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  1. If you are going to have success in the B1G you need to bring your "A" game as a coach. I think Sam made a point that when we joined while the B1G was good it got a whole lot tougher once Maryland, and Rutgers came into the league. While Amy has had success before coming to NE that does not go to say the same will happen here. After two years of not meeting their own expectations this year will be critical for her. Another year similar to the last two and it really gets difficult. As I said in my earlier post I hope they can come together and turn this around.
  2. Well us fans may have not known for sure but quite a few felt there was multiple things going on with the program. Hopefully the staff, our returning players, and those new to NE will be able to come together.
  3. I actually can see quite a few state that CV19 played a part in their decision to change schools and ask for a wavier. Part of why I think not approving the transfer change was bad.
  4. Not approving the transfer rule change was a mistake IMHO. It works fine in the VB world as long as they get their release. NCAA is very selective when it supports the student athlete.
  5. IMHO Grace was not a D1 caliber type player. For the most part all she did was buy us a few minutes.
  6. Right now sounds like fall sports are more in doubt. We may see shorted seasons, conference only, and no NCAA championships. If fall gets cut then I can see winter sports getting cut as well.
  7. Some conferences are talking about cutting sports. WBB is not one of them. On behalf of the Intercollegiate Coach Association Coalition (ICAC), we hereby register our opposition to the request by the Group of Five Commissioners to allow conferences and schools to cut the number of sports sponsored to be considered for Division I status. On April 13, the commissioners of the Group of Five Conferences (American Athletic Conference, Mid-America Conference, Sun Belt Conference, Conference USA, and the Mountain West Conference) sent a letter to NCAA President Mark Emmert, asking for consideration of a reduction in NCAA Division I sports sponsorship minimums. One hundred and thirty schools currently play 85-scholarship football and their sponsorship minimum is 16. The only reason to seek this reduction is to drop sports.
  8. One thing you can say about Amy Williams is she does show loyalty to her staff. They have been with her going back to before Nebraska.
  9. I hope she is able to play. With all of her injuries this could very well be her last shot on the court. Another injury and it maybe time to hang it up.
  10. Well she will be a senior in the fall. I wonder how much of this is due to the expected change in transfer rules and covid-19? Will she want to play closer to home?
  11. Yet women's volleyball is limited to 12. So they have to get creative with their DS/L players some have a scholarship for two years and then they paid the other two. Or they look to transfer someplace else so they can be on scholarship.
  12. Would hope for someone to develop into a goto type of player for us. Maybe a guard who could give us a reliable shooter and a passer in the paint. I like who they have coming in. Can they put this together if we have required isolation in the fall/winter? With so many new faces this group will need time to gel.
  13. Sounds like the NCAA will be voting on a change for transfers. They will get a waiver for their first transfer so they can play right away. Vote to take place in May. Sounds like it will be voted to confirm the change. Good news for most schools.
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