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  1. Pretty classy note from an NCSU fan-no wonder Teddy Valentine likes them so much. But, joking aside, I wish I had done the same to the UAB fans after NU beat them here in 1978 in our other 4 overtime game.
  2. He looks better than Banton ever did to me, but I must know nothing about what the NBA looks for in players now.
  3. Danny Manning is interim coach after failing miserably at Wake Forest. Prospects not looking good for the Terps this year.
  4. I only like to bitch about the referees when they are uniformly inept. A 43-15 discrepancy in foul distribution indicates subjective bias, if not outright dishonesty. It would be the equivalent of a football crew calling twenty offensive holding penalties on one team and two on the other. In neither sport would the ignored team be able to win, barring a miracle.
  5. Yes, I was feeling a bit queasy myself at that point.
  6. Vomit on the floor last night? The announcer claimed he spilled some water on the court but it looked to me as if it spewed from his mouth but it wouldn't be the first mistake that clown at the mike made. If so then C.J. gets some props for helping clean it up. Was WB playing while sick? Anyway, it would not be as memorable as peeing into a towel.
  7. Given our opponents, our rating should continue to rise. So there's that.
  8. House, Lobos keep Aggies in the dark - Albuquerque Journal (abqjournal.com)
  9. Too tired and disappointed to add much so I'll just blame Teddy Valentine and move on. At the very least, the no-call on Verge should have been reviewed as a possible flagrant since it appeared he was struck in the face. And I was one of the few here who witnessed the other 4 OT game live (I enjoyed it a lot more, though).
  10. A person used to have to join the navy to see the world. Now it appears that playing basketball for the Huskers is a more direct route.
  11. New Mexico State men's basketball rides second-half 3-point shooting, key rebounds to win over Davidson (yahoo.com)
  12. Hey, let's be positive here! We are just BARELY into triple figures, and when we take our B1G drubbings we are bound to move up
  13. Pretty depressing chatter to start the countdown for Thanksgiving so I'll be as upbeat as possible. Looking at our schedule to start the year I thought we might be 7-0 in November and 3-3 in December. Even though starting the New Year with 10 wins appears beyond our grasp at this point, we still have to play the games and stranger things have happened. So, let's all try to enjoy Thanksgiving weekend with full stomachs and hope that all of the vaccinated and unvaccinated, masked and unmasked, politically divided folks in our great country begin 2022 in a more optimistic state of mind.
  14. Jimmy's basketball history lesson for the day: Tennessee State used to be called Tennessee A&I and was a powerhouse when some of the best collegiate basketball teams came from the NAIA ranks. The yearly NAIA tournament was played at the old municipal auditorium in Kansas City in those days and my dad and I attended almost every year. A&I won three consecutive years beginning in 1955 with their coach John McLendon who finished with a record of 149-20, and later became the first black professional head coach for the Cleveland Pipers and first black head coach at a mostly white university (Cleveland State). He was born in Hiawatha, Kansas-home of the oldest Halloween parade west of the Mississippi. He was a phys. ed. major at KU under James Naismith. His best player at A&I was the finest left -handed shooter I ever witnessed, Dick Barnett, who won two NBA titles while playing for the Knicks and is in the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. * I got many of these facts from one of my favorite basketball books, "Big Game, Small World", by Alexander Wolff. And that's your lesson for today, kids. You may put up your notebooks and be happy we aren't playing one of McLendon's teams tonight.
  15. I thought that at the first of the year. Now-not so sure.
  16. I predicted the team with the better 3 pt. % would win. That's the only positive thing I could come up with this morning.
  17. Faux Mike: At least donuts are not good for your health, so you've got that going for you. (Just thinking like a true Husker fan now) f
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