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  1. I would take time off from work and make the 5 hour (closer to 6 with flooding) hour drive on a week night to see a game there.
  2. I don't mind the bees buzzing around my head or the chicken pecking at my feet, but doesn't that damn calf have a mother?
  3. First of all, well said Ron. Second, less Jordy for a few brief shining moments, I have pretty much gotten use to not having a true center over the past several years. :)
  4. Unless they are a superstar, then they get the unlimited unless the 6th is just flagrant as hell. Superstars don't foul out per the NBA's unwritten rule.
  5. A Tuesday Twofer Original Leonard Cohen - who recently pasted away Cover Jeff Buckley Song: Hallelujah Covered also by Rufus Wainwright!
  6. Figured he'd get a look. Guessing he will end up in the G league or Europe.
  7. Another factor that must be added in, tempo and style of play. If some of last years guys were turned loose what would we have? It seemed that when they went up and down the floor they were very good last year. Just wasn't the depth last year to do that, especially at the end of the year.
  8. Not sure he is goofy enough looking to attend Iowa. Oops was that my outside voice. I apologize.
  9. Probably the right move on the NCAA's part but going to be hard to close that barn door now that the horse is out.
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