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  1. In what way has he mishandled Miles? Please expand.
  2. That place is a cesspool, similar to HOL.
  3. 1. Crowd brought it tonight. Only one better was when we played Wisconsin on Senior night in 2013-2014 season. 2. JPJ came to play. 3. All 5 starters in double figures. It won't be the last time we see that happen this season. 4. Nana, Tanner, and Brady gave valuable minutes, especially Tanner. I really really like how TM has managed the bench this season. 5. McDermot can dish it out but he certainly can't take it. 6. How does that feel Creighton fan? Hope you enjoy wearing this one for the next year. 7. I'm not going to look ahead tonight. Just going to enjoy this one.
  4. The monkey was not only taken off our back tonight but it was brought behind the PBA and beaten to death.
  5. Ron Mexico

    Illinois (2-5) vs. Nebraska (6-1) Game Thread

    Kent: "Blueberries come to town."
  6. Ron Mexico

    Creighton 2018-19, The Thread

    CU winning is better for us. Not saying anyone should cheer for CU to win, but we should look at the bigger picture.
  7. The TTech loss was big, not that it was a bad loss, it wasn't, but that it was a huge opportunity lost, to take control of our own future and not have a repeat of last season. The concern after that game was justifiable. Road Non-Con Q1 Game > Neutral Non-Con Q1 Game > Road Big 10 Q1 Game > Home Q1 Big 10 Q1 Game. What hurt us last year was that we didn't This win gives a us some breathing room. We have 1 more Non-Con opportunities vs Creighton vs Q1 (currently Ok St is not a Q1 but rather Q2). As of today we have 13 potential Q1 games. We don't need to win all of them, heck we don't even have to win most of them. Our next 5 games. Illinois Q4 @ Minnesota Q1 Creighton Q1 @ Oklahoma State Q2 Cal State Fullerton Q4
  8. Ron Mexico

    Nebraska (5-1) vs. Clemson (5-1) Game Thread

    Phantom foul on JPJ.
  9. Ron Mexico

    There's Always This Year

    Since the turn of the century we have only beat them 4 times.
  10. It shouldn't matter but it does which is why that metric is a part of the resume. OU is a perfect example of why it is important win these types of games. Their whole season was basically propped up wby what they did OCC. Look at OU's OCC schedule from last season. They beat Oregon, Wich St, and USC all on neutral sites, along with Northwestern at home. Their only loss was to Arkansas on a Neutral site. Why do you think we beefed up our non-con schedule? It matters a lot, but only if you can win some of those games.
  11. We not only need Q1/2 wins in conference but OCC as well. That metric is also looked at.
  12. Sky isn't falling but this loss puts more pressure on us to get quality wins. I wouldn't be chalking Creighton, no matter how bad the Big East may be. When is the last time we beat them? That game is a must win, IMHO, for a lot of reasons. Clemson isn't considered a road game?