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  1. I think I'd go with lineup 2 with Wilhelm, Dawson, Lloyd as the top 3 rotational players. Just a swag.
  2. I am hoping this group of players are more efficient due to better shot selection and patience. I think Griesel will lead us in that direction. I like that the 2 transfers value defense and are well rounded which should hopefully help the rebounding. Looks like a more steady blue collar type of team.
  3. Welcome Mr. Bandoumel. Seems like a well rounded player. I like the pride he takes in defense.
  4. Robin Washut was on the Husker Online podcast and said Lat is going to Australia pro ball. (Not an official announcement) Sounded pretty confident. Also said (like others) that the longer it goes without an announcement from Trey the more likely he's gone. Said Gary would help fill in at the 4 spot if he came to Nebraska.
  5. I like teams that play multiple defenses. Welcome Coach Howard.
  6. Walker should be a team captain IMHO.
  7. I don't think they have a roster limit for practice. They would be limited by the number of lockers in the lockerroom. For games they can only dress 15. Below is some research I did last time this question came up. Total number of players on the roster is the first number. 2nd number is the number of rosters of that roster size. I identified the year for the extreme cases. So the first line is a 12 player roster and we only had 1 roster of that size. 12 - 1 (2006) 13 - 0 14 - 2 15 - 6 16 - 5 17 - 4 18 - 1 (2010) 19 - 1 (2007) 20 - 1 (2008) 15 is probably the sweet spot because that's how many you can dress for a game. If you have more than those guys are definitely in street clothes (redshirt status). (13 scholarships & rest walkon's) I know one year under Doc there were guys that were filling out the practice squad that weren't on the roster. That probably was 2006 & Doc's first year. I also remember him commenting about the roster being a little too big which was probably when they had 20 in 2008. It appears 15-17 players is the most common range.
  8. It seems the 4 spot is a pick your poison choice; to summarize the 4 spot. Wilcher is the best choice offensively but as someone pointed out he is not a good rebounder or defensive player. Keon gives you a little better defense and rebounding but is a streaky shooter and tends to disappear. Wil is gambling too much on D and gets in foul trouble. Lat is a compromise for all these things but as folks can see the ball handling is scary. Sighhh. It was frustrating to see #20 shooting lights out with no one around him although the first one was so deep it was totally unexpected. Still I thought we needed to adjust to him after the 2nd make. We would of been better off with less switching and help defense.
  9. FYI - Hoiberg said after the signing that Keita was in a walking boot and would miss 2 more weeks.
  10. I think your spot on. I feel like some of our shooters are not getting the ball very much when they are open and then when they do get the ball they are shooting it up under pressure because they want to show they can contribute. It's like selfish play is leading to more selfish play. It's exactly like you say, if we would have more ball movement (passing), I think the shot selection would be better and they would have opportunities for more open shots. The second issue is blocking out on rebounds. We need to do much, much better on that.
  11. Besides the bigs, we have people that are not blocking out. They are standing around watching the ball. They should be locating the nearest opponent and blocking them out! I did see one play where they did that and the ball bounced to the floor where we easily picked it up. Bravo! We have to do that all the time though!
  12. HuskerFever -- Please remove me from the prediction pool. I am not doing another season...I give up.
  13. My gosh did we look bad. Selfish on offense and no blocking out on D. I think we ran the offense 1 time?
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