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  1. https://iuhoosiers.com/news/2021/4/1/womens-basketball-indiana-university-iu-womens-basketball-coach-teri-moren-agree-to-new-deal-thru-2027.aspx Moren's new deal runs through the 2026-27 season and increases her annual average compensation to $862,500. In addition, the contract includes an assortment of performance bonuses that can enhance the deal, including bonuses for: Big Ten regular and postseason championships; NCAA Tournament or WNIT Tournament participation and victories; conference and/or national coach of the year accolades; and team acade
  2. remember when minny was hoping to land her when she was in hs....
  3. i think her father will be a very valuable asset to her as her career progresses. going to be interesting.
  4. remember watching Gearlds and Whalen playing against each other---before i became a huge husker wbb fan. Gearlds was fun to watch. good read. https://www.jconline.com/story/sports/2021/03/26/purdue-womens-basketball-plan-katie-gearlds-take-over-sharon-versyp-part-transition-plan/7010932002/
  5. i agree about Clark...i thought that was a pretty impressive comment to make in her interview. idk about Juhasz---i'm guessing she has always been infatuated with UConn in the back of her head. now, the opportunity has risen (no idea if UConn tried to recruit her in the beginning?). odds are she has an excellent chance of being on at least one National Championship team now, and that was a pretty strong pull for her. makes you wonder if word trickled down to her that if she entered the portal, UConn would take her. kinda happened rather fast.
  6. Moseley names assistants: Merrit from Illinois Barnosky from Boston College (worked with Moseley last 3 seasons) Doty (former UConn player-had position with Nike) https://uwbadgers.com/news/2021/4/9/womens-basketball-moseley-completes-coaching-staff.aspx
  7. OSU asst coach Simon Harris leaving to take a head coaching position.
  8. McGuff starting to feel a little heat in Ohio?... from Columbus Dispatch: "But plain and simple, the program has not improved under McGuff, definitely not when considering NCAA Tournament results. To the contrary, a scent of dysfunctional “uh-oh” fills the air. The Buckeyes’ reputation took a hit in December when the school self-reported NCAA violations involving a former assistant coach committing recruiting violations and violating Ohio State’s sexual harassment policy. The school followed its internal investigation by self-imposing a ban on participation in this season'
  9. i noticed Prince is sitting at #21 in Hoopgurlz class of 2024
  10. Drake's coach to Oklahoma... https://soonersports.com/news/2021/4/10/womens-basketball-baranczyk-named-head-womens-basketball-coach.aspx
  11. with all the excitement about Markowski coming in (and i am included) have fans kinda pushed aside what Tatiana Popa may bring? i know i had completely forgot about her in an earlier post. i just watched video highlights of her---can shoot the 3, no doubt a big body, looked like she can be kinda scrappy-maybe a little stronger with the ball than Kate? leg work may need some attention, though. it will be interesting to see how she adjusts. i can see her causing problems around the bucket.
  12. the only thing i have seen is the comment by coach where she stated they "believe" Porter has avoided any major surgery. the comment was made approximately a week or so after the injury. probably won't hear any more until Porter can start workouts again. how things go could be something to watch.
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