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  1. Well...I guess someone should post this:
  2. I am so glad for all these sports back! I just wish the sport that I photograph was coming back this year as well....Roller Derby. They are in year two of not playing...venues are starting to be lost due to no revenue. Their decision to come back to play was probably the most toughest of any sport out there. As of right now...New Zealand is the only country playing. 6 tier system and no team in the US has even reached tier 2. https://resources.wftda.org/covid-19/recommendations/
  3. Squirrel is hanging around waiting for the call.
  4. Fans in the stands and a victory against Creighton...keeping my expectations low (won't happen, but I'd like to see a exhibition game against Doane...in the Doane gym as a return favor for playing us in the game this past year).
  5. This could go under it's own heading, but figured here might be a better place. I saw that coach's son is leaving MSU and entering the portal. Would/should he play for his father?
  6. I know they aren't in the Big 10, but anyway we can give Iowa State an honorable mention for most delusional fans thinking that Coach H (the Big 10 connection) was going to be heading back there?
  7. Yeah there will probably be a few more to do this, but we will probably also pick up some as well. Probably happen at a lot of schools. Not going to worry unless it's someone on the team that actually scored a few points this season.
  8. Hate to say this, but I had to Google him to see who he is. Wish him luck wherever he ends up.
  9. If my guess is correct, he can't say anything one way or the other until after the switch is made. If it does impact him, I hope it's in a positive way.
  10. Please tell me this will have zero impact on Kent.
  11. Maybe he was thinking of Les Miles at the time and mistakenly said Tim Miles. I mean, given the recent revelations, I wouldn't take Les Miles either.
  12. either way...send him to back to ISU.
  13. Looks like at least one ISU person has the same thought: https://247sports.com/college/iowa-state/board/101486/Contents/mbb-coach-discussion-141884465/?page=2
  14. Maybe be ISU will get Mcdermott? Doesn't seem to be getting much better at Creighton. No, I don't know more than what's appeared in the press already.
  15. Lol actually a DC character..but am not going to let anymore of my comic book nerd show.
  16. well it's a toss up between Thanos and Lex Luthor.
  17. totally off topic...but I just visited the Cyclone Fanatic page....thank you for keeping this to Husker Hoops for the most part. I just saw they have a 64 page discussion about the DC Movie Universe....they must really not have a lot to talk about....it's a sister post to a discussion about the Marvel Movie Universe. Again..thank you for keeping this husker connected...I mean non basketball topics do come up but not 64 pages...and they all either have a connection to directly or in a roundabout way to husker hoops.
  18. Journal Star posted that he offered to resign but the players told him to stay.
  19. I'm seeing posters heading the other way too over there...saying they have better chance of seeing him at Ames High than they do back at ISU. I honestly don't see Hoiberg leaving here for at least a few more seasons. If he does then Nebraska is back to square one. There are not a lot of big name coaches banging on the door to come here.
  20. Could Mcdermott survive for a recent offensive comment or could that get him the axe? He is apologizing, but will that be enough?
  21. I hope that guy trips while running off the court. That smile of his was a telltale sign.
  22. Was there a goof up somewhere in the athletic program and we got Scott Frost's football players and he got our basketball players? Neither team is doing good...maybe the players are in the wrong uniforms.
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