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    Not the official pump up film of 2018-19

    I would not be bad (I’m assuming the the majority of people on here would agree) if you posted a new pump up video every day
  2. Should we make that an informal Husker gathering on Saturday? Me and the other 5 I'm going with would make it.
  3. Thanks for posting. Anybody have any leads on a way to get presale tickets?
  4. nuhusker7

    Selection Show, who to watch for

    The only chance of that happening is if the FBI releases some more information in the next two hours!
  5. This is vegas odds? Doesn't shock me.
  6. nuhusker7

    NCAA or bust.

    Don't get me wrong here, I absolutely want Palmer to stay. I think we have the potential to be a very good team next year if he returns. However, I don't think it's doomsday if he leaves. First of all - How can you blame a guy for wanting to follow his dreams to play in the NBA? If he thinks it's his best chance to make it in the league if he goes now, I will 100% be supportive of him, and I would imagine Coach Miles would be too. Secondly - this all started with Terran. We are bringing in players who are roll players on their respective teams, and turning them into all conference players with NBA potential. Players looking to transfer are noticing this, and will continue to come here if we are a potential springboard to the NBA. Lastly, if he does make the NBA that is going to be great exposure for Nebraska in the future. There probably aren't a lot of high level recruits that are watching Nebraska games around the country. But most are watching the NBA, and if they are seeing player(s) from Nebraska that can only be positive. If Palmer (or Cope) leave now because they think they have a legitimate shot at the NBA then I can't blame them and I will encourage them completely. This is a good step in the right direction, I think I can assume we all want NBA caliber talent on our roster moving forward. If Palmer (or others) leave for any other reason then that would be a completely different issue than what I am talking about in this post, but leaving for a potential shot in the NBA is fine by me. Granted I would be a little disappointed.
  7. nuhusker7

    Big Ten Tournament

    You cost yourself quite a bit of money! Should taken then money line.
  8. Nebraska 72 mitch 66 3
  9. nuhusker7

    Selection Committee Games of Interest

    The good news is one spot might have opened up from Arizona. And nothing on the court really matters.
  10. nuhusker7

    B1G Tournament Bracketology

    This could drop the game we already beat them from tier 1. That would just throw salt in the wound.
  11. nuhusker7

    You know what though...

    Same, plus San Antonio. (I'm gonna be broke by that point)
  12. Nebraska 72 Penn State 66
  13. Why do they keep putting these kids on the court?
  14. Huskers 75 Indiana 64 3
  15. nuhusker7

    Vegas doesn’t like us again

    I watched a documentary on full time professional sports betters in the vegas area, and they are betting such absurd amounts of money that they are intentionally moving the line. In theory, they will bet $200,000 early and move the line. Vegas then will move the lines to try and get the money to be bet equally on both sides. Then right before the game They will hammer the team they think will win $1,000,000. I'm not necessarily saying this is the case, but it's definitely possible. I think smart betters are starting to figure out the system, and in Vegas I have to assume there isn't so much money on the Nebraska game where it's that hard to change the line.
  16. Nebraska 75 Illinois 70
  17. nuhusker7

    Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Penn State vs Nebraska just was number 1 on the most important games left in the big Ten season on BTN
  18. Is there any chance the big ten gets six (6) teams in? If penn state wins their next two, I don't think there is any way they could be kept out. If we win out, I don't think there is any way we get kept out. Not saying it's likely for that to happen, but it's possible, and if it did is there any way we get 6 in? Or are the committee and national media just too against the Big Ten for that to happen?
  19. Just a guess, I don't have any information here, but I think it's related to the hate will never win campaign
  20. We might have been. Also I may have misunderstood your post. I was assuming you meant we would play them in Omaha, but after reading it again, I think you were just referring to playing them again. But imagine the ticket prices if we did play them in Omaha.
  21. Is a team allowed to be in the same regional that they are hosting? I know there are some rules about playing in your own arena, but I don't know what they are.
  22. nuhusker7

    2017-2018 KenPom Rankings Thread

    Ken Pom does not take into account anything about how a team was playing when you played them correct? I feel like we keep getting downgraded on ken Pom (and many other computer rankings) because they are just calculating how we did against a Minnesota team that no doesn't look nearly as good to the computers as it does now. Same for UCF, St. John's, and I believe a couple other teams who had injuries or suspensions.
  23. nuhusker7

    Free Throws/ Runzas

    One could argue he is proportioned perfectly. I sure as hell would take his body and the ability to be the best Olympian in history