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  1. I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for HCFH to better define player roles.
  2. I'm not concerned with his weight. At his age, and with our S&C, he will easily be able to put on some good weight. The rest can be fixed with some coaching.
  3. Lost in these last 2 games has been the play of Cheatham and Burke. Both have showed up and given max effort and max results. Cheatham leadership on the floor is going to missed.
  4. It is important to understand that JUCO and Transfer players tend to come with some baggage. People want to be hard on Mack should probably take a close look at Stevenson and Allen. His second year at iSU 4 players transferred. I can see that happening again this season. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for Fred to recruit at true center. People need to get used to that idea. He likes position less basketball. Every single player, except for Yvan, he has brought in can bring the ball up the floor.
  5. Richard has had some success at Minny. If they fire him then they deserve what they get.
  6. Agree about the over hype of last season however recall Moos expectation was 6-6. Bringing this back to basketball. Fred basically put together a rec league team. The fact that we won any games in the BIG is amazing. Ultimately we were done in by our lack of size, depth and overall talent. I'm still not sure how to explain our free throw shooting woes. He believed that a complete overhaul was needed. The jury is still out on whether this was a good move our not. It can be argued that had Fred not completely overhauled the roster we would not be one of the 2 worst teams in the conference this year. No one is going to ask Fred if he sacrificed this season in order to hasten the turnaround of the program. We all acknowledge that with a wink and nod. Personally I'm on the fence. The timing of all this couldn't be worse. The best year the BIG has had in basketball since we joined the conference combined with a complete overhaul of our basketball program and well this is what you get. Ultimately, I trust Fred. My expectation for next season is an NIT bid. We can look more deeply into that as we get closer to the 20-21 season Food for thought is that we will have about 10 players on our roster who have played at least 1 season of basketball at the D1 level.
  7. That was my Freshman yr at UNL. Was a really good game. Defensive battle. Hot as hell.
  8. Every time I see someone post something similar to this it makes me smile. Irony is funny.
  9. I'm with you on this. I'm hoping we can somehow hold onto Akol.
  10. There is no intention to redshirt King.
  11. The sell out streak is not real. Corporate sponsors buy unsold tickets. Lots of them. Everybody in the media knows this is true, but they can't say so publicly for fear of hurting the feelings of the fan base. The sell out streak is the 3rd rail of this program. It feeds into the collective ego of the fan base. Take that away and you take away the superiority complex of the fans. We are the greatest fans because we keep coming to games and selling out Memorial Stadium blah blah blah. It needs to go away officially to humble a fan base that desperately needs to be humbled. My bona fide on this is that a buddy of mine and I each have pair of season tickets One pair in row 22 of the north end zone the other in the first row of the upper east balcony. We each have our own for family and friends. There a times when we can't hardly give them away. The secondary market on the street is $5! Many times they have gone unsold on stub hub for a 1/3 of the face value. From those upper balcony seats you can see the entire landscape of the crowd and what sticks out always is all of the areas of empty seats. Lots of them. Students don't even fill up the student section. University knows that they can't take them away and sell them to the general public because no one will buy them. Every wonder why stadium capacity went from around 92+ K to to about 88K? To protect the sellout streak. I wouldn't be surprised if the stadium capacity was shrunk to around 85K in the next few years to further protect the ego of the fan base. As an aside the student section for the NWU game on Sunday (senior day) was about as bad as I've ever seen. Large empty areas of seats behind the benches. Not a good look.
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