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  1. If we take a big step forward, then we should finish in the top half of the B1G. I concede that several teams are stronger than NU based upon last seasons performance.
  2. I was hoping for a .500 football record and would have been thrilled to win 7 or 8. Now, finishing .500 is iffy. Men’s basketball could break .500.
  3. Hannah- It would be nice for her to get some time at 2 Guard Brown- She has to be on the floor Nicea- defender Mershon- necessary role player Cain- I hope she has improved emotionally as much as physically. Kissinger, Haiby, Verbeek, Bourne and the rest should provide quality depth. My hope is that the staff will leave people on the floor if they are performing well and not fall into the pattern of substitution for rotation sake.
  4. Is it conceivable that she wanted to get away from Lincoln?
  5. We can compete but expectations should be for a .500 season. That would be a positive start to the Hoiberg era.
  6. Was the Lincoln High player interested in NU?
  7. I thought I had too much time on my hands! (Apologies to Tommy Shaw and Styx!)
  8. If she helps team chemistry like Emily Wood then her presence can be a positive!
  9. Nice to see instate talent listed in the Top 150. Now, can we land them? If we want to be great, we need great players.
  10. As an old fuddy daddy, I love The Who!
  11. I am cautiously optimistic that the program is in good hands. I have zero expectations for the coming season other than I hope we compete n each game. I do believe we will be better in the 2nd year to help with recruiting for the following season. Transfers will probably provide a major impact on this program. If Fred can’t get it done I am at a loss of who will ever get it done at NU.
  12. I believe the team will be competitive but am unsure on whether or not we can win games with rebound deficits due to our lack of size.
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