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  1. But also I am jealous because they will get Niko Medved next year and we will probably still have Hoiberg.
  2. Lucky them, they haven't had to dust off the 'ol trusty "Rock Bottom" thread yet even.
  3. Bill Walton. I know he's a meme at this point and people think he's hilarious. But I can't stand him.
  4. KenPom says: 61 Nebraska at 113 Minnesota Nebraska 75-73 (56%) 9 conference wins
  5. well, uhhh, since this is Nebraska, and since this is football, then yes. We have the money. By God we will have the money whether you like it or not.
  6. Oh I thought you were going for something more esoteric than that, LOL. Like they got their start playing at the same nightclub or went to the same high school or something.
  7. For me the biggest thing to look forward to next season is tearing down the stadium. I'm pretty excited about that.
  8. For what it's worth @atskooc I think it's pretty common practice on other message boards to start the next game thread right after the current game ends. I happen to agree with you that it seems a bit unnecessary, but it also might reduce some clutter on the board (i.e. people starting random discussions about the upcoming opponent while waiting for the official game thread to start) and I can see why we'd want to do it that way. Either way, in the grand scheme of things it is such a small thing to be concerned about it is practically 100% inconsequential. So with that said, here's the Mary Tyler Moore theme song:
  9. We were probably hurt more by Ulis losing eligibility than we would like to admit.
  10. Here's another Minneapolis artist that pretty much encapsulates my feeling about Husker Hoops.
  11. Illinois is this week's Ohio State, making an improbable and impressive jump up to #16. Northwestern's impressive win vs Purdue along with our horrible performance drops us to #9 in the league. Minnesota is no longer the lowest ranking Big Ten team. Ken has downgraded our predicted record to 18-13 (9-11). Torvik, who still likes us a bit more says 20-11 (11-9) San José State drops again to #149. KenPom rankings as of 12-04-23 ======================= B1G (0-0): 2. Purdue 15. Wisconsin 16. Illinois 19. Michigan State 24. Ohio State 37. Iowa 48. Northwestern 49. Michigan 58. Nebraska 63. Rutgers 69. Indiana 70. Maryland 116. Minnesota 127. Penn State Non-Conference (7-1): 336. Lindenwood - W 335. Florida A&M - W ---Cornhusker Classic--- 302. Rider - W 285. Stony Brook - W ---Sanford Pentagon--- 178. Oregon State - W ---Cornhusker Classic--- 85. Duquesne - W 208. Cal State Fullerton - W 5. Creighton - L 53. @Kansas State 261. North Dakota 339. South Carolina State
  12. Pomeroy has this as his #1 "Thrill Score" game of the day.
  13. KenPom says: 11 Creighton at 45 Nebraska Creighton 74-72 (57%)
  14. Likely the last one of these for us, but damn it's been fun!
  15. But if you make a Venn diagram of "Sunday" and "someday" the Sunday circle would fit entirely within the someday circle, so we have that going for us...which is nice.
  16. Also...we've been all over the map on KenPom since the last game. We went into the CSF game ranked #44, and have dropped as low as #49 this week and were up to #42 just earlier this morning. We are at #43 now. Things are very tight in the 40's. Especially in the #41 to #46 range.
  17. This is pretty much where I'm at too, TBH. 5-3 is not unrealistic either though. Sun Dec 3 16 Creighton L, 73-72 66 45% Home Wed Dec 6 134 Minnesota W, 75-70 67 68% Away × Sun Dec 10 17 Michigan St. W, 70-69 65 50% Home × Sun Dec 17 45 Kansas St. L, 77-74 69 38% Away Wed Dec 20 242 North Dakota W, 82-65 68 94% Home Fri Dec 29 337 South Carolina St. W, 91-65 72 99% Home Wed Jan 3 72 Indiana W, 78-71 69 74% Home × Sat Jan 6 22 Wisconsin L, 74-68 65 29% Away ×
  18. 34 Colorado at 27 Colorado St. Colorado St. 77-73 (64%) 76 Bradley at 171 Murray St. Bradley 73-69 (63%)
  19. I think, but am not sure, that the icons for the reputation feature are set by the software and dimes doesn't have any control over it. Not that it matters too much in the grand scheme of things. We have four reactions that add to your positive reputation, and three that add to your negative reputation. Seems fair enough, I don't get too hung up whether a reaction is a "haha" or a "thanks", it all goes into the same pile.
  20. The leaderboard is kind of fun to check out from time to time: https://huskerhoopscentral.com/leaderboard/
  21. There's a lot of dumb money amongst the Husker fan base (of which Creighton's "fan" base is a subset), football lines are often way skewed towards the Huskers. I expect irrational betting and Vegas lines to follow, especially in this matchup. It is true, however, that KenPom's prediction has hovered around a 1-2 Creighton favorite for some time now, which honestly surprises me. I would expect more like a 6-8 point spread in their favor, but I agree with you.
  22. My vote is on KenPom's behalf.
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