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  1. I watch this one probably once a year. This was arguably KU’s most talented team ever. We had a fun team that year. Muhleisen was a 6’4” freshman point guard who Big 12 coaches respected the heck out of. Cochran was shooting from the logo long before Steph Curry was. Conklin was one of the original 6’11” stretch fours. When’s the last time we had a big man with the body control to be able to complete a reverse putback dunk like Turek did at 2:25?
  2. Kobe Webster hinted to Robin Washut that there will be a new freshman center next year. Washut expects that guy to be Sanogo.
  3. I was. McCray’s on-court demeanor and toughness was light years ahead of Cam’s.
  4. Cam is the most immature player I’ve ever witnessed at Nebraska. He’s not a kid anymore (almost 22). Harsh, but really not hyperbole. We were told as much before he ever played his first game here. Truly believe we’ll be better off in the long run without him. He will have a rude awakening wherever he ends up next year.
  5. Love this. We need maturity. King, Banton, Stevenson and Walker seem to be all business and bring a lot of experience. Having Thor back will be huge, as well.
  6. Apparently Cam’s been saying some silly things on Snapchat lately. A screenshot was sent to me but I can’t upload to here on my phone. He’s laughing about how we’re going to get blown out tomorrow night. Been saying this since August, but he won’t be here next year. Never planned on it. He truly thinks he’s an NBA player and, regardless of his draft stock, he will not listen to anyone’s advice this postseason. FWIW, I know a guy who’s connected in Kansas JUCO circles (Cam was at Hutch CC for a month or two). “Culture killer” was how he described his time there.
  7. Cam still has incredibly childish body language on the court
  8. Nate Reuvers and Kevin Cross just set a textbook staggered ball screen on Burke
  9. He’s firmly in the 50-40-90 club right now. That’s impressive at any level, especially for a guy with a reputation of being a volume shooter.
  10. 37 points last night. 10-11 from the line and 5-8 from the perimeter. Season stats: 32.3 ppg. 7.4 rpg 3 pt: 43-98 (44%) FT: 125-137 (91.2%)
  11. Teddy had 39 last night. 15-15 from the line. His free throw shooting this year is pretty unbelievable. 115-126 (91.3%)
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