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    idk, not a shocker: https://scarletknights.com/news/2019/3/14/womens-basketball-c-vivian-stringer-to-remain-on-leave-for-duration-of-season.aspx the more i think about this, at age 71, i really wonder if there will be an announcement forthcoming? (as in, retirement?)
  2. if only interested in nebraska, i'll save you some time---skip reading the following stumbled across a stream from minnesota girls basketball state tourney. caught Hopkins with Paige Bueckers (#1 2020 prospect). man, she is smooth. exited a little early with 29pts. can see why she is #1 prospect. of course, coach Whalen was there. they are pretty close, now, whether she chooses minny, who knows. i read where their coach stated she has pretty good idea of her school. just from some things i have read, i think if she doesn't choose uconn, nd, stanford (one of the wbb elites) and chooses to stay in the big ten, it will be minny. Hopkins played Lakeville North and they have a good one in Lauren Jensen---prolific scorer (and, handles the court very well herself). she is a junior also and is chasing Rachel Banham's h.s. 3pt record. minny would be doing just fine if she chooses the goofers and Bueckers goes elsewhere (Jensen is going to announce after state tourney).
  3. for those following recruiting: Leilani Kapinus hoopgurlz #9 5'10" PG (2020) James Madison H.S. Wisc dropped Butler, DePaul, Nebraska, Northwestern, Iowa St, Pittsburgh, ASU, Illinois, and Georgia Tech. new list: Arizona, Auburn, Baylor, Duke, Florida, Kentucky, LSU, Louisville, Marquette, and Big Ten schools Iowa, Michigan, MSU, Minnesota, OSU, Wisconsin. ***she has suffered a second significant knee injury (same knee) and had second surgery for repair.
  4. she just hit two big three's to bring gonzaga within 8. maybe they make a game of it yet. been down by double digits majority of game.
  5. congrats to SDSU, glad to see them move on. been watching CSmith too. i wasn't aware L. Stockton suffered a leg injury. that's a bummer. i was really interested in watching her play. with Townsend's foot in a cast, and Stockton in a big knee brace, doubt Chandler and Gonzaga get it done.
  6. evidently, nebraska is on the list of schools that are showing interest. https://www.inforum.com/sports/basketball/985223-Lauren-Ware-making-North-Dakota-a-hoops-recruiting-destination
  7. some names being tossed out there: barancyk from drake gets a mention https://womhoops.blogspot.com/2019/03/guru-musings-search-for-next-penn-state.html
  8. point taken (fyi: i was very happy at first with the hire, and gave him more leeway than i should have---but, his "schtick" got very old with me, then hearing him rip the fans....)
  9. at least CW wasn't a raving lunatic on the sidelines and rip her fans. will be interesting to see (hear) who might be candidates---or, maybe we will just find out the selection when it happens. wonder if CW will take an assistant position or take another head coaching position?
  10. https://gopsusports.com/news/2019/3/8/washington-and-penn-state-agree-to-change-in-womens-basketball-leadership.aspx?path=wbball
  11. good argument to be made by having played a game on the court. then, you can add it gives you the benefit of getting over the tournament "jitters". also----add the sporting world's comment about beating a team 3 times in a row. pretty nervous about this game. i don't think the huskers can allow to dig themselves a big hole and expect to bounce back. if they do fall behind, and i think they will experience their share, gonna have to keep it within striking distance. keep an eye on how the freshman handle their first big ten tournament---will be key.
  12. getting away from illinois now---64-45
  13. btw, if interested husker wbb from 7-8pm with matt coatney tonight.
  14. https://nothingbutnylon.com/kansas-emily-ryan-elite/
  15. tbh, been a tough year for hannah. a little surprised she even made honorable mention.
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