will have Weidner. She could be completely ready to go or could end up like Orr on the VB team. Only now does it appear she maybe finally getting back to her HS level after her ACL. We do need a constant outside shot, plus a proven 4-5. If they are done with the portal then we better hope we have players that step up be it upper class or incoming freshman.
  11. As he was our primary 4-5 coach hope Amy looks to bring in someone who has a more proven record of developing them.
  12. Right now I do not see anyone stepping in and doing what Issie did the past four years. Maybe someone will step up. But it sure would be nice to have a proven 4-5 from the portal.
  13. Noticed Iowa WBB shut down season ticket requests for next year. They had roughly 6500 season ticket holders last year and have had about 6700 requests for next year not including the 6500. More than likely Clark's last year.
  14. Van Lith would be a good get . A proven player. Would she consider Nebraska?
  15. We also need to be real here, Volleyball ranks much higher in Nebraska and do not see that changing. When someone takes a visit it is news, be it via a forum or a news outlet. WBB not so much.
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