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  1. His visit was kind of lost in the whole horrible loss in football and the coaching change.
  2. Somebody tossed his name out and folks have run with it. There are very few folks on 247 I trust with insider information. At this point, none have mentioned him. Not saying he would not be one Trev kicks the tires on.
  3. Lost on that on-side kick, not that I am defending much of anything from last Saturday, is that our defense could have made a play and gotten the ball back with no damage or minimal damage done. Much like most of the game, they did not.
  4. Kid has gotten some terrible advice it appears.
  5. Brian Christopherson says the i's are being dotted and the t's crossed at this point
  6. Crayton fans are going to Crayton.
  7. Would up vote this 100 times if I could.
  8. Are you sure that's his arm? lol
  9. Hopefully no beware of the dogs signs up when she arrived.
  10. Nah, the inconsistent shooting, and total absences on the defensive end at times cost him millions. The tools are there.
  11. I see what you did there.
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