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  1. I don’t think we want him guarding more PGs.
  2. Perhaps it's time for Hoiberg to start recruiting.
  3. No idea where this TEAM has been all season! Extremely proud of these guys!
  4. If Matt leaves, we're in trouble as it is well known Fred HATES recruiting.
  5. You make an excellent point. Personally, I was tired of watching Tominaga try to dunk in warmups. Last nights team looked focused. I was extremely impressed with our ball movement. Best I've seen from Nebraska in years.
  6. The list I saw had Lakes, Mayen, T. McGowens, McGraw, Verge, Walker, and Webster.
  7. Adam Cohen (Stanford Associate Head Coach) Darian DeVries (Drake Head Coach) Chris Jans (New Mexico State Head Coach)
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