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  1. Alexis Markowski makes the first team and Nebraska is picked 5th. Iowa is the choice. Indiana with Berger and Holmes has two as does Iowa with Clarke and Czinano. A little surprised Jaz wasn’t selected but here is plenty of talent in the league.
  2. I hope it doesn’t take her long to adjust from VB to BB. She should give us some much needed depth in the post.
  3. The folks in the South Stadium are ignored again.
  4. Sam has been a tremendous asset to the team. We will miss her ability to get to the rim and I don’t see anyone else on the roster with that ability. Time for someone to step up. I might add that Sam was a good defender.
  5. If some of the rumors and innuendo are true it appears their might of been just cause for terminating the contract.
  6. If the team shows progress, is competitive and has a losing season then Fred might have a chance to return. However, if the same desultory product is displayed while losing then it’s time to make the change.
  7. I didn’t say it was a better job, I said currently it is a better program or that was my intention.
  8. I don’t expect to be good this year but I expect improvement in competitive spirit and teamwork. This may not result in wins but it will demonstrate progress.
  9. The important point fans need to note is to forget about what we were in the past and to begin making incremental improvements. A good start would be improved toughness and physicality. Joseph has a tough job.
  10. It is a concern that our most effective players are transfers.
  11. Today, Iowa State is a better job.
  12. Be nice if Huskers could get hot and go on a run. But, I must be dreaming.
  13. Oregon State was in the Elite 8 only a couple of years ago.
  14. Not sure that Nebraska is a bastion of Academia!
  15. Not a very attractive home Non-Conference schedule. The three hour o e way drive with high fuel prices may curb my attendance.
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