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  1. Oh this is gonna rustle a lot of jimmies...
  2. Let's hope your last 90 days goes better than Roger Murtaugh's
  3. I hope it does. Could you imagine a super team coming out of the MEAC to win it all? I'd be down for it.
  4. Four words of advice for coach Kenny Blakeney:
  5. @hhcmatt I didn't even know that database existed until you pointed it out here. Thank you, I really like the way that is laid out! Is there a way to pin a link to the database in the subforum list?
  6. Don't tell @Navin R. Johnson you stole his bit...
  7. Similarly, @Norm Peterson, who are we to judge (and I'm not calling anyone out specifically on this for the record) a young kid who decides that he feels it's important to pursue fighting for a cause he feels so passionate about that he's willing to sacrifice his athletic career. That is if, in fact, @huskerbaseball13 is correct about his reasons for not coming on board. And even if it's not the reason, what good does it do to hate or judge a kid for making a choice that is entirely theirs? More often than not this board has been too quick to judge (and too harsh in their judgement) quite a number of young men who once were, and some who still are, Huskers. IMO.
  8. interesting shoutout to Glynn Watson there...
  9. I'm getting an error when I try to start the video. Anybody else?
  10. I'm hoping he has the Husker career we're ALL dreaming of!
  11. Thanks for the rundown @hhcmatt, kinda confirms the sneaking suspicion I've had that he's gonna be a bit of a project.
  12. Let's just hope we get a bit more than a Samari Curtis worth of time out of him.
  13. Just for comparison sake, I linked Kobe's recruiting rankings from his commitment thread here (click on the diagonal arrow to get redirected to that post): Here are Elijah's: Rivals: https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2020/elijah-wood-208681 Scout: https://247sports.com/player/elijah-wood-46041472/ ESPN: http://www.espn.com/college-sports/basketball/recruiting/player/_/id/241089/elijah-wood So...Elijah is clearly not as highly regarded as Kobe was coming out of High School. But...he wants to come to Nebraska and that, I suppose, is worth something. Also of note is the fact that Elijah has a much more impressive list of offers than Kobe did. But I'm not sure just how much that is worth really.
  14. I was just having a laugh because the PA announcer seemed to be having trouble with names. (understanding completely that he's probably gotta deal with hundreds of guys' names at what appears to be some summer AAU event, so he's checking his sheet each time, or not, and just picking out a name at random that kinda at least starts with the same initial)
  15. Yeah...now all we gotta do is get Trey to get his little brother to de-commit from Florida State and come to Lincoln instead!
  16. Are you sure we aren't watching highlights for Elija Wiseman? (listen to the PA announcer at the 0:40 mark).
  17. I'm not gonna MS Paint this one but you get the idea...
  18. "Oh come on...too soon, man!" -- @Norm Peterson, probably.
  19. If you had asked me a week ago to pick a player on the current roster (currently in the US) that would not make it to summer workouts, I wouldn't have had Kobe King at the top of my list.
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