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  1. I wonder if the U will ever get to the point of e-tix for season ticket holders.
  2. Thanks guys, with this gloomy weather I needed a good laugh.
  3. lol..I do not plan on getting close enough to even notice the pinstripes.
  4. Speaking of the arena....I keep seeing this Bill Moos guy out on the field at Memorial Stadium. Will we finally see the guy at the PBA this season...out in public?
  5. That's mighty blue of Creighton to schedule the game so us true Nebraska fans can get one celebration going while we get ready to celebrate (the boys on the field have their shit together long before then) another victory.
  6. yeah the Doane game will be cancelled due to lighting and rain inside the PBA.
  7. Sadly the weather forecast is looking about as good this year for the first game as it did last year. it's a 50 percent chance of thunderstorms Saturday morning.
  8. Lol if it does you can expect gas prices to go up at the pump.
  9. Wow! They pulled a bob and removed a LOT of the seats and lowered the roof at the arena! How many fans does this place now seat 50?
  10. sorry...didn't have my humor font on. I was just thinking of what I've seen on some of the schools on TV that we played. Penn State seemed almost empty.
  11. Think this place would hold the attendance of some of the schools we play in the US.
  12. So we going to start seeing some classic Herbie basketball gear now?
  13. Stairway to Heaven...Led Zeppelin Cover by Ann and Nancy Wilson
  14. Does anyone pay much attention to their football program? Lol they could keep them in the big east and have them win the conference title every year.
  15. ESPN is reporting U Conn to rejoin the Big East. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/27030819/sources-uconn-expected-rejoin-big-east%3fplatform=amp That would be a huge get for them. Not sure if it would better or worsen our chances of seeing a Nebraska vs UConn b-ball game for the men sooner than we would if they stayed where they are.
  16. Now...what about women’s golf?
  17. This is about all I can tell you and it was part of the press release that Doane sent out “The game will mark the first for new Nebraska coach Fred Hoiberg on the Huskers' sideline. For Doane coach Ian McKeithen, he will see a familiar face on the court as he worked with Hoiberg previously. The two worked together with the Minnesota Timberwolves during 2007-08 when McKeithen was a basketball operations intern and Hoiberg was Assistant General Manager.”
  18. Looks like we have played them in Tennis but that's about all...and the most recent that I can find in that is 2008.
  19. This is going to be the ultra rare time that I wear the opponents colors at a Husker Basketball game. Doane grad class of 2011.
  20. True...but exactly how much of an impact does John Beiline have on Husker hoops. Must have a lot more impact than the Commissioner. .
  21. Yeah, I'm also kind of shocked it's getting next to no comments here on the board. granted it's not specifically husker basketball related, but this guy will have an impact on Husker hoops in some form or another.
  22. We don’t have to, but hell I figure it’s never going to happen anyway (the winning will though) so I’m at least going to give the most logical choice if it were to happen.
  23. lol..yeah I think the University should open up the arena for a NCAA Watch party next time Nebraska makes it to the dance (and I have a good feeling we will win the next time we are there) and immediately after the victory they allow PBA to tap the kegs!
  24. I hope all of us that are currently of legal drinking age on this board get to see a tournament win in their lifetime.
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