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  1. Can we defend and rebound, offensively and defensively?
  2. And I believe Lue will do well with the Clippers.
  3. I believe we are very well set at BB Coach at NU.
  4. Well done sir! Enjoy retirement.
  5. Texas State in San Marcos is a huge campus with an enrollment far larger than UN-L. TSU or North Texas is the 3rd largest University in Texas. San Marcos is a terrific location not far from Gruene Hall in New Braunfels.
  6. Taylor will be missed. I believe she was an underrated rebounder. Wishing her well in her future endeavors.
  7. I always remember Lute Olson’s Iowa team that was a championship contender until Ronnie Lester went down with an injury. It was a fun team to watch. John Thompson brought toughness to basketball but he also had some highly skilled players while at Georgetown. Eddie Sutton nearly got Creighton to the Sweet 16 and to get Okie St. to the Final Four was a great achievement. And when he had the Triplets (Moncrief, Brewer and Delph) Arkansas was must see Basketball.
  8. The Big Lebowski always makes me laugh.
  9. I despise AAU BB at all levels. The so called select teams are an abomination and the unsavory element of the shoe companies contributes to my disdain of this organized activity. It is killing HS BB because players have more loyalty to their AAU teams. Disclaimer: I am old and come from the generation of “Be True to Your School” by The Beach Boys!
  10. B1G was clear that they would play conference only. The B1G leadership certainly expected the ACC, Big XII and SEC to fall in line.
  11. The Iowa staff is proving themselves. They discovered Gustafson in a tiny Wisconsin town and developed her. They seem to develop their team and compete hard with less than stellar talent ( according to recruiting analysts). I think our platoon system steers top talent away.
  12. Phoenix. Also are the Antelopes and the beat Kearney State in the NAIA Championship game in ‘78. The SI article about the game was “ Where the Antelopes and Antelopes” play.
  13. Makes it tough for the Big Five to play.
  14. This team will need to gain some confidence early in the season. Not knowing what type of schedule that will be played it may be difficult to attain if we only play co free version games. We should have more depth. What will team chemistry be? I see improvement but cannot predict how much or standing in the B1G. Probably still in the lower 1/3.
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