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  1. Looks like he's starting to put some muscle on or am I imagining things? He not only can shoot he can create, some really nice drives to the hoops in this game.
  2. Yes. I could see them sub in Lat and Tominaga for a 5-out set.
  3. I think Lat will figure in the rotation. I think Lat can hit at a high 3% pct if he has time to shoot. He likes to measure his shots and does best when he is deliberate. I think with some additional shooters on the team that will help him. I think having Walker in there helps him as well.
  4. I'm interested to see if Walker is going to make any difference. He might be a big help on the pick and roll. I refuse to believe we are going to shoot this bad for an entire season. Soon or later they have to start going in? I still feel good about our coaches. They can't do much if players cannot hit open looks. For the most part I think he can get guys open so really interested to see next year's guys in the offense.
  5. Mcgowens kind of reminds me of Clifford Scales. Tough, hard nose and has energy. Thought we might see more than 4 minutes from Andre. I think Andre may not be seeing much for minutes because he may not be in game condition and know offense/defense as well due to the 3 week covid quarantine? Thought we would be closer on this game. We just down't shoot the 3 well enough. Michigan shows how good a formula it is to have a 7+ footer that can dish to multiple outside shooters.
  6. Instead of shooting layups before the games to warm up maybe they should shoot FT's.
  7. Wow. Thanks for posting the video. It is different. I thought he was always doing that odd little scissor kick but he wasn't. Interesting, I wonder if it's a way to keep him going straight up on his jump vs falling back or jumping forward.
  8. Interesting. Maybe he has a tat that he is touching that means something to him. Anyway, on one of his FT it looked like he got the ball and just fired it up quickly. If he slowed it down, maybe he could do the visualization thing. Take a dribble or two, take a breath, visual the shot or a mechanic, clear your mind and letting it go. 4-5 seconds. I wonder if he was a good FT in Juco because he shot so much he was dialed in. Maybe he isn't getting dialed in due to reduced number of shots.
  9. I thought Yvan had a good defensive game. Maybe Andre isn't ready for playing posts that play outside as well as inside. I have no idea, I am guessing that's the difference.
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