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  1. RedEyedFanatic

    Roby will be back. Book it

    Speaking of which, we need to introduce him to one of those volleyball players. Can you imagine those kids in twenty years? Long armed bouncy monsters
  2. RedEyedFanatic

    Nebraska Bubble Watch

    And last night Roby looked a lot like Suh stomping on a qb's face on the way to the end zone
  3. just finished the game on dvr, those blocks man...between the bardo bitter ber face on the pin of law and spiking the one off the dude's face at the end, damn man what a game
  4. That was intense. I haven't been watching that closely during the losing streak sure to vacation, but when was the last time Roby actually took one of those twenty open looks he gets from three instead of pumping and driving into a turnover? Huge night for Glynn to get the silverback off his back. Always fun to make dick Jr leave a game cussing the ref
  5. RedEyedFanatic

    Minnesota (16-8) vs. Nebraska (13-11) Game Thread

  6. RedEyedFanatic

    Nebraska (13-10) vs. Purdue (16-5) Game Thread

    Just got a fortune cookie at dinner that said a fun sporting event is in your near future. Here's hoping!
  7. RedEyedFanatic

    Scouting Ohio St

    I get the computer angle, but a decent team on a five game skid is due for a win. That scares the crap out of me mostly because I am used to Nebraska being a slump buster. So from that angle, I would have preferred they snapped the skid before us. Hopefully they are beaten down enough emotionally we kick their butt, but...
  8. By the way, Roby made some unbelievable plays for a stretch there in the 2nd half. Those blocks and saves were just ridiculous. I love how we are seeing those things from him more and more.
  9. Echo all the thoughts above, and I will add that I love how we just BELONGED in that game. How we were so close the whole game shooting that poorly blows my mind. In the past with Husker teams that I talked myself into thinking were good enough, the only way they stay in a game like that is taking the air out of the ball and shooting well. We did neither and were still close. I love these guys, what a ride this is!
  10. RedEyedFanatic

    Clemson-ass Teams..

    Truly does suck for him, but it could be a lot worse. Being a high profile athlete gives you a lot of extra chances to get the help you need with a lot of extra people looking out for you. A sort of silver lining if you will
  11. It was really a trade for Roby and Palmer. Palmer didn't get his, but Roby got to play the whole game and showed out. Not sure which of those is better down the stretch for us though
  12. we are gonna need something down the strtech. i already think we have missed his 10 min of solid D the last month. i wonder how much that plays into our d looking like a shell of it's former self?
  13. RedEyedFanatic

    Nebraska (11-3) vs. Iowa (11-3) Game Thread

    The dumb thing is if we even make 2 of those missed 3s, it's a different game. Looked like Kyrie must have been out there in gold, because I've rarely seen Watson have a game like that that didn't involve that dude. Rough shooting night, hope we're can get right at home
  14. What's a cowboy need a hair dryer for?
  15. This so much. I thought Moos did Tim dirty last spring, but I hope Tim makes him pay through the nose after this season. That's the one positive I hope Miles can focus on. If he comes through this year, he is going to have so much more leverage for a huge raise than he did last year. So if Tim is a guy who believes in himself, he could easily look at the contract situation as a big plus knowing(I hope) he is going to win big this year.