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  1. Now he just needs to work on a pilot's licence so he can get here.
  2. I'm not sure people realize how much money they are losing. Whenever I ask someone how they did in Vegas they always say how much they won. All those new casinos are not going up because people are beating the house.
  3. Sounds like he went to elementary school in Kearney. A little irony, me asking where he was from and it was my hometown!
  4. Hopefully he enjoyed his time here, however long it was
  5. 6' 9" Forward has offers from Maryland, Rutgers, Utah and others. Anyone know where in Nebraska he lived?
  6. Or this could become a trend with the BLM movement going on now
  7. A nice tribute to Carl Reiner. We lost a comic genius.
  8. I was going to add something about the hookers but Rick seemed so sincere in his tweet.
  9. No big deal, it's just basketball season. As long as we can get a few football games in, we will be fine. Sorry for the cynicism but why does it seem nobody is concerned about not having a basketball season? (Excluding Norm and this thread)
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