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  1. no doubt arguments for both sides. as a team, huskers are shooting free throws at a .705 clip haiby shooting .779%....so, as far as that goes right person shooting i definitely see Bennings point though...odds are much better at making a layup than making two free throws---however, the time clock is also in play at this point of the game. even if haiby makes one, puts huskers up by three and who knows....not sure if illinois had timeout left.
  2. Severe and Benning this morning: Benning couldn't disagree more with Haiby NOT taking the layup. make it a four point game. he would rather take the easy two than bank on making two free throws. his point is better odds at making a layup than two free throws. have to admit, i was thinking the same thing at the time. watched the replay a number of times and if haiby would have taken the layup, it looked like huskers would have been up 4 with probably 6.8 to 7.2 seconds left. had a caller and they all agreed cayton should have been called for a foul. i was surprised she didn't watchin
  3. was talking to a buddy the other day. stated might keep an eye on a freshman from Tea, SD---Katie Vasecka---6'1" pg,sg. transferred in from New Prague, Mn. has immediately turned Tea into a contender. i believe she is averaging 18ppg. the link to the highlights are from New Prague when she was an 8th grader. appears to have some quickness and very good ball handling skills---for a 6'1" 8th grader. https://www.hudl.com/profile/13876831/Katie-Vasecka side note: in case anyone read the post on the "phenom" from Corsica-Stickney (Avery Broughton) has torn her ACL. hope she has a full rec
  4. i'd really be surprised if she doesn't get a few minutes......and, who knows, maybe a little more. especially if Bourne is still out.
  5. was pretty poor defense on hubbard majority of her shots were uncontested. i thought Cayton was supposed to be really close to go? heard that at least a couple weeks ago on Amy's show.
  6. guess one never knows, but, i doubt illinois will shoot like they did at PBA
  7. your right but need another body
  8. it should be interesting when Issie and Coley get goin'---and get brady for some depth just hope we aren't looking at weeks for Issie
  9. maybe that changed with haiby's late 3
  10. lowest 4th quarter output so far this season
  11. minnesota's 13 tre's season high husker 0-14 4th quarter
  12. wonder if minny's board is barking about the refs? might be huskers best chance........keep getting to the line!
  13. maybe mix it up......i don't think you want to go zone against minny for too long. unless minny's 3's aren't dropping on the other end.
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