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  1. Started all year on a 24 win team. I like that
  2. Jamarion Sharp (7'5") in the portal from WKU. Wouldn't mind some Purdue-like size out there
  3. Cant confirm since verbal commits isnt as friendly on the mobile device but it seems like half the memphis roster is in the portal
  4. Gimme some Ben Vander Plas from Ohio. 14,7, and 3 at 6'8". 60% from 2, 34% from 3 and 70% from the line
  5. Whats the state of state of HS basketball in Nebraska right now? Here in Michigan if you want to win, you have a be a good recruiter (against the rules, but nobody follows the rules). Shot clock coming? How is the post season organized?
  6. Dane Fife not being brough back at Indiana. Was with Izzo at MSU before. Im sure Hoiberg is familiar with him from all the MSU practices hes been to
  7. Thanks for the list. Moving to Lincoln from Michigan in a few weeks and thinking about continuing to coach
  8. Top 10 3pt shooter in the country in the transfer portal. Joe Quintana from Loyola Marymount shooting 43% from 3 the last two years
  9. Still keeping my chips on Cornell Mann
  10. If Matt is really gone I wonder if Fred will continue with the tradition of hiring former assistants he has worked with or branch out and seek someone totally new. Cornell Mann is a guy who was on staff with Fred at ISU that seemed to have recruiting responsibilites (multiple Michigan guys including Monte Morris). If Cuonzo Martin gets fired at Mizzou Mann may be looking
  11. Don't care for this xavier and providence game but i do enjoy both coaches being mic'd up
  12. If i remember correctly they drilled a wide open three after about two passes
  13. Scores at OSU since we've been in the Big 10... 2011-12: 71-40 OSU 2012-13: 70-44 OSU 2013-14: 84-53 OSU 2014-15: 81-57 OSU 2016-17: 58-57 NEB! 2017-18: 64-59 OSU 2019-20: 80-68 OSU 2020-21: 90-54 OSU I don't know what their dumb arena is but we usually look like a DIII team when we go over there
  14. We have only played 2 full games with our top 8. I will wait to decide how i fully feel about this team until Trey comes back and we get through this frontloaded BIG 10 schedule.
  15. NEB- 77 rut- 70 What the hell...we make it rain from 3
  16. When it comes to Coach Hoiberg and this program, I am of the mindset that this is really year 2. He totally blew the program and i will not even take that year into account. I certainly would love to have seen this year start out better but i think the past couple games have shown some growth. Its just a shame that every time we start accumulating a bit of talent we suffer a backbreaking injury, whether Pitchford after the NCAA group or Trey this year. Im hopeful we end this year strong
  17. I remember sitting in the Breslin in 2014 (got tickets for Christmas) hoping for the same thing
  18. Alright so we totally blew the michigan game, and even though I don't think we win until Trey comes back, I would really love to pull this out tonight
  19. Didn't think we would win until Trey came back, so being in the position we were late in the game really felt huge. Very tough to lose that way. We are too young and inexperienced to have a bunch of success in this league. We need roster stability ehich hopefully carries into next year
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