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  1. It is all Naz at this point. She is at 40 points and counting. With Brown still absent with CV19 she is their best option. Michigan has been behind most of the game.
  2. That is why the pace of the game is so important. When you do not have your legs under you then things go south.
  3. With only seven available we needed a pace similar to the OSU game. We had no legs in the fourth. It seems like Williams gives a standard reply with regards to our injured players, day to day or close to game ready.
  4. At the OSU game it looked like Brady was in shoes and in the pregame it sounds like she is close to a return.
  5. So I would think we would be without Bourne again based on the quick shot of the scooter next to her in the last game.
  6. I just updated my earlier post. Sounds like quite a few players are enrolling early if they can.
  7. Well I did not know she was enrolling early. MN high school BB is not locked down but has cut the season down quite a bit. Hopefully we can get to see her soon.
  8. Are you sure you have the right name? Kendall Coley is a NE recruit coming in this fall.
  9. We know they can play with some of the top teams in the B1G. Lets hope they do that today. Sometimes teams play to the level of their opponent. NE is better than MN and should show it.
  10. So is this due to Volleyball also running at the same time?
  11. Look at the look on Jess Shepard's face.
  12. Brown reminds me of those walk on Nebraska football kids who would show up the out of state scholarship recruits back in the 90s. They would show them what it means to be a Husker. She loves NE basketball and it shows. This team is taking on that type of personality. Perhaps with everything that has/is going on, this team, including it's staff is making the turn.
  13. Adversity can bring teams together. This group has had more than it share of it. They have found a way to get it done. Congrats to them. Did anyone else notice the scooter by Bourne? Would think it will be more than day to day.
  14. When someone up North did their homework. Thanks for posting!
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