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  1. Actually, the downfall of NU's major sports really went careening out of control after Rose was hired to do football PxP and to be Pederson's yes man on the radio, so I blame him. He's a blowhard & tool of unimaginable proportions.
  2. Good to see the folks with an interest in hoops making this happen, rather than just leaving hoops to have whatever the football NIL leftovers are.
  3. At this point, if we end up over the limit, we just supplement the player with NIL money and let him "walk on". Need to be creative, and I can be very creative when spending other peoples' money. Could be a case where we told super seniors like Lat & Trey that if we have a scholarship available, they can have it, otherwise they have to pay their own way if they come back. Wouldn't be the first program to do that in this post-covid super-senior era.
  4. We should've offered him the first time. Hope we get a second chance & take advantage of it.
  5. Shatel had a column this morning about how a new NU football booster group is forming with a focus on NIL. The group would pay players to come speak to the group. Coaches will still also speak to the groups on occasion too. $5K per person per year, and they are at 75 members already and growing. All the money goes to the players. Members can make extra donations for one-on-one time with players. I assume NU basketball is doing something similar? If not, they should be. Donation to a group like this could be a pretty significant amount split among just 12 players. $100 K and a good job for mom and dad will look like chump change eventually. https://omaha.com/sports/huskers/football/shatel-nil-is-a-boon-for-nebraska-football-even-if-many-old-school-fans-dont/article_89b69032-c2a6-11ec-bbe0-93d60bc12487.html He also discusses how some fans don't like the new world of NIL. I get it, but NIL is here to stay and the NCAA is going to do nothing to police it, as they much prefer this Wild West scenario than paying players officially and introducing their own liability for injuries. So it's either take advantage and play the game, or fall by the wayside. He additionally mentions that the days of the huge locker rooms/practice facilities/etc are probably gone. I agree - boosters are far better off giving their money to the players as a direct way of influencing recruiting. Good thing NU has its major facilities finished or in progress, because I doubt many more facilities like this will be built in the future. Facilities will still play a role in recruiting, but NIL financial promises will be far greater.
  6. I don't want to get into too many details, but he's been in the doghouse pretty much since he started school in the fall. Just a bunch of off-field stuff. It was getting better, but something came to a head earlier this week & the coaches had enough. Short handed on the mound big time, but the pitchers have fought really hard the first two games this weekend. Olsen deserved a way better fate, but this team still doesn't do enough of the little things at the plate or in the field to help the pitchers out. Been a broken record this season, but way too many strikeouts and way too many mistakes in the field. Plus it's pretty tough to win when the two guys you were counting on to carry the offense were 0-for-9 today with multiple Ks and have had rough seasons overall. By the way, I don't think Chick ran through a stop sign in the 8th, I think Coach Harvell was putting up the stop sign for Everitt at 2nd. Still, Chick didn't read the ball off the bat well - there shouldn't have been a play at the plate if he reads it better and is 2-3 steps ahead of where he was. More little things. At this point, they need to focus on just trying to get into the B1G tourney and hope that they're healthier on the mound by then and hope that the offense figures it out by then. RU is a really solid Big Ten team. They look a lot like NU looked last year. They aren't going to beat themselves. Not sure if they can hold off Maryland in the conference race, but they look like an NCAA team in a serious down year for the B1G.
  7. He had plenty of chances, but just couldn't help himself. Too bad, because he's really talented. Between injuries, dead arms, and dismissals, NU's pitching this weekend is a complete wreck. If NU somehow wins this series, it will be one of the more impressive things they've done in a while.
  8. Kansas going through a 5 1/2+ minute field goal drought late in the first half brought a tear to my eye. It was so familiar, it almost felt like NU was a part of the title game.
  9. How many coaches has Butler fired over the past 30+ years? Maybe Goodman doesn't realize that this is the Butler way; they just haven't had to deploy it all that much.
  10. I don't think it'll happen either - well, wait. What date are we playing at Wisconsin? Then it'll depend on whether we have our guaranteed 10 team fouls by the first or second media timeout and we have no other lineup to use. Outside of that, though, no chance, unless one of them suddenly develops a 3-pt shot.
  11. Kinda interesting that Fred released his first press statement after Keon enters the portal, and uses it to mention Andre & Lakes as well. I would take that to mean he doesn't expect anyone else to enter the portal. Now that doesn't mean a HS recruit won't change his mind or that one of the covid seniors won't be moving on to other opportunities, but just found the timing of the statement interesting.
  12. I'm not unbuckling and feeling good about the roster until we're kicking the crap out of Colorado in next year's exhibition game.
  13. Lots of double digit seeds heading to the Sweet 16. Too bad we had to focus on trying to get to double digit wins this year instead of hoping to be a double digit NCAA seed. Maybe next year.
