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  1. Rutgers was a reschedule, so they stuck with the og senior night
  2. This team looks totally different the last 2 games. They've been defending shockingly well since the restart, but the movement and passing for most of the last 2 looks completely different. Hoping this is a corner being turned and these guys are starting to get it
  3. Maybe, but banton would have needed about six more calls to get another free throw make
  4. It did seem like coach was throwing up the stop sign and running sets tonight as promised, and I think it worked. Interested to see if we can build on that going forward and get used to what it's supposed to look like.
  5. boy that one hurt. so much good, but dear god banton is all the way in his head about shooting right now. good to see thor break out at least.
  6. I've noticed that McGowen likes to just stop or cut right in front of people when bringing the ball down the court in traffic. Pretty heady way to pick up 2-3 cheap fouls a game on the other team. Seems like he has eyes in the back of his head for a defender coming down the court a little out of control.
  7. I made it back to the start of the pelini era on that list the owh put out back in april. Kind of brought back all the frustrations of that era and I lost interest
  8. Me and some friends are gonna gather and re watch the 1995 season week by week. I cant wait for January
  9. And that sword of his can tell him when Iowa is in town
  10. Plus, he can just pop that ring on and disappear. That's gotta be worth a couple easy steals and layups per game
  11. I dunno, given the icelandic spelling I'm leaning more towards this guy:
  12. Here's my thing about this. I want to hear through the grapevine about a kid who is at the practice facility at 11 pm, who made friends with the janitor until he got his own set of keys to the backdoor to get up more shots. I'm not saying this wasn't happening or that there is any ulterior motive to the shooting after games. That being said, shooting right after a game while your coach is still out doing the post game radio interview seems a lot like that guy who makes sure his boss sees him still working at 5:30 when the boss is heading out regardless of how much work is actually being done.
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