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  1. Help me out here. Keon looks more explosive and more quick-twitch in his movements than Bryce. He's bigger and stronger (weighs 25 lbs more). Same height. His shot looks really good. When players talk about the best shooters on the team, they mention Keon (along with Keisei, Lat, CJ, Kobe). And this is maybe my favorite excerpt from any article all offseason: As far as perimeter defense, Hoiberg said Trey McGowens and Keon Edwards would be their two best guys. Wow. Hoiberg has been making it a point to remind the media and fans all summer/fall that Bryce is just a true freshman. But he's mentioning Keon's defense in the same breath as one of the best perimeter defenders in the conference. If his defense is that good already, he's going to be hard to keep off the floor (same thing has been said about Wilhelm). Are the media/fans placing too high of expectations on Bryce, and not giving enough hype to Keon? It's probably not fair to compare the two as players. Maybe Keon will be a three and D and dunks in transition type player, and Bryce will be the smooth scorer and secondary ball handler. We'll see. I'm guessing/hoping we'll see them on the floor together a lot. Those two along with another shooter and a creator - maybe CJ and Verge - could be dangerous.
  2. Other folks on the RSS said they were blocked by him for pointing out misinformation in his tweets
  3. I agree. I enjoy listening to Nyatawa talk about the Huskers. He's an Indiana kid, Purdue alumn and covers Creighton. He has a good basketball IQ and is always unbiased.
  4. Heady could definitely write a good story. But his basketball knowledge was lacking and he has a big ego. Someone on the Red Sea Scrolls put together a compilation of blatantly false things Heady wrote in the paper and on Twitter. I listened to a podcast a couple years ago where Heady was a guest. During the conversation, he argued adamantly that Doc never beat Creighton. Doc went 3-3 against Creighton. It was cringey. He grew up a KU fan in suburban KC, so I understand if you don't know certain things about Nebraska's history. But don't keep doubling down on it when you're the only guy in the room who doesn't know (and you're the Nebrasketball beat writer at the biggest newspaper in the state). Couldn't take him seriously after that.
  5. I'm glad Trey didn't say he expects us to win 7 games for the third year in a row
  6. The 2017-18 roster had five 4-stars (Watson, Gill, Roby, Palmer, Allen), one 5-star (Copeland) and two other guys who were in the Rivals top 150 at one point (Jordy, Nana). Along with McVeigh and Taylor who were both rotation guys the year prior. Thomas Allen showed up in Lincoln after being offered a scholarship by Bill Self. Copeland's back was finally healthy and he was poised to return to his freshman form when he was on first round draft boards. Gill was apparently fully healthy now, too. We heard reports that Palmer dominated practices his redshirt year the way Petteway did. Watson was coming off an awesome sophomore year where he was one of the better point guards in the conference. Jordy was coming off a solid freshman year for a young big man. We all knew Roby's potential. On paper BEFORE the season, the 17-18 roster was comparable to this year's, talent-wise. Some of the guys on this year's roster won't be what we think they'll be. Some will get frustrated with a lack of playing time and transfer. Hopefully at the end of the year we will still be thinking it's the most talented roster since the 90's.
  7. I'm grateful we have one of the best radio broadcasters in the business still doing Husker games. Kent is a treasure. I'm also grateful the OWH traded Heady for this Watkins kid. He's doing a good job. Why take the team photo when one of your scholarship players isn't there? Just have the photographer come back next week, yeah?
  8. He needs to start at the 4. I think he would average close to a double-double with starters minutes. His per-36 averages last year were 14 and 9. Thunder fans don't want to watch another year of Darius Bazley missing layups and airballing threes.
  9. Dalano’s official height is 6’7”. The exaggeration of our players’ heights is getting out of hand.
  10. Solid first game for Dalano. In 12 minutes he had 7 points, 4 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 steal and no turnovers. Tonight was the first time since 2009 (I think - Lue and Moore) that Nebraska had two former players play in NBA games.
  11. Hoiberg could lose every game this year and I would still think he’s one of the top 5 offensive minds in the world. He convinced me of that almost a decade ago. Of course, there’s a lot more that goes into winning college basketball games than just having a brilliant X’s and O’s mind.
  12. FWIW, he wasn’t referring to Wilhelm replacing Walker in practice due to illness. He predicted that Wilhelm will end up being the starter at the 5, based off of conversations he’s had. Just sharing what Washut predicted.
  13. Yeah, doesn't really matter who starts the game. Putting Wilhelm in this starting lineup is probably just about fit and which players complement each other. Bryce and Lat were the only two that we would consider "shooters" in the starting 5 as it was. Although statistically Trey had a good year shooting the three ball last season, he and Verge probably do their best work off the dribble when they have shooters around them to space the floor. Wilhelm will help give them more room. We have plenty of shooters in our bench rotation - Keisei, CJ, Kobe, Keon, Trevor - so putting Derrick and his ability to pass out of the post with them makes sense.
  14. Washut is now projecting Wilhelm to replace Walker in the starting lineup. If he’s an upgrade over Walker already as a true freshman, that’s huge. Derrick was one of our most consistent players last year.
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