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  1. Full disclosure I heard this from a very reliable source so it isn't my inside information.
  2. In the end it won't be those 3 games, but rather the cumulative of the previous seasons.
  3. FTR, I don't see him winning any of those 3 which is why I believe he will be let go by Christmas.
  4. This is the make or break stretch for Fred. That stretch actually started with St. John's. You can throw out Ark. Pine Bluff and Queens games. Winning won't help, however losing either of those would be devastating. Beating FSU or BC won't help him either, where as losing will be another nail. It really comes down to 3 games that would prevent him from being fired before Christmas. Those games are Creighton, Indiana and Purdue. It is important to Note that there is a 7 day break between when we play Purdue and KSU. If HCFH is let go before the season ends I could see Adam Howard being promoted as interim over Nate Loenser.
  5. So very happy for this team and these players. I like every single one of the guys. An incredibly fun game to watch. This season has been HCFH best, from a coaching perspective, season. This is what I imagined his first season would have been like.
  6. I feel pretty good about these 2 songs. I'm just guessing the order. A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall Every Grain of Sand
  7. Driving down to the game with my son I had a bad feeling about this game. Gad I was wrong. As others have said, I like this team. It seems as if the entire team is made up of role players. Noticed several times SG didn't bring the ball up the court, however he still ran the offense. Much better job of spacing and passing. Offense looked more organized. When we are in zone, we need to do a better job of rotating to the ball. Hopefully Walker will be back son.
  8. Redshirt doesn't come out of nowhere if you are hedging your bet. I think he's gone at the Semester.
  9. Listened on the radio as I had a late night at work. Years past when we played a team like Maine and they would close the team would fold. Great to see the fight in this team to go on that run after Main got it within 1. This team is going to go as far as SG and DW take them. They are both the clear leaders. JG is a true rim protector. His going to have to find a way to get points when the opportunity arises. If he can hit in the range of 5pt/game that will be good enough. His job is going to be getting rebounds and on help defense. Teams will adjust and try and find ways to move him away from the hoop. SG will hold up just fine in the BIG. As trust develops, along with the return of DW I look for his assists numbers to go up. He had 3 assists but it felt like more and that's because of missed shots. He's going to matchup problem for a lot of teams. I liked how FH managed KT. He got a little out of control in the 1st half and FH pulled him to settle him down. It worked. Had a nice block. It is obvious he has put in some work in the weight room. I'm not concerned about CJW yet... WB tried to much against Colorado. It's going to take a few games for him to get back into the flow. He has a really good eye for the floor and can distribute. I'm confused by what I'm seeing from BK. With more playing time OK will get better. Someone else mentioned that he plays like he doesn't realize that he's 7ft tall. EB is going to give good minutes from the Overall, not a bad performance. We'll be tested on Friday. The difficulty level of our schedule is 180 from last year. Need to have DW back by the time we play St. John's.
  10. MR was the coach I liked the least of all the post TO retirement coaches. I knew he would be a failure the minute he was hired. He was on the downslide at OSU and was likely going to get just one more year with a re-worked contract. This was purely a money grab for him. BC was a desperation hire after a prolonged coaching search where several candidates turned the job down. A couple of what could have been coaches in that list. This job was never more than a pit stop so he could go back to the NFL. Unlike MR I think he tried the best he could only because he wanted another shot at being an NFL HC. He was a NFL only coach who liked to smell his own farts. He was incapable of adjusting to the college game. SF was though to our generations TO. That didn't work out so well. At least he cared about this place unlike those other 2. BP loved coaching at Nebraska. I've listened to a few interviews since he's been gone and he talks glowingly about coaching here and about the fan base. Should have never been fired. We are paying the price for that mistake now. This solidified my hate for our own fan base. FS suffered from following TO. He was never really giving a fare shot by the fans or media because he couldn't immediately replicate what TO had accomplished. Should have never been fired. FS has been so hurt by his firing that he will never return to Nebraska. Waning health concerns make that an almost a certainty. This is when I began to hate our fan base.
  11. I don't think it is calling for his job. Those who have, have already made themselves known. I think @Norm Peterson is just taking a step back and answering w/o emotion. While I agree that a search can be done while he is still in place that also comes with certain uncomfortable complications, and of course that would have 0% chance of being kept under raps.
  12. The Florida tournament is very important to come out of that with at least 1 win. I'd fell better about this season if this group had been able to play together for at least 1 season. This just all falls like rinse and repeat from last season. Except this season we have no real scoring threat and once again we have a 2 guard playing bult minutes as a pg. Edited to Add: That Omaha game is very important for us to be competitive. Last 2 trips to Omaha we have lost by 24 and 19. Many in the AD and boosters are tired of losing this game year after year.
  13. Good find. Now thinking about that quote I want to point out this stretch of games. These games are incredibly important. HCFH needs to be competitive in most of these games. When my source told me HCFH would be gone before Christmas, this stretch of games stuck out to me. How likely are we to win any of those games, or be competitive? How about a 20+pt loss to the Omaha team? What do you think the mood would be like for the fan base if we where to go 0-8 knowing that we would still have a the majority of our BIG games yet to play. A conference where we are projected to finish dead last. Think there will be much heat on TA? Note that there is a 7 day break between when we play Purdue then KSU.
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