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  1. Cmon man, take a step back and look at our own board. If you’re gonna be calling out their board for collectively talking shit on programs you can look at every board out there including HHC. I have no problem that we bash on Creighton and Iowa and teams we rarely even play like Kansas any chance we get, that’s all part of the fun of being on a kool aid drinking message board.
  2. I probably picked the correct winner.... but I think the score is going to be a little low
  3. These announcers are horrible. And I find it annoying when guys only draw charges all game. Both are part of the game, however annoying they are.
  4. I also know a lot of people that have moved away and pay extra for btn. However I don’t think that any analysts being unfair to Nebraska will ever keep husker fans from paying a few dollars a month to watch husker sports. I think that there is a bias against us, I just don’t think they give a sh*t. It doesn’t affect their revenue.
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