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  1. A sense of urgency would've been nice tonight. The defensive effort/communication/fundamentals were atrocious. Not sure if we have too many guys freelancing, it's an effort thing, it's a concentration thing, they don't get what they're being taught, or all of the above. I liked how we forced a lot of tough 2-pt FGs vs Southern, but that did not happen at all tonight. How do we only draw 10 fouls in the first 35+ minutes against a team that begins fouling as soon as it gets off the bus? Hope they are waiting to turn it on against the power teams on the schedule, but that looks less likely with every performance. Lots of work to do. On the bright side, Verge does seem to be figuring out what it takes to play the point. His off-script forced plays on offense were down again tonight. Still freelances waaaay to much on defense, but we've have too many other issues on that end to count.
  2. Definite improvement in the flow on the offensive end - need to keep taking those steps against these mid-majors. Then we'll see what they've truly learned when they make the trip to NC State.
  3. I'd guess it was on the play where he tried to dunk over the bluebird guy - I don't think he played more than a few minutes after that. However, no way in hell I'm watching that dumpster fire of a game again to find out. Deleting it from the DVR as we speak. Wish I could delete it from my own memory that easily.
  4. Couldn't agree more. Defensive fundamentals are horrible. You can't rebound when you don't put yourself in position to rebound in the time before the shot goes up. Or we're scrambling because a perimeter player's terrible defensive footwork allows penetration, so no one is in position to rebound. We look like a team that spent the 6-week preseason running half-assed scrimmages and doing little else.
  5. As many have already said, and as I probably said 500 times under my breath during the past 3 games, Verge is not the answer at point guard. Not even close. But simply blaming him is taking the easy way out, and I feel bad doing that. This falls squarely on the coaches. They brought him in and handed him a job that he clearly is not ready to handle or is incapable of handling. They allow him to do the things he does on the floor that we see during games. I have to imagine they allow him to do those same things during practice, because I cannot imagine he's doing one thing in practice and flipping 180 degrees in games. And they have been unable to convince him to change what he's doing because it's better for both him and the team. This is a coaching issue more than it is a Verge issue.
  6. I hope I'm wrong about Verge too, but at this point it feels like he's got every pocket stuffed with matches and he's carrying gas cans in both hands. I don't think it was a coincidence we made our best/only big run with him sitting and watching.
  7. To be fair, he was watching us go against our own defense.
  8. I want to apologize to Cam Mack for anything I may have posted here about his style of play 2 years ago. I've now truly witnessed horrific point guard play. I think the mid-December version of the 2019-20 team might beat this team by 15. This team does not do anything well at this point, other than shoot free throws. Even most of the 3s they made tonight were not in the flow of the offense. It's not sustainable. Their defense is a complete joke. Nobody is in the right position to guard or rebound ... often because the other players are having to rotate and get out of position to make up for a particular player going rogue or for the same player just not paying attention. Hope we can get to 8 wins this season. That's about the only unknown left to be decided.
  9. Ugh - feel awful for him. Makes you feel physically ill thinking about how much he was looking forward to this season & playing with his brother and have it be over 2 1/2 games in. The basketball gods are going too far with this. I mean they love to kick we NU fans in the nuts over and over and over. We're used to it. But why do the basketball gods have to punish the players like this too? These guys don't deserve whatever curse we have somehow brought on ourselves.
  10. Big 10 coaches are going to laugh their ass off at our "offense" when they're watching video. They won't need more than about 20 minutes to come up with a way to stop us. The script is out there on how to destroy us and every Big 10 coach will follow it to a T. The bet is no longer whether we are playing on Wednesday of the B1G tourney - it now is how many football players will we need to again borrow to field a team after the roster attrition by that point in the season. O/U is 1.5. Terrible bluebird team. We are light years worse than them.
  11. Welp, I can't pick #&圓^$¥@&圆 and live with myself, so.... NU 77 #&圓^$¥@&圆 66 Hope something clicks on NU's end between now and Tuesday night.
  12. Feels like blowing out Colorado had them believing they could go through the motions tonight, with certain players wanting to make sure they get their points, and still win by 30. There's enough experience on this team that they have to know better. Now they've been exposed and their flaws are there for everyone to see. The blueprint on how to frustrate them and to make them play selfishly is on video. Do they fracture as a team and decide, "I'm getting mine," or do they accept a humbling, embarrassing lesson and figure out how to move forward together from it and play smarter, team basketball? Such talk sounds like hyperbole on the opening night and maybe it is. But this loss feels like a huge crossroads already. Heck, even if they had eeked out a 2 or 3 point win, it would feel like a crossroads. That performance was the complete opposite of what their coaches want them to do and of how they talk about playing. An utter disaster. That looked more like the team that couldn't get out of its own way because of selfish play the past two seasons than the new beginning we were expecting. The coaches really have to push the right buttons over the next 72 hours.
  13. Memo for next year: Schedule WIU as an exhibition game and Colorado as a regular season game. A few guys on this team need to take a hard look in the mirror. Lots of talk about "togetherness" on the floor and having great chemistry off the floor that went out the window as soon as they tossed the ball up for real. That was a disastrous loss that's has a chance to linger, i.e., 2019-20. Friday is a very important game. Need to fix effort and attitude, ASAP. We'll see if they can do it on their own, because the crowd will be in wait-and-see mode and absolutely dead Friday.
  14. Sounds like 93.7 will be doing a post-game show this season with Strick and a regular host or two. They're doing it for sure after Tuesday's game - I assume it continues all season.
  15. I see BTN is going to show a replay of Colo-NU at 8 am Thursday.
  16. I can only assume G. Gibbs was relegated to the 3rd team? Sad for him.
  17. I guarantee that house will be there tomorrow. You only will have one chance to attend Nebraska-Peru State, feat. Dedoch Chan.
  18. Good to see Wisky running its offensive pace in regular season form already.
  19. Most talented NU team since 95-96? Can this NU team manage egos and playing time, unlike 95-96? Great look back and ahead from World-Herald. https://omaha.com/sports/huskers/mens-basketball/nebraska-basketballs-most-talented-team-fell-apart-how-do-these-huskers-avoid-that-fate/article_69b67a7c-334a-11ec-9ed0-8bdf478528ab.html
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