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  1. Being a Roller Derby Photographer the term "Penalty Box" is not a new term for me as a player has to sit in the box up to 2 minutes depending on the level of penalty the officials catch them on.
  2. Honestly, outside of hiring Coach Hoiberg has there been anything relevant with Moos when it comes to Basketball? He's a football AD (and maybe a bit of volleyball) AD as far as I'm concerned. You saw TO sitting in the stands at almost every game while he was AD. You (or at least I) saw Moos's predecessor at most of the games while he was AD...even if you almost never saw him on the court for honors. Moos...I think I saw a photo of him at one game, but outside of that it's almost impossible to tell that he even knows the team is playing.
  3. ok..follow up questions...I get that Free Throw Shooting is not a MAJOR factor...but what does it take to recruit someone who can shoot a free throw. Why is it so hard to get players that can make those shots?
  4. Another glaring weakness (and has been since the time of Moses) is our free throw shooting. How are these three that are sitting out as transfers at Free Throw shooting (or maybe you are including free throws as part of just a general shooting package)?
  5. Agree it does cut into televised start of Nebraska games. Can they make the rule with the Exclusion of Nebraska...so that if we cut into someone else's game they can't complain?
  6. I just get a chuckle over Sip...he's like lets give the football team the benefit of the doubt but he's also like how much longer can husker fans deal with the way the basketball team is playing. honestly. A good number of husker fans (included the jayskers) thought that Frost was going to be the second coming. Yet a good number of us thought that the basketball team would struggle this year. They are proving that. I respect Sip...but honestly with stuff like that he's stirring a pot that doesn't need stirring.
  7. "2 years no matter how you slice it". I know this isn't going to happen, but lets say that the last game of the season the NCAA comes in and says hes eligible for the 2019-2020 season. Would that mean he's only actually going to play one year?
  8. ok..so.....If he's eligible for the entire season can we do over any losses we had prior to his actually playing? Seems a BS move on the NCAA's part (Do NCAA rules prevent me from saying that?) to make a player eligible for the entire season part of the way through.
  9. Are the state keepers asleep again? We have to have more than 5 3point shots.
  10. This came up on my Facebook memories today from last year. Hope we see scores like this again soon!
  11. lol..I was looking forward to the return of the Male Cheerleaders...they need some work. They are doing the same cheer that the women have been doing for year and they seemed to have the same level of energy the fans had.
  12. Would have had no impact on the game, but were the people that controlled the score board asleep? They never seemed to catch up on stats or on who was actually playing.
  13. Too bad we didn’t have a black cat run across the floor.
  14. no worries...lol..my mind goes wonky when I can't sleep.
  15. Ok, it’s 434 am an I can’t sleep....so maybe that’s why I’m asking this. Is he going to miss the first game of every season he’s here? I’d think there’s only one season opening game follows by 3 other games. Is there a game between the first 4 and second 3 that he can play? Just confused on what you mean by he is going to miss “Four season-opening home games”
  16. lol..would love to see him do one with Creighton if that's the case. He could get in a couple of under the radar digs.
  17. Any chance he could do a Nebraska game?
  18. Granted it was Doane and an exhibition, but I sure as hell hope this sell out season appears like a sell out season with the next game. Assume the yell squad will appear with the next game (or after football season) or are they going to be the Bill Moos of cheerleaders and only appear at Football games? Was kind of shocked that there were so few students down there...hopefully they turn out in bigger numbers with the upcoming game.
  19. Oh yeah and can't forget tonight is the return of the guys on the Spirit Squad. They did appear at the football games but not as much impact there as they could have with the fans at the basketball games. Get more than that Red/White cheer going...think that and Husker Power are the only two cheers they taught the ladies.
  20. The Huskers won an exhibition vs the Tigers in 2011 76-54 and a game back in 1899 52-7 in old Grant Hall Anyone remember that game back in 99? Think they had the Beau Brummelstones play at halftime.
  21. lol..way better than being a Jaysker. Won't ever toss away my husker gear...in fact I'll probably show up at the game with a Husker cap on.
  22. Yup..I'm ready. This will be the only time I ever wear the opponents colors to a game. I'll be rooting for both teams to play a good game. Although, I'd love to see the Huskers start the season on a positive note.
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