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  1. Welcome to the bubble- just a horrible loss. Will be plenty of time to get back off of it but as of tonight we just aren’t playing good basketball.
  2. This beats losing to Minnesota when we gave it a way
  3. No and I have not seen anyone claim one. Just don’t like when folks say it’s okay because (fill in blank). We played hard and came up short, hope we take that we played a damn good team close and fix what needs fixed to beat said team.
  4. Careful, Pimp will disagree
  5. Credit to them, they made their FTs at the end
  6. So you’re okay with missing 13 straight 3s?
  7. To many 3s taken when they are not dropping.
  8. colhusker

    Watching Horne

    Has dropped 19 tonight and has looked great
  9. colhusker

    Watching Horne

    Play for Tulsa, he seems to have it figured out now.
  10. colhusker

    Hail Glynn Watson!

    Name dropper
  11. Huskers 67 Spartie 78 again I want to be soooooo wrong
  12. colhusker

    Hail Glynn Watson!

    I forgot to mention he does everything he does on offensive end after defending the guy with the ball most of the time on the other team. Spot on hskr4life