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  1. Teddy may not be done yet, just saying, he definitely has set the bar high here.
  2. We played well when the ball moved on offense. The guys that seemed to slow or stop that are no longer around. That said, until someone learns to shoot like we have been told they can when recruited, I will pass on the koolaid for now.
  3. They say sixty-five percent of all statistics Are made up right there on the spotEighty-two-point-four percent of people believe 'emWhether they're accurate statistics or notI don't know what you believeBut I do know there's no doubtI need another double-shot of something ninety-proof I got too much to think about
  4. Well there is my morning laugh.
  5. I had no clue if he was still playing or not, why I asked.
  6. Is Dougie out of the league already?
  7. Kid can go high top himself.
  8. I mentioned this last night at softball, we out scored the other team 15-2 the rest of the way.
  9. The difference is Robbie Benson's character could put the ball in the basket.
  10. Volleyball is ALWAYS near the top in attendance.
  11. Count me as one of them, way to many damn people and way to many Yankee fans.
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