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  1. I also believe there are 6 or 7 or Costa Rica’s top players that are sitting on a yellow. If they get a yellow the would be out for the intercontinental playoff. I would not be surprised if they are cautious and save their team for that playoff rather than hoping for a miracle winning by 6 or more.
  2. Not surprising, but I wish he would have stayed. He was one of the very few that played with effort every game. Sometimes that effort didn’t translate into smart basketball, but there were several games this year where he looked like he was the only one who cared.
  3. Try Matt Abdel Massih with a space. https://directory.unl.edu/people/mabdelmassih2
  4. I agree with this. I don’t believe there is any automatic suspension. That being said Greg Gard said he was going to write a letter to the big ten or some shit like that, and the big ten hates us, so who knows. Also in football I don’t believe any ejection in the second half will get you suspended for the first half of the next game, just targeting. (Granted that is the majority of ejections nowadays)
  5. Road games are awesome. You can go see some cool cities for a fraction of the cost if going to an away football game. I try to go to one every year or so. This year we decided to pass because how bad we had been doing. HHC should pick a road game each year to go to (preferably iowa, NW or other drivable cities)
  6. It’s funny watching Brad Davison get called for blocking fouls now even when it’s clearly a charge. Refs are so far in their own head they don’t even know what’s going on anymore. Chucky was the best player in the state last year, and definitely in the state championship game. I’d prefer to play Wisconsin in the finals in the big ten tournament rather than the semi finals. All my thoughts on the badgers. Let’s keep the streak rolling
  7. I don’t think that’s a good idea for Fran. He might end up in jail
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