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  1. Indiana doesn’t have any players that have played in the Olympics.
  2. Probably the most bizarre game I’ve ever watched. Overall I’m proud of the team and happy with the way that we played. That being said we should have won 4 out of the 5 possible times. Being a husker fan is cruel. TV Ted should not be allowed to ref. In the long run this won’t be a bad loss, we just need to grow and come together after this. I don’t have expectations of being great this year, but I think we will win more games than people think.
  3. He’s also playing better now that Wilhelm came in for Walker. Not because Walker wasn’t playing well, but because verge kept trying to force it to him.
  4. This is spot on. The problems come when we don’t get into an offense because he is dribbling in circles and nobody is moving to get open and even initiate an offense. Some of that is on verge, but it’s not only on him. This also might limit his total assist numbers some, but it will greatly limit the total assists from the rest of the team if it continues.
  5. The shooting is bad because we aren’t getting good looks. Other than a couple Lat looks and 1 CJ look, all of our three misses were either heavily contested or off the dribble sliding backwards. (Not counting Bryce who made some) The offensive movement and passing needs to come first, and then the shots will fall
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