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  1. Good Lord David Rivers was skinnier than I remember. Like, unhealthy skinny. Okay, point conceded.
  2. 6'8" #210? Getting a David Rivers vibe over here.
  3. ESPN app on your AppleTV, Fire Stick, Roku etc solves this problem
  4. I can’t help but keep thinking that Hoiberg has cost Bryce millions.
  5. Props to all the Union Omaha fans that made it out tonight, they were LOUD and it made for a great environment. I know it was a disappointing result but they have nothing to hang their head about. Fantastic run!
  6. How was it? Fantastic! I think it could very well be the best SSS in the US/Canada. It is close-ish to town, maybe 3-4 miles from downtown, so not a close as Nissan Stadium. It's built in the middle of a neighborhood which really lends to the atmosphere but it does make parking a little more difficult. However, if you are willing to look around, arrive early and walk a little bit you can park in the surrounding neighborhoods for free. We arrived 2 hours before kickoff and parked about three blocks away from the stadium and got out relatively quickly. The concession options are top-notch and it's the biggest SSS in MLS (Seating 30,000) so it can get pretty loud. Being in Music City they really bring that entertainment factor to the stadium too with live music all around the stadium before and during the match. It's easy to get in and out with super wide concourses. Probably the only complaints I have are the sound system is a little weak, the video boards are a little undersized and not the easiest to see from all parts of the stadium, and finally the overhang allows for some pretty weird shadows on the pitch in late afternoon/early evening. But the sight lines are really great from just about anywhere, no dead spots anywhere. If you are ever thinking about going to a game there I would say don't hesitate.
  7. Check out the "Other Husker Sports" board
  8. It was fun to walk around and see all the Nashville fans walk out of the stadium in stunned silence after the game...
  9. Not Applebee's related but has anybody visited dalpocha3.com lately??
  10. Just got back from Nashville and man what a great experience! Their new stadium is absolutely brilliant and in the middle of a cool neighborhood. It's a really fun town with plenty of entertainment options and best of all SKC got out of there with a win! Lots of Kansas City supporters there as well. Best part is handing them the first home loss in their new stadium (and first overall at home in about two years)! Roger got probably the best yellow card of his career (and that's saying a lot considering the body of work to draw from ). Graham got another "Zusi for President" goal. Hernandez scored a goal in his home town. The weather was about as perfect as you could hope for in middle Tennessee in late July. Overall, 10/10 would recommend!
  11. Northwestern, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan and Rutgers are all going to be at a huge disadvantage this year in the Big Ten title race as those teams only get to play Nebraska once.
  12. Live look at Matt Painter:
  13. This kid has got Purdue Boilermaker written all over him.
  14. The one big takeaway for me from last night's game was the same. They played with grit and were up for the fight. Loved to see that in them. Now, if we could only find a way to score some damn goals...
  15. I wondered about that too but I think @hskr4life was saying we could finish First thru Fourth in the group.
  16. I'm glad one of us is excited.
  17. https://sportsbusinessjournal.com/Daily/Issues/2022/06/14/Media/MLS-TV-rights.aspx
  18. You just wonder how much influence Neal Hawks has over the Mavericks in making these decisions. Remember, the Mavs drafted Roby too...
  19. h/t to @hhcmatt for digging this one up:
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