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  1. Sure. You can chase the energizer bunny around all you want and it's gonna be an alley-oop fest doctor dunkenstein style all day long for D Walk and Ed!
  2. I'm taking Armon. He seems like he'd be good for this role.
  3. I mean, we're winning at least 4 out of 5...
  4. ...and dammit, @Norm Peterson I wanted Wilhelm too.
  5. Andre Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. To say that UTEP fans are less than enthusiastic about Doc Sadler would be putting it mildly. https://utep.forums.rivals.com/forums/minerdigs.10/
  7. No, I wasn't trying to start an argument...just genuinely curious. I knew virtually nothing about coach Wilson, therefore no emotional investment in whether he stays or goes.
  8. I think it's great and I really hope he gets the job!
  9. Yeah, I'm curious as well. Didn't Wilson come in with an NBA background too?
  11. Thanks, that was fun! I got 3/5 right.
  12. Barry Collier was in the arena the day Cope's knee exploded (Ohio State). Coincidence???
  13. If this comes to fruition it would be the biggest heel turn ever
  14. Coach Miles' introductory press conference at SJSU can be found here: https://themw.com/watch/?id=6218449328001 (they don't make it terribly easy to find, but scroll down and click on "In Demand" and it should be one of the first videos in the list)
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