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  1. No...What is on Second. Who is on first.
  2. I could be wrong, but I thought I read that the ACC as going to allow Notre Dame to play the teams in the conference.
  3. Wrong sport. He plays baseball and is currently on playing first base.
  4. Just give me either a bottle of Grape UV or Jägermeister.
  5. lol..I ended up going for an 11 mile hike Saturday to get away from it all...came home and fell asleep.
  6. Happy belated fathers day to all the dads. It's one of those holidays that I managed to avoid.
  7. I should probably toss my guess out there. .....drum roll.....North Carolina or Duke....haha it's gotta happen eventually lets get the thumping out of the way.
  8. Ok...Who do we get??? ACC Team Times Played Nebraska Florida State 1 Virginia Louisville Duke Georgia Tech 1 NC State Syracuse Notre Dame Clemson 2 Miami 2 Boston College 1 Virginia Tech Wake Forest 2 Pitt North Carolina
  9. Rules will be changed this season so the whole season (including tournaments) will last a total of 35 days beginning to end with one game played a day.
  10. His days at Creighton were way before my time as a Husker fan...but my earliest memories of him were as the coach for Arkansas, back in the day when the Huskers used to play them on what seemed like a pretty regular basis. RIP Coach Sutton
  11. Which basically means possibly a 21-22 season is more likely, but again that depends on the vaccine. I'm a concert photographer and discussion is pretty much no concerts (or conventions or big gatherings period) until fall 2021 at the earliest. Meaning this could be a loooooooooooong dry spell of sports.
  12. I know this is all hypothetical since this whole thing with the "Rona" is a new experience...but let's just worst case (and probably likely) that there isn't a 2020-2021 season. Would that count as the one year that a player has to sit out?
  13. Very true...and I read an article about concert photography (which I've done some of), and the article pretty much said to not expect any events with large groups (conventions, sporting events, concerts, etc) before the fall of 2021 at the earliest and more than likely longer than that depending on a vaccine for the virus as there's predictions that next winter will be worse than it is right now if there's no vaccine.
  14. I hope things work out for Mack. Yeah he was kind of a pain with his attitude....but with the information that his mom is going through breast cancer, I can kind of understand a little better now. I hope his mom gets through this Ok.
  15. Trying to remain positive...however some days it's harder than others living alone.
  16. Don't know about the rest of you..but any time we can renew a meeting between the Huskers and anyone the Big 8 (outside of Colorado and Mizzou) I'm excited! https://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/mens-basketball/nebraska-kansas-state-to-renew-basketball-series-later-this-year/article_c9b6f46d-61e0-5f17-b229-9e62ae579e23.html
  17. I’m all over the place Thin Man Key Largo All The President’s Men My Darling Clementine Doctor Strangelove Star Wars Hellraiser Nightmare on Elm Street Friday the 13th Disney’s Alice in Wonderland (see I told you...all over the place) the Great Dictator Day at the Races Goodbye Mr Chips
  18. I get why it happened, but there’s a part of me that wishes both of them had gotten in sooner.
  19. True...but you get my point I hope it’s not corona
  20. I hope to god it’s just a cold. Sending prayers to Coach.
  21. honestly it would be a safe call to cancel the spring game. As cool as it is to see a full stadium in the spring...there is not much gained for the team from it outside of $.
  22. Good luck to the footb......errrr basketball team today!
  23. I wasn't going to watch...now I am going to need to watch.
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