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  1. I hope we break .500. That would be a step in the right direction. A mid pack finish in the B1G would be worthy of celebration.
  2. If improvement isn’t forthcoming the remainder of this season then AD Alberts needs to direct Frost to shake up the coaching staff. Personally, I would empty the bank for Matt Campbell at Iowa State.
  3. Sent for my tickets. Non conference home schedule is not very appealing.
  4. Virginia has established itself as an elite program. They have been the class of the ACC. Not Duke, not North Carolina.
  5. Virginia has always had shooters under Bennett. They defend, take care of the ball and win. They have been the best, most consistent ACC team the past 5 years. But, I want Traudt at NU.
  6. Any news about WBB season tickets?
  7. Iowa State and Kansas are decent additions. It would allow Purdue to move East and eliminate the scheduling issue with them playing Indiana every year. Texas A & M cannot be happy. They want nothing to do with UT. I would court the Aggies. Plenty of TV sets in Texas. Oklahoma State has a good athletic program in all areas. They could be considered. BYU has to be very nervous with the impending era of 4 Super Conferences as their adherence to not playing on Sundays and conservative stance does not appeal to the liberal elite in the Ivory Towers of Academia. In my opinion Kansas should be a shoo in to join the B1G. Take Iowa State or Okie State but gauge the Aggies to see if they would flee UT’s shadow.
  8. Chris Beard expects to win. Be prepared for Texas to be a perennial contender.
  9. My age will show with some of my answers. Beer: Best I’ve tasted is Urquell Pilsner in Prague or 4X Gold in Queensland Favorite Spirit: Dalwhinnie Scotch 15 years old Favorite Cuisine: Seafood Favorite NBA Team: Jerry West Lakers teams Favorite All Time Athlete: Mickey Mantle Vacation or Trips: I am retired so I choose trips Mountains, particularly the Tetons or the Glorious Denali in Alaska Missed your calling: Sports Commentary Bitcoin or nah? Nah Fred or Frost? Still have faith in Fred
  10. The next AD has a big job. Football is the driving focus of the entire program. Improvement there has to be demonstrated or a change, however unpopular, may be necessary. All coaches have to feel some tension when a new AD comes on board.
  11. Bourne and Sam need to get their minutes. They, IMO, are our go to players.
  12. I don’t understand what these veteran coaches have to prove. Retire, enjoy life and your money. Maybe Boeheim will get the clue but will probably stay until his son has finished his eligibility.
  13. He might be a candidate for the developmental league. Get paid to play. IMO he’s not ready but he has to do what is best for his.
  14. Slap in the face to be seeded the lowest of any #2 seed. The committee relies too much on geography in setting up regionals instead of competitive balance. Oh well, better be prepared to play Northeastern.
  15. I just want the Huskers to win one game in the NCAA Basketball Tournament. A championship would be beyond my wildest dreams!
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