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  1. When TO finally beat OU it moved the needle a lot. To add to my anti-rivalry point. Creighton and NU don't play in the same conference. One point that does matter is that we do often go after the same local recruits. A true rival for us is going to come from the BIG. Wiscy is the closest to becoming our rival and Iowa in the mix as well.
  2. Beating Creighton barely moved the needle for TM. I would take losing to CU every year for infinity if it mean that we would regularly made the NCAA Tournament.
  3. A true rival is a team that when you win it makes your season, regardless of record. Winning that game saves a coaches job. Heat on TO almost completely went away when he finally be OU. Beating CU is great mostly because it shuts up their fan base and Omaha media. Our true rival right now is the NCAA tournament
  4. There are a lot of reasons why Creighton is brought up here: 1. Jaysker factor. 2. Proximity 3. Lincoln vs Omaha 4. The #2 and #3 programs in the state in regards to popularity 5. Local press needing to fill articles with something. When it comes to basketball I would argue that we have never really had a rival. The closest would have been KU in the BIG 12 and old BIG 8, although it was mostly one sided.
  5. Big Daddy McD wants to take us behind the woodshed on Saturday. If he gets a chance to run up the score, he will. Us winning at their crib would make their fan base absolutely apoplectic. Most of our fan base, like @throwback said, is expecting Creighton to blow us out whether that is based on reality of not. As @hhcmatt said Creighton is in a world hurt right now. I think they will really get up for this game though since it really does mean a lot more to them than us. Ultimately the apathy by our fan base about this game is more about us than it is them. We, the collective, still don't view them as a true rival. I believe enthusiasm for this game wouldn't have been hyped this season even if Miles had been the coach since we beat them last year.
  6. There will be a number of guys given transfer option. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I said it before the season, look at what he did at ISU, a much better program. It sucks but from fan perspective this is a throw away season. We will get better as the season progresses but that doesn’t mean we are going to win many games. May win in the range of 5 to 10 games. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Great work @Norm Peterson @hhcmatt should pin this. Kevin Cross and Yvan Ouedraogo are really intriguing. I think both will see significant minutes, especially once we start BIG 10 play. We are going to need some guys who bang in the middle. Those 2 will be put into the fire early. Like you Norm I wonder how Matej Kavas is going to fit in. As for starters I think Jervay Green is a lock. I'm sure FH is going to spend the early part of the season playing with lineups.
  9. It wasn't that Byrne was bad with financials it was how he allocated resources. Chasing the directors cup and funneling resources to Olympic/non-revenue generating sports to the detriment of football and basketball. A good example is comparing his basketball vs baseball hires. Van Horn is a program defining hire. Barry Collier not so much. While he did put in a good effort to get Self, save for not paying him back for dinner, he still fell short.
  10. This will a good thread to revisit at the end of the season. PG Watson vs Mack: (Watson) 4yr starter. Glynn will be missed. Allen vs Green (Allen) Allen is a proven player vs BIG 10 competition. JPJ vs Burke (JPJ) JPJ all conference player Copeland vs ??? (Copeland) Healthy Copeland, could be argued, was our best player. His value was evident when we tanked down the stretch Roby vs ??? (Roby) 2nd round NBA pick BENCH: Thor vs Thor I think you might be undervaluing Thor. I might be wrong but I think he will do well in Hoiberg system. Borchardt vs Drago (Borchardt) Borchardt got better as the season progressed Heiman vs Cross (Push) Heiman never did anything to stand out. Nana vs Kavas (Kavas) Nana had moments but nothing ever stood out. Kavas shoots anywhere close to this 3pt % then it is an upgrade. Kavas could be sneaky good this season. If you want to know what to expect this season, look at Hoiberg's 1st season at ISU. It isn't going to be pretty.
  11. Devaney 1, Moos 2, TO 3. Each one of them have done, are doing, good things. Devaney was forward thinking enough to hire TO and took a chance on Nee and it paid off. He was also very fiscally sound. He kept the AD in the black and devoted the most resources to the most important things. Think of the weight room and the building named after him that is still in use today. He also contributed important intangibles. He will always be #1 in my book no matter what anybody who follows him does. Moos is at 2 because the book is still out on his hires although from purely a perception and fan base unification standpoint they are important. Our fan base has been extremely divided for a very long time. His hires had to be home runs. They had to check all of the boxes and for Football and Basketball they have certainly done that. He has taken a page out of the BD model and allocated the most resources to where they need to be allocated. Despite what people think he is not ego driven. If he was he would not have made the hires that made knowing that some people would view those hires as a no-brainer, that anybody could have made. I can promise you that neither Frost nor Hoiberg would have come here if we had a typical empty suit as an AD i.e Byrne, Pedersen, Eichorst. TO is very important, because from a financial perspective he brought us back into the black. Pedersen had cooked the books and we were in a financial mess when TO took over. Many people don't realize how bad it was. Most importantly, his name, and his name alone got us into the BIG. If as the AD, he was't involved, we would not have been asked into the BIG, which has set us up financially for a long time into the future. Don't think there is a PBA without TO either. He made some very strategic moves along with his backing of the PBA being financed with public/private money, and in Lincoln people know how difficult it is to convince people to do something like that. His hires, while not program changing set us up well for what we have now. Pelini, like him or hate won games. Miles got us to an NCAA tournament which somewhat reinvigorated interest in the program. Nothing that follows would be possible if not for TO, similar to if we don't have The Bob nothing that follows is possible.
  12. Extremely overrated award. This was a pet of Bill Byrne, and could be argued his pursuit of this award was the beginning of the downward spiral of Nebraska football. BTW, Alabama is 30? and Clemson is far below us in the 70's. I doubt any of their fans, boosters or alumni give two whips about the Learfield Directors Cup standing.
  13. This was on my to do list as part of an effort to finish getting caught up. My opinion is that with the exception of MSU the BIG is wide open. I listened through the entire podcast. It was awful/painful/brutal. A lot of laughing/giggling. Like listening to 2 guys in a bar. Unless you want to hear them talk about Golf skip to about the 6min mark. BTW, didn't realize Bakari Evelyn was going to playing at Iowa as a Grad Transfer. Nebraska starts at about the 1hr 1min mark. Had them rated in the BIG as #13, just ahead of NWU. As @hhcmatt stated this is nothing to get riled about. It is about what you would expect. They looked at the Nebraska roster and all the turnover and said they are going to suck bad.
  14. What is a two-way contract?
  15. I wonder if he knew this coming? If not then...ouch https://247sports.com/college/north-carolina-state/Article/NC-State-Notice-of-Allegations-NCAA-Dennis-Smith-Jr-133568889/
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