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  1. Rodman was far from bulky compared to the guys he was out rebounding nightly.
  3. Boy that gets us all tingly over this and still more of the norm (not THAT Norm) all at the same time.
  4. As long as Robin W doesn't say he is coming we SHOULD be okay on this front.
  5. Was never old enough while growing up in Lincoln and went to college in Kearney. Then on to grad school here so only got there one time. Did meet a nice girl there.
  6. It just takes one! (one of these times it's going to happen).
  7. The OWH pushing the bluebird agenda and hammering things in Lincoln. Shocked I tell you.
  8. Yep 6 of them and 1 to Virginia Tech. We just need to have Robin Washut say he is a lock to Memphis.
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