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  1. My apologies if you already had one going. When I started this I didn’t see one for next year, and I was excited to talk about next year. Feel free to merge or switch over to the other
  2. I’m surprised nobody has brought up Keita Bates-Diop. That is what I see happening with Roby if he stays
  3. Let’s talk about our opponents in the first year of the Hoiberg era
  4. I think the fact that Fred has NBA head coach experience is a huge factor in getting Roby to stay. If Hoiberg can convince Roby that he will help prepare him for the NBA in a way that he hasn’t had before, he may be able to get him to stay.
  5. Then he needs to find someone for his staff that isn’t horrible at writing statements
  6. I hope nobody forgets that Bill could have left tomorrow morning and still made it to his sons spring game tomorrow. I have zero issue with him going to watch his sons spring game. I do have an issue with his timing on everything. He could have easily stayed for two more games. It’s almost like he wanted to be in Chicago to watch them lose to Rutgers for the icing on his personal cake. If he had not gone to any game at all it would have been a better look.
  7. Ali Farokhmanesh March 27 2024 (I hope you give me credit even though I missed the cut off)
  8. Yes I realize how computer rankings work. Would you take a close win now?
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