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  1. twister31

    Ohio State

    pac12 has very competitive teams in both sports. I don't see why vb being good should do anything but help.
  2. Our frustration is showing in bad shot selection
  3. Washington hurting us
  4. twister31

    Ohio State

  5. twister31

    Ohio State

    they do. anytime Ohio State hosts they play at St John arena. why, I don't know
  6. twister31

    Ohio State

    they aren't. Playing in St Johns arena, capacity 13000
  7. twister31

    Non-con schedule next year

    one thing to remember is that due to our finish in the B1G this year, and with what we have returning we'll probably get a tough draw in B1G/ACC challenge, and that will be on road this year
  8. twister31

    Non-con schedule next year

    I'd like to see Oregon/oregon state or Tennessee. Preferably at home
  9. twister31

    Nebraska vs. Maryland Game Thread

    well it's going to be a long week. We can't afford anymore bid stealers, so don't cheer for the underdogs lol
  10. twister31

    Nebraska vs. Maryland Game Thread

    better try to stop them from shooting at the free throw line and elbow areas.....they don't miss those often
  11. twister31

    Nebraska vs. Maryland Game Thread

    We need rb in there so we actually have some post offense options
  12. twister31

    Nebraska vs. Maryland Game Thread

    needed a better start than this
  13. twister31

    Maryland pregame chatter

    according to creme with his exclusion of us this afternoon, this is another must win game for tourney hopes
  14. twister31

    Charlie Creme bracketology...

    just as quickly as we were put in, we were taken back out
  15. twister31

    Michigan vs. Nebraska Game Thread

    I actually think this is the best opportunity of the 3 to beat Maryland. We know we can play with them. Maryland has appeared to run out of gas a bit in the 2nd half of games towards the end of this year; Now they have their 2nd game in as many days (as do we but I feel like we have the better depth). Lastly I think our team knows exactly what the key to the game is and that's rebounding. Whitish referenced it in her post game, she didn't say we have to hit shots or anything like that, she said we have to beat them on the boards. Of course the difficulty of this game is already high, and if Kissinger is out again it will be difficult, but not impossible (as we proved in 2nd half at Maryland). Here's to positive thoughts!