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  1. former TT coach marlene stollings has filed suit: https://www.everythinglubbock.com/news/local-news/ex-lady-raider-coach-marlene-stollings-files-lawsuit-against-ttu-hocutt-claims-discrimination/
  2. i know pictures can be deceiving, but, sure looks like Izzy and Stewart are right there with Kate! Izzy is listed at 6'2"?
  3. i noticed she is sitting at #24 for Hoopgurlz 2022
  4. https://statenews.com/article/2020/10/womens-basketball-holds-first-practice https://www.twincities.com/2020/10/15/two-five-star-recruits-expected-to-boost-gophers-womens-basketball/
  5. https://www.collegesportsmadness.com/womens-basketball #44 BYU #43 Penn #42 South Florida #41 Rutgers (this surprised me...i think they will be quite better than 41) (previews are one a day, just in case...) #40 Tennessee #39 USC #38 Boston College
  6. may be one to keep an eye on from SD. SF O'Gorman's Mahli Abdouch. not bad at all for an 8th grader. i believe she is 5'6" right now. https://youtu.be/7cNy-ApKfpM
  7. thought i would start this post for any news involving other Big Ten teams. https://dailyiowan.com/2020/10/11/iowa-womens-basketball-2021-recruiting-class-cracks-top-25/ "The Hawkeyes have shifted to a four-out one-in, read and react type of offense that really utilizes the guards and wings as opposed to using two true post players. The Iowa coaching staff believes Ediger’s versatility will work well in this fast-paced offense as she continues to improve."
  8. West Lyon's Brooklyn Meyer has given her verbal to SDSU.
  9. i wasn't sure. i believe coach love followed her twitter account. i think there was a little discussion of her in one of the posts, so, just thought i would throw this out there.
  10. Hopkins, Mn Maya Nnaji announces top 13
  11. Big Ten mentions: 12. Maryland 16. Northwester 17. Indiana 21. Ohio State 25. Michigan https://www.espn.com/womens-college-basketball/story/_/id/29977711/women-college-basketball-way-too-early-top-25-south-carolina-top-baylor-rising
  12. Maryland gets Cal grad transfer: 6'3" A. Styles https://umterps.com/news/2020/9/28/womens-basketball-terrapins-welcome-grad-transfer-alaysia-styles.aspx
  13. yeah, think i have to agree with your statement. plus, might be just me but i don't think her response was too enthusiastic.
  14. Nebraska has offered...https://www.mlive.com/highschoolsports/2020/07/grass-lakes-lexus-bargesser-picks-up-big-12-acc-and-big-east-offers.html
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