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  1. You're doing your best to keep this on topic
  2. Still is a good Husker board, just some chat getting mixed in with the diamonds.
  3. Was she drunk when she said it? Asking for a friend.
  4. Silver I must be a bad person/fan too, because had I been in Lincoln, I would have bought you a drink of choice and gone and sat at the game and cheered with you and 10,000 other bad fans. Oh and yes I loved the win Thursday night.
  5. I would if I were going to still be in Lincoln.
  6. lol I've got nothing. I do appreciate the laugh! :)
  7. CH-III said he saw a recent mock draft in which Roby was the 28th pick.
  8. One last thing than on to TCU. For a meaningless win last night, it feels pretty damn good.
  9. Couldn't read his lips but for a kid the seldom seemed to speak he was jawing pretty good with almost a combination of a smirk and a smile while he did it.
  10. Crowd got louder and louder as the game went on. Trueblood was a beast mode. I would never have thought we would have ever said during meaningful minutes that he had scored our last 4 points, but then it happened. Roby showed again that he could be really good at the next level. Nice the Sr got a win at home in most likely their last home game. Classy move by Miles after the game.
  11. National media will mention we won short handed and move on to the near fight in the Celtics and Sixers game. Doubt they will rehash what happened negatively.
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