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  1. mizzou's wrap-up of the game for anyone who didn't get to watch (like me): https://youtu.be/8NL0t2Ck3lA noticed Kate Cain walk out for celebration at the end. she appeared to be walking normal, so, maybe just coach williams decision?
  2. think her twitter pic stated "round two" april 17, so, guess it was done early spring? either way, gotta give her huge kudos for "going for it"!
  3. you would think that would be big news if she suffered an injury---even the possibility. haven't seen any mention yet.
  4. and, may i just add she only played 3 minutes---according to stats. maybe they are just being cautious right now. i think her surgical procedure was early summer?
  5. man, don't want to be negative------but, with her physical ailment it raises some questions. i think if she could play, she would have been in there. idk, just hoping it isn't related. wonder how much she practices? i know it has been discussed in an earlier post, but, from everything i have read about the condition, i am just afraid we may be seeing a similar RB43 situation. also, didn't T. Brady have lingering problems from a car accident? sure hoping her concussion problem isn't related. fingers crossed for both of these players. i sure am hoping for the best!
  6. yes---huskers got a huge break when missouri missed those two free throws near the end of regulation. feels pretty good they took advantage of the opportunity handed to them---and, without 4 (5 players-cain?). unless i missed it, i didn't hear matt or jeff mention anything about cain. hopefully it is nothing to be concerned about. keep it rolling now! one game at a time, but, looking at schedule hoping the huskers can be 6-0 going up against USC. USC had the 5th rated recruiting class for 2019.
  7. it would be kinda interesting to know how many teams have lost at home when shooting 31-38 from the free throw line?
  8. wow. two players don't make trip, two players foul out. YES! with huskers non-con rpi, that's a big win!!!
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