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  1. Maybe its just me but I kind of think we may have one or two leave/take a medical. Was it ever reported what happened to Porter's knee? Will Dillard, Cayton, or Brady be healthy? We may need that many bodies.
  2. Karl - That would be a nice front court. I would really like to see Weidner run the point. Weidner ran their offense mostly in HS. Have seen her make some great passes. Sam really is a natural two guard. Would allow a nice second unit with Scoggin, Coley, Porter, to lead the way.
  3. Really only see Haiby, Bourne, and Scoggin as a sure bet to start. Three and Five seem pretty open still. Do we lose only Kate? A lot of questions going into next season.
  4. Hard to believe as many good teams/players Tara has had that it has been 29 years between titles.
  5. I like Staley as a coach. I am fine with any team but UCONN.
  6. One thing NE has lacked is a shooter who can be a consistent threat from 3 for 4 years. Kissinger could have been that for us for she had the bug before she got to Lincoln.
  7. Definitely some good games from B1G players in this years NCAA. Watching Owusu play she reminds me of Charles Barkley. Clark may own the POY for the next three in the B1G. Leigha Brown had her best/most complete game against Baylor.
  8. I did not get to see the TX/Maryland game. So maybe TX watched the NE/Maryland B1G tourney game and learned something?
  9. That HUD is part of the problem with WBB. It happens in the B1G with Maryland. They get calls for them because of their post seasons. Too many times the top teams get a pass or 2 on calls because in their (ref) minds no 2 should lose to a 14. Or in our case no 1 should lose to an 8 in the B1G. Yes in normal years we get a nice fat check for being a member of the B1G but their comes a time when we the fans, and those reporting/calling games need to start holding their feet to the fire.
  10. Michigan just exerted their will on TN. Played good defense. Brown had 4 inbound plays against FGC and 2-3 against TN that was money. One thing NE needs to get better at for next year.
  11. Clark just does so many things well and is a pleasure to watch. It could be a long three more years for us while she is at Iowa.
  12. I think she was using crutches last time I saw her on the sidelines. I believe it was her knee.
  13. Speaking of Rutgers and their mugging I mean defense. Matt C made the comment about enjoying a defensive game after our win this year. Now I do not mind some defense but what they play IMHO has no place in the game anymore. It is not an enjoyable game to watch or listen to. Now maybe that is just me. After 50 years it's time she hangs up her clipboard.
  14. With all of this crazy stuff allowing a "free" year, it will screw some class over at some point. Whether is be Kate's class or the incoming freshman or the class after them. I do not agree with what the NCAA did. Did high school seniors get extra time on things they missed? No. IMHO not only does Kate have think over her status but also maybe think what is best for the team going forward. We are lucky we only have her with that decision to make. What if we has 4-5 seniors needing to make that choice. Kind of think the VB team with 4 seniors will not have any of them return in the fall. Lexi a
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