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  1. This quite literally describes Grant Nelson. 6’11 ~240. He was all-defense first team this year. A frontcourt of Traudt (who has gained a lot of good weight this year) and Nelson would be bigger than most. Lawrence and Hepburn are very good to great perimeter defenders. The lineup you described could be pretty damn good defensively in our system. There were times this year we had Keisei, CJ and Wilhelm on the court together and still made the offense work very hard to get good looks.
  2. Sure, but after leaving UF he actually was "ours", briefly. Had an apartment set up for him and everything.
  3. Seems like most Big Ten teams play 17 home games, 11 away and 3 neutral. We played 15 home, 13 away and 3 neutral. Rutgers played 20 home games. Some power conference schools don't play any non-conference true road games. We have a great homecourt advantage and need to use it.
  4. My straightforward question is: is Grant Nelson one of those you’re hearing about?
  5. My rotation, as of now. Will change significantly as more guys leave and we start to add from the portal. Starters: G - Ramel Lloyd 6'6" G - Keisei Tominaga 6'2" G - Jamarques Lawrence 6'3" F - Juwan Gary 6'6" C - Blaise Keita 6'11" Bench rotation players: G - Quaran McPherson 6'3" G - Sam Hoiberg 6'0" G - CJ Wilcher 6'5" F - Wilhelm Breidenbach 6'10" Spot/situational minutes: G- Cale Jacobson 6'4" F - Eli Rice 6'7"
  6. Did this big play with Griesel last year?
  7. Seems like too much smoke for him not to be leaving Virginia at this point. But, the story was that he and his family weren't fans of McDermott as the recruiting process went on. Curious if these talking heads have any actual information on Traudt to Creighton, or if they're just assuming because his girlfriend goes there.
  8. Agree. It's about finding the right players, not the best players. Juwan Gary will demand a lot of minutes next year, assuming he's healthy. I don't like the fit of Ledlum and Gary at the 3 and 4, with whoever else at the 5.
  9. SIAP, but we stayed put at #92 in the NET rankings after our close loss to quad 4 Minnesota. But when we actually beat quad 4 Minnesota, we dropped a few spots. Hilarious.
  10. Shows how well respected he is by the coaches. They essentially ranked him the 9th best player in the conference.
  11. The culture matters the most. Our defense isn't elite, but those guys make opposing offenses work to get a shot on every possession.
  12. You can pretty easily mask an individual below-average defender or two if you have great team buy-in. You can't really mask poor shooters/scorers at the 2-3-4 spots, ESPECIALLY when your 1 and your 5 do most of their work, scoring-wise, in the paint. However, just my opinion, but I think Gary would've made this squad even better with all the little things he did. And historically, he's been pretty efficient inside the arc. Bandoumel, as a leader and a voice in the huddle, helped this team for sure. Controversial, but when he was on the court I thought he was a slight net negative, and still think that.
  13. In the twelve seasons since joining the Big Ten, we’ve played Iowa home/away in eight of those seasons now. In the four seasons we just played a single game against Iowa, we won one of those games.
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