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  1. Lawrence had 20 points and 6 treys in this game. He is number 10 and you see 1 shot at the 28-29 second mark. The rest of the highlights are about 2 of his teammates. Looks like he is primarily a floor spacer type. Can't leave him alone. Here is video from his soph year when he was with Plainview. Number 10 in white
  2. What level of success will this year's team achieve?
  3. What day and time is the MBB call in show on Sports Nightly? I am thinking Mondays?
  4. Verge was a big pickup. I like the fact that Verge and Walker can be very effective in the pick&roll and then you can bring in Wil and do 5 out clear out to let Verge get downhill. 2 different ways of stressing the defense. I would measure his success by seeing most of his points come from layups with a good assist to turnover ratio from kickouts. On defense, his quickness will help with on the ball defense.
  5. Wow. Norm I think you pretty much said it. Your 3-3 with my reaction to Miller's news.
  6. I think this scouting report is spot on. https://247sports.com/college/nebraska/Article/Denim-Dawson-scouting-report-Nebraska-172874474/ I like his defensive potential. Maybe he can be a Larry Florence type.
  7. Awesome. Happy to see Mr Dawson on the Husker Bus. Motor+Athleticism plays well on defense and in space on offense. Guy can finish.
  8. Ha, you swished it on the 2nd shot. I figured a little flattery might go along way. Going to have to try reverse next time.
  9. I can't either. I hope we get a good post scrimmage breakdown thread from HHC posters on how the new players played. Any stats would be good. You guys are the greatest!
  10. Yah, I'm at the age stage where if I look at food I gain weight. Sigh. My metabolism is set at .0001.
  11. Interesting lineup with CJ at the 4. Got a lot of different options this year.
  12. That's the crux of it, isn't it? It's a measure of what damage Kofi can do on offense down low against Wil vs the value of opening up the post for our offense. Some of that depends upon Illinois's other players as you can help Wil with double downs. Kind of hard to say which will work best without actually testing it real time. Good to have options. In the video clip it looks like he is starting to put on weight in the shoulders and chest. Doesn't look as thin. Happy to see that as some guys struggle to put on weight. To see it in his first year is a great sign!
  13. Well that answers that question! Awesome. Also, good point Kamdyman about Matt. This should make it a little easier for Matt with recruiting. Really like this rule.
  14. With Doc taking on a new role, who is going to take the lead for coaching up the defense? Is it Hoiberg with major input from Gates or perhaps Gates just takes Doc's role? I know Gates bio indicates he works with guards and I think Loesner does as well. Does that mean Gates and Loesner do guards&wings and Matt&Hoiberg coach up bigs when they break into groups? Curious as to how coaching duties will be structured.
  15. I am aware of that, it's why I posted the comment. My comment was stated poorly. I will try again. However this ends up, I hope the Big 12 sticks it to Texas and OU. I do appreciate your information from the track coach. If the Big 12 lets them off the hook and doesn't make it as painful as possible, then the Big 12 deserves what it gets, but you can also say having 2 lame ducks in a conference for a number of years would be damaging to the big 12 as a league itself, kind of like cutting your nose off to spite your face. Since we are not big12 anymore, I say make it messy.
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