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  1. I think a bag of jerky for every up vote sounds like a great contest.
  2. I didn't notice at first.
  3. Doc 's inbound play's were effective, so I hope that returns.
  4. The difference is that I am a Broncos fan.
  5. Easy fix give them an honorary doctorate.
  6. I'm 38 and the Raycom Phillips 66 Saturday's was like Christmas every week.
  7. 6 for kst is wearing a belt buckle, never seen that before.
  8. Nebraska kst is on ESPN 3
  9. I hate that this is being done on Twitter.
  10. No need, if the people who told me this were feeding me full of shit I apologize, but I wasn't making a trip up there just to see a sign.
  11. I took the town name out don't feel comfortable putting where they live on here.
  12. was just told this by people who live there and it was on a card board box. I haven't been up there this week so who knows how long it was up, I don't think the people who told me was full of shit but who knows.
  13. Do the ones you know live North of Grand Island.
  14. It's for real I live 10 miles from them and know them really well.
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