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  1. Cazzie22

    Roby (is Good)

    Love watching him play but I hope he can avoid the silly fouls. He has to be on the court. I m not very excited about our depth, or lack therof
  2. Cazzie22

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    You are assuming that MJ is good enough to start for ISU. Is he?
  3. Cazzie22

    Muhl gets the call

    Good choice!
  4. Cazzie22

    Ethics 101

    The AAU System reeks of corruption and greed.
  5. Cazzie22


    We need to get back to playing regional opponents. Play OU, Oklahoma State, Colorado, Texas Tech, TCU etc.
  6. Cazzie22

    Athlon Sports 'N'

    If it only comes true!
  7. At Nebraska because: I was that extremely rare 5 Star instate prospect! The excellent facilities Passionate, starving for a winner, fan base Not at Nebraska: No tradition Can’t show my “skills” on National TV enough. College Game Day won’t be at Pinnacle Bank Arena
  8. Cazzie22


    I don’t like the quadrant system.
  9. Cazzie22

    Davison Done

    Jake Muhlheisen will be fine or Andy Markowski.
  10. Cazzie22

    Jordy Gone

    Better off without him because he clearly didn’t want to be at NU. It seems to me that he regarded himself as a starter. Roby will have to avoid the silly fouls that plagued him last year. I don’t believe in handing out scholarships just to get a big body. Make do with what we have.
  11. Cazzie22

    Who will win the Big Ten

  12. Cazzie22

    Successful Season

    Because NU has never won an NCAA Tournament game I placed winning a game in the tourney makes it a successful season. In retrospect, last year with a 4th place B1G finish and 22 wins should be considered successful.
  13. Cazzie22

    What do you think the NBA Scouts told ...

    I am very, very happy they both have returned for their Senior seasons!
  14. Cazzie22

    the Decision Mark III

    Yawn to LeBron. Boogie Cousins should keep the Warriors on top.
  15. Cazzie22

    What do you think the NBA Scouts told ...

    Palmer needs to go left on drives, get a pull up jumper and improve his outside shooting and I am not an NBA scout. Copeland needs to get on the backboards at both ends and improve beating his man off the dribble.