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  1. Now here’s a name I thought I’d never hear again.. Back in the state nonetheless
  2. You're a good man Cip. Sending positive thoughts to you and yours.
  3. Man does 7 years feel like an eternity ago
  4. Sautter notes that Traudt liked how much Fred and Co. have made him a priority as well as the family atmosphere within the program. Says that Nebraska definitely made some gains in his recruitment with this visit.
  5. I’d say Mr. Traudt looks a lot better in the Scarlet and Cream.. Sidenote, really miss those cream unis
  6. Biggest win for a Husker Men's sport since??
  7. New Mexico's AD played at Florida for Billy Donovan and there is no bigger fan of helping Richard Pitino get jobs than Billy Donovan
  8. Louisville would make my Top 6 too if Bill Murray's son was recruiting me. He's talked a lot about his relationships with Fred Hoiberg and McDermott. He grew up an Oklahoma fan, and he fits the Virginia mold almost to a T. Missouri though?
  9. Nebraska 85 McNeese 69 Non Con- 70% Total- 51.8% Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. From what I’ve gathered he’ll be doing a postgame show with DP for basketball similar to what they’ve been doing with Jay Foreman after football games
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