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  1. got lucky and happen to catch it. sam's injury was a basketball injury. knee and will require surgery. stated it (the injury) was devastating for sam at first, but, with her strong faith, she is moving forward and is a vocal leader for the team. coach williams stated no one player will be able to take sam's place. giving sam all the support she needs to decide her future. jazz will be taking on more and has total faith in her court presence. talked about maddie krull........called her "unorthodoxed" but gets job done. discussed a bit on trinity brady (i believe she said her 4th year in the program but has played only a season and a few games?) also mentioned hilliard, however, really didn't say too much about them. in full support of maggie mendelson and her quest for excellence in vb. excited to have her join the team whenever that may happen. stay in touch with her all the time---works out great because callin hake is a roommate along with a couple other vb players. said Markowski has been working on her footwork and finishing better. talked about how they have raised the bar for the program moving forward. just a few notes from the press conference. also asked for prayers for Jeff Griesch (sp?). he had a surgical procedure done, i believe yesterday. maybe someone will be able to post the video of coach williams presser.
  2. watched a couple angles of her against OSU. man, she looks long. she could be very intimidating around the basket!
  3. just want to pass this along, in case some of you haven't heard. coach williams will be taking the podium on tuesday (unless i heard wrong). no idea what time it will take place. if interested and can't watch live, may want to look for the video. i'd be surprised if she doesn't talk about Sam.
  4. https://hooplanewsletter.substack.com/p/2022-iowa-preview?utm_source=post-email-title&isFreemail=true&utm_medium=email "The depth is a bit of a question mark, but Bluder has answered that with a terrific recruiting class featuring three top 100 prospects. Hannah Stuelke is the highest-regarded of the group and was Miss Iowa Basketball as a senior. The one I am looking at the most for this season, though, is Taylor McCabe, who holds her high school record with 389 three pointers. An offense like this can always use shooters, and McCabe could be an excellent spark plug off the bench." Share Hoopla Outlook Injuries aside, this Iowa Hawkeyes roster has no excuses. It is, front to back, a powerhouse roster, led by a player of the year contender in Clark and one of the best forwards in the country in Czinano. But this team also isn’t just two players. Warnock, Martin and Marshall are tremendous and could be stars elsewhere, but instead perfectly fill their roles to make Bluder’s system work to perfection. Bringing in Molly Davis was just icing on the cake, as her abilities as a scorer and passer should either help Clark find more space or allow for the Iowa offense to continue to flow, even when Clark is on the bench. Finally, if all the proven talent wasn’t enough, Iowa has three excellent freshmen coming in that all could break out if needed, giving the Hawkeyes both an extremely high floor and one of the highest ceilings in college basketball. With this much talent, there should only be one question: Can Iowa win a national championship? Broadly, I think the answer is yes, this roster is at least capable of it. But Iowa actually doing it will come down to two major things: Defense. It got better last year and needs to continue to improve. The Hawkeyes don’t have to be a brick wall but they need to be able to make stops to take a burden off their scorers. Clark’s efficiency and consistency. We all know how good Clark is and how she can flip a game on its head at a moment’s notice. But Clark has to limit the turnovers and she has to get her shooting numbers back up around where they were as a freshmen, something she’s absolutely capable of with this roster. I don’t think either of those things are insane asks. Iowa most certainly should get to the second weekend this year and, truly, should get to the program’s first Final Four since 1993 with this blend of talent and experience. Iowa is the Big Ten’s most electric team, a true tour de force of offensive firepower. It’s also likely the best one this year, and should have the expectations to match it.
  5. 'early break' touched on it this morning. her experience is a big hit. they agreed haiby was the best all around player on the squad. imo, that may go to jazz though.
  6. gone for a bit and thought about it.........i just hate to agree with you on this one, however, i think you are right.
  7. https://sportings.news/girls-are-leaving-high-school-basketball-and-heres-why/ "Two decades ago, girls’ basketball was the queen of high school sports. Nearly half a million players crowded gyms across the country, and schools packed rosters of varsities, joint ventures and freshmen. But in the last school year, basketball jumped to the fourth most popular girls’ sport, according to data released this month by the National Federation of State High School Associations. Girls’ basketball has lost 19% of its players since 2002, while the top girls’ sports, track and field, have increased by 10% with volleyball (+15%) and soccer (+27%) up."
  8. i am far from a "know-it-all" on recruiting. i will accept responsibility, however, just passing along what i was told. possible wrong info.
  9. uh........this surprised me: Trinity Brady and Nailah Dillard, add depth if they’re cleared to play. jmo, i am not sure fans can expect much from either one. hope i am wrong, but, the history is not good.
  10. yep. a few people i talked to were pretty surprised to see coach Johnson offer an 8th grader. when i talked to my cousin, he thought minny had an offer out to an eighth grader and a freshman. not 100% on that, though. however, it's the way recruiting is headed...try to be a step ahead of the others.
  11. yes....long ways away (or, maybe not so when it comes to recruiting?) someone to keep an eye on. already rated one of the top recruits in the midwest. from Dakota Valley High School in North Sioux City, SD. South Dakota State has already offered her. from fivestatehoops: Melina Snoozy, South Dakota Attack 2025 5'9" 2027 Guard, Dakota Valley HS (SD) -I didn't expect to see any 2027s play this weekend as none of those teams were on my schedule, but Snoozy plays up two age classes and shows why. She has all the tools to grow into an elite caliber player. She has size, is strong when she attacks and showed three point range. Great prospect.
  12. pretty smart move by Whalen... https://gophersports.com/news/2022/9/13/womens-basketball-banham-returns-to-minnesota-as-director-of-quality-control
  13. https://hooplanewsletter.substack.com/p/rutgers-preview-2022?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email Outlook "Rutgers is almost certainly going to be at the bottom of the standings this year. This is an eight-player roster in late September and, despite me liking pretty much every piece that they added, it would take a true miracle for each player to transition seamlessly into Big Ten basketball, under a new head coach, in just a few months. What is so weird about doing this preview is looking down the line for this team. Most of these players will have run out of eligibility in two years, and the Scarlet Knights almost certainly will not be competing for any postseason play in either season. I like both freshmen and am excited to see them both get significant time this year, but there is no way to predict the future of Rutgers basketball at this point. It is not all doom and gloom for a program that had been coached by one of the legends of the sport for nearly 30 years. I think Washington is a great hire, and the transfer portal makes the potential for a speedy rebuild possible. Rutgers also could bring in more exciting players this season, but it seems more likely that this roster will be filled with walk-ons considering it’s, you know, September 19th. This will be an interesting team to watch because of how weird the situation of it is. The talent in the eight players here isn’t bad, but it’s just not enough to think the Scarlet Knights are going to improve on what was already a down year."
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