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  1. hear ya, but, she was only a freshman. just thought something to watch.
  2. understand what you are saying, but, man.......huskers really need to find a "good" pg, imo. maybe.......maybe helms will be the one, idk. more questions than answers there.
  3. coach williams snubbed her...........really? please.........
  4. one to keep an eye on.... https://www.hudl.com/video/3/13890053/5e7d875904289b094838505b
  5. read kansashusker post above
  6. see #15 https://www.maxpreps.com/news/hbhT2nXysk-Vfmws3YHEmQ/final-national-2019-20-high-school-girls-basketball-3-point-leaders.htm hope everyone is doing well! hang in there!
  7. coach always confirmed Whitish played outta position. that's on recruiting........but, imo they had to go with who wanted to become huskers.
  8. 2019-20 big ten stats scoring offense: 8th 69.6 scoring defense: 7th 65.5 scoring margin: 8th +4.1 ft% 4th 72.9 fg % 7th .422 fg% def 4th .374 3pt % 7th .33 3pt% def 8th .314 rebounding offense 2nd 39.8% rebounding defense 13th 38.6% rebounding margin 6th +1.2 blocked shots #1 at 6.3 assists 5th 14.9 steals 12th 6.6 TO margin 11th -1.4 assists/TO ratio 4th 1.0 off rebounds 8th 11.5 def reb 2nd 28.3 def reb% 10th .673 off reb% 8th .317 3pt fg made 6.5/g idk doesn't seem like the record should have been quite as bad as it was.
  9. tough...........i am afraid it's going to be tough i was really hoping coach could pull this one off.
  10. definitely not one of Kate's strength's though----there has been a number of times a player was wide open underneath but did not take advantage. i always thought opponents would have worked on that situation. idk
  11. really.............this just all stinks. A and B girls in SD played the first round yesterday, now they have "postponed" everything. AA's set for the 19th, 20th and 21st are up in the air too.
  12. with all due respect, not sure i would call 6 Summit League championships and 9 Summit League Tournament Championships with a sweet 16 ncaa appearance last season "trending in the right direction". i would say they have established themselves as the "hunted" in the Summit League and now USD may be joining them. don't see things changing much----SDSU and USD will be battling it out for at least the near future in the league. i always thought Aaron Johnson was a great coach, but, he really solidified that in my mind this season with what he did after losing 3 to injuries---Myah Selland (possibly for her career) and another impressive freshman that was starting (plus another one that came off the bench).
  13. yes, now that you mention it. gonna guess she went for the scholarship. she mentioned playing at nebraska in a recent interview and had nothing but good things to say, but, also stated she was very happy with her decision to attend SDSU.
  14. both teams benefited from transfers---SDSU has RCJ from huskers and Larsen from Iowa. USD's Sverjen from New Mexico which was a huge get for them. heckuva game plan by AJ and players carried it out quite well---just came up short. can anyone refresh my memory with RCJ? did she decide to leave on her own or did coach encourage her? or does anyone really know?
  15. i think Dawn P has a girl that plays for Vermillion---jr? that may play into coaches decision.
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