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uneblinstu's postgame chatter: vol 15, ed 26: vs Wisconsin


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14 minutes ago, jayschool said:

Creighton ... check.

Iowa ... check.

Wisconsin ... check.


I'm good here.

Add Texas and you have the four most hated teams on the planet.


Now if Fred can just figure out how to play and beat Texas yet this season, I feel like he may just save his job.


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1 hour ago, hskr4life said:

7 seed in B1G still in play lol

The way I see it, I want them to play the first day. If we finish 15-16, then we win two games in the tourney we can be post season eligible.


We could win out at home and that’s where we get. Beating Rutgers and iowa on the road are possible, but long shots IMO.

Or we just win the next 5.


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7 minutes ago, HuskerFever said:


Didn't the NCAA remove that requirement for the NIT years ago?

In an effort to maintain some quality, a rule saying that a team must have a .500 or better overall record to qualify for the NIT was imposed.

The NCAA announced a revamped selection process starting with the 2017 tournament. The main highlights are:

  • Teams are no longer required to have .500 or greater overall records to receive bids.
  • Similar to the automatic bids the NCAA Tournament grants for all conference tournament champions, all teams that won regular-season conference championships but failed to earn NCAA tournament bids are guaranteed places in the NIT.
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I wonder how Wilhelm and Blaise will feel tomorrow morning. 


From my seat it looked like Wilhelm took quite the blow.  Perhaps it wasn't as bad as it first appeared.


Blaise looked like he tweaked his ankle late. He also played a lot of minutes, especially for someone who hasn't played a lot of minutes lately.


I will not be overly critical...but CJ simply has bad MOJO right now.  He didn't play the second half and that may be a good thing right now.  Same with Dawson.  Maybe he was ill or something but I do not believe he saw the floor in the 2nd half.


Once again Sam Hoiberg provided quality minutes.  That is great.


Those who played in the 2nd half...stellar performance. 


Finally, what I am about to say may be scoffed at, but I thought the referees did a pretty good job for us.  It may have looked different on TV.  It was physical; but to me that is big boy BigTen basketball. 

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My voice is shot, I'm still juiced up nearly 2 hours later, but massive win. Beating Wisconsin in anything adds 2 years to my life. 


-I've been pretty critical of Blaise this season, he hasn't impressed me really at all. Today he put on a great second half performance. Wahl seems to be struggling with an injury, and Crowl/Gilmore are not very good. At all. Perfect matchup for him to get confidence and just snag boards, which he did. His offense is still a work in progress (might be being generous), but there's something to work with on defense.

-Found it interesting that WIl started, but Dawson has been inconsistent at times. He's not aggressive off the bounce and that walk at the end of the half kind of shows where he's at mentally. You just need to pull that and put a shot at the rim. Wil hasn't been good either, don't get it twisted. But need a different approach at that spot. 

-CJ and Dawson caught pine in the second half for reasons I listed above honestly. Blaise and Walker combo was working, and Fred rode that. 

-Keisei again cannot be guarded despite Wisconsin basically face guarding him. He's on an unreal heater right now. Such a fun fun player that just brings so much energy to the team. 


Rutgers I am not optimistic in at all. They lost one of their glue guys in Mag, but they've been great. Next 3 after that however, I'd say are winnable. MSU will be the toughest, but it's senior night so who knows. Record is what it is right now, but being down 4 scholarship guys (i'm including lloyd in this as he had a good shot to play I think, even if not that's 3) and still picking up big ten wins. Love it.

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