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  1. Good news - can’t lose them if you don’t play them. Bad news - we need all the practice we can get
  2. SSDD - Bad Missed key FT Watching shot and not boxing out. No excuse for not getting a body on someone. Poor shoot selection at key times Missing wide open looks Not defending the three - yes I know Indiana was not good at it coming into the game but maybe it was because they had a guy defending them that was in the same zip code. Walker is going to be a huge plus be we still need another big bodied dude. SSDD good Walker looks to be the threat down low we've been missing. Came back from 18 down instead of folding up the tent an
  3. Offense needs to run through McGowens, it was working well when that was happening.
  4. Yikes far to young for a heart attack. Hope she is fully recovered. As Huskerpapa said, spent a lot of time diving on the floor and just floor burns.
  5. We have parts, need a few more parts. Need parts we have to do basics better.
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