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  1. Da guys with the Jersey accent 85 Nebraska 68 13 (luck 13) assists
  2. 5. ADJUSTING AT HALFTIME - agree with this, but boy we could have used an adjustment on defense last night.
  3. Lots to like from last night and really other than getting sloppy a couple times in the second half when we were clawing back into the game for a second time, my only frustration was not adjusting the defense to defend the 3 point line. It is clear that at 17 Yvan really needed a year to bulk up and tone some skills. There are flashes of what will come but he really struggled last night. Cross was really really good last night. Said it many times already, but with some readjusting weight and adding strength, he could be a really match up nightmare. Burke was just fun to watch last night. Not sure they had anyone that could stay in front of him. Mack had a good game, just seemed at a couple key times he tried to do to much. Thor - solid game for what he can give us. Cheatham has just disappeared the last couple games. Wondering if we've run the legs out from under him. We need him to get back in his grove. Easley - less one trip where he was way late closing out (he wasn't alone on this) solid solid night on defensive end. With how we struggle to score at times, we just can't have he and Yvan on the floor at same time. Makes it to easy when you have to guard just three guys. Green - just needs something good to happen for him. The move to the basket in the first half was a thing a beauty other than not finishing Like the effort last night. Biggest disappointment is in the lack of defensive adjustments when it was clear they could throw the ball up from behind their backs from 3 and it was going in. Understand why we started with that mentality, but the game was lost from lack of defending the 3 point line. Someone mentioned in the game thread that Fred's offense once it gets it's pieces is going to cause nightmares for teams like Wisconsin who are plodders. It was clear last night this statement is true.
  4. Game was lost defending, or not defending the 3 point line. Outscored 54-18 beyond the arc.
  5. Burke again blows by his guy. If we had defended tonight he could score at win on that.
  6. yeah and as slow as they are, this is a team he might match up with.
  7. And he is not scoring which is why he should be out there instead and yet that part of his game has disappeared of late.
  8. Reuvers takes the defender out moving him towards the basket and no moving screen. That said, decision to go under the pick was bad.
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