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  1. RedEyedFanatic

    Greatest Upset in the history

    wasnt umbc the team that came into the devaney and beat us back in the cookie miller days?
  2. In like a lion out like a lamb. God What a crappy last 2 weeks
  3. This game is making my eyes bleed
  4. Lol all of it. But I meant Evan being here for 4 years
  5. RedEyedFanatic

    Indiana (16-12) vs. Nebraska (20-9) Game Thread

    Also, the bench mob brought their a game tonight. The best one was the wrestling one off the ropes.
  6. RedEyedFanatic

    Indiana (16-12) vs. Nebraska (20-9) Game Thread

    I watched the tamu Arkansas game this weekend. Those teams are not that good, and somehow a and m was still ranked 12th with a losing conference record.
  7. RedEyedFanatic

    Indiana (16-12) vs. Nebraska (20-9) Game Thread

    My god, I'm gonna have to work on my cardio for Sunday. This meaningful game crap is stressful. The last 3 minutes though, my god that was fun
  8. RedEyedFanatic

    Indiana (16-12) vs. Nebraska (20-9) Game Thread

    I mean, if they are gonna call this crap on us, might as well out in duby and let him kill someone
  9. I know I know, but it was bound to happen. They shot lights out in the first half. Reminded me of some past nebrasketball upsets at the Bob. Who knows. Maybe the loss helps them relax. I bet they we're feeling a lot of pressure with everyone saying they need to win out.
  10. RedEyedFanatic

    Nebraska(20-8) vs. Illinois(12-15) Game Thread

    This is still a pretty good team. Look at Ohio state and Purdue. Losses happen
  11. I'm disappointed, but really We were bound to lose one. 9+ wins in a row was a big ask, and everyone has bad occasionally
  12. RedEyedFanatic

    Deep run in the dance?

  13. RedEyedFanatic

    Deep run in the dance?

    I know the computers hate the big 10, but I just don't think this conference is bad. The top might not be the best top of a league, but I don't think there are any doormats in this conference. I think the bottom 6 teams are way better than the bottom 6 in just about any other league, and half the teams in that bottom six are there because of injuries.