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  1. I believe the team will be competitive but am unsure on whether or not we can win games with rebound deficits due to our lack of size.
  2. I have to include Jack Moore at Guard and Tony Farmer up front.
  3. Does D-2 Girls competition merit a scholarship offer? Just wondering.
  4. Playing PAC 12, SEC and ACC teams, only missing a Big XII opponent. I agree, it will take some motivation to drive 180 miles to Lincoln to watch some of these games. However, this team needs to get some wins.
  5. Devaney hired Osborne, Francis Allen, Gary Pepin and most importantly Terry Petit. If the Bill Moos hires pan out that well then an argument for #1 could be made.
  6. Well, all Big East Women’s Teams can forget about a conference title.
  7. Never hurts to build confidence by earning some wins.
  8. Isn’t there a day to choose your seats online later in the summer?
  9. I hope this young lady can play! She might be the key to an improved season.
  10. Keep Thor! Teams need an effort guy.
  11. Couldn’t agree more. Role players are necessary on any team.
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