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  1. I can't remember being in a zone for very long, just a possession here and there. Sometimes you have to play the percentages and stay in a zone to see if it can work even after giving up some easy hoops. I understand a man defensive minded coach like Doc probably would not have the patience to stay in a zone.
  2. Is anybody as surprised as I am that we have not tried to use a zone defense this year? I understand it takes effort to defend in a zone and it allows open shots (which our doubling the post in our man D gave up often) but when you have, to me, the worst defensive team in recent Husker history, why not give it a try? One thing we have is length with our wings (McGowens, Edwards, Wilcher, Mayan) that can make a zone effective. We have guys that are a step slow (McGowens, Wilcher, Wil before injury) which a zone would give help to against the drive. Boarding would be an issue in a zone, but it is not like we are very good at that either in a man. (although we seem to do better lately) It would prevent teams from just throwing the ball to their big on the block for an easy look. I always thought you can run out of a zone easier as well because your guys are in there lanes and balanced when a shot goes up. Maybe I'm just tired of our D not getting stops in crucial situations and it seems the other teams always get open looks when they run a set play, over and over. Watching Bryce lose his man off a simple screen and Wilcher giving up the lane because he is slow on close outs drives me nuts. Both can be the offensive weapons we need though and maybe a zone will cover up these deficiencies. Why not try it?
  3. I remember thinking, first 20 out, no way, we will be in! Would love to be the first 20 out now.
  4. Fred went to a few high school games the last couple of years. (his kids played for Pius) Miles made an effort early on to build relations with high school coaches but that kind of waned after time. I can remember Doc at state tournament games and Collier use to have clinic for coaches but I think Nee made the biggest effort to reach out with a team camp that was pretty popular and he would have his own high school ranking on his TV show and so on. The thing that has bugged me the most over the years is the number of average players we brought in that didn't pan out or left when we could have had a Nebraska kid that would probably hang around, improve his game and be a contributor his last couple years here.
  5. McDermott has won at all his stops along the way except Iowa State. If I remember right he had some bad luck with injuries to his big men and lost Wes Johnson when he transferred to Syracuse. (long before the transfer portal) He was named player of the year in the Big East that season.
  6. That could be but in most cases of a mutual decision the school basically says "how about we do this or else" type of choice. I just don't think a guy that has had a great deal of success in a tough league (even if he can be a Richard Cranium) got a fair shake here.
  7. Which brings up the question: "What is lower than rock bottom?"
  8. Last night Maryland had a 6 point lead and the ball with 18 seconds left in regulation at Northwestern and the Wildcats tied it up but Maryland won in double OT. NW missed a free throw that would have put them up one in regulation with seconds left. I kind of root against Maryland for firing their coach in mid-season.
  9. I think my special purpose left me some time ago.
  10. You forgot the ash tray and paddle game.
  11. I don't think we ever really saw him at full strength. Tough break.
  12. Then just say that! And get off of my lawn, damn kids.
  13. Is there some sort of decoder ring to decipher college kid's tweets?
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