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  1. Every Win this year will be cause for jubilation. It won’t be a jubilant year but that’s OK.
  2. Hannah has been a solid and sometimes spectacular player. She and Nicea need to lead this team into the B1G portion of the schedule.
  3. Was able to see the game at PBA last night, drove home today and watched the video. Very proud of the intensity that team demonstrated, or the desire or want to, whatever you want to call it. I don’t know how good Duke is but they have some skilled, athletic players and the Huskers were able to find a victory. Will we always shoot that well? Probably not but I did like the effort. Kate seems to be in better condition and loved the nifty left handed post move in the 4th quarter. Her turn around late in the game might have been our most important basket. Izzy Bourne is a basketball player. She is smart, tough and sees plays developing. Leah came through in the 4th quarter and didn’t force the issue though she wasn’t scoring early. Nice to see Hannah come up with clutch free throws and generally playing a good floor game. Taylor and Ashton were definitely on from 3. Much better performance than against Creighton. Now, can we build on this and come out and play with the same effort and confidence against ORU and the Jaspers?
  4. Northwestern might be better than we thought. A road win is impressive.
  5. Listened to Matt while watching Football. Nice to see Huskers open up and maintain a comfortable lead.
  6. Nice neutral site win. I only caught the last quarter but it appears several ladies made big contributions to this victory.
  7. Indiana is going to be very good.
  8. 2-1 in this tournament. Better than most could have hoped for. Another hard earned W.
  9. That late 3 by Kansas two years ago sticks out in my mind.
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