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  1. Just fyi, this is Jacksonville University, not Jacksonville St. Hope he succeeds there. I always thought Ed had a lot of potential.
  2. Robin Washut said the Hornets told Alonzo they would give him a two-way contract. Players get guarantees all the time after these pre-draft workouts. His shooting efficiency has been poor, but he’s still a good scorer and a very good free throw shooter. Guessing he’ll get better looks within our offense than he did at Arizona State, where it was often either Alonzo or Remy Martin in isolation.
  3. UNC, Virginia and Michigan State are "big dogs" as well and they've been heavily recruiting him for months. Also Wisconsin, Purdue, Ohio State, Oregon, etc.. Don't be surprised if Duke and Gonzaga offer this summer. A 247 analyst evaluated Traudt last week at a tournament and said he was a top 4 PF in the country, and possibly the best PF in the country. I think he'll end up a 5-star before it's all said and done. Having said all that, based on Traudt's comments, he seems to really value relationships with the coaching staff and Hoiberg has been recruiting him longer than anyone
  4. The most under-hyped newcomer of them all IMO. He’s going to be a special player here. Even if Traudt comes next year, it’ll be hard to keep either one of those guys off the floor.
  5. Smooth. Also like the finish with the left by Walker.
  6. Nor will he recruit a shooting guard who shoots sub-30% from the high school arc and can't dribble with their left hand
  7. Of course this could change, but after this past season Walker told the media he wanted to play two more years at Nebraska.
  8. There aren’t any spots left right now. Some will definitely open up. A couple bench players will inevitably leave after the season in search of more playing time. Wouldn’t be surprised at all if Lat turns pro after this year. Trey and Bryce have already said they hope to go pro after this year. I think Westry would be top priority at guard now. And we wouldn’t turn down Traudt or Green. If all three of these guys wanted to be Huskers, I think we would make room if necessary.
  9. Awesome. Really like his game. Now let’s go get Traudt and Green.
  10. The roster appears to be set now. Unlike the previous two seasons, the info on our Lindy's magazine page may actually give outsiders a glimpse of what our team will look like. I don't think we'll be ranked dead last in every Big Ten preseason poll this year. Below is the ppg, rpg and apg of each player in the 2020-21 season. We'll have 6 or 7 guards/wings competing for playing time in the backcourt and 4 or 5 guys in the frouncourt. There's only 200 total minutes to go around per game and we know Hoiberg likes to whittle down the regular rotation to 7-9 guys eventually. I have no idea how it w
  11. I'd say the source inside the program who thinks he could be an all-american is giving higher optimism than me saying he could be our best player. Nebraska's best player will not necessarily be an all-american, but if there is an all-american on the roster, he will most certainly be Nebraska's best player. Objectively, who on our roster has been better than Verge at this level? It's not hard for me to imagine that a guy who had better individual seasons the past two years than anyone we have on our roster (on much better teams than Nebraska has had during that time) could end up b
  12. I think Verge very well might be our best player, but I wonder if his "source" that says he could be an all-american is the same source that said Cam Mack was a one-and-done NBA player, Jervay Green had NBA potential and Dalano was a lottery pick... As for Breidenbach, my prediction is Lat will either transfer or turn pro after this year, because he'll see the writing on the wall that Wilhelm will be the man at the 4 spot going forward (at least until Traudt gets here...)
  13. Agree with all of this, but if Trey is our leading scorer I’m afraid we’ll be more similar to Nebraska/Pitt the last few years than the competitive Big Ten team we’re all hoping for. He hasn’t proven to be very efficient in his first three years and it’ll require a lot of shots for him to get to 14 ppg. I’m hoping he won’t have to carry that burden this year. He’ll definitely be a valuable player on this team for many other reasons.
  14. I think the NIL rules are already having a positive impact on college basketball. We’re seeing a lot of good players return, now that they can potentially make more in college than they can in the G-League or in most leagues overseas. I’ve always thought the competitiveness and quality of play in college basketball took a hit after they stopped letting high schoolers jump to the NBA. It used to be only a few guys in each class, if that, would go from high school to the NBA and the rest would go to college for three years, like in baseball. Now you have dozens of guys leaving college
  15. According to Washut, the Charlotte Hornets offered Verge a two-way contract after his workout with them earlier this week. He turned it down. That’s a pretty big deal.
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