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    The Media Thread

    it's a free app. I down loaded after I posted this.
  2. I am going to copy what is over on the men's side of the forum, where they have the offical media thread it covers video's, tweets, newspaper articles, etc. I think it is a better way to find media content, than starting a new thread on everything.
  3. Bugeaters1

    The Media Thread

    Might be worth a try. http://www.huskers.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=100&ATCLID=205700625
  4. Jaddan Simmons, 5-8 PG, Green Bay Southwest HS (WI): Arizona State, Nebraska, Utah, Yale
  5. Bugeaters1

    2019 Recruits

    Corner seats good choice. You sit close to my wife's cousin.
  6. Bugeaters1

    2019 Recruits

    You sit close to me if you can get in on the coach's timeout discussions.
  7. Bugeaters1

    2019 Recruits

    to some degree, we cant see the sideline on the east where the game management people sit. but we do have a big tv above us.
  8. Bugeaters1

    2019 Recruits

    We opted to not choose our seats this year. We can't get much better than behind the bench in row A. Good luck to you getting some good seats. I like the fact that I don't have to wait for a row to clear before I can go. I just get up and walk out.
  9. Bugeaters1

    2021 Sara Puckett

  10. Bugeaters1

    Nebraska Football 2018-2019

    Most of the pundits say that Gebbia will be the starter. But you have to like what Martinez brings to the table as well. If Gebbia would get hurt Martinez will be serviceable, unlike past years.
  11. Bugeaters1

    Nebraska Football 2018-2019

    And from deep to thin in a hurry. I wonder just how many WR would be enough in this Offense?
  12. Bugeaters1

    Davison Done

    And baseball is dry as hell.
  13. Bugeaters1

    Davison Done

    Oh god not Ben, he is as dry as a popcorn fart.
  14. Bugeaters1

    The end of AAU Basketball

    Here is an article about how the NCAA wants to do away with AAU ball. is this a good or bad thing? http://www.basketballfinders.com/the-end-of-aau-whats-next-for-grassroots-basketball
  15. Bugeaters1

    Dedoch is N

  16. Bugeaters1

    Nebraska Football 2018-2019

    I think a lot of the problems during the Riley era can be traced to just poor strength and conditioning. Riley is just a poor coach.
  17. Bugeaters1

    The Injury Report

    Sounds like Roby is good to go.
  18. Bugeaters1

    OT: Urban Meyer

    Is put on paid leave while the OSU conducts an investigation into his knowledge of abuse by his WR coach. The WR coaches name escapes me at the moment.
  19. Bugeaters1

    Shim Shams

    Looks like they are trying out for women's gymnastics team.
  20. Bugeaters1

    Mike Scioscia to Step Down

    Damn, there goes the Erstad to the Angels thought.