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  1. It’s 2020, a coaches sexuality should not be a factor.
  2. Bourne will take a big step up. She is very talented. Team is going to struggle unless a grad transfer that is really good drops onto the scene.
  3. Program needs some positives!
  4. I was very surprised by Karen Aston’s dismissal from UT and they are keeping Shaka Smart!! I guess she couldn’t beat Baylor. She did recruit well but Austin is pretty easy to recruit.
  5. Jackie Gleason was brilliant. “Do you like to play pool Eddie?”
  6. Coaches always do exit interviews.
  7. Next season, if there is one, will be a huge challenge for the coaching staff. I thought Brown and Bourne would be the offensive go to players. Not very optimistic about the Huskers.
  8. Hate to see this but with the current health situation it is understandable a student might feel more comfortable at or near home. Maybe Leigha didn’t see the opportunity to win which might be available at IU or Purdue. Either would be happy to have her. Regardless of the reason for leaving this is a huge blow to the program.
  9. I was going to post “Road to Nowhere” by Talking Heads but am too technically challenged to provide the video. Is my selection to fatalistic?
  10. Depth at the post position is going to be thin so it may mean Cain and Bourne will have to play more minutes. That will, in my view, make it necessary for improved player conditioning. But with the ongoing health situation in this country, it’s probably all moot.
  11. I liked Mershon’s attitude and toughness. She would go after rebounds. Best wishes to both young ladies. The staff needs to step step up and bring some players in that can help immediately. The Stewart girl is going to need to contribute immediately.
  12. Sad to see both go but it probably best for them. Mershon was a good rebounder and I hope she doesn’t haunt us playing for Minnesota. Looks like Bourne will clearly start unless this Stewart girl is really good. Hopefully, some additional recruits are being lined up.
  13. Good Luck to Mr. Burke wherever he may land. He had talent but was maddeningly inconsistent. Again, he may thrive more in a Mid Major or possibly a Mountain West school. Robert Morris seemed to do OK without him.
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