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  1. Husker record in the BIG with the added moral victory column. Win Loss Moral 0 3 1 I'm having a hard time finding any wins in this conference the rest of the season.
  2. Sort of game related but whenever Ken decides to retire, Id be in favor of making a run at Shon Morris. Probably a long shot. Would also be in favor of Larry Putney.
  3. A player like Lexi Sun has huge potential earnings. Just take a look at who some of the top people are on Instagram and Tik Tok.
  4. Yes, legal concerns for universities. I know that those leagues have plans. My company had plans for us to go back to work in the office. Those plans have changed multiple times. I hope I'm wrong but I believe we won't have professional or college sports until spring 2021.
  5. I still believe there will be no football/basketball/volleyball/etc this fall. MLB has still yet to set a start date, which is concerning. The real question is who is going to be the first one to step out on a limb. No one wants to "that" person who is going to potentially put their neck on the line. I imagine what is holding everything back is related to legal concerns along with public perception.
  6. I still regret not picking French as my foreign language in HS instead of Latin.
  7. I have my concerns with Teddy, not his ability, but off the court.
  8. I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for HCFH to better define player roles.
  9. I'm not concerned with his weight. At his age, and with our S&C, he will easily be able to put on some good weight. The rest can be fixed with some coaching.
  10. Lost in these last 2 games has been the play of Cheatham and Burke. Both have showed up and given max effort and max results. Cheatham leadership on the floor is going to missed.
  11. It is important to understand that JUCO and Transfer players tend to come with some baggage. People want to be hard on Mack should probably take a close look at Stevenson and Allen. His second year at iSU 4 players transferred. I can see that happening again this season. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for Fred to recruit at true center. People need to get used to that idea. He likes position less basketball. Every single player, except for Yvan, he has brought in can bring the ball up the floor.
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