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  1. it's interesting that the Football and Basketball programs have had similer results, but have to go in opposite directions. Fred can't be the CEO and has to take a more hands on approach...and Scott has to pretty much give up the hands on approach and take on the CEO role for the footbal program. Will be interesting to see how the changes work out.
  2. agree...but I know in my case...a slight price bump won't be as impactful this years as last year. We gave up for football tickets and the $1500 donation per seat + cost.
  3. Lol I just hope this is the last time that question needs to be asked.
  4. Went on a 20 mile bike ride last weekend and went on an 8 mile walk the other day. Agree about the recovery time. I get injured it takes me time to recover. Skates I just ordered. Should be an interesting adventure.
  5. Sorry have not played basketball since High School in the 80's. Biking, Hiking, and Roller skating is about all this 52 year old can handle...although I'm considering some inline skates.
  6. Glad to know others have stopped.
  7. I think the last time I watched the NBA (Not the NBA) was the 1992 "Dream Team" in the Olympics. At least it was a complete game. I might have watched about 2 or 3 minutes of a few games since then. I just don't have the interest for the NBA anymore.
  8. For anyone that wants to follow: https://basketball.australiabasket.com/player/Lat-Mayen/Australia/Cairns-Marlins/396196
  9. probably took that long for the letter to reach coach's desk with as slow as the postal service here is.
  10. "The Kool-Aid is already flowing as we hit the summer." Yes, that it is. I'll cheer on the huskers no matter what. but until the football team and basketball team suites up and shows what they have on the field/court playing real teams I'm not drinking any koolaid.
  11. Might help if Frost got a great Point Guard recruited and if Fred managed to get a Quarterback with a lot more consistency.
  12. And College Players will get Agents to represent them...something that as of right now is forbiden unless you are going pro.
  13. Husker Specific page https://www.on3.com/teams/nebraska-cornhuskers/ They have a subscription special right now...a year for $1. goes up to $99 after that.
  14. We also need to get Coca Cola back as an exclusive. Football program tanked when they switched over to Pepsi. When it comes to NCAA Championships it's already been proven that Coca Cola schools dominate. I've posted this before.
  15. It's state by state with HS...this is what I found: https://opendorse.com/blog/nil-high-school/#:~:text=Notes%3A The current regulations prohibit,gifts of a monetary nature”.
  16. Maybe the Mods can add a second Subform on this board. Husker Hoops Recruiting being the original Subform..and then add Husker Hoops NIL as a second subform. oh and here is my IL just to add to the discussion:
  17. Thanks..just wasn't sure if they ever tried for Basketball. Seems kind of weird that they haven't.
  18. Have they ever....or is there something about them not wanting to host a conference tournament for any conference other than theres?
  19. Right now inning more games than losing would be a good start...but that's probably a bare minimum.
  20. BTW I was at the Arrowhead stop on this tour back in 1994 (first and only stadium show I have ever attended)
  21. I'm waiting for the day when the fans in the stands can take advantage of NIL. lol...we all bring our trading cards to the games and swap cards.
  22. Assume this replaces the Rebounders Club where most anyone could get in...so It's going exclusive..or is there still a rebounders club for the average person to belong to? $5000 a person is way too steep for me.
  23. "I want to see you perform...in a Husker Uniform...then you can talk."
  24. Spot on! I'll cheer them on once the season starts...but until they are in Husker Uniform and it goes beyone telling us what they did last season and prior or telling us that "They had an amazing practice and made 14 out of 9 shots from the 3 point line", it's all words. Win games for Nebraska and then I'll get excited. If you choose to drink the kool-aid and preach about how great they are...that's your choice, but if they don't produce then be willing to eat some crow. I'll be prepared to do the same if they live up to the hype. I'll be in the stands chearing them on as much as everyone else here, but until they have on the husker gear and are in a game situation they are about as importat and the guy that just walked by my office window outside.
  25. It's what we want...but I think a lot of us are tired of hearing how amazing these guys are and what they are going to do ..and then they put on a Husker uniform and suddenly all that talent vanishes. We just want to actually see the proof on the court as a Husker. The team we just saw was hyped up so much by players and coaches and hell some on here. They didn't live up to it.
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