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  1. Points scored per possession I believe is still #1 on that list, followed by points given up per possession. We have everything in place systematically for our points per possession to be high. Our shot selection chart for the season was best in the big ten. We just turned the ball over way too much and missed way too many open threes, shots in the lane and free throws.
  2. Drew Timme will be the preseason national player of the year. Chet Holmgren will be the preseason national freshman of the year. Andrew Nembhard would've been a late first or early second round pick had he entered the draft this year. They'll still have 4-6 NBA guys on next year's roster. Mark Few has made it to the Sweet 16 in the last 6 tournaments in a row, many times with a less talented roster. Completely different situation than Butler and Texas Tech. Of course anything can happen in March, but there's no doubt they'll be a Sweet 16 caliber team again.
  3. Not necessarily. I think there are tiers between the one A&M is in and the one those teams you mentioned are in. Those are 4 of the top 5 programs in the history of college basketball and in the last few decades they're probably in a tier all to themselves. But again, just my opinion. That is true. And both Nebraska and Texas A&M are on that list of teams that my post was referring to as not being "big boys".
  4. It wasn't really Teddy's choice to leave the three D1 schools he's been at.
  5. Cam Mack is currently looking for his 6th school. And he has two more years of eligibility.
  6. I suppose it's just subjective, but I wouldn't consider them a big time basketball school. They're also currently not in good shape. Had an awful year and their only player who had a really solid year is transferring. They do have a stud 5-star coming in next year though.
  7. My guess... Gone for sure Webster and Lakes Also leaving Lat - I believe his minutes will dwindle a bit with the influx of talent. Much like Jack McVeigh's junior season, before he headed back to Australia. Dalano - He is a 4th year sophomore and is turning 22 this year. If he has a great year, he's going pro. If he has a disappointing year, I think he'll move on. McPherson - I actually think he's a better ball player than Elijah Wood and Samari Curtis. But, there's only so many minutes to go around. And kids don't wait around for their turn anymore, e
  8. I'd be happy about adding Hall to the roster, but the devil's advocate in me says pump the brakes a bit with the hype. He has ability, but be careful with highlight tapes. I can't stress enough about how a lack of efficiency - 38% from the field and 3+ turnovers a game - from your primary ball handler leads to losing basketball. We've had so many of these guys the last two years. And we've won a total of 14 out of 59 games. Banton shot a higher FG% and turned the ball over less. He's a better shooter than Banton for sure. But his 2P% was 41%. Banton's was 51% and we thought one
  9. We get him for a year then he goes to whoever has the 4th pick in the 2024 NBA draft. Someone on the Rivals board claims Biliew said Nebraska is recruiting him harder than anyone, fwiw.
  10. They say he’s 6’10” now and he does look bigger and stronger. Guessing he’ll be 220-225 by the time his freshman year comes around.
  11. That is strange. Technically, all offers reported by these recruiting services are “claimed”.
  12. Ramel Lloyd Jr. recently followed Traudt on Twitter... All three of these guys will be visiting in June.
  13. I think about stuff like this. Coaching staffs certainly do too. It’s not that crazy.
  14. We could conceivably roll out an all freshman lineup in this situation that could hold their own. G - Bryce McGowens G - CJ Wilcher G/F - Keon Edwards F - Wilhelm Breidenbach C - Eduardo Andre There's three 4-stars and a 5-star out there. So that's pretty cool.
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