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  1. When I visited the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Mass. several decades ago, I marveled at the 18 1/2 size of his shoes which were on display. At the time Bob and Will Purdue of Vanderbilt were known for their foot size. He had a pretty nice career at St. Bonaventure and in the pros with thw Pistons and Bucks. Time to rest those dogs now, big guy. R.I.P.
  2. Steve Sipple announces he is leaving the Journal Star today.
  3. Turn the page. I hope Baylor enjoys his time on the plantation and there are plenty of other fish in the sea.
  4. So that they will be less likely to squander all of the money they are going to make.
  5. I have not cared enough about the basics of NIL to pay much attention to the details. This article makes it a little clearer and there is a photo of Jordan Bohannon for someone's basement. It sounds like Matt A. will make a fine agent if he decides to go that route. NCAA name, image and likeness FAQ - What the rule changes mean for the athletes, schools and more (espn.com)
  6. OK, now let's see what we can do for a point guard.
  7. Louisville basketball will vacate 2013 national title as NCAA upholds ruling - The Washington Post
  8. No, nor will Self's for this year if the NCAA decides to vacate it. (don't hold your breath on that one).
  9. That leaves Self as the only active coach with multiple NCAA titles.
  10. " It is hard to force a scholarship player off the team if he wants to stay." (See Robbie Benson in "One on One")
  11. Basically, this was Doc's job at NU this year, so he was well prepared.
  12. Never any question about this one. Jayhawks had it all the way.
  13. Too bad the job at Cornell wasn't open.
  14. Brad will also be allowed to have his pet tapir on the bench as an emotional support animal.
  15. '22-'23 is shaping up to be considered a "down" year for the Big Ten conference by the media mavens. This perception will be reinforced if Nebraska manages to finish in the top half of the league.
  16. Skip the salt, it's not good for the blood pressure and this season already elevated it enough. Better to take it with a dram of NyQuil.
  17. Any reason Washut thinks Tominaga won't be back next year? He had some moments last year and with one year of experience he could add to next year's team. I would think he would stay unless someone has heard otherwise.
  18. Teddy Allen announces he will enter NBA Draft | KOB 4
  19. Is it official that Trey is staying with his brother moving on?
  20. He could end up like Mike Daum who came back for senior season and ended playing Euro ball.
  21. Y3K will probably crash everything by then.
  22. Will remain on the plantation for a long time. Wonder what the buyout terms will be? Creighton signs McDermott to new multi-year contract (msn.com)
  23. Hello and goodbye to Bryce, a not unexpected subtraction from our roster. Now to start building for next year. I enjoyed watching him develop but am not sure having 5-star recruits with all their baggage is the best way to insure a successful program, even for Calipari, now. It seems that recruiting a bunch of jigsaw-piece players with various talents and aspirations and then fitting them together into a team is the best way to proceed. The top coaches have the knack of appreciating what the puzzle will look like before the season begins.
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