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  1. Huskers using up pitches on the Iowa pitcher.
  2. The money is being pumped into football & basketball.
  3. Yori does the game planning for Creighton now, And I don't think that she is on the staff. Creighton's web site says that Connie is the program advisor. And listed in the coaches menu.
  4. I just spit my drink out. THAT'S FUNNY AS HELL!
  5. I hadn't heard that Thor was coming back. That is good I guess Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk
  6. One has to forgive the sins that one does. My wife was addicted to gambling, it cost her a good paying job, 401 and was cut out of the family inheritance and she did time!!!!
  7. I have always liked him. Most of my buddies hate him, guess it was because he won all of the time. Also like The lefty Phi Mickelson, being a wrong arm myself.
  8. The brooms are out, and it's another sweep. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!!!!!!!!!!
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