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  1. Well I can see the confusion with how bad I butchered the young lads name.
  2. Sorry Norm, was at a work social and didn't have access to stuff to get first time right. I did toast to his picking us.
  3. You know Don this may be the best post of the Month, in most sports if you out score the other team/guy/gal you win
  4. Oh I understand and agree with everything you said. However, he didn't have to chose to flip the roster and could added a few bodies for fill the roster. I have no issues he flipped it.
  5. Spot on, one chose to overhaul the entire roster, one did not.
  6. It's what happens when your AD doesn't extend a contract. And I agree with TheGov21, I would say Harris was the better of the two, bit surprised who was kept. Now we just need a big.
  7. I understood what his response was to and if we can get a big to add to what we know we have I agree with you on we will be better than expected. My point was that yes we've had walk-ons give us some great minutes in spots (see last year) but if we want to get to the next level, relying on them could be dicey. Yes they could make me eat crow, done it before and would be happy to do it again IF it means we are winning more! :)
  8. I am the capsulator so I have a hot piece of equipment in my hand, can't drink to much. Yeah I heard it as I typed it.
  9. This. I hope the two walk-ons are NOT being counted on in big games.
  10. Norm it was bottling night, semicolons go out the window.
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