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  1. Coaches around college basketball think very highly of Doc. Miles was a better recruiter and program manager here, but Doc can coach circles around him on both ends of the court. Now he'll be able to focus solely on what he specializes in (and what Bill f'in Self hired him for) - defense. I don't think it's a stretch to say he's a good hire as an assistant coach.
  2. Yep, 7-8 man rotation and he likes to play his best/most reliable player(s) 33+ minutes. I’m guessing the minutes in these games have been pretty evenly spread out. But some of these guys won’t play many significant minutes. That’s just the way it goes.
  3. Cheatham and Kavas are the only two players who have started in all 3 games.
  4. I don’t see it at all. Dekker stuck in the league for a handful of years because of his fluid athleticism and length. He’s put several dudes on posters, but he’s never been a good shooter.
  5. Is anyone else having trouble watching it? Are you guys on your phones or computers?
  6. FWIW, Thor’s right foot can be seen in the photo and you can tell he’s standing on his tip toes.
  7. Oregon and UCLA offers might be coming next
  8. Cam Mack is in the hospital right now, by the way. Sounds like a bad case of food poisoning. Hopefully he recovers in time to go to Italy with the team.
  9. Minimum salary contract. He’ll attend camp with the team. After camp they’ll either waive him or convert it into a two-way contract. Even if they waive him they’ll still retain rights to him if he chooses to play in the G-league (and he’ll get a 50k bonus).
  10. Roby update: Mavs waived Giannis' little brother, which may be good news for Roby. Roster is pretty much set and they want to have 2 players on two-way contracts this year. It appears Josh Reaves will be one of those players, although I can't find anything official on that. The other spot will apparently either go to Roby or Daryl Macon, who had a two-way contract with the team last year. Hopefully Roby has earned that spot!
  11. He’s been doing workouts with the team. But in practices he’s been on the sidelines wearing street clothes. In one Instagram story he said, “Can’t wait til I get to hoop.” This was last week so perhaps he’s practicing now. Washut says we’ll know more tomorrow when the media gets access to the team.
  12. Right now he’s basically trying out for any team who may be interested. Suns roster is pretty much set. He could still sign a two-way contract with them, but I’d say it’s just as likely that he’ll get picked up by another team. Lots of unsigned players play in the summer league for one team and end up at another team’s training camp.
  13. Devil’s advocate... the Lakers frontline didn’t really “crush” anyone when they were the Pelicans frontline. They put up great numbers and are incredibly talented, but they both play soft at times and lack effort far too often. When AD gets bodied up by a physical defender, like Montrezl Harrell, he tends to back down. With two bigs on the court, Lebron has no room to bull his way to the basket, which he needs to be able to do in order for the rest of his game to be effective. The Lakers only above average perimeter defender now is Bradley, who is 6’2”. Who’s gonna guard PG and Kawhi? Lebron only plays defense in transition, when he sees an opportunity for a chase down block. An unpopular opinion, but I don’t like how this Laker team fits together. They’ll win a boat load of games, but a championship is the only goal. I don’t think they make the Western conference finals.
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