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  1. Great post. I’m sure Doc loves the pieces he has to work with defensively. This roster reminds me of a couple of his great defensive teams that were undersized. I don’t think he’s ever coached this much quickness and length at the guard and wing positions though. Call me crazy, but I think this team could be better on defense than on offense. The sheer numbers may not suggest that, since there will be more possessions and more shot attempts than we’ve seen here since Nee (and therefore more points for both teams), but our defensive efficiency (Doc’s specialty) may keep us in some games when our offense is struggling.
  2. Jasen earned co-MVP at this camp. He measured in at 6’8” 210 lbs at the top 50 showcase in Omaha this summer. A lot of potential.
  3. So far I’ve heard Hoiberg, Doc and Abdelmassih all mention Jervay’s ability to defend when discussing his potential with the media. Haanif, Dachon and Samari have reputations of being tough perimeter defenders. The only guard I’m concerned about on the defensive end is Cam. That’s based on watching his game against WNCC last year. He obviously has the quickness and athleticism required to be a good defender, but his defensive effort was frankly awful in that game. That’s what Doc is here for! I think Shamiel will be another guy that averages around 25 mpg. Hopefully he gets his waiver.
  4. Well, Cross and Yvan are definitely on their tip-toes. Cross and Thor are the same height....
  5. Committed recruits are constantly being contacted and recruited by other schools up until the day they sign their LOI. There’s no doubt that coaches were trying to flip Davis after they saw him this summer. He just wasn’t going to put it out there on social media until he officially de-committed.
  6. Sallis and Breidenbach would be the most likely out of those players imo. Breidenbach seems to be most interested in Nebraska and Stanford right now, but he won’t make a decision until after his junior year at the earliest, so a lot can change between now and then. Something that may give us hope: he loved the laid back environment in Lincoln and he almost made it sound like he wanted to get outta California. Apparently the staff REALLY likes Zach Clemence. Not sure what our chances are there. Mathurin is another intriguing player to keep an eye on.
  7. Do we have an official height for him? I’ve seen him listed at 6’5”, 6’10” and everything in between.
  8. Kansas is starting to sniff around... But he did just lock in an official visit date to Nebraska (Nov 8th). He was supposed to visit last weekend but decided to go to homecoming instead. He and his parents wanted to take their official to Lincoln as soon as possible and didn’t care if there was a home football game or not. As far as I can tell, he hasn’t set an official to anywhere else.
  9. Sounds like Hunter did very well at the USA camp this weekend. The Rivals guys are extremely high on him, comparing him to Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, and Washut thinks they’ll probably rank him as a 5 star before it’s all said and done.
  10. I did mean the “we” as in the Huskers. I was also trying to remember highly ranked Nebraska kids and completely forgot about Patton. Good catch Norm! I was thinking Akoy Agau and Mike Gesell were the highest ranked in recent years, but Patton was ranked much higher.
  11. https://mobile.twitter.com/ebosshoops/status/1181579599819526147 Bossi thinks Hunter may end up a top 5 point guard in the 2021 class. Still not sure why rivals lists him as a point guard, but that’d put him near 5-star status. He just keeps moving up rankings (247sports has him #32 in the country). He’ll have a big opportunity to show what he can do this weekend. When is the last time we had an in-state recruit who would’ve been ranked in the top 40 in the country? Strickland?
  12. SIAP, but this cracked me up. Jervay said this to the media on Wednesday. We have a bunch of guys who have never played in a division 1 game before. It’ll be a memorable season for sure.
  13. He has offers from Arizona, Gonzaga, Florida, etc. and hasn’t even narrowed it down to a top ten list yet. So it might be a long shot. But man, Washut’s article made it sound like he can’t wait to get here and start playing for Hoiberg. Final quote of the article, talking about some big time schools that have offered him, but haven’t showed him as much love as Nebraska - “After this weekend I’m going to consider Nebraska even more than those schools.”
  14. He and Cheatham might not have the upside that some of the other guys have, but I thought those two looked the most polished.
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