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  1. Nate Reuvers and Kevin Cross just set a textbook staggered ball screen on Burke
  2. He’s firmly in the 50-40-90 club right now. That’s impressive at any level, especially for a guy with a reputation of being a volume shooter.
  3. 37 points last night. 10-11 from the line and 5-8 from the perimeter. Season stats: 32.3 ppg. 7.4 rpg 3 pt: 43-98 (44%) FT: 125-137 (91.2%)
  4. Teddy had 39 last night. 15-15 from the line. His free throw shooting this year is pretty unbelievable. 115-126 (91.3%)
  5. All year I’ve only seen three rotation players who have any sort of mental fortitude and maturity. Haanif, Thor and Yvan. I feel bad saying this, but as a player I wouldn’t have wanted to play with anyone else on this team. And as a fan, I won’t miss seeing several of these guys play. And that’s truthfully not at all due to their basketball ability and talent level. Fortunately, all three of our redshirts remind me of Thor and Haanif, as far as their maturity level. They all impress me in their interviews and we’ve heard that Walker and Banton are two of the three best leaders on this team, along with Haanif. Looking forward to seeing them play.
  6. I’d blame the player’s effort and toughness on the bad defense tonight
  7. The collective attitude of our team is childish. High highs and low lows. Play soft, but act tough. I might be overreacting.
  8. The early signing period was in November. Next one will start April 15th. Verbal commits can still get recruited by other schools until they sign their LOI.
  9. Mayen has committed to the Huskers, per Washut.
  10. Also, he turns 19 soon and is more than a year older than our starting center. If Samari acted this way after his transfer announcement, people would be wayyyy more critical to him than they are to Donovan.
  11. Donovan isn’t gonna like it when he hears Carter Whitt is taking an official visit to Lincoln
  12. He was in Lincoln on Friday and Saturday. Haven’t seen or heard anything on how the visit went.
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