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  1. This is a 2 for 1 commitment, since his brother has to have Nebraska way out front. Nothing in certain but this damn encouraging.
  2. Alex Maric is the last one that I can recall.
  3. Postives: 1. Big body can play right away. 2. Nice shooting touch around the hoop with amid-range jumper and turnaround. 3. Nice foot work. 4. Solid FT shooter Negatives: 1. Seems slow almost lumbers down the court 2. Can play passive at times. Doesn't move well without the ball. 3. Lacks much of a vertical.
  4. Honestly I don't care if any BIG 10 team ever wins a tournament game. They fvcked us in 2018 by not pushing for 5 teams in the tournament, and for that I'll never forgive them. They did not stand up for us when we needed them most and so there is no benefit in us standing up for them. Lots of schadenfreude over specifically Iowa, Wisconsin, and tOSU losing early. When we finally get into the tournament without any doubt and we win the whole thing on our first try and they make multiple ESPN specials and a movie about our accomplishment then I'll look to the east throw up double birds.
  5. I was going to school at UNL during that time and on campus they were very confident (over confident?) in the outcome of that game. It was all everyone would talk about. I remember the words of Norm Stewert about NU Hoops as a sleeping giant. I thought it was just a matter of time. As much as I enjoy NU Hoops I approach every season with both excitement and dread. My FIL, said that is what it was like to be a Cubs fan, before they won the WS.
  6. Can someone with more knowledge explain?
  7. Generating a story where there is none. The overwhelming majority where happy and thought it was a great accomplishment. Why did Jack even give this any attention? Well because this is what Jack does on twitter.
  8. I truly thought he would make it to the end of the season. Very predictable and said so early on. Still, judging by these statements, and the circumstances of this season there isn't any reason to throw shade at Teddy. Best of luck to him. He had a very difficult childhood and deserves the best in life.
  9. I've every televised game this season. This was the only one I've watched live. Despite how well we played for the majority of this game it was still a kick in the nuts. sarcasm*/ BTW, did you know that prior to this game we had lost 25 consecutive conference games */sarcasm I'm not going to give my thoughts on the game, other than I really liked the energy, but rather present this fantasy scenario, because why not. What if Fred has these kids solely focusing on the BIG Tournament and everything we are doing now is to get ready for that? To me it is the only explanation for why some of these kids haven't completed packed it in for the season. It would be absolutely delicious if our first conference win came in the BIG Tournament.
  10. Husker record in the BIG with the added moral victory column. Win Loss Moral 0 3 1 I'm having a hard time finding any wins in this conference the rest of the season.
  11. Sort of game related but whenever Ken decides to retire, Id be in favor of making a run at Shon Morris. Probably a long shot. Would also be in favor of Larry Putney.
  12. A player like Lexi Sun has huge potential earnings. Just take a look at who some of the top people are on Instagram and Tik Tok.
  13. Yes, legal concerns for universities. I know that those leagues have plans. My company had plans for us to go back to work in the office. Those plans have changed multiple times. I hope I'm wrong but I believe we won't have professional or college sports until spring 2021.
  14. I still believe there will be no football/basketball/volleyball/etc this fall. MLB has still yet to set a start date, which is concerning. The real question is who is going to be the first one to step out on a limb. No one wants to "that" person who is going to potentially put their neck on the line. I imagine what is holding everything back is related to legal concerns along with public perception.
  15. I still regret not picking French as my foreign language in HS instead of Latin.
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