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  1. Sounds like they could use both PBA and Devany. Looking at Midwest teams both power 5 and mid majors. UNO interested. Creighton is committed to the tournament that was moved to Sioux Falls.
  2. Makes you wonder what the plan was if he wanted to sign.
  3. Not sure if there was another plan in place, but 4-5 star recruits are not coming to Nebraska without a scholarship in place from day one.
  4. It is also not fair for the teams in the East to play a more difficult schedule every year.
  5. Hearing about how difficult Nebraska's football is? Being a Nebraska basketball fan, this really gets old. You play in a weak Big Ten west and think you get screwed because you have to play OSU and Penn State. They are in your conference, play them. Every team in the East has to play OSU, Penn State and Michigan(and Michigan State when they were pretty salty) Football is all about having a favorable schedule. Thank goodness basketball makes you earn it.
  6. 172 to 163. I actually used my free time to exercise more. Guess I lose?
  7. The guy that does the Big Ten football schedule: "Fool me once..."
  8. Looks like the guys that leave Nebraska get immediate eligibility. Now for the guys coming in....
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