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  1. Navin R. Johnson

    In state kids?

    @OmahaEliteAAU 2020 Guard Wal Chuol of Omaha North had a visitor tonight @CoachMiles
  2. Navin R. Johnson

    In state kids?

    They should but it does not always happen as you know. You can't predict or always control team chemistry. The talent is young talent right now and that can make a difference. Lincoln Pius will have a very good team of experience Seniors and could be number one but could also play class B this year. I think they have to declare soon if they will play opt up to class A.
  3. Navin R. Johnson

    Playing Okie State in Sioux Falls Sunday Dec 16

    Sioux Falls actually is a pretty cool town. It has a number of good restaurants and breweries, is very clean and easy to get around.
  4. Navin R. Johnson

    Playing Okie State in Sioux Falls Sunday Dec 16

    Fred and LaMont? That salvage business must really have taken off!
  5. Navin R. Johnson

    2020 G Donovan Williams - VC

    Trouble is the paper said he fits perfectly in Creighton's system!
  6. Navin R. Johnson

    College Hoops Countdown

    Don't think my Pirates are going to make the playoffs this year, (surprise, surprise) so bring on the hoops season!
  7. Navin R. Johnson

    2019 PG Markese Jacobs

    He is also the nephew of former Husker Carl Hayes.
  8. Navin R. Johnson

    2019 PG Markese Jacobs

    #Nebrasketball has offered 2019 Chicago point guard Markese Jacobs @TheShowJacobs Former Kansas commit and 4 star, ranked No. 92 in the #Rivals150 Washut tweet
  9. Navin R. Johnson

    Lee B done

    A major reason I like college hoops over football. National Championships are decided on the court and not in the polls and by teams with the "most favorable schedule"
  10. Navin R. Johnson

    In state kids?

    Powerhouse Hoops NE: @PowerhouseNe Shiloh Robinson has picked up his 6th D1 offer from @LehighMBB
  11. Navin R. Johnson

    Most Improved Player?

    I will go with Allen as well. He is a shooter that didn't get the the chance to get in the flow of the game and get enough repetitions to get his shot going. I think he can be a big time shooter for us this year.
  12. Navin R. Johnson

    The rotation this year

    I think Allen will be the 5th starter as well. A good shooter will compliment the slashers. The problem with Allen is his size or lack there of, on defense. He and Watson and if we go small with Roby at the 5, might present some defensive struggles. It will be interesting to see who steps up after the 5 starters.
  13. Navin R. Johnson

    Dedoch is N

    And now is the time on Sprockets that we dance
  14. Navin R. Johnson

    2019 Akol Arop

    MikeSautterOWH: 2019 Omaha Creighton Prep forward Akol Arop will take an unofficial visit to Nebraska on Friday. #Huskers #Nebrasketball