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  1. Making threes would also help alleviate the problem of us getting called for so many charges. Opposing teams aren’t afraid to help off of anyone except Lat right now.
  2. I’ve also noticed Thor’s frustration a handful of times. And it’s not a “give me the ball because I want to score” thing. It’s more of a “give me the ball because that’s what you were supposed to do in that situation”. Our pace actually seems worse this year, due to not advancing the ball with the pass, not playing 0.5 basketball (a lot of ball stopping) and often times not running the offense in the half court. Remember how many wide open looks we got within the flow of the offense last year? Thor and Haanif got several layup attempts per game just cutting to the basket and receiving a pas
  3. Bryce was limping the entire 4th quarter. I think he finished with 21 points. The team they beat has won the South Carolina 5A state championship the past 4 years in a row.
  4. https://livestream.com/spartanburg6/basketball2020 You can watch Bryce play live right now He has 13 at halftime.
  5. Duby fits that mold. We just had 6 really good players that year which didn’t leave many minutes for anyone else.
  6. 45% from three and 85% from the line. I would've thought we'd be up by 20 right now with those numbers. Too many turnovers and wasted possessions.
  7. At this point we're just putting our head down and blindly bulling our way to the basket. Way too out of control. Run the offense fellas.
  8. https://247sports.com/Article/New-Jacks-Illinois-Iowa-Stanford-Wisconsin-Recruiting-Gus-Yalden-155527227/
  9. I’m ok with him being frustrated and using it as fuel to perform better in practice and games. But I don’t think poor body language is ever a good thing. Contrast this with Trey in the Nevada game. He had a pretty awful game and sat on the bench most of the second half. But, he was literally jumping up and down whenever his teammates scored a basket. Role acceptance, game in and game out, is important in a successful team. Having said all that, I also think Shamiel can be a really good player for us and would love to see him in the lineup you mentioned.
  10. I was concerned about Shamiel’s body language in the NDSU game. He had an egregious foul 25 ft from the basket with 37 seconds left in a blowout. He kind of moped around the last couple minutes of the game, which gave me flashbacks of most of our players last season when things weren’t going the way they wanted. I thought he seemed frustrated with his role thus far. Shamiel comes across as a player with a lot of physical and mental toughness, so I hope I was just misreading things.
  11. I've watched three of his press conferences now. He's got to be one of the most likeable Husker players in recent memory. Very positive, humble and well-spoken.
  12. I watched Brandon Ubel in an AAU tournament back in ‘08. He stood in the corner and shot (mostly missed) 3s the entire tourney. He was also skinny and slow. He probably ended up being one of the hardest working players we’ve ever had at Nebraska.
  13. Last summer/fall one of the Rivals guys reported Wilhelm was the top post target on Fred and Matt’s board. That’s good enough for me.
  14. I’m still hoping to see Dalano on the block with four guys on the perimeter. I believe the most efficient three point shot is a catch and shoot from a pass out of the post.
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