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  1. lookin' good! best of luck to Jaz!!!
  2. thought she had hip surgery. didn't hear/read she tore her acl. that's a bummer.
  3. didn't she have some kind of hip surgery?
  4. yep...will be interesting to see how well they adjust to the college game. i still am banking on Bella Cravens. she can be such a beast around the basket. just hope she can stay healthy. what are they?......'bout 3 weeks before practice starts?
  5. cool!!! man......still hard to believe. remember watching amy and her brother crawling around on the bleachers in madison, sd. of course, this was before they moved out to the Black Hills. played amateur baseball with and against her father---i played a few positions, but, was a pitcher and he used to smack me around pretty good. anyway, great video! GBR!
  6. i could see the conference winner having 2-3 losses.
  7. Haiby and Bourne............otherwise, i think it is wide open.
  8. well, i respectfully disagree........i think NW will give a lot of teams fits. i expect they will finish in top 6
  9. usually brought up every season....however, i think it really takes meaning this season for a possible spot in the NCAA Tourney: PROTECT PBA!
  10. Northwestern did pull in the 10th ranked class for 2021. where that goes.....we'll see.
  11. gophers release non-con (with last year's NET rating) 325 Jacksonville 81 @Arizona St 173 George Washington 187 American 2 (N) UConn 30 (N) USF or 44 Syracuse 10 (N) Oregon/61 Oklahoma/5 South Carolina/100 Buffalo 79 Bradley 317 UTSA 38 North Carolina 95 Ohio 51 @Drake
  12. i could easily see it coming down to BTT play (for shot at NCAA Tourney). sure would be nice to have it cemented before tourney, but......lose 3 or more in non-con and chances are slim....very slim (barring a HUGE turnaround in play). i say a non-con sweep or only 1 loss is needed.
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