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  1. colhusker

    Dedoch is N

    Crap, now I have to google LARPing
  2. colhusker

    Dedoch is N

    You're not alone
  3. colhusker

    Dedoch is N

    You're not alone
  4. colhusker

    Dedoch is N

    Nice get this late in the process!
  5. colhusker

    Davison Done

    Taller because you got hairy legs far to soon.
  6. colhusker

    The Injury Report

    Dayton is the Sushi Capital of Ohio
  7. colhusker

    Way O.T. trivia questions

    Johnny Sain who was part of the inspiration for the poem: First we'll use Spahn then we'll use Sain Then an off day followed by rain Back will come Spahn followed by Sain And followed we hope by two days of rain. Shortened to "Spahn and Sain; then pray for rain."
  8. colhusker

    Shim Shams

    I feel your pain
  9. colhusker

    Davison Done

    Well Brett Edwards said there would be attrition within the basketball program!
  10. colhusker

    Jordy Gone

  11. colhusker

    NAT NAT to transfer to Washington

    It's to bad Romeo left before the cancer did.
  12. colhusker

    Jordy Gone

    We can hope, but Jordy really pulled an Andrew White III leaving like he did.
  13. colhusker

    Player First Looks

    Good stuff Noah, thanks
  14. colhusker

    Thomas Allen Back to School Drive

    Thinking the same thing. What a wonderful this young man is doing.
  15. colhusker

    Jordy Gone

    Agree that it isn't always parents/handlers are wrong, didn't mean to imply that if I did.