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  1. Nebraska’s Fred Hoiberg and Matt Abdelmassih will be in today for 2021 four-star Frank Anselem, a source told @Stockrisers. Officially visits next weekend. Could opt to go 2020. (Retweet by Washut)
  2. Robin Washut @RobinWashut Want to know who else is jacked up about Nebraska-Ohio State being a night game? #Nebrasketball. A huge hoops recruiting weekend just got even better. That visitor list is going to be loaded.
  3. Anyone on rivals? Washut said they had an update on the waiver for Stevenson.
  4. Don't think we will have room for all 17. Tough decisions may lay ahead!
  5. Robin Washut @RobinWashut #Nebrasketball is hitting the road hard for the start of the recruiting period on Monday, including seeing 2020 commits @DonovanW_ and @DAndreDavis14 , 2021 targets @ChuckyHepburn and @HunterSallis_ , and 2022 target @JasenGreen44 .
  6. MikeSautterOWH ✔@MikeSautterOWH Iowa State, Creighton & Missouri were in to see 2021 Millard North wing Hunter Sallis this morning. Creighton also at Millard North this morning for 2020 F Max Murrell. Nebraska will see Sallis and 2022 F Jasen Green this afternoon. Stanford home visit with Murrell later today.
  7. Robin Washut Retweeted = Donovan =️️️️ @DonovanW_ I took a visit there too, look where I am. Chucky know what’s up @ChuckyHepburn (Picture of corn did not copy)
  8. Shows my knowledge of hip hop. Rick Ross? I'm still trying to figure out what a Drake is.
  9. Robin Washut @RobinWashut #Nebrasketball has locked in multiple September unofficial visits, including a four-star top-60 recruit. (Not sure who the top 60 guy is, anyone on rivals?)
  10. Very few games this weekend have a spread of less than 10 points.
  11. I don't see Creighton on that list. I believe he was one of their top targets.
  12. I have heard he might not play this high school season.
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