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  1. I think it would be smart to RS in a juco 1/2 season especially when the bulk of it is during flu season. You may have a bunch of games get cancelled.
  2. I don't make too much of this jump ball. There's lot of possible reasons in my mind. Could be that these guys have played so many practice games that they know who can outjump who. Also the toss might have been bad. Sometimes guys will try to steal it on the way up. Yvan dropped lots of weight so he's pretty explosive off the floor. Not sure how explosive Lat and Banton are in a jump ball? They may be able to leap but how fast? They are both long lean athletes which lends it's a bit too endurance vs explosion. Just throwing mud at the wall as nothing else is going on.
  3. Didn't know that. I agree with you based off of that information. Thanks! Good stuff.
  4. Funny how this works. I think it's Banton and Kobe that should be staggered as I feel that they make the best floor generals to initiate the offense. I'd like to keep McGowen in more of a 2-guard role if possible as he has a little more length than Kobe.
  5. This is where I'm at. I am pretty set on the top 8. I am thinking you could go Banton,McGowens,Teddy,Shamiel and Lat to start or Banton McGowens Teddy Lat Yvan which I am leaning towards. Webster and Thor will be in the rotation and get major minutes. Shamiel or Yvan no matter what the role will get their minutes It's that 9th player I am not sure of. It probably is Walker like you say. (Based off experience in the program and prior to NU). As you say Andre is an unknown factor so I want to see what kind of talent he has. Also maybe Arop can come into play for that 9t
  6. I think the bolded is true. I think this early in the preseason red vs white doesn't mean much. I think they will work various combinations until they identify the best combination then they will have guys swap around to work out best rotations.
  7. Fred has said that Banton has a great feel for the game and usually gets 4 or 5 easy buckets per game. I love that!
  8. Allen and Lat can shoot the 3. Banton &McGowen are slashers and backdoor cutters. Yvan can work the paint, popup high for picks. Thor,Kobe and Stevenson can shoot the 3 and provide offense off the bench. If you want a 3rd shooter to start you could start Stevenson at the 4 and Lat at 5 or you could go Thor at the 2 instead of McGowans. I would keep Banton in to start because he creates matchup problems and I want to see how teams defend him right from the get go. Plus I think Banton and Webster are the 2 best floor generals and want at least one of them on the c
  9. Really like this guy. He plays hard . The 2021 class is awesome! ( Highly skilled lengthy forward that's dangerous from anywhere paired up with a sharp shooter guard.) I am digging Nebraska Basketball! This year's roster looks great and the future is looking awesome.
  10. I would pick out a top 8 for getting minutes and for the main rotation. Banton ------------- | ---Webster McGowens ---------- | -----Thor Allen ---------------- Mayen --------------- | ---Stevenson Ouedrogo ----------- Than these guys for depth situations. Walker,Andre provide post depth Thor then Wood for guard depth Arop depth at the wing&4.
  11. Good point in regards to the upgrade in addition to the shooting and pushing 6'9 helps.
  12. That is well stated. Thank you.
  13. I miss the old days where a good midrange game was appreciated. I think chucking 3's and slam dunks leads to lazy basketball & bad defense.
  14. Awesome! Good things come through hard work. I tip my hat in appreciation to all these guys.
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