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  1. I liken this to my high school dating life, the answer is always no if you don't ask.
  2. Where I was going with my post on the main board about recruiting for 2020.
  3. Sorry if discussed and or if there is a thread on this. I understand the need to keep recruiting for the 2020 class given the attrition rate in college basketball these days. That said, would it be a safe assumption that most kids we talk to/offer know we are full with the two guys we have verbals from? Is it safe that schools looking at kids we are interested in in the possibility that we lose someone from the roster would remind the kid we don't have a spot? Can we like football, over recruit as long as the numbers are correct by a certain date?
  4. Lol I see what you did there.
  5. Glad to see he is Lincoln bound.
  6. Guys I think this year could be very good if the team gels. Think we have upgraded and we HAVE to shoot better from beyond the arc. But as I've said, until it happens (and I am not saying it won't) I am going to temper my excitement. I really want to change my avatar but not until we win a tournament game.
  7. Understand all that, but maybe had we made the tournament the coach would have gotten a long term extension and been able to walk into a living room and say I will be there all four years you and or your son will be in Lincoln. It would have made recruiting easier. That all said, it didn't happen, most if not all are happy with the home run hire. That said, there are reasons to be concerned given the storied history of issues the basketball program has had.
  8. How about last year. We were suppose to have the line up to get us back to the dance and poof. History has been painful for Husker basketball fans. Almost like the the twin brother of the Chicago Cub goat resides in Lincoln. (That said, wish the Cubs goat was still an issue).
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