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  1. Without reading any comments and having a night to sleep on that loss... This is such an on brand loss for Nebraska basketball. Coaches change, post season struggles continue. Games like this leave me despondent and nihilistic about whether, in my lifetime, we'll ever win an NCCA tournament game. We lost this game in the 1st 5 min of the game when we didn't capitalize on the multiple turnovers and missed shots by Minn. HCFH, for the most part, this season has done a really good job of coaching. Last night he was out coached. Ben Johnson did to us what MSU did to us, which is they were not going to let us control the paint. In contrast they made a concerted effort to play in the paint. Also, I'm not convinced that we are out of the conversation for an NIT bid. Now that I have that out of the way, I'm going to interject my perspective... Like it or not this team has been playing well above their capabilities for the last month and half. We lost 2 significant starters over a 2 week span on a team with limited depth. This isn't the first time when we've had a significant injuries that have completely derailed what was on pace to be a pretty decent season. HCFH and the team did a fantastic job of not packing it in, and putting together a strong finish to the season. In reality we had been playing on borrowed time for awhile. In the end this season was significantly more than I could have hoped for. It was a job saving season for HCFH. As a matter of fact I was on record that he was going to be fired before Christmas. There will be time later to discuss what HCFH needs to do to keep his job for next season.
  2. I'm not sure how to quantify this, but how much of our offense is run through DW? Seems like a lot. HCFH has found this to be a winning strategy. DW's loss will be immense I think. Can he be replaced in the aggregate with Oleg, BW, and BK? I think a lot more will be put on SH next season. He's going to be a swiss army knife. Can RL Jr fill the role of SG? If so that would be nice. Having JG back next season will be huge, especially since we will likely be going with a 3 guard lineup the majority of time. JL will start next season. He's been the biggest surprise of the season. Next years lineup w/o any consideration for new players coming in or current players leaving. G RL/SH G KT/CJW G JL/QM F JG/DD F WB/BK/Oleg I think this gives us a lot of continuity which we sorely need to avoid early season struggles that we had this season. This group to me is a nice base.
  3. Enough time has passed. Time to spill the beans.
  4. We are currently 15-15. All we have to do is win one of our next 2 game to finish the season at .500. Plot twist will be that we play at SJSU in the 1st round of the NIT.
  5. Izzo made half time defensive adjustments that we were not able to overcome. Izzo showed why he is one of the best in the country. We didn't lose the game so much as MSU won that game. In person MSU looked impressive. Long and athletic at almost every position. Move on from this game to Iowa. We need 1 more win to ensure we finish the season at .500 and get a postseason tournament bid.
  6. The more realistic situation would be them playing us in the NIT, if we qualify. The NIT would love that first round matchup.
  7. We know recent success doesn't matter at all.
  8. Just like the '17-18 season when we where the FIRST team ever from the BIG (or major conference?) to win 20+ games and finish in the top 4 of the conference and not make the NCAA? To protect the "integrity" of their super secret hidden formula they will most certainly keep us out. If they do let us then give us some brutal 1st round match up with a team like Baylor.
  9. I know. I'm pointing out how flawed it is as a metric that is used to determine which teams get into the NCAA and their potential seedings. We are being punished because we got blown out in a lot of games during a time period while we where adjusting to losing 1 starter and then another for the season.
  10. Tell me how KU is ranked 7th in NET when they have 12 Q1 wins. Houston is ranked #1 and they have 4 Q1, which is 1 more than Nebraska.
  11. The NET uses a secret formula that only the NCAA knows. They can make the numbers do what ever they want and not I'm not going to give them any benefit of the doubt as being an ethical or honest organization. I don't for one second believe that they aren't above manipulating numbers to produce a desired outcome. We won a lot of games in '17-18 and finished 4th in the BIG regular season and that wasn't enough because of our Q1 and Q2 game, allegedly. This is on top of finishing the month of Feb regular season going 6-1. So winning games matters at the end of the day, until it doesn't. What's hurting us this year is in essence style points, otherwise known as margin of victory (rank is 222. we are 64pts in the negative) and net efficiency (rank is 161). These are a couple of the added metrics for NET that weren't a part of the old RPI. This season we have lost by 10 or more points 13 times. By the way despite what the NCAA says MOV is not capped. Coaches should be fighting for every point in every basketball game down the stretch, despite the score. As for were we stand now, our chances to make the NCAA, outside of winning the conference tournament are slim and none. We have some work to do just be eligible for the NIT. Before this season making the NIT was beyond my wildest dreams. Right now the only thing I want is for us to go 3-1 the rest of the way, which will almost assure a spot in the NIT.
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