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  1. I think WNCC had Teddy listed at 6’5” 200. Not sure why. He hasn’t weighed 200 since probably his freshman year of high school. Reminds me of a young Jared Dudley.
  2. https://huskers.com/sports/mens-basketball/roster Official height and weights have been updated. Dalano is now listed at 6’9”. Akol, on the other hand, shrunk an inch.
  3. I'm impressed with Tominaga, but that's pretty bold. Tyronn was well regarded out of high school. Instant impact player for us and all-big 12 by the time he was a sophomore. Also, they're very different players. Tyronn was a pure point guard and just as good on defense as he was on offense.
  4. The level of play has been awesome
  5. I’m very excited to watch Teddy and Dalano and think they do check a lot of boxes the NBA looks for. Of all the attributes scouts look for, speed and vision might be the only two boxes Cam checked. As an NBA point guard if you don’t have elite talent, you better have elite toughness and leadership qualities. Toughness and leadership are probably Cam’s two biggest weaknesses.
  6. I have to agree. Before last season, he called Cam Mack an NBA player (to be fair, Coach Miles called Jervay an NBA player a few times). Now it’s Dalano and Teddy. I hope he’s right, of course.
  7. Gonna be a stud. He was named a top 20 player at Chris Paul’s rising stars camp last summer. Very mature and well-spoken kid (and he loves the Huskers).
  8. I hope he ends up there. Was on the cover of SI when he was 15, just like Lebron was. Best player in the country as a sophomore. He’s a spitting image of Kevin Durant, but he’s probably better than KD was at this age. I think he’s the best high school player since Lebron. Assuming he reclassifies, there’s actually a chance Izzo has him for two years, since he won’t be eligible for the draft for two more years after this year (obviously he could go to the G-League or overseas).
  9. Niemann was my Uber driver one night in Lincoln about three years ago. For some reason he’s bitter about his time on the basketball team. He had nothing but bad things to say about his teammates, especially Lance Jeter. It was a strange conversation.
  10. FWIW, Washut has said multiple times that the staff loves Mayen and he’s Washut’s pick to start at the 5. Before I heard that, I would’ve agreed with you on this.
  11. I don’t think it’s a concern offensively, as we have several versatile wings. Defensively, it would’ve been nice to have King on this team to guard the smaller, quicker guards of the big ten. Players like Eli Brooks, CJ Walker, Geo Baker and Trent Frazier. I love Thor, but he does have trouble staying in front of guards like this, and I’d imagine so will Teddy and Dalano. This is the biggest reason why I’m hoping Trey gets his waiver. Otherwise, all we have is Webster.
  12. I think it’s more of a Thor or Shamiel question. I don’t see any scenario that we’ll have two of our four bigs starting. I think it’ll be one big (Yvan, Walker or Lat), one guard (Webster or Trey, if eligible) and three ball players (out of Dalano, Teddy, Shamiel, Thor).
  13. SIAP, but Washut expects the 13th scholarship to be filled by the end of the day. Seems like the staff has known for awhile this was going to happen.
  14. Dalano Banton. I thought he was our best player in Europe last summer. Also thought he was our best rebounder and had a knack for being in the right place at the right time. I’ll never forget watching Shawn Livingston play when he was in high school. He was a 6’7” pure point guard with elite court vision and feel for the game. Banton seems to have a little of that.
  15. I believe there was one (Terrence Clarke)
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