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  1. I agree It is unfortunate. I am okay with it though as I would rather have someone here who wants to be here rather than someone who feels miserable about it as that usually is spread to other people. Best of luck to the young man though we hardly knew you.
  2. I agree with this. I like a Stevenson and Lat rotation at the 4. I think it's a 9 man rotation like this. Banton----------------| > Thor Webster--------------| Allen--------------------| > Lat,Arop Stevenson------------| Yvan---------------------> Walker
  3. This is reasonable. I can concur with that concern.
  4. There are folks suggesting we are thin at guard if McGowens doesn't qualify? I am not so sure I agree. It's not ideal but I think we are still in an adequate position giving the flexibility of the players on our roster. IMHO as long as you have a primary ball handler and a big post your in good shape if your 2,3 and 4 have players that are somewhat interchangeable. I think we are okay.
  5. In looking at this a bit differently, I think last year 9 guys got double minutes in playing time so my guess at 9 are.... (These are not in order) Banton Webster Thor Allen Stevenson Lat Yvan Walker **Mcgowens if eligible or Arop if Mcgowens is not eligible. I think Arop might be the guy to benefit with playing time if McGowen doesn't get eligible. He should be seasoned enough to help defensively at the wing forward spots. May or may not hit double digits though? I think the freshmen scholarship guys will help out the scout team for this year and will get garbage minutes.
  6. There are a number of things that could happen to impact eligibility. Maybe he didn't go to classes the last semester. Maybe he didn't take enough credits each semester to show academic progress. Maybe he was borderline academic probation. Maybe his credits didn't transfer over. The 2nd part of your puzzle I have no idea how to answer so I give up. My solution is...it's water under the bridge. The 13th spot has been refilled and I am moving on.
  7. Wow. Things change quickly these days. Welcome Elijah! Things I like about this sudden twist. 1) We signed another ball handler who can play multiple spots. 2) He is a freshmen instead of a Junior. We had 6 Juniors and 1 freshmen? Now it's 2 freshmen and 5 Juniors so that is a slightly better distribution.
  8. I like these type of reports. For me Banton is probably going to be like Roby, I mean this in the sense that his length will create matchup problems the minute he steps out on the court as a guard. Roby got drafted but James Palmer was the big scorer. I think Allen and Banton might prove to be the same type of combination? All a guess of course. Stevenson is also intriguing too me. Can't wait too see him and all the transfers&newcomers in action.
  9. I'm going with Allen. I think he will lead the team in scoring. Banton is intriguing. Problem is I haven't seen him in live action. Bernard Day was a forward for Nebraska that really played well in the paint. He was crafty too and kind of reminded me a tiny bit of Dantley. Dantley though was really really good. Great rebounder too for his size.
  10. (In regard to llver trey's) That's 'cause most of the time he shooting with his legs. In other words that's where he generates his impetus on his shot. That's why it looks smooth and easy on release. Using the big muscles for all the hard work.
  11. Yah this is a want but I think the bluebloods will be sniffing around this guy before too long. Doesn't hurt to try though.
  12. I like this kid's tape. I see a lot of potential in how this kid plays. http://verbalcommits.com/players/will-tschetter
  13. I would pick the Red team. Red has the edge on defense and rebounding. Whites have the edge on offense. The difference is Red has the experience in this system and playing together as a unit. In a 7 games series it would go all 7 with red winning 4. Lower score game favors red higher favors white. I am not at all confident in this pick
  14. This is good to hear IMO. Yah, Figueroa is really good and would be an upgrade but it's like fishing lures. Add to many spinners to the bait your just going to end up screwing up the action.
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