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  1. I was mildly surprised that Texas Tech didn’t pursue Golding at ACU.
  2. Why go to UConn? She will help but all the glory will go to Bueckers! That’s why I respect Clark going to her home state school to help make it a National Power. UConn gets enough pub by being in ESPN’s backyard.
  3. Sooners are getting a good one.
  4. Those Antelopes beat my Antelopes back I the day for the NAIA National Championship. 1978, I think.
  5. Gee I forgot. Old age is setting in.
  6. I haven’t been paying attention. Has Iowa State hired a coach?
  7. Doesn’t seem like a great fit, conservative Midwest guy in liberal, wacky California. Good Luck Tim. That’s a tough gig.
  8. Baylor is a deserving champion and might well have won last year. The Big XII needed to win a championship although Tech came close 2 years ago. Beard will have Texas as a title threat in 2-3 years.
  9. The conference will be tough. NU needs to beat some of the above mentioned schools and not slip up and lose games we should win. Northwestern will still be good.
  10. I admire Clark for staying at Iowa and wanting to make her home state University a power. Iowa might challenge Maryland next season.
  11. Bella and Bourne seem to both be best at the 4 spot. Someone needs to step up to the 5. Maybe the girl from West Virginia or Markowski. If Widener can run the point then Sam could move to the 2 guard. I don’t mind Bourne playing the three which would allow Bella to start. Coley may be ready to be the three. Porter and Scoggin can provide quality depth. I just don’t want to see platoon play return. Sam and Bourne need to be on the court.
  12. Hey, he has “nets” in his name so he has to be a player!
  13. I would take her. A big who is maneuverable and can shoot.
  14. Congratulations to Stanford. It’s quite an accomplishment for Tara Vandever to have 29 years between championships.
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