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  1. it wouldn't surprise me.......especially with the talent coming in and Caffey announcing a return (if she gets the waiver from the NCAA)
  2. just hope it wouldn't get moved to Rutgers!......if they can even take a home game away.
  3. thanks for the info guys! very much appreciated!
  4. yeah, i missed it too, Red Don. got doing a couple things and forgot about it.
  5. for any bb fans that also follow vb, here's a little news... Meyer to throw Kalynn Meyer will be pulling double duty this spring as she will compete with the NU track and field team, according to a report by the Lincoln Journal Star.
  6. Suzy Merchant announced guard Moira Joiner will be out for the rest of the season due to concussion issues. i believe she has played in every game and started 5.
  7. coach williams with matt coatney tonight from 7-8 (Sports Nightly)
  8. i believe this should be the whole interview...............it's pretty good!!!
  9. no doubt..........Cook must see a special talent to allow an athlete to play 2 sports. i thought he would really struggle recruiting someone that had aspirations to do so. pretty sure coach williams tried to recruit the ND player...not sure if Cook entered the picture at all.
  10. aaaaaaand.....i think it's fair to keep in mind just how tough it is to play 2 sports at this level---and if she would happen to make the decision at some point during her career to concentrate on one sport, we know it's going to be volleyball (i'm pretty sure she has even stated that is her strength). can't remember her name, but, the Arizona recruit from ND who wanted to play both sports decided to concentrate on bb. she did mention she wouldn't count out playing vb again, but, for now she is just playing bb. not trying to be a downer....the possibility will be there. who knows, maybe she ends up playing both through her career. it's going to be interesting and enjoy the ride.
  11. from Alexis Markowski: “I’m just so proud of this team,” Markowski said. “I honestly found myself getting a little emotional in the locker room just because we fought so hard. I just love playing on this team, and they have so much fight in them.”
  12. i would think Huskers get a healthy Cravens back...with Markowski---that should be a pretty good rebounding duo on the floor at the same time.
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