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  1. Family Feud Q: Name a famous Arthur A: Shakespeare
  2. There is a Morandum of Understanding that could be signed. While not as binding as an actual contract it is more binding than a handshake. Parties can and have sued for damages based on broken MOUs. I have used them as a hiring tool - in a very different field - with good results. Better legal minds than I would certainly know more about their value in this situation.
  3. I would say this is true on both counts. He did get us some good players. For example, getting Maric to return, Ryan Anderson, Brandon Ubel and Lance Jeter among them. But remember, too, players like Shang Ping, Andre Almeida, Jorge Brian Diaz and Christian Standhardinger? There is a reason one of our best teams under Doc were known as the Mighty Mites! Not saying it wasn't fun but it isn't a formula for consistent winning as a D1 school.
  4. It seems to me that his statement is either a sign of a serious inability to do his job well or... something else. My only opportunity to meet Moos left the impression of him being a warm, caring man who was good at what he does. Maybe some of you with more of a connection to the athletic program can shed light on his foibles but, to my knowledge, he has done a good job. So, I am thinking it is something else. When the story is written about all of this when it is said and done, we may well look at his handling of it and be very pleased. Then again, I could be wrong.
  5. First of all, I have NO inside info from ANYBODY nor do I know anybody that DOES know anybody with such insight. I am just speculating.... -- There IS a coach in waiting but Miles has asked to coach the team through the end of the year and Moos and the unknown coach have generously agreed. Why they would do that makes no sense to except as a simple act of kindness. This seems like a poor option for the well-being of the program and a very unlikely explanation in the big business world of NCAA sports. -- There is NOT a coach in waiting and Moos is genuinely undecided. The performance in the B1G tourney certainly put Miles in an improved light and if the Huskers do well in the NIT -- perhaps even win it -- it will make it really hard to terminate Miles. This option seems very unlikely to me given Miles' track record especially with the bar that was set for the season. -- There IS a coach in waiting but for whatever reason he was unwilling to be revealed by the time the B1G tourney ended. Perhaps he is coaching in the post season. Or perhaps Hoiberg hadn't decided about UCLA, yet by the end of the B1G tourney. So Miles gets to coach to the end of the season and then is bid goodbye regardless of how we do but Moos cannot do anything public until the end of the NIT run. Bottom line for me is the idea that either we have a coach who is currently coaching a post season team or Hoiberg hadn't decided, yet, but now has. I could be happy either way. What doesn't make sense is Tim still coaching the team.
  6. Maybe info is posted elsewhere already, but here is a link to an NCAA site with NIT tourney bracket, TV schedule and a bit of history. 2019-nit-bracket-schedule-seeds-teams.pd
  7. And, if getting to the Dance is the measuring stick, until, I think, 1985 it was a 32 team field. With a 64/68 team field, I suspect MU would have been invited in all of the highlighted years. We'd be thrilled to accomplish that beginning in year 4 of a coach's tenure!
  8. FWIW I think Doc Sadler was a pretty good floor coach but he wasn't able to recruit the players he needed and I suppose that disqualifies him as a good coach overall. But the man knew basketball and that made his inability to win here was tough to watch. If we could just somehow mash Doc Sadler and Tim Miles into the same suit that would be something to see IMO.
  9. Just finished reading the article which left the following impressions. To be clear, I am just reacting to the article. I have NO insight beyond what I've read and what I've read may not be a good reflection of reality. That said: - This news story strikes me as a poor bit of reporting. It relies heavily on just a few sources with axes to grind. Since the policy of using outside sources was a key element, shouldn't the writer have addressed whether other school have similar policies? Or he could have explored more thoroughly how the staff psychologists have or have not proved helpful. There was plenty of info on how the outside resources have been useful but almost nothing about what the staff people were doing. The article left the impression the only ones who COULD help without asking what the staff was doing. If the writer wasn't willing do work in those two areas, I am left wondering what else was left undone or unmentioned. - Like it or not, Moos is the A.D. If he has a policy to use staff personnel and that policy is understood by the coaches, then the coaches need to follow it. Speaking as an employer working in the psychology field and who has had to develop just such policies, I can readily understand why Moos would want to use in house staff or require approval from his office to use an outside resource. Not having policies in place is a good way to get your business in a lot of trouble. And not following policies is a real good way to get terminated. Neither of those things make someone a bad boss. My caveat: the article states Moos thought Riggins was supposed to be in place for 5 weeks and that Miles seemed to think it covered the whole season. This is stunning to me! In our office we send out memos and require responses ALL THE TIME! There ought to be a paper trail somewhere that could bring clarity to this. - Finally, the most striking thing in the article to me was that Miles hasn't asked for help from the very people whose job it is to provide it. Presumably, the staff people have good skills. Use them. And if the policy is they don't get involved unless asked, then ASK! I cannot imagine a good reason not to. Take these FWIW.
  10. If Lewis was the likely next HC, wouldn't it make sense to cut ties with Miles now and name him the interim as an audition for the job?
  11. FWIW if you ever get to Rushville, NE, visit the Modisett Ball Park there. In that little town of 1200 near Chadron there is an MLB worthy field built in the 1940s. From the 1880s on the town saw some of the best baseball ever played in our state. A stream of MLB scouts looking for talent and even led to some "pickup" spring training games between featuring MLB players from places like Minneapolis, Chicago and elsewhere. A fun book on the subject is done by Jeff Barnes called "Extra Innings: The Story of Modisett Ball Park." A trip to Rushville is worth the effort.
  12. Your point is well made and I bow to it! We lovers of the NL "senior circuit," however, prefer to date it from those halcyon days of '69 and no amount of facts can change our minds Interestingly, some early games didn't make it to 9 innings because of blue laws that prevent playing baseball on Sundays. They played, anyway, but the police often ran the teams out of town for it. Sometimes, however, the police allowed themselves to be "captured" by the crowd and forced to watch the game to the end. It must have been a glorious time!
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