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  1. Speak English man. I can't understand a word you are saying.
  2. With the transfer portal there is always a chance he could turn us down a 3rd and 4th time. Might be a record brewing here. Something to keep your eye on in the future.
  3. I have the feeling that Trev is going to give Hoiberg every chance to prove he should be NU's coach for a while. As long as he runs a clean program, says and does the right things you would expect from a coach and doesn't embarrass the University, I think he will be our coach almost regardless of wins and losses. (within reason. And no I do not know what is within reason)
  4. That's the last time I trust a random guy on Twitter that I have never talked to, met, or follow. You just can't trust anyone these days.
  5. Article in today's OWH said he visited Creighton and also has Iowa, Iowa State and Purdue on his list. No mention of Nebraska.
  6. An article in the World Herald quoted him as saying "Nebraska is right up there" on his list and after his visit he said NU had the best facilities he has seen. He has been to Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa.
  7. I remember how surprised I was when Nee was so open with the press about what he was doing. Like him or hate him but Danny said what was on his mind.
  8. Didn't Danny push the injury/extra year of eligibility rule with Belcher? I can remember him playing one handed basically because of an injury until he hit a certain date and was shut down so he would not have to count the year and Nee admitted that he was doing just that. You are right about an under-appreciated player. One of those guys that you don't know how good he was until he was gone.
  9. Not sure how reliable this source is but...
  10. The big question is why did this stuff not come out earlier?
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