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  1. Niemann was my Uber driver one night in Lincoln about three years ago. For some reason he’s bitter about his time on the basketball team. He had nothing but bad things to say about his teammates, especially Lance Jeter. It was a strange conversation.
  2. FWIW, Washut has said multiple times that the staff loves Mayen and he’s Washut’s pick to start at the 5. Before I heard that, I would’ve agreed with you on this.
  3. I don’t think it’s a concern offensively, as we have several versatile wings. Defensively, it would’ve been nice to have King on this team to guard the smaller, quicker guards of the big ten. Players like Eli Brooks, CJ Walker, Geo Baker and Trent Frazier. I love Thor, but he does have trouble staying in front of guards like this, and I’d imagine so will Teddy and Dalano. This is the biggest reason why I’m hoping Trey gets his waiver. Otherwise, all we have is Webster.
  4. I think it’s more of a Thor or Shamiel question. I don’t see any scenario that we’ll have two of our four bigs starting. I think it’ll be one big (Yvan, Walker or Lat), one guard (Webster or Trey, if eligible) and three ball players (out of Dalano, Teddy, Shamiel, Thor).
  5. SIAP, but Washut expects the 13th scholarship to be filled by the end of the day. Seems like the staff has known for awhile this was going to happen.
  6. Dalano Banton. I thought he was our best player in Europe last summer. Also thought he was our best rebounder and had a knack for being in the right place at the right time. I’ll never forget watching Shawn Livingston play when he was in high school. He was a 6’7” pure point guard with elite court vision and feel for the game. Banton seems to have a little of that.
  7. I believe there was one (Terrence Clarke)
  8. Rivals previous rankings update was done in January. So more than half the season was played between that update and this one.
  9. Washut says Figueroa would’ve been very interested in coming to Nebraska, but Hoiberg wasn’t willing to let go of one of our scholarship guys. I think Figueroa is an all-conference type player and pro level talent. He’s really freaking good. He was in a bad situation last season, as he really doesn’t fit in Mike Anderson’s system. Would’ve been a huge get for us. That said, I like our roster and glad that Hoiberg is keeping it intact at this point.
  10. It’ll actually be 5. He was at Hutchinson CC for about 2 months before going to Salt Lake.
  11. Here is Washuts prediction. As of right now, he’s hearing the transfers could both be immediately eligible. Banton McGowens King Allen Sanogo Personally, I would swap Walker and Sanogo to start the year. People seem to be skeptical of Walker, but I keep thinking about two things.. 1. Jervay said he was the best post defender on the team. 2. If I remember right, he went 9 for 9 from the field in a 40 minute scrimmage this year. It’d also be tough for me to leave out Shamiel. Might be our most complete player.
  12. He didn’t even finish the first semester at Stephen F Austin before leaving. Went home the rest of the year, then was at Salt Lake CC for one year before coming here. So he’s completed 2 years of college. Might be able to get a waiver due to his mom’s health issues. Regardless, I’d be surprised if he plays another college basketball game.
  13. This would be huge. He’ll be an impact player wherever he ends up. I think he’s the best high school big man this staff has recruited so far.
  14. I watch this one probably once a year. This was arguably KU’s most talented team ever. We had a fun team that year. Muhleisen was a 6’4” freshman point guard who Big 12 coaches respected the heck out of. Cochran was shooting from the logo long before Steph Curry was. Conklin was one of the original 6’11” stretch fours. When’s the last time we had a big man with the body control to be able to complete a reverse putback dunk like Turek did at 2:25?
  15. Kobe Webster hinted to Robin Washut that there will be a new freshman center next year. Washut expects that guy to be Sanogo.
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