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  1. This brought back memories of last year's butter game. Had a guy sit behind me in his early 20s and it was his first Nebraska basketball. When that tool bag from butter put his finger to his lips, without missing a beat he said how about this finger and flipped him off. Isle attendant came down to remove him he apologized profusely and was allowed to stay. Still one my favorite moments.
  2. You like Marvellous Mrs Maisel, so at least you have good taste.
  3. If Northwestern beats Michigan st we will be tied for first place.
  4. I just get Nebraska over 65. Why didn't I come here first.
  5. We're there hookers and mistress invited. This is one time I could use either there or their.
  6. Watching Jimmy V before this game is motivating to say the least.
  7. jdw


    I don't think an add that says your coats are free of comfort is the best strategy.
  8. jdw


    Why is there a Creighton University as it the bottom of my page. Just kidding I understand.
  9. Just seeing his face makes me want to down vote.
  10. Didn't get to watch last night and Fox sports app doesn't have a repaly. Every other time it is on I'm at work; not happy.
  11. Does it really count when Kansas gets hammered by the ncaa.
  12. Creighton fans aren't people.
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