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  1. So if Scoggin does not find a home to play her last 1-2 years does she stay and take advantage of her scholarship? That is quite a bit of money to throw away if you are going to have to pay your way at another school and no longer be an active player.
  2. As long as we are talking about ex-players as our next assistant, Lindsey Moore would top my list.
  3. I do not think the length of his contract has anything to do with not having an answer to his leaving. The longer this drags the worse it looks for the program IMHO. I also think Amy will hire within, namely Logan Seiser.
  4. So I wonder if any B1G teams are interested?
  5. Actually, we could have 5 players in their last year this fall depending on how they are able to use a covid year. Haiby, Shelley, Bourne, Brady, and Dillard. Haiby is the only super senior. The rest could be seniors or juniors. Brady, and Dillard maybe have a medical/redshirt so they might have extra time.
  6. While I would like to see a 4 come in, I think our back court will be OK. Also think we need to work with Coley as a 3 and stop this using her as a 4. Hence getting a 4 to come in.
  7. It would be nice to pickup a 4 as Mendelson could very well not see any time til after conference play has started. With the VB team loaded they could play into the final four.
  8. This whole thing just seems off. With his promotion last year to AHC it would seem there was no previous funny business on his part unless Williams knew and did nothing or she really does not know what is going on which looks bad on her. My guess is Love had done nothing prior. If this was something Scoggin had done at prior stops then UNL could have a major problem on it's hands hence taking their time to make sure all "i" are dotted and all of the "t" are crossed. Finally if this was a setup based on previous behavior but something that has not happened here then there is a much bigger problem and again reason to take their time with this.
  9. Whitney Brown will make a nice player for someone. Depending on where she lands she could be a starter. A little surprised by the two Maryland transfers. Both will be starters wherever they end up.
  10. It's too easy to leave one for another now. Not too many want to not start for 2 or 3 years before getting a shot or playing better than half the game.
  11. Actually UCONN I believe is picked to win over NC State. Partially because they are playing in their own back yard, in Bridgeport.
  12. This run by Creighton will help with their recruiting. Might get some players to come who could have looked elsewhere. South Dakota while loosing three super seniors have a couple of freshman to fill the void. Grace Larkins has a nice game.
  13. I wasn't sure but it looks like you can use your CV year and play for another team.
  14. I believe medical does not count against your numbers if they declare they are forced to retire.
  15. I would agree on Sam returning. She and Amy seem to have a close bond.
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