  14. If the basketball gods truly have relegated Nebrasketball fans to hell, Davison and Bohanon will both receive another year of eligibility, plus Gibbs will find another year buried in his closet. Then Bohanon & GIbbs will transfer to Wisky next year ... and the B1G will decide to force NU to schedule the Badgers for all 31 games, all in Madison with Teddy Valentine and two of his clones reffing every game, in retaliation for daring to beat Wisconsin on senior day this year. And they'll air all 31 games on FS1.
  15. What a choke job by the Badgers - the NCAA basically gave them a Sweet 16 berth by default - they get to play in Milwaukee as a 3 seed (while Purdue doesn't get to go to Indy). In the 2nd round, the bracket gives them a layup, facing the winner of a game between a broken, coach-less LSU team or an Iowa St team that lost its last 3 games before the NCAAs, one by 17 and another by 31, and went 7-11 in the Big XII --- and yet Wisky can't get it done. Wisky now gets to live with losing to a highly short-handed NU on senior day, with getting knocked out of the B1G tourney in the quarters, and with blowing a gift chance to move to the Sweet 16. It's amazing what happens to Davison and crew when they actually get officiated on a relatively even basis, versus what they get in B1G play. I like it.
  16. What a great, great day at the NCAA Tournament so far.
  17. Kind of destroys the argument that we needed to give Fred a 4th year to keep this recruiting class together.
  18. Well, this means I lost a bet. I thought Bohanan would be eligible for Social Security before his Iowa playing career ended. I think I only needed Iowa to keep their season going for about another 6 days. So close.
  19. Why does Wisko always insist on setting basketball back to the stone ages each time they play? Awful. This tournament is doing nothing to alleviate my feeling that the B1G is in for a rough NCAA tourney. The top of the B1G is not great ... maybe except for ::throwing up in my mouth a little bit:: Iowa.
  20. Yup - I'm afraid the book is out on him & I don't think he can adjust to it. I'd guess he'll be a situational pinch-hitter/spot-starter before much longer. Going to have to rely on some of these freshmen. Defense has been a disaster so far. This team can't score enough to make up for defensive lapses. Have to get that fixed. They're really going to miss Bunz too. That was a killer loss out of the bullpen. Ultimately, the team took a much bigger jump than they expected last season behind several guys who are no longer here. This year was always going to be a bit of a step back -- the preseason expectations of hosting a regional were ridiculous, especially for a Big Ten team. However, it's been even a bigger step back than I expected/hoped to this point. Hopefully they can (and should) use this homestand to build some momentum. If they can, they wouldn't be the first NU team to really take off around mid-March when they finally get to play at home regularly. Based on recent football/basketball results, I hate typing this but they're recruiting at a very high level off what they did last season. But the calvary doesn't fully start arriving until next season.
  21. I have no stats to back this up, but it almost feels like Fred gave guys a bit more of a green light to shoot the 10 to 15 ft 2 pointer the past few weeks. Bryce is doing this more too. Rather than demanding a 3 or layup, he's living with the mid-range 2s. (Probably not the fall away mid-range 2s, but the good 2s in rhythm.) That also may be opening up the overall offense a bit more too.
  22. I have a few right there with you. I still can't quite believe the comeback, considering what they were up against.
  23. I have to say something about the play where Trey was ejected. I know some won't agree with me, but that's OK. It's unfortunate Davis suffered an injury on the play, but Trey is not to blame. First, Davis & Trey's feet tangled up at mid-court. The official does not blow the whistle until Davis is beyond the free throw line. He took 4 steps before the whistle sounds. If the official wanted to call that foul, he should've called it much quicker. It would've eliminated the play at the rim. Now, that was a foul. I guarantee Trey's intent was not to tangle feet with Davis, but we don't officiate on intent. As Davis continues the play and stumbles to the hoop, Trey goes up to try to block the shot. Both players are still going in large part because of the incredibly late whistle. Davis doesn't go up as strongly as you would anticipate, which is understandable, because he's stumbling and may have an injured knee. Trey gets way up in the air, realizes Davis is stumbling/falling rather than jumping strongly, and Trey knows he's in no-man's land. I have never been in that position because of a less-than-stellar vertical jump, but I know the look on the face. I believe he is looking toward Davis' head because he is concerned about where he's going to land. I don't think he is intending to elbow Davis in the head. You look at the video from the side and can come to one conclusion. You look at the end zone video and can come to another conclusion. Trey made contact with the head and deserves a flagrant 1, although I'm sure that wasn't his intent. But to eject him on that because one video angle caught him looking toward Davis' head was just an extension of the poor officiating with the late whistle that led to the problem to start with. Then again, this crew apparently believes it can read minds, so I could be way off base here. /rant
  24. Good plan, but there is 0.01% chance he ever refs another Big Ten game after failing to make sure Wisky finished that game off. I mean he could've called Fred for a technical during the timeout with 0.6 seconds left. He really blew it, and the B1G offices will not forget it.
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