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  1. He’ll be getting paid for 2 years regardless. That’s the industry standard
  2. For the record, I was told 4 names here right before Washut said Steadman was a finalist but didn’t get the job. So for what it’s worth, here’s who I was told to watch for. Jai Steadman- most recently an assistant coach at Maine. Was a finalist but didn’t get it per Washut Jay Hernandez - assistant coach for the Charlotte Hornets who played with Fred in Chicago in 01-02. Similar coaching wise to Loenser, heavy on player development. Ernie Zeigler - Most recently an assistant coach at Mississippi State from 2015 to this past season. Was not retained by Chris Jans after Ben Howland was fired in March. Emmanuel Tommy - recently got hired as Director of Player development, likely would’ve gotten the bump up to 3rd assistant if they struggled to find anybody from outside. Out of those 4, Zeigler makes the most sense given his experience and recruiting background. If anybody heard any other names, I’m genuinely curious to hear whom. Hope it wasn’t anybody thinking that Derrin Hansen got a call just because he’s also currently without a job and happens to be close by.
  3. Zeigler currently being unemployed likely makes it easier for him to take the job. His connections and previous experience makes him seem like really good get.
  4. The last two paragraphs from the national On3 guy’s write up: “For me, it will just be my relationship with the staff and how I relate to the players. I’ll look closely at where I can fit in with the team. I just want that opportunity to play if I earn it. Also, academically, being in a good spot sets me up for life after hoops. “I’ll go play anywhere, so location doesn’t really matter. Level doesn’t matter to me, either. I just want a great fit. I want to see myself in a great system; a fast-paced controlled freedom offense suits me best. A coach that lets their guys go but also has great sets when needed.”
  5. as expected Nebraska cracks the Top 5 for Parker. Creighton notably absent.
  6. Have heard a few possible names here other than Steadman and one of them makes much more sense than the others and he’s the one I’ve been told is most likely the guy. We shall see.
  7. Not a surprise here, but he’ll follow his brother to Iowa
  8. Josiah Dotzler commits to Creighton on the day his Bellevue West backcourt mate Jaden Jackson is on an unofficial in Lincoln. Dotzler got an offer from Creighton on a recent visit and committed on the spot. Makes sense with the family connections to the program.
  9. 3 weeks later and we haven’t even heard a peep here. Hopefully we get some news here somewhat soon. Should be easier to lock someone up now that the live periods are done for the summer.
  10. Tough to say no to joining a staff that has had assistants jump to head coaching jobs each of the last few years, a better program, and pay bump. Also probably likely that a major part of Dana’s sell was, “hey remember when Miles hired you to recruit? You can come here and recruit for the first time in 4 years.”
  11. Will be in Lincoln tomorrow on what I’d presume to be an unofficial visit
  12. wonder if he gets a HuskerOnline podcast too?
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