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  1. 62% from FT line 36% from the floor 22% from 3 Not going to win doing that when you also can't defend
  2. If I have Nebraska on the schedule I do what tech did. Pack it in and make us play half court
  3. Hey John, Mooney has run that far because he has short legs and a short stride.
  4. Thanks but I am not sharing my beer
  5. Sunvold is right it is just to easy for them
  6. To busy banging my head on the floor to yell at others.
  7. Copeland can't stay in front of his man and it is killing us
  8. Yes but at some point enough bs is enough bs
  9. Officials are just awful
  10. How many steps is Mooney going to get
  11. Basketball officials have just become awful
  12. That is two goaltendings not called