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  1. I like Thorir. He is basketball savvy. In an open offense he can drive and dish to the shooters. Plus he is 6’6” and is willing to rebound. Obviously, he will only be a role player but teams need role players.
  2. I can’t go wrong Monday night, I am happy that UVA and Tech are in the Championship game.
  3. Jessica Shepherd is a fine player who contributes to the success of a great Notre Dame squad. She is surrounded by great players, she would not have had that luxury at NU. I am interested how she will do against the two bigs for Baylor.
  4. I am 67. My favorite team of all is the Grant Simmons, Stuart Lantz, Tom Barack, Nate Branch, Willie Campbell Huskers that we’re runnerup to JoJo White and KU. That team, under today’s tournament of 68 teams, would have won a NCAA game. With Hoiberg’s hire, I am cautiously optimistic. If it can be done in Lubbock, Texas and Auburn, Alabama then why not in Lincoln?
  5. I don’t think Beard leaves Tech for anyplace except Texas. But money talks and Tech will open their checkbook.
  6. Prohm has done a fine job at ISU.
  7. Cannot beat San Antonio. Everything is within walking distance.
  8. I am old, missed my memory by a year. Should have looked at my KU souvenir sweatshirt to get the year correct.
  9. Attend the Friday Team practice sessions at the stadium. They are free. Enjoy mingling with fans of the various schools. I only attended one in 1992 in New Orleans, Chris Weber called the timeout he didn’t have, Dean Smith reaching for a cigarette as soon as he left the court and devouring oysters on the half shell and red beans, rice And andouille sausage.
  10. Everything I heard is positive. I believe he is comfortable with the media and will be an excellent representative for the University of Nebraska. He will adapt to his personnel. Cautiously optimistic about the future of our BB program.
  11. Like her or not, Mulkey is worth the price of admission. All of her actions on the sideline are calculated for effect.
  12. The Orange and Yellow didn’t work for you?
  13. Big gap, IMO, between the very best teams and the best of the B1G.
  14. Buzz Williams to Texas A & M. Will Shaka leave UT for Va Tech? Texas covets Chris Beard, a UT graduate. By the way, Beard has an impressive array of committed and leaning recruits Lubbock bound next year.
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