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  1. Ready to be back in the office. I have worked at home long enough now.
  2. Jayschooler did you make it through the storms this weekend? Saw that Iowa City had a twister very near.
  3. Hey I had to Google it, not up on this modern slang
  4. No cap basically mean that their not lying or capping like they did something.
  5. Apple didn't fall to far from the tree. Mommy was burning bridges with coaches earlier this year. Kid ever grows up and realizes the world owes him nothing and to take responsibility for his mistakes he might be a decent player, the talent COULD be there.
  6. .228 isn't much to write home about.
  7. Mark Belanger could barely his weight but was a good enough glove he played every day. Hell Ozzie Smith was all glove and no hit for the first part of his career.
  8. Watching bowling or cornhole on TV come to mind without much thought.
  9. Convince me of the strategy of having a DH? As was mentioned above, all hit over weight guy that can't play the field.
  10. Agree what they are trying to do, but keep the damn batter in the box between pitches and the game speeds up. If a review takes longer than 30 seconds it's most likely not clear evidence. I have no issue limiting the number of times a catcher can visit mound.
  11. I hate the new rule that a reliever has to pitch to three batters minimum. Takes the strategy out of managing as does the DH. I know that there is more offense with the DH, but I am not sure it is as big a difference as baseball had hoped. I hate the swing angle becoming a issue with at bats. Way to many strikeouts in today's game. Umpires should call the real strike zone and not waist to knees. Traveling should be called as written - err wait wrong game.
  12. Well dang we may have had class together.
  13. Spent most of my days in Bruner Hall of Science or at Dugans.
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