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  1. hard to say, she sure came into the Big Ten highly touted. thought mich st got a really good one at the time.
  2. according to Cooks twitter, she is headed to Miss St.
  3. https://ohiostatebuckeyes.com/madison-green-joins-2019-class/ "Greene is ranked No. 61 by ESPN Hoopgurlz in the 2019 class and joins a Buckeye group that now features five players in the top 65: McDonald’s All-American Kierstan Bell (No. 6), Rikki Harris (No. 24), Kaelynn Satterfield (No. 39) and Jacy Sheldon (No. 41). The class also includes a pair of talented international prospects in Aixa Wone from Pamplona, Spain and Rebeka Mikulášiková from Nitra, Slovakia. Fellow Ohio standout Braxtin Miller also joined the program this spring as a transfer from Oklahoma State."
  4. http://womenshoopsworld.com/2019/05/05/ncaas-strategic-plan-will-grow-womens-basketball-at-every-level/ one section from the article: Memorable Championships objectives: Ensure quality championship format, site selection and management Review championship formats (e.g., various seeding/bracketing procedures; regional locations) Enhance site selection and management strategies Take intentional steps to leave a women’s basketball legacy in the host community Evaluate ongoing opportunities for joint championships
  5. no idea if it is correct, but, this is the comment made on the nebraska vb site: Apr 30, 2019 at 7:13pm "Yes; Women's basketball is a higher tier sport over Women's volleyball. If you play both sports during the same academic year, and your on an 'athletic scholarship', then you are a basketball 'counter' only! - A freebie for volleyball."
  6. from reading about Ware on the volleyball site, if i read it correctly Ware would have to take a basketball schollie. would be a "freebie" for Cook and the volleyball program. stated it would be up to coach williams if she wanted to use a schollie on a player she most likely wouldn't see till mid-late December. without looking at schedules, guessing coach williams wouldn't see her for preseason games. whatever, huskers can't pass this athlete up if she should choose Nebraska!
  7. Michigan and Maryland entries. rosters here: https://www.usab.com/news-events/news/2019/04/3x3-nc-rosters-women.aspx
  8. https://www.inforum.com/sports/basketball/1012988-NDSU-names-Kansas-assistant-as-next-head-womens-basketball-coach really glad to see coach love will be at nebraska (at least for next season)
  9. i really wish M. Helms the best. this must be really tough for her. pretty interesting article about exertional compartment syndrome from the Mayo Clinic (if you want to read): https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/chronic-exertional-compartment-syndrome/diagnosis-treatment/drc-20350835
  10. from the article, it sounds like she struggled through this problem during most of her high school years and recently became worse. this is the first time i have heard of this affliction. i didn't notice a list of other schools that offered her. maybe they did, i just didn't see it.
  11. their are some questions for the staff on this one, imo.
  12. Chronic exertional compartment syndrome isn't a life-threatening condition and usually doesn't cause lasting damage if you get appropriate treatment. However, pain, weakness or numbness associated with chronic exertional compartment syndrome may prevent you from continuing to exercise or practice your sport at the same level of intensity. reading some other articles, this just doesn't sound encouraging.
  13. i was wondering if it might have something to do with shin splints?
  14. trying to figure out what kind of treatment is going on
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