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  1. He’s usually the “4” which is the trailer in our transition offense. So he’s in the slot opposite the point guard. The point guard and the two wings are interchangeable (although we have a clear pg this year in Mack) and those wings have to be able to sprint up the court and either streak to the basket in primary break opportunities or get to the deep corner in secondary breaks. The wings also do a lot of backdoor cutting and second cutting in our sets, which requires quickness and the ability to finish around the rim. Kavas just isn’t athletic enough to play those spots.
  2. Kavas gives up so much on the defensive end, even if he knocked down a couple threes I’m not sure there’s a net gain with him in the game.
  3. Tonight we looked like that team that nobody wants to play in February and March. The grit in our team was awesome to see. On the road in a hostile environment. It’s pretty rare that I get upset with officiating, but I felt it favored the home team heavily tonight. Spacing, ball movement and player movement away from the ball was beautiful for most of the game. I honestly didn’t expect it to look that good at this point in the season. Some of our sets are like poetry in motion when we execute them as a cohesive unit. Add a pure shooter or two and some post depth and look out. Our bigs bite on EVERY shot fake. But they’re freshman, so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. Defensive gameplan was spot on tonight. Purdue doesn’t shoot the three like Painter’s teams usually do, so I think we’ll see a similar defense on Sunday.
  4. If I remember right, nothing ever came of that incident and his girlfriend put a statement out basically saying Teddy did nothing wrong and she regretted calling the cops on him.
  5. New Rivals150 comes out in January. He’ll move up several spots for sure.
  6. If you type his name into YouTube, you can find highlights of all his juco games so far. Ranger is still undefeated and ranked #1 in the country. Really does give me flashbacks of Cary Cochran. Always has good balance when he shoots, can square and set his feet very quickly off the move. Now is 52/101 from behind the arc in 15 games. Plus, there’s a game where he had two fastbreak dunks!
  7. Cam doesn’t follow her “real” account either btw
  8. I’d guess the majority of kids don’t follow their parents on social media. No big deal.
  9. You tell me. There are many other tweets like these. Sounds like the same person to me
  10. This is all silly. But if you scroll way down you’ll find her getting into it with St. John’s fans, using the exact same verbiage as the other account.
  11. I don’t think it’s fake, unfortunately. She’s been on message boards saying similar things. I’m honestly surprised she hasn’t found this one
  12. 4th actually. He butted heads with Hutchinson Community College’s coach for less than a month before going to Salt Lake last year.
  13. My thoughts, as well. On Husker Sports Nightly a few weeks ago Hoiberg said the offense we’re running this year is basically the one he ran with Royce White as point guard (as opposed to the one with Monte Morris as point guard) and went on to say that Dalano has picked up the offense better than anyone thus far. However, our Royce White is in street clothes this year. It’s almost like we’re gearing up for next year already.
  14. Sometimes there’s only so much you can do. I know the word “culture” is probably overused, but it truly does matter in college athletic programs. If Cam doesn’t adjust his attitude (he’s almost 22 years old and has been in numerous programs now) then we may be better off without him. He’s a good player, but he’s not the savior of Nebraska basketball.
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