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  1. That extra weight looks a lot different on him than it did on McCray though...
  2. An interesting comparison of measurables: Stevenson - 6'6" 245 with a 6'11" wingspan Heiman - 6'11" 215 with a 6'9.25" wingspan (measurement taken during his senior year of high school) Not bashing Brady, I think he'll be a contributor wherever he ends up. But it's rare to see a basketball player with a wingspan that's shorter than their height.
  3. 6-11 wingspan and 40 inch vertical. At 6-6, Bonzie Colson played a lot at the 5 for Notre Dame because of his 6-11 wingspan and leaping ability. I like this.
  4. I’m not sure if this means anything, but I might as well pass along what I’ve heard - All the players met with Hoiberg last week. Brady scheduled his meeting before his test because he already had all his stuff packed up and was planning to head home right after his last final. If that’s true, then Chris Heady’s headline, which was the trigger for the social media uproar about Hoiberg’s handling of Brady, was pretty misleading.
  5. Yep, I'm with ya. I should've expanded on those thoughts in my post.
  6. That's true. But that's not Hoiberg's fault. I'm sure Washut regrets reporting it when he did.
  7. Where was this pushback when Miles “mutually parted ways” with Bakari Evelyn, Dedoch Chan and Jacob Hammond? He even told the media about the tough conversations he’d have to have with some players following certain seasons. This happens every year all over college basketball, with coaches who actually recruited the players they end up letting go. It sucks, but it happens. And the players understand it.
  8. Agreed that Kavas might be a defensive liability. But this staff definitely prioritized offense over defense at Iowa State, as apposed to Miles who wouldn't play a guy if he couldn't defend his position, even if he was talented offensively (Jeriah Horne). We might have to get used to that (personally I prefer it). You're right, all speculation. Heck, Roby might not even be back next year. In that case, I'd probably have Johnson starting with the four guards surrounding him and Kavas as the 6th man... All the different potential lineups we could run out there are fun to think about.
  9. That looks great on paper, but I don't think that first group would spread teams out like we'd want to. Mack and Burke need to (I think they will) improve their perimeter shooting. Roby has been inconsistent beyond the arc, although his mechanics are there. Just needs confidence. Johnson's defender would be waiting in the paint to protect the rim at all times. A lineup of Mack, Jervay, Cheatham, Kavas and Roby would be a nightmare to defend. Would have great space and room to attack off the dribble. I know the narrative is that Roby needs to play his natural position to better utilize his talents, but I disagree. I felt Roby was at his best this year when Tanner was on the bench and the other team's big was forced to guard him. The big has to come out of the lane and defend on the perimeter, and Roby has the ability to blow by him off the dribble. He also used his quickness and ability to finish with either hand to score on guys like Happ, Teske and Fernando down low. On the other hand, when the opponents "4" defends Roby (players with the archetype of Miles Bridges, Juwan Morgan, Nigel Hayes, Bradzeikis) they are able to stay in front of him and often times force a turnover on the perimeter. And with a lower center of gravity, they push him off his spot in the post. At the college level, the way the game is played today, I believe Roby is most effective at the 5. It led to foul trouble this year, but Doc's pretty good at teaching great team defense with undersized posts.
  10. I'm impressed with the roster management in such a short amount of time. As far as the coaching staff getting players they want, while re-distributing scholarships evenly among the classes. If Miles had been retained, and none of the players left, we were set to have 1 senior, 5 juniors and 2 sophomores on next years team. As it stands now, we'll have 3 seniors, 3 juniors and 3 sophomores. Rosters are always fluid from year to year nowadays, but it can be more difficult to manage with such lopsided class sizes.
  11. Their visits were "great", according to a Husker media member. Coaching staff wants them both and feels good about our chances. Yvan doesn't arrive in Lincoln until later today. If we land Johnson and Cross, I'm not sure he'll have a spot on our roster though. I think we'll reserve our last 1 or 2 (Roby/Thor) scholarships for sit-out transfers. I could be wrong, of course.
  12. He apparently grew 2 inches and gained 30+ pounds between his junior and senior seasons. His abilities are much more impressive for a 6'8" 240 lb man-child than a 6'6" 210 lb hybrid forward.
  13. I'm guessing we'll only take one more HS senior recruit in this class and fill the remaining scholarships with juco, grad and sit-out transfers. I'd take Cross over the other two we're looking at right now. And I like those other two.
  14. 6'8" 240. He's a grown man. Versatile and active.
  15. Cochran, John Robinson and a freshman Muhleisen were fun to watch play together when they got going. Watson, Allen and Palmer should also be mentioned, IMO.
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