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  1. Rutgers should have been selected. Texas finishes 5th in league play and gets to host while Texas State won their conference and split with Texas goes to Stanford the overall #2. Methinks TV plays too big a role in tournament pairings.
  2. Not many honors for Husker Baseball from All B1G Team. Emmett Olson 2nd Team Starting Pitcher and Garrett Anglim All Freshman Team At-Large. Brice Matthews won the Sportsmanship award. Probably why the team didn’t fare well this season.
  3. I don’t have a clue but I hope the team has a “breakout!”
  4. Hope it works out for him. I wasn’t a big fan but it has to be difficult adapting to a new environment so far from home.
  5. Hope it’s a positive addition. I don’t know enough about him so I should reserve judgement until I see the product on the court.
  6. Both Frost and Fred need to be more flexible and not remain stubborn and insist that their system is best. Adapt to personnel. If Frost supervises his staff and demands excellence we should see improvement. We lost key personnel, especially on the D line, and it remains to be seen if they have been adequately replaced. Basketball doesn’t look promising. I just don’t believe we have enough talent. However, improved team chemistry could result in surprisingly good play.
  7. The football landscape is vastly different from the glory days. Nebraska should expect to “compete” every year for the B1G West Title in FB and on occasion maybe win a B1G Championship. In BB we should expect to be competitive most seasons and eventually win a NCAA Tournament game or two.
  8. NU simply has to get better if we are going to beat the Jays. I wish he had selected Nebraska but I refuse to mock or beat the kid up for his selection...unless he chose to be a Dukie!
  9. I had hoped that players who didn’t want to go to class or college could go to the G-League and that players who saw the advantages of a college education enrolled for at least 3 years. NIL has wrecked that. Players can get more money from NIL than from G-League. I know, my hope was somewhat a pipe dream.
  10. IMO we have to start taking instate players to develop a core of caring about being a Cornhusker.
  11. I am concerned about Izzy and Jaz not benefiting from NIL. This needs to be corrected. I want those two to be happy at Nebraska.
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