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  1. Let's make that balloon flight a non-stop to Lincoln to see both sons.
  2. I can understand missing the bag as he was not sure if it was a homerun. Just wish once the ump signaled hr he would have went back and touched first. Hayes has a chance to be a good one, as soon as he learns to touch all the bases! Any guesses on what the Pirates can screw up next?
  3. With the limited scholarships I thinks it's really important to recruit the top kids in your state. Especially Lincoln kids that you could give a little less scholarship money to as it can be a little more economic going to school in your hometown.
  4. Thanks. I always thought baseball coaches had to do a juggling act when it comes to scholarships. It would be interesting to see a breakdown of who gets what at NU.
  5. Every year we know who is on scholarship for basketball and football. Is this information public record for all sports? I was thinking mostly college baseball here. Do they announce how they split up the 11+ scholarships and if so does anyone know how to find this information?
  6. Sounds like more work for some of us.
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