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  1. Needs to be a bigger penalty for false allegations. Not saying that is the case here, but one person can ruin another's life with one statement true or not.
  2. Hard not to guzzle the Kool-Aid after articles like this.
  3. Discovered Longboard a couple weeks ago and liked it a lot. Found it again last week at a bar at Lake of the Ozarks.
  4. Saw the box score from the game he dropped 43. It appears he is the only one that night for ASU who figured how to put the ball in the basket. Team scored 55 I think.
  5. Happy the kid is getting a chance to live his dream, hope it comes true. Gut is telling me he will spend more time in the G league than the NBA, but hey still not a bad way to make living during something you love.
  6. Mr Dymacek just reached at on Facebook. Had you heard Mr Childress passed?
  7. The university will prohibit complimentary admission to home games for all prospects and coaches in November 2021 (self-imposed by the university). This will be what, one, maybe two games vs directional schools that they probably would not be bring kids in for. Way to punish them.
  8. I am guessing I heard him sing it at one of the football game I attended but can not say for certain.
  9. Would go with Husker basketball or baseball. The Pro teams I follow have won at the highest level in my life, the football team has won in my life, volleyball, rifle and bowling teams have won in my life. So give me an NCAA title in basketball or baseball.
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