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  1. The blonde would be on my scholarship list
  2. Hope she can run and has some offensive skills.
  3. NBA. Yawn!! They should throw out this season and prepare for 2021.
  4. In my opinion, the constant rotation of players in and out hurts performance and morale. Why pull a player when she and the team are going well? Timeouts last forever and then there is the quarter break. Play your best players more and play people who are playing well in that game. If you are not producing stay on the pines and prove yourself in practice. The counterpoint might be that morale would be good due to playing time for more. Again, it’s just my viewpoint.
  5. Sigh! My beloved Red Wings are not included. Where have you gone Steve Yzerman?
  6. I will be elated if we move towards the middle of the B1G pack. That would be quite an accomplishment.
  7. THis ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco, this ain’t no fooling around!
  8. I like why he chose Nebraska. Seems to have a good head and be coachable.
  9. In honor of our Australian players, I highly recommend some movies from there. 1. Breaker Morant: Starring Edward Woodward, Jack Thompson and Bryan Brown Subject is the Boer War in South Africa. Near the top of my list of favorites. 2. Galipoli: Starring Mel Gibson. Great story about Australian Troops sacrificed for the Empire on the Turkish Coast. 3. My Brilliant Career: Judy Davis is wonderful 4. Strictly Ballroom: Yes, it’s about dancing. 5. Picnic at Hanging Rock: about the strange disappearance of school girls from a School picnic. All of these have great stories.
  10. I have been enjoying live Horse Racing. The races Saturday at Oaklawn Park were great. Bob Baffert won both divisions of the Arkansas Derby. Plus, enjoy watching races at Fonner Park through May M-W.
  11. I’d swap my horse and dog for my Sioux City Sue, especially if she can shoot!
  12. We need all the help that is available. Hope she is up to playing Division I.
  13. Bailey was cute but Jennifer was a dream!
  14. Mmmm..I have to uh disagree with you there Normie...Agnetha was the embodiment the Scandinavian blonde bombshell! (My attempt at Cliff Claven)
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