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  1. Isn't Roby young for his grade? Many Seniors are 23 plus. I think Roby is younger than that, thus could still be viewed for his potential even if he stayed another year in college.
  2. McDermott and Frost at Creighton? Sorry couldn't resist.
  3. I heard a rumor from someone who heard it from someone (sorry) that he will open up his recruitment if Miles is not retained while also transferring to a prep school.
  4. Good point. Sounds like a good idea for a running post this fall to keep us busy. (You can only have so many posts about music and movies!)
  5. The two best teams are in the finals but watching the rest of the field I thought Nebraska was as good any. Makes the season that more frustrating.
  6. Do you mean the LaVar Ball School For Kids That Can't Read Good And Want To Do Other Things Good Too?
  7. A lot of Nebraska kids playing in this one.
  8. Jervay Green was named Region IX South Player of the year. Stats: 23.6 PPG: 8th in NJCAA 286 FGM: 2nd in NJCAA 755 points scored: 3rd in NJCC 5.7 RPG 5.3 APG 54.7% FG
  9. I'm afraid next year we should have a really good season!
  10. I know Iowa blew a 16 point second half lead, but I didn't really see it as Iowa pissing it away so much as Nebraska taking it. Iowa hit some big shots and made most of their free throws down the stretch (maybe not earlier, but we missed ours early as well) That's what made it so exciting. Iowa did not melt down, we just played unbelievably well at the end.
  11. I saw him early in the year, but you could see the potential. Just has to refine his game and like you said if he grows he could be really good. Being a good defender will help. I don't think kids realize that your offense might get you looks from college coaches but defense will often determine if you see the floor or not.
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