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  1. Palmer was pretty vocal. Looks like he is being more of a leader.
  2. Ron Mexico


    Why should we care what others think? Serious question. What does it matter if other teams are mad that we got in and they didn't?
  3. Ron Mexico

    This Next One is a Must Win

    When you order by WL% Nebraksa is at #15. When you order by total wins Nebraska is tied for #12. When you order by Worst Record from best to worst Nebraska is #3 only behind Alabama and Oregon. Only 32% teams had 7 consecutive seasons with winning records.
  4. Ron Mexico

    This Next One is a Must Win

    Thanks for the list. Will take me a few days to add a few extra data points to complete the picture.
  5. Ron Mexico

    Nebraska (13-10) vs. Purdue (16-5) Game Thread

    Gotta luv those coaching searches. So exciting! I know I can't wait.
  6. I tend to think of us as passionate.
  7. Ron Mexico

    This Next One is a Must Win

    No I reflexively attack blatant falsehoods. My opinion can and does change based on new information. There is no new information to be brought forward with his coaching tenure. I'm no apologists, and have always remained objective, as BP did have his faults and his demise can be partially laid at his own feet. His recruiting wasn't as good as it should have been and he sometimes let let his emotions get the best of him. He wasn't equipped to handle the sensitivities, or ego, of the Nebraska fan base. The opposition however displays no such objectivity. What you and others say about 18yrs of bad football is completely false, and demonstrably so. Lumping BP in with BC and MR is slap in the face to what he accomplished here. Was it national title quality, no, but it was definitely much better than bad or mediocre. We were a good football team and significantly better, by a large magnitude than either the BC or MR era. Performance of his tenure was closer to that of FS, who was also unceremoniously sent packing do to the fickle nature of our fan base. They are both treated and regarded similarly as well.
  8. Ron Mexico

    This Next One is a Must Win

    Funny that is the way I view most Pelini haters. They can't get past their personal feelings to look at the facts objectively. Just for fun, as my time permits, I'll pull a list of all of the final top 25 teams for each season during that period of time, those 7yrs, and see how they compared.
  9. Nothing much to say. Just playing the string out.
  10. Ron Mexico

    This Next One is a Must Win

    Same 27, 32, 41, and 56 teams over that time frame? Give me a list of top 25 teams and I'll post their average numbers during that 7yr time span and lets see how that match up. I'll make it easy for you and let you list the best possible group of teams that you can think of and I'll look at their numbers and compare. Avg AP finish. Winning percentage. Any other numbers you want me to look at? If Nebraska was "shitty" as you say this should be an easy exercise.
  11. Ron Mexico

    This Next One is a Must Win

    I'll concede that recruiting could have been better, but that can be said about a lot of coaches. The original point by the OP was that Nebraska Football hasn't been good during the last 18yrs which is demonstrably false. The majority of fans would have been more than OK with him if he had won like Saban, who displays all of the personal characteristics your described.
  12. Ron Mexico


    Mike Riley was no saint and I'll just leave it at that.
  13. Ron Mexico

    This Next One is a Must Win

    Name the D1 P6 programs that had a higher winning % during that time frame. Look it up. You'll be shocked. Spoiler alert we were in the top 10 during that time period. I do agree though that the Callaghan and Riley years where horrific.
  14. Ron Mexico

    This Next One is a Must Win

    I tire of arguing with simpletons about football. I could explain it to you until I'm blue in the face and you still wouldn't understand.