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  1. It is clear McCabe does not feel NE is currently winning enough. Also sometimes you just do not click with a staff. Whichever it is Amy and her staff need to gets things turned around. I hope they can do it. Iowa has had some good luck lately. Hopefully it's time for that to change.
  2. I would not be surprised to see quite a few players get waivers to play right away.
  3. Really will need to see how she develops this coming year. Hopefully there will be a GBB season/club season.
  4. I think NE is 8 minutes per quarter. I think if you get to state you are close to 26-28 games total?
  5. I think all coaches miss on players from time to time. Even when they are in their own back yard. Connie missed some so Amy will be no different.
  6. So what are the odds that WBB, MBB do not start on time? I think they both start after January and have a shorter conference only season.
  7. I know there was one of them, maybe Yale that was to have all 2nd years students online for the fall, and then all 1st year students online for the second semester. Wanted to cut down to 40% for their student population. Crazy times.
  8. Sounds like the Ivy schools will cancel all fall sports. Nothing until after January 1st.
  9. Congrats! After 43 years you deserve to take time and smell the roses and have more time to cheer on the Huskers!
  10. It sucks for anyone/family to go thru these types of errors. I have known a few lawyers who you wanted to avoid because they just really did not pay attention to detail. I was the PR for my father when he passed and she did a pretty good job but she missed a couple of things. Luckily it did not come back to bite me but still it was little things she should have not missed.
  11. Well it is sometimes referred to as a "medical practice" so maybe that answers this question. My mother-in-law would tell me you still refer to them as a doctor even when they graduate last in their class and barely pass the boards. We most likely know a teacher, doctor, lawyer, etc. who should not be doing there job because they make mistakes way too often.
  12. With likely no changes to our staff, it is time to step it up. I would say they have done that with regards to recruits, and incoming transfers. Hopefully they continue that trend in practices and games.
  13. When I saw the title the first thing I thought was well this program does not need more challenges.
  14. Well nice to see the staff step up in recruiting. Was hoping we could get another true center to replace Kate.
  15. If you are going to have success in the B1G you need to bring your "A" game as a coach. I think Sam made a point that when we joined while the B1G was good it got a whole lot tougher once Maryland, and Rutgers came into the league. While Amy has had success before coming to NE that does not go to say the same will happen here. After two years of not meeting their own expectations this year will be critical for her. Another year similar to the last two and it really gets difficult. As I said in my earlier post I hope they can come together and turn this around.
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