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  1. Not to mention a real offseason, a normal amount of practices, and a normal non conference schedule to get ourselves in a groove before the grueling big ten.
  2. I’m not sure if this is incredibly optimistic about the newcomers or incredibly pessimistic about our current players, but I don’t see anyway they Lat is the only player that is on the top 6 best shooters on the team next year. It has shown year after year that the best players in the big ten are those who have done it before. I have already seen our team shoot much much better the last half of the season, and that is all about ball movement and getting open shots, rather than individual shooting ability changing. I would be shocked if Trey isn’t in the top 6, and if Kobe and Thor
  3. If both teams play “good” we probably lose by 20. Iowa played great, and we played bad. Bad games happen, and it’s easier for them to happen against teams that good. Burn the tape, move on, and do not let one bad game affect anything moving forward. There was nothing record wise that mattered this year and this is just one game against a top 5 team.
  4. All I learned today is that Fredcon 1 looks different than the other 9
  5. Please tell me they have no sources and are just dreaming
  6. Nebraska 69 Maryland 68 (times two if I can’t post in the other)
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