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  1. Donarski led North Carolina in scoring last night. ISU is relying on Freshmen, including another Joens.
  2. Is there a win left on the schedule? Tonight’s 2nd half performance leads me to believe not many.
  3. I am not prepared to abandon ship on Hoiberg but I better see five guys on the floor acting like they give a damn about their team the rest of the season.
  4. I was amazed at the rebounding totals being nearly equal. It seemed we never grabbed a rebound when we needed one. We were exposed in the 2nd half in every phase of the game. Who is going to lead us out of this mess?
  5. As poorly as we are playing on offense we need to pick up our defensive intensity to get back to even.
  6. The dribble handoffs are turning into turnovers. Might want to change that tactic.
  7. Some nice ball movement and some slick passing has helped establish the lead. Garcia being out doesn’t hurt the cause. Let’s put another good half to go with the first.
  8. Iowa St is hanging with Iowa by trying to control the tempo and using most of the shot clock. 43-39 late in the 3rd.
  9. I did not know that. Bill Fennely must have been generous.
  10. Just finished watching the replay and cannot decide if we played that well or that UNCW is that bad. Good shooting and controlling the boards was nice to see. However, it’s much easier to shoot with uncontested looks and a big lead. Good to see Jaz and Logan light it up and Jaz had some very nice assists. Nice morale win. Will need to take it up several notches in East Lansing.
  11. Thanks for the information. Someone needs to step up and help Markowski on the boards.
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