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  1. I never saw him play in HS so I'm only speaking from his extremely limited playing time at Nebraska. Up until the last 2 games I just didn't know, however he has shown a high level of athleticism. He has the length to be a shot blocker and glass cleaner(at 6'6" he has a 6'8" wingspan with a 35" vertical). He's more than quick enough to play permeter defense and can also get to the rim. He's going to have to improve his 3pt shooting but the raw skills are there. An off season in the weight room, gym, and at the training table will do him wonders. FH speaks highly of him and his future at Nebraska.
  2. It's interesting how people can have preconceived notions about a player with very little information to go on. They make sweeping judgments with such authority while providing little if any supporting evidence.
  3. Please provide a detailed analysis to back up your opinion.
  4. You think Akol will only be a role player...hmmm ok. Like I said this will not age well.
  5. What do you mean by that? I don't want to put words in your mouth so I'll ask directly, do you think HCFH made a mistake by honoring the Akol scholarship and taking Charlie as a walk on?
  6. Some would call it a lack of maturity. I'm all for letting the kids celebrate and have zero issues with Cam's bow-and-arrow. My disappointment is his body language when things aren't going his way and his apparent pouting. He wants to be a pro then he needs to start acting like a pro.
  7. You know this about these players how? The old eye ball test? You can see today that neither of them will amount to much as college basketball players? They aren't the kind of players that can't help our program go? I strongly disagree. Akol is a true freshman scholarship player, who was the Nebraska Gatorade player of the year in 2019. The type of player we have been losing out on to our rivals the last few years. Charlie is a walk on, and who, like Akol was also an all state player. I also believe that he played on the same AAU team as Akol. We can revisit this post in 3 years. I have a feeling that it won't age well.
  8. Post game FH said we missed 10 lay ups in the first half alone! Total for the game had to be between 15-20. Looking ahead at our schedule we have maybe 1 more win, senior night NWU. Time to get Akol as much playing time as possible along with Green. We need to start playing for the future. Kavas should only be getting garbage minutes. We need to continue to rest Cam and Thorir. Around 30 min a game PT. Those two are gassed and it shows. I'm running out of motivation to attend games in person this season. I'm emotionally worn out.
  9. The way we start in the 2nd half is more than a 1 time occurrence. I've been chalking it up to the fact that we lack the horse power to sustain 1st half momentum. What I saw against PSU was complete garbage. We have lost a lot of games this year, and we will lose more, but Saturday night was reminiscent of years past where we have gotten completely brought to the woodshed.
  10. I'm not so sure about that. He will definitely play a role but he is not going to get the kind of minutes next year that he has this year. The lack of maturity displayed by Mack last night was not good. It is in sharp contrast to how Green has handled being disciplined.
  11. - Need to continue to play with that intensity. - Remainder of January is 4 on the road and 2 at home - Cam is playing at an all conference level as PG - Haanif is the quiet leader of this team. - Dachon has played himself into getting more minutes but he needs to continue to work on his defense. There was a play in the 1st half where Iowa PG blew by him and HCFH went right to the bench for Charlie. - Charlie brings a lot of intangibles. His defense is how he has earned his minutes. He's an energy guy. If he is going to shoot 3's he needs to make them. - Thorir scored 17pts but it felt like more. He killed it on the defensive boards. - We are watching the growth of Kevin before our eyes. He is going to be a matchup nightmare for teams in the coming years. - Yvan did a good job on Garza. Would like to see him a bit more active on the offensive boards. - Matei seems lost out there at times and can be liability on defense. If wants more playing time he is going to have to start making his 3's. - I had forgotten Bakari ended up at Iowa. - Credit to Doc for the defensive game plan. - HCFW offense creates a lot of open shots.
  12. Players went over to the student section sans students and give them all high fives. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I want White of that list based on principle alone. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Starters: Cam/Teddy/Charlie Dashon/Jervay/Thorir Thorir/Shameil/Jervay Yvan/Kevin Derrick/Akol Can remove Williams from this list since he has decommitted.
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