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  1. Outside of their win vs Fisk, this is tied for the most first half points for them this season
  2. These dudes got some quickness. Some guys are definitely having a tough time staying in front
  3. Issue isnt letting up 3s as much as it has been letting up uncontested or lightly contested 3s. Dang near any average guard in college can make you pay if nobody contests. And if we are going to double every player in America, you gotta drill rotations in practice. If thats not happening, no wonder we seem to be a step or two late on rotations
  4. Maybe its a Doc thing. I was pretty young during his tenure to be looking for that kind of stuff. Just seems to create so many good looks for other teams. The goal on D should be to stay out of rotation and doubling every dude north of 6' seems to create alot of unnecessary rotations. Different strategies i suppose.
  5. Offense much improved for the most part. Alot more "one more" passes, seemed to be alot more hunting layups rather than 1st available jumper. Defense HAS to improve though. Wilcher and Bryce both got blown by more than one. AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, can we please stop doubling on everybody that catches in the post?? They had countless good looks on our doubles whether it was kickout 3s or penetration of penetration. Double purdue? Ok. Double idaho state? No
  6. Man... 1) i seriously question our toughness. Smoked on the boards again but plenty of that came from CU winning what felt like every 50/50 ball. Too many guys ball watching, just standing around, or not crashing hard for boards. I really liked Hawkins at NWMSU and im not suprised he was a huge X factor tonight. Certain guys seem mentally tough , others far from it. 2) Everything about our defense sucked. Just straight up sucked. Horrible transition D which leads to uncontested shots or bigs running out on shooters which leads to Kalkbrenner and Hankins eating up O boards. In thr half court dudes were flat footed, getting beat off the dribble, were late in roatation, and struggled to communicate. Im sure just about every Defensive possession from this game could be clipped and have several things to correct. 3.) Shot quality is an issue. 0 and 1 pass threes without getting a piece of the paint arent the best looks and it seemed like late in the game where we could have strung some baskets together to tie the game someone would take a questionable shot at best instead letting the offense flow. Just about everybody is to blame from bryce and lat to wilhelm and andre 4.) All this and we still had a chance. Cant spot too many teams almost a 20 point lead and expect to win. I guess we shouldnt be suprised to see us struggle with 2 true freshman in our top 7. Hoibergs offense is probably a little too intricate for them right now but i hope that as the season progresses we look alot smoother. However we will NOT see the improvement we want if we cant get stops. We are rrally tough in transition but cant get to it when we are constantly taking the ball out of the net
  7. Man this felt like literally the complete opposite of the colorado game.
  8. Woulda been nice to have a Lat Mayen or Eduardo Andre out there to clean the boards.
  9. We are gonna get MURDERED on the glass in conference play
  10. Average shot selection at best all around. Everybody seems to be playing their C- game today
  11. He was on my mind but maybe not being in the rotation is the sole reason i didnt
  12. How many guys do we have this season that could realistically have 20pt games? 9? Starting 5 plus heem, keisei, keon, and cj all can get lethal. Thats crazy
  13. Would be a bit surprised to see him go anywhere but MSU, but Mizzou has a Michigan guy on their staff
  14. 105th in field goal percentage defense, while not great, would still qualify as decent. Any team that plays a slower pace would most likely give up fewer points even if their field goal % defense is worse. The stat to use would be opponent points per possession but thats not an easy stat to find for free
  15. Fair. I just remember all the drama with him and how it seemed like we force-fed him the ball early to appease him
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