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  1. If Matt sucked at his job then what about his boss?
  2. I'm going to resurrect part of a post I made a while ago about this: Everyone is trying to solve our problems with players when in reality the problem is and has always been the coaching. Recruitniks understand recruiting because it is easier to understand than what it takes to be competitive and win. Winning for next season happens during the off season. It happens in the gym and weight room when no one is watching. It takes discipline, accountability, and attention to detail.
  3. IDK, seems to be a bit of a stretch. He was able to get Bryce here, but was he really, or where we clever enough to pull Trey in knowing it would bring Bryce. I also think it is a bit of a pipe dream. It's not like other coaches in the B1G aren't getting players into the NBA i.e. Wiscy, Iowa, Mich, MSU, OSU, Ill, Purdue. I've heard this before and I think it is overplayed and will leave it that.
  4. I don't see that as a problem. 2 sites. Start games at 11am using a staggered format.
  5. 1. It is more expensive for fans. 2. It makes it virtually impossible for one of the 4 bottom lower seeds to have a "Cinderella story" 3. 5 days on the road is a grind and does not allow for adequate recovery prior to the NCAA tournament.
  6. I don't really follow the transfer portal. Top need is a true PG. Any of those available? SG can take over in spots but would prefer him to be moving w/o the ball.
  7. He's 6'2". I just picked Purdue and Iowa as random teams Purdue runs with 3 starting guards in Hunter 6'4", Stefanovic 6'5", and Ivey 6'5". Iowa runs with 2 guards Toussaint 6'0", and Bohannon 6'1". I think the size concern at SG is overplayed.
  8. What I'd like to see is the conference go to a normal 14 team bracket where only the top 2 teams get a bye. Still start the tournament on Wednesday and end it on Saturday. The BIG does itself no favors by ending the tournament on Sunday.
  9. Of all the potential transfers the one I really want to stay is Tominaga. His energy is just good to have around. I think a lot of transfers struggle out of the gate. Around 80% of his shots where from 3 where he hit 33%. He could be an extremely effective bench player. Some things he needs to improve on. 1. Defense was not his strong suite, to be fair most of our team struggled playing defense. 2. Needs to get that 3pt % up to around 40%. Watching him play you can tell he is very confident that he can hit almost any 3 from anywhere on the court. That needs to be reigned in a bit. I think within a system that passes the ball and hitting the spot up shooter, he could be that guy. We need guys like this on this team. Him being a lefty is any added bonus. 3. Needs playa bit more under control on both sides of the ball. Mostly he needs to play with in the system. I was impressed with how capable he was at dribble drive. He has pretty fast first step and explodes to the hoop. Made some pretty acrobatic shots. His role as the 2 guard could be that of the bench sniper. Him being here for a full year will definitely help. If FH is going to be successful next season he needs to preserve this roster as much as possible. I know Robin, at least I think it was Robin, had him tagged as one of the potential transfers, however outside of Bryce (has already declared for the draft) and possible Lat (I don't want him to leave either) and also Trey (my source continues to tell me he is 50/50 on leaving), is doing anything other guessing. I will continue to say this over and over...it is extremely important if we are going to be successful next season to hold onto Trey and Walker. We needs some stability. The addition of SG should be very telling that FH wants to bring buy in guys.
  10. Many may not agree with this but the one school in this conference that is most like us is Michigan. Fan bases are very similar. Whenever we have played them in Lincoln I've always enjoyed interacting with them.
  11. Right now I want nothing more than to win our 1st NCAA tournament game. Everything else is a distance 2nd. ISU lost in the quarterfinals of their conference. Right now I doubt they'd care. Think Iowa would trade their conference title for sweet 16 or better? Conference results only matter in so much as they help with seeding in the tournament.
  12. Kentucky fans are the Nebraska fans of College Basketball. Wanting to fire Calipari is next level crazy.
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