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  1. It's impossible to rank them because those 1st 2yrs would have to be on sliding scale. We've lost to worst teams, however this game has the feel of one of the worst losses. We'll know more in a few weeks after teams get conference games under their belt. Once again in the 2nd half we go away from what was working in the 1st half because well....why not. What I can't stand is watching a team quit playing.
  2. Name a player who wanted to come here that we couldn't afford? I'll wait. I don't know who HB's source is and is likely different from mine, but I can say with certainty that this person is at all of the big donor events. When he tells me that we can be competitive with NIL, I believe him.
  3. Defiantly went off the tracks with the firing Nee. Didn't matter who they hired, as that person was never going to equal Nee's success. I don't think he screwed us over royally. IMO he jumped in a lifeboat before he was pushed off the plank. Can't say I blame him. He saw the writing on the wall. Barry has attended a lot of games since he left. Barry, as a human being will always be one of my favorites. I liked Doc as well. He was more similar to Barry then most would like to admit, mainly neither one of them could recruit or coach offense. Not including Bahe on any list other than the biggest douche to come out of CU. Did Danny Nee have a hard to recruiting Omaha kids? 1890 is doing just fine. None of this is going to be absorbed by Universities as it would be strongly opposed by the kids. If the Universities are put in charge of NIL it will become a mess.
  4. The one who can turn it around will have a statue raised in their honor.
  5. The NIL part is not true. We offered more for the Aurora kid than CU and he turned us down because he wanted to be on a better team to showcase his talents for the next level.
  6. Not going to re-arrange my schedule anymore to watch these games live. Been to 2 home games thus far and will likely not go to anymore.
  7. For a program with a lot of historically bad coaches, he's the worst.
  8. Defiantly agree about Allick. Mast shooting '3's should be limited. I liked what I saw for the first 7 games, especially defensively. We played the whole 2nd half, on both offense and defense out of control. HCFH should have put a stop to that.
  9. I'm going to say it... HCFH needs to get into at least the NIT or he should be let go, and even then, unless it's the NCAA, it should be strongly considered. IMO, he's coaching for his job this year. I don't care if he shows some incremental improvement again. If he doesn't make a post season this will be his 5th consecutive year. Tim Miles was here 7 yrs and made a post season in 3 of those years including his final 2 years. Doc Sadler in 6yrs made 3 postseasons. Barry Collier in 6yrs made 2 postseasons including his final year. From the '00-'01 season until now (4 coaches) we have only had 2 seasons where we had a winning conference record. We went to NCAA's for one of those and the other we didn't. The second one is the biggest screw job ever by the committee and I'll go to my grave believing that one. During that same time span we've had 11 losing records and 2 where we where .500. Doc had one season where we where .500 and Miles has both of those seasons where he had a winning conference record, and for him it was either feast or famine. Seeing multiple Nebraska kids on the CU roster and one of them absolutely go off is sickening. I don't care about the circumstances of how they ended up there. We need to lock down the state. I know that CU is just one game, however we need to be better prepared. This game, like it or not, needs to be treated like a true rivalry. Our record playing them through Collier ('00-'01) to present ('23-'24) is abysmal. This loss is embarrassing and should NEVER happen...period. I'm tired of year over year us not being competitive in this game. Cut the X hype videos and win the damn game or at least be competitive. We have everything in place to have a consistent winning program and with NIL that tilts the scale even more in our favor. Speaking of of NIL, every one on this board should be donation to 1890. I currently give $20/month and plan to increase that by $10/month each year going forward. This has a direct impact on us being able to compete for top talent both HS and in the portal.
  10. This can't be overstated enough. It looked to me like they got into the game before the gates opened? This definitely needs to be addressed.
  11. I hate Nick Bahe. I especially hate when he calls our games He tends to give us a lot of back handed complements whether we are ahead or behind, win or lose. I was glad his cohort called it out at the beginning of the telecast that he played for Creighton.
  12. KT threw the ball against the base of the hoop. That sequence was devastating and Sasquatch knew it. I saw him smiling.
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