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  1. To me it looks like he’s more concerned about trying to deceive the refs into calling a foul than he is putting the ball in the basket. More often than not those acrobatics aren’t necessary.
  2. Xavier was a 2018 recruit. He decommitted after Kenya Hunter left.
  3. Isaac Humphries is also a guy we recruited when Harriman was here.
  4. Diaw was a very good finisher inside. But he was one of the original point forwards and he actually played point guard for a couple seasons in Phoenix whenever Nash was on the bench. He was an excellent passer. He averaged 4 rebounds and less than a block a game for his career. When he was drafted he was 6’9”, barely 200 lbs. and was considered a guard.
  5. These prep schools that recruit obviously have talented players, but they are not enjoyable to watch. Everyone “runs” the stand around and watch James Harden offense. These kids don’t have to work on defense whatsoever. I’m looking for a player who is sweating and I seriously can’t find one. Not one player even looks tired. In my area (and I assume most others), every high school team either runs set plays on every possession, some form of a motion, or a secondary break that flows into one of the two. So, every player constantly has a purpose and job on offense. There’s non-stop movement, so
  6. Teddy played for Bob Huggins for a year, was coached by Greg Marshall for a year while he redshirted and is now being coached by Doc Sadler. We’re talking three of the better defensive minded coaches in the game. Doc had several juco players who were great defenders at this level. I’m not giving Teddy the juco bad habits excuse. He’s aware of how to play solid defense.
  7. I thought he looked stronger, as well. He had said that he didn’t start lifting weights until last year.
  8. Had 23 pts against the #1 team in the country yesterday.
  9. That's one thing I love about college basketball recruiting. Every year you'll see some random schools (like Nebraska) with an elite signee.
  10. Honestly, no. Off the top of my head, for just this year, Arizona State has Josh Christopher (5 star and future first round pick), and they're below .500. I'll fact check this later, but I'd guess every year there are multiple teams with 5 star recruits who don't make the tournament. Edit: Last year, Washington had three 5-stars on their team and went below .500
  11. All the time. Probably every single year. Not only were Markelle Fultz, Ben Simmons and Anthony Edwards 5 star recruits, but they were the #1 overall picks in the NBA draft and their teams didn't make the tournament. In basketball, unlike football, 5 stars don't all go to blue blood programs.
  12. Jumped 9 spots to #123 in Rivals updated rankings.
  13. Rivals updated their 2021 rankings today. Bryce jumped 4 spots to #19. Their final rankings come out in April.
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