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  1. Michigan- 73 Nebraska- 67 Can we put two efforts back to back? Can we handle Teske inside?
  2. The team is getting better despite Burke being MIA today. If we can get everyone playing consistent we might snatch a couple of victories by seasons end. This year is about development and not wins and losses. We had a chance, in a tough environment, against a decent team to pull out a W. I will take that in every game the rest of the way.
  3. Proud of the effort on both ends. Rutgers is a decent ball club.
  4. A much, much needed win. Glad the team didn’t listen to me!
  5. Terrible possession at 70-68. We may deserve to get beat.
  6. Bourne rewarded for running the court. Nice dish from Sam.
  7. Maybe there is some life and fight left in the Huskers.
  8. We take out Bourne after she makes a play. I don’t understand.
  9. Can’t believe how easy it is for Wisconsin to enter the ball to their posts. We cannot get the ball to Cain. Our offense is heavily reliant on threes. And our defense is not the best.
  10. It would be nice if we could rebound on the defensive end. Wisconsin posts have blown by our posts twice for layups. Lucky that we have hit some threes.
  11. We need more production from our post players on a consistent basis. We have flaws and must shoot better from the perimeter to produce some victories.
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