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  1. Yes - I think I have seen a later picture/video of her without it.
  2. I agree we have enough talent we should not hover around .500 again. I can see this freshman class put up numbers similar to Sam's freshman year. Now if we can keep them here and happy. Plus is we are going to have to improve and be consistently in the mix for an upper B1G finish if we are going to keep Prince in Nebraska.
  3. I think Weidner could be one of the Freshman to make an impact. Yes she can score but she also knows how to get you the ball. Seen some of that in HS and I think she could be a big part of a second group for us. One thing having a full roster is even if both Brady and Dillard or even Cayton can't play we still have plenty of bodies.
  4. I am hoping that by moving the three point line out we will see more mid range two's this year. It has mostly been a 3 or something in the lane. Scoggin I think has the range. We also know players like Clark at Iowa it will not make a difference when she can regularly hit from beyond the new three point line.
  5. With the roster size we have it will be important how Amy and staff manage time for them. I think we could see 2-3 Freshman if given the chance to show their potential this coming year.
  6. Per their twitter account (picture) Trinity Brady is in a boot. So guessing maybe she had surgery?
  7. I have seen Weidner play some and she can be the point guard we need.
  8. Cazzie you are so spot on for Prince. Bluder has done good work at Iowa so really not much of a surprise she chose to them. Amy and staff need to step it up. Hopefully that happens.
  9. I agree with him that this will get worse and the NCAA just added to the problem with the extra/free year. Where I do not agree is it is not always the SA that is behind looking elsewhere. Sometimes it is best for both parties or being told one thing by a coach and then finding out differently once they get on campus. Geno kind of points to it mostly on the SA. I could see some of our players leave to find more playing time elsewhere. We could end of loosing some good players. Hope not. Need to revisit this in 3-4 years.
  10. I really do not care for this free year the NCAA has given athletes. So now we have all the student athletes holding onto an extra year. At some point some class is going to get screwed over by all of this. So really we should have 5 Fr, 3 So, 5 Jr, 2 Sr, and 1 GS. I understand the why the NCAA did it but if it stays as listed then what will happen to our 2022 recruits?
  11. That is a large group. Well if they all stay we should be able to have more than 7-8 players available if we have a string of injuries. So take it that last season they all can choose to take it as a free year. Kate chose to move on but looks like the rest are going to remain in the same class. Interesting indeed.
  12. Great to see Allison finish up her HS career on a high note. So do we know when the incoming class is coming in? Will some or all take summer classes and get a early start?
  13. Nice to see Shimmy back in the B1G. Whalen is making some good choices. Good recruiter and coach.
  14. So Love has been promoted to Assoc. Head Coach. I wonder is he was looking to go elsewhere and Amy got more money and a new title for him to stay? I am not sure how I feel about it. I have spoke on change being a good thing sometimes. Maybe he is one that should stay?
  15. Kate needs time overseas to develop more. She may never catch on in the WNBA. IMHO you really need to get with the right system/style that fits you to make it in the WNBA.
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