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  1. I may get some flack for this, but this team needs a "ball connector". Or in other words a guy who keeps the offense moving. Last year Banton did that a bit but Thor was really good at that over the past two years. Trey was kind of filling that role there, but now I have no idea who will. I'd personally insert Wilhelm into the starting lineup to do that. Not because he's a better player than Lat (you can argue it, but I'll opt for the experienced guy) but he is looking to move the ball based on what I see. Walker acting at the high post is something else they need to incorporate a lot more. Got Bryce two easy buckets last night and Walker did well at that last year.
  2. Next year's PG situation is what I'm monitoring closely. I have to imagine they take a transfer via portal. I need to watch some of Lloyd this year as the lead guard at Sierra canyon to make an assessment if I feel good about him there. Right now, I think he's a wing who can do a bit of ball handling and run an offense. Ie not a true lead guard. I'll have to watch a bit tho, because I may be wrong Thank you for bringing this up though. I've been banging the table for an improved PG situation next year for a while.
  3. Guys I don't know anymore. I really don't. I do believe there's a good team in there. I do. -verge. He's a worse version of Teddy Allen in every way I could think. He can't score like Teddy and Teddy at least ran some offense. -Bryce was smothered all night and obviously uncomfortable. Thought he did some things ok but overall wasn't there - one thing I saw tonight that I haven't seen this year, Walker working that high post and passing out of it. They ran a ton of actions out of that last year and it worked. Really well honestly. -cj is a tough tough player. I would love to see more minutes moving forward with him. He isn't adept at handling the ball yet though.
  4. Struggled a ton offensively, but found a way to win. Good sign. Verge is trying to force it, but I can tell he means well. There was a play where he checked in and Lat stepped out of bounds. Pushed Lats chin up to say "pick your head up". He just needs to stop going a million miles an hour. We are so lucky to have Bryce. Some of the shots he hit were absolutely absurd driving. One reason for the offensive struggles/ball movement in my eyes are a "ball connector". Ie a guy like Thor who keeps the offense moving. Trey I think is trying to fill that void right now. I think only 7 or 8 assists last night and between 3 guys. Not good. Need to see more of a Wilhelm and Andre frontcourt. I think they'll have to use it in big ten play, so get them used to playing together now Shooting will come around by the shooters. CJ and Keisei were both active in other ways last night, so I'd say they were overall positives despite shooting.
  5. That's a bit perplexing. Might've been due to his offense? Fred was making subs that indicated he wanted to get the offense going (checked in lakes for example). I would've given him some run I think.
  6. I saw him on the bench. But I don't remember seeing him go through warm ups. Didn't look hard for him though
  7. Guys, I got nothing and I was there. Rebounding is going to be an issue most of the year and I think most everyone assumed that. The ball movement tonight, was not good. I thought that was more devastating to the team than rebounding. Empty possessions by just driving to the rim and throwing something up as soon as you cross haircut
  8. They'll have to hit the portal for 2 PGs probably. Both McGowens and Verge will be gone Overall, I agree with you. I look at him as a guy who can run an offense but he has scoring chops and that's how you'd best utilize him. They NEED to get a PG. Avery Brown would be awesome, but I guess the boat has sailed there
  9. Was at the game and forgot to check in here. Hi guys, it's basketball season again. Overall, thought they could've played better yet they led by 20 at one point. Wilhelm has issues boxing out right now I noticed. He just tried to grab the ball. Once big ten play starts, I have to think they'll play him and Andre together, because Andre just gobbles up boards Bryce is finally getting comfortable in the scheme. He'll have nights where he's quiet all night but all of a sudden you'll look up and he has 20 and 5 boards and 4 dimes. He's my kind of wing honestly Bench rotation is going to be interesting to watch all year. First will usually always be Wilhelm and CJ. After that Keisei and then it could be a variety of guys based on the opponent. PG play is going to be heavily dependant on Trey and Alonzo this year. After them we have Kobe, but the fall off is there. Overall, I saw a TON of good and some things that I think can be better. I see the potential with this team and not trying to jump the gun, but I'm getting a similar feeling to the JPJ/Copeland first year.
  10. Would've given us a clear PG future post Trey. I wanted him here bad and was blindsided by Wisconsin
  11. Was thinking this morning about next year's team post McGowens brothers, and there's a massive hole at PG. They'll lose both move and Trey. McPherson can show me he's ready to fill in, but I imagine we take a transfer and I'd prioritize the hell out of Avery brown. This can all get thrown for a loop if one of our 2023 PG targets reclassify (Simeon or chase for example). But I'd put as much as I can towards Avery
  12. He's still in the portal. Wonder where he'll end up or if he ends back up at prairie view A&M
  13. draft is in a few weeks. He's getting workouts with teams. I think a late 2nd or preferred UDFA with a guaranteed 2-way contract is what'll happen. Really rooting for him.
  14. I immediately thought about him when Banton announced he was staying in. He'd be what Banton was last year, but the feedback he got might've been "go dominate another year in a lower conference and you'll be drafted" I would've loved him
  15. just me speculating, but this could be a possibility. He's from Brooklyn so I'm assuming theres an abdellmasih connection. At the same time, there was no St John's offer out of HS back in 16/17. No rumor. Just me speculating. If they plan on filling this quick (they should imo) leaning on connections/relationships is going to be key.
  16. As of now, this is my rough guess. G: Trey G: Bryce G: CJ F: lat Big: Walker Off the bench (in order) Kobe Andre Keon Wilhelm Wildcard here is Tominga. He has a quick release and fits into what the offense wants. Him not getting here until after the Olympics may hurt him initially, but I can see a way where he works his way into the rotation. Lakes and McPherson are both interesting guys, but I think they'll be further down in the rotation. Lakes may start off higher backing up lat, but that'll eventually be Wilhelms spot imo Obviously, this can all change based on who they bring in with Bantons scholarship.
  17. That would be huge, but after looking at the roster, I think they'll be pursuing a wing. Jordan Hall would've been target #1, but he went back to St Joe's. Right now there's about 5 "bigs" on the roster (including Lat/Wilhelm). In contrast, there's about 4 wings right now (Bryce, Lakes, CJ, and keon). Dawson would easily be the most talented big on the roster from day 1, and the relationship is already established from HS (Fred offered him). I just personally think they look on the wing direction
  18. Put up a decent line minus points. Not really moving the needle
  19. There's some interest at this stage. Watched some tape, and he flies off the screen. Wants to come back down in the fall for an OV at a football game
  20. Bryce got some good publicity from the Iverson event. Getting talked about as a draft prospect once he adds muscle to his frame. Im really excited to watch his development
  21. No scholarship guy I believe. He was being pursued by us, UConn, and auburn the hardest apparently. Very interesting commitment. Has size and looks like a bit of explosion. Under the radar. I like the guard rotation as it currently stands, so I wonder why they took him. Elijah wood 2.0?
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