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  1. I dunno, given the icelandic spelling I'm leaning more towards this guy:
  2. Here's my thing about this. I want to hear through the grapevine about a kid who is at the practice facility at 11 pm, who made friends with the janitor until he got his own set of keys to the backdoor to get up more shots. I'm not saying this wasn't happening or that there is any ulterior motive to the shooting after games. That being said, shooting right after a game while your coach is still out doing the post game radio interview seems a lot like that guy who makes sure his boss sees him still working at 5:30 when the boss is heading out regardless of how much work is actually being done. Don't know the kid, wish him the best. Just saying it's not as impressive as the first scenario.
  3. I listened to a lot of it this morning. A lot of interesting stuff for sure. But that burno quip made me snort. It's like he reads this board or something. All he needed to do was make fun of Tim's ; usage or mention standhardinger standing hard and I would be convinced
  4. Way to bury the lead!! How come no one is talking about the burno slam at 13:50??. Bro, Lewis said he got a bonus for every three months he stayed?
  5. maybe a chance if we can foul some pg's out real quick, but very few teams end with a win and these guys look tired.
  6. the even worse thing about roby being in foul trouble is that when he is in in the 2nd half I guarantee our defense will be terrible. For as good as it has been the last five games, those stretches where tanner and/or roby have been in foul trouble we have given up a ton of uncontested layups. and that brain fart to go into half time, yikes guys. Tired feet just aren't moving that quick.
  7. roby was a man. And that was the loudest I have ever heard a husker basketball crowd when Johnny got his own miss off the three and got the putback. Holy explosion batman, i thought the roof was gonna come off.
  8. just got back from Lincoln and re-read the game thread. That game was freaking awesome. First one I made it to this season, and I took my 10 and 7 yr old with me since it's spring break. So much fun, that arena was lit. And butler can suck it. Apparently the big east is wearing off on them.
  9. There's this whole theory about constraints actually increasing creativity. A famous example is a book publisher betting Dr. Suess he couldn't write a kid's book using only 50 distinct words. Out of that constraint came green eggs and ham. I think the roster constraints have helped Miles here, because there isn't a whole lot he can mess around with. 7 guys are playing, period. He can't put someone on a short leash, so guys can play free and know what's going to happen with minutes. So it frees him up to focus on other stuff like using his timeouts, especially since ending a run probably correlates to getting his guys a breather. Reminds me of his first year. He was playing 6 or 7 guys max, and I recall a lot of 2nd halves the starters never came out unless someone fouled out. And that team way overpunched it's talent level. So much fun to watch these guys right now. Playing hard, playing smart, knowing their roles, what a fun stretch.
  10. LOL, fair enough even if JT is like a foot taller. Being on the wrong side of 5'10" myself, I always had a soft spot for Benny. Just wished he could shoot.
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