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  1. Since you seem to be lost i thought I would help asshole. https://www.bigsoccer.com/forums/sporting-kansas-city.22/. Oh and French kissing you dog is gross, but it's your dog.
  2. Is there any way to make a thread disappear from my feed.
  3. My thumb hit rate this topic as 1 star, can I undo that.
  4. They would have to cut back on their recruiting budget.
  5. Do we really need a contraction for never.
  6. If it's in honor of it should stay. If it's a caricature like chief wahoo it should go.
  7. They would both be in the top half of the big east.
  8. Anyone but Miles, Dave Bliss would take the job.
  9. Apparently he likes the D.
  10. I can't watch this game with my Dad because he acts inappropriately. He gets made when I say Fuck crayon.
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