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  1. Thanks, it was our 26th. I picked out a thermos for her.
  2. I always thought it sent more of a message when you did not thump your chest. Act like it was suppose to go in. No big deal.
  3. Might have just become my favorite player with that comment.
  4. With a common name like Derrik Walker, I'm not sure he fits in with this new NU roster.
  5. Jadin Booth (Omaha Westside) to Omaha MikeSautterOWH Retweeted Beyond blessed! I’m staying home! Thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way! Can’t wait to be a maverick!
  6. I have the same feeling. Arop is a decent athlete but I'm not sure he does anything really well, especially compared to Big Ten players. Hopefully he is a hard worker and will develop his game. I see him as a bench/role player down the line.
  7. When I read that the second time I think the part that said "Nebraska is not expected to add anyone else" is referring to the May 15th date.
  8. The OWH had an article on Cross committing and had a short review of our roster. It said that we did not anticipate signing anyone else, but I think that was in reference to the signing period that I believe ends this Wednesday.
  9. A grade from me as well. I would like to see an experienced big guy/true post player in the mix but every team is looking for those guys. I think Johnson tossed us a curve ball by signing with Marquette. I'm guessing the staff planned on him being that guy which would give the high school post players a year to develop. I'm excited about the potential of Cross and Ouedraogo but I don't expect a lot from them this year do to the fact that they are Freshmen and are both kind of projects.
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