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  1. Always thought it was strange to see FT percentages drop off when players go to a higher level. The distance doesn't change and you still are not being guarded. Shows how much of a mental thing it can be. Of course reps help a lot.
  2. 1. It is tough to teach kids to win at the D1 level that have not been in that situation before. 2. If we want to out shoot teams, we need to have better shooters than the other team. 3. Why did we fill all our scholarships this year when we knew we needed better players?
  3. TOP 100 TALENT @Top100Talent 6'8 Keon Edwards (2021/SF) has received an offer from Nebraska. #Top100Talent @Keoniswinning @hillcrest_prep @DrivenationEYBL (from Arizona)
  4. ACL surgery use to be a 9 month recovery, then it went down to 6-9 months. Now doctors are saying it takes a year for full recovery. Everyone is different though.
  5. Christopher Heady VegasInsider lists #Nebrasketball as a 15-point favorite over UC Riverside. Tip at 8 p.m. tomorrow on BTN.
  6. Pretty good size with starters at 6 9 and 7 1. Good test right off the bat as far as defending the post.
  7. So does NU get to deduct his salary from what they owe him or is that just the case if he would take another job at a university?
  8. Robin Washut @RobinWashut As #Nebrasketball tips off its exhibition opener tonight, the #Huskers are also close to locking up an official visit with 4-star Chicago wing Brandon Weston @BWest233
  9. Iceland: Green most of the year Greenland: Ice most of the year
  10. What time is the scrimmage? (or is that a secret?)
  11. Jeff Goodman @GoodmanHoops Memphis transfer David Wingett has received a waiver to play this season at South Dakota State, source told @Stadium .
  12. Robin Washut @RobinWashut #Nebrasketball offers 4️ #Rivals150 2021 Morgan Park (IL) wing Brandon Weston
  13. Sam McKewon @swmckewonOWH Props to former Nebraska MBB coach Tim Miles, who inherited a graduation success rate of 56 when he arrived at Nebraska, and turned that into a GSR of 90. Miles had help in that process, obviously, from many people at Nebraska but, still, props.
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