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  1. Sooo...... Mack,Green,Easley Banton,Burke Allen,Thor,Arop Stevenson,Cross,Mayen Walker,Yvan I need to stop...
  2. I rooted for Sek. I always thought Doc was too hard on him. I like Doc but don't necessarily thing Doc's coaching style was good for Sek
  3. To your point Norm, this is something that I have heard about as a golf technique. You practice your shot in your mind and take a couple of practice swings while visualing the results. Then when you step up to do it you empty your mind and rely on muscle memory. Also, I think it shows he's been shooting a lot of treys in off-season/practice and seeing the ball go in which breeds confidence. Also think he launching the ball earlier in his jump so it's closer to a set shot. So really he's using more legs than arms. He's got his elbow in line which is key too. Definitely tip the hat to him for that. I think Kavas and Green are struggling and it's all mental. Especially Kavas! I do have one theory but not sure if it's worth anything. It could be Kavas was dialed in to the old 3-pt line and he hasn't been able to adjust to the difference. I money is on mental though , he is rushing due to facing better competition,bigger crowds and TV. Just needs to see the ball go in and get confident. Trouble is we are deep into the season.
  4. I think it was Coach Miles who said players are what they can guard. Personally, I think Mayen lacks the lateral quickness to guard a 2. He can match up better 3's but IMHO he's a closer match to 4. Just my opinion.
  5. I think the coaches have done a really good job of extending minutes for those players that are playing well in a game. I think they have done an adequate job for determining who is to play. Kavas and Green are both talented players that have a good history that are struggling with shot %. Coach H has given them a reasonable chance to break through this mental hurdle but if the guys behind you are performing than it's time to reallocate roles.
  6. Totally agree. Best thing about Thor's game is his off the ball movement which plays well with Mack's passing vision.
  7. I love to eat crow now. It's delicious. Thor is actually the thunder God raining threeee's. Good point distribution. I think they must work 90% offense vs 10% defense in practice.
  8. I think this is a very good assessment. The Walt comparison is a good comp I think. I am not quite as impressed with his ball handling although I understand what folks are saying. I think it's good for H.S and juco but I would rather not see him do a lot of dribbling against D1 unless he is going downhill to the basket. Not saying it's bad just that it's a little loose&high for D1. I think his handles are somewhat like Crosses so would say they are good for a 4 but not so much for a 3? Is that fair? Also think he is primarily a 4 and don't want him to guard too many smaller quicker wings due to the lateral quickness. Quality player.
  9. Roster looks pretty good for next year. Depth at all 5 spots and players that can play multiple positions. I think it might behoove Akol to RS. 5 = Yvan,Cross,Walker 4 = Stevenson,Mayen,Arop 3 = Allen Banton 2 = Burke Thor 1 = Cam Green
  10. Maric was awesome. This decades team lacks an all-star first team frontline brusier. That defines the last 10 years. It's not short on wings though. I like Copeland as a first team PF and tempted to put Jeter in over Watson. I suppose I'd have to slide Roby to center. Shields would be the famed 6th man.
  11. Great. Now I gotta flip my lineup Green, Mack Banton, Burke, Arop,Allen,Thor Stevenson,Cross Walker,Yvan
  12. 1) Mack, Green 2) Burke, Banton 3) Allen,Thor 4) Stevenson, Cross or Arop 5)Yvan, Walker or Cross
  13. Good deal. Glad to have him back. We need him. I also think it is appropriate that he should have to earn his spot back. Not sure Thor will relinquish it. Thor has been playing well. I must eat crow as I was critical of Thor's shot. I will also say that I think he has changed how he shoots so I get to save a little face. I kind of like a scorer in Green coming off the bench. I thought it would be Kavas but it has not. I think Green coming off the bench can spell Mack and give him a little rest as well as either the 2 or 3 so he gives them a versatile bench piece for now. We shall see if it remains that way.
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