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  1. It's going to be very interesting if they decide to trade for Westbrook to clear room and let Rozier and Hayward go. Then they can keep Ball and Bridges down the road. I could see Bryce playing well with those dudes. He should do nothing but shoot threes, gain strength, and practice defense.
  2. Well this just furthers the mystery then. Palmer likely has a higher release. Maybe it's just an age thing as we had Palmer as a 5th year senior. One thing about Bryce though: elite free throw shooter. That will help. He manufactured a lot of points at the line.
  3. Good questions. I think with Bryce a lot is going to depend on how much weight he can put on and whether he can heighten the release on his jumper. I don't think his numbers would've changed much from year to year in college, but I think his defensive physical readiness for the league would've gotten better. You can't really quantify "staying in front of your man" easily but scouts watch that and I firmly believe his defense is what made him a second rounder. Offensively, I just don't know if he can get his shot off in the league releasing it from his chest. I also thought Palmer would eventually make a roster as he was great on both ends (though only 6'5") so what do I know. 6'7" with Bryce's skills is a notable difference. I thought he met expectations pretty well as a freshman so I'm guessing he'll figure it out.
  4. I've thoroughly enjoyed the finals so far. Boston stealing game 1 was enormous for their chances. I thought Dubs in 6 but I'm thinking this thing goes to 7 now. It's been a fun chess match between the best offensive mind and, in my opinion, the best defensive mind in the league. Certainly basketball has changed, but the execution of offense in terms of passing around the perimeter is done with pretty incredible velocity. I grew up in the 90s and loved it, but I love this just as much. Boston is very 90s. GSW (namely, Steph) completely changed the game. I look forward to the 4pt line. It's probably gotta be time soon.
  5. I’ll be interested in seeing what a summer of S&C might do for Keisei’s lateral quickness. He’s a 6’1” dunker. He still might have just enough to be able to stay in front on the defensive end after adjusting to D1 speed for a year. If so, he can certainly break out compared to last season. I think Wilhelm will play the 5 and rival how good Keita plays. I hope we don’t put him at the 4.
  6. True. The best team Griesel played was SDSU with an NBA prospect guarding him (3 times): 25p/2r/4a 8p/5r/3a 24p/8r/5a I'd guess Verge's numbers against them would have been similar--a few less rebounds and a few more assists.
  7. Griesel is a point guard. We recruited him to play PG. He played almost exclusively at PG for NDSU. He's not flashy (more wiggle than you might think at 6'6" 220lbs though), but he's enormous and makes mostly smart basketball plays. Verge had a 5.5/3.4 assist:turnover ratio and was very ball dominant. Griesel had a 3.4/2 ratio with a higher FG and 3pt%, 76% from FT (Verge was 77%), higher rebounding, higher blocks, lower fouls. Verge was better with steals. I think those two were a wash last year, so I expect Griesel to be a little better this season than Verge was last season.
  8. The improvement was also hand in hand with trusting his competent assistants (not MA) to do their job. Fred was surprised he was given another year and it put a pep in his step. This is something I really, really like about Alberts—he likes to work with what he has and make it successful instead of coming in, threatening the coaches, and ultimately firing them. He’s the real deal. My affinity for Hoiberg’s ceiling has obviously lessened, but I still think there’s a brilliant basketball mind in there if he has kids like him on the roster (smart, unselfish, and arrive motivated). He may very well have those players for the first time he’s been here. The recruiting haul they’ve made over the summer is also a testament to working together as a staff in the recruiting realm. After the SMU transfer, I’m cautiously optimistic.
  9. Agree. CJ improved tremendously on both ends. Glad he’ll be contributing again. It’ll be interesting to see how they use him.
  10. Last year was the worst defensive team I have ever seen play basketball at Nebraska. This upcoming season, it sure looks like we have a chance to play some real defense. If so, that alone will make us a much better team, because our offense sucked almost as much last year, and cannot possibly get worse.
  11. Agree with this, though I think Lloyd's +- will be interesting in comparison to Bryce's production. Lloyd will arrive and be a defensive strength immediately. Bryce was a defensive liability until about 2 weeks left in the season. I think Lawrence will be better than Webster by the end of the season, but he'll have to man up defensively. He and Lloyd are both rated #25 at their position. Lawrence can really shoot it and has 3-4" over Webster.
  12. We’ll have three guys who averaged double figures in D1 last season (counting Walker at 9.5). Almost every game Gary played over 20min for Bama he scored over 10pts. Keita should effectively score (good feet) in the post as the #1 juco center. I think Lloyd will add a little bit of offense as well.
  13. This is a very very good get imo. He’s a dog. Good 3pt shooter and over 82% from the line would be a welcome sight. He has handles too and should be able to help initiate the offense. Our defense should be night and day with the additions of Griesel, Lloyd, Keita, Gary, and now EB. We have a much better roster than last season. I’m not sure how that translates to wins, but this team would out work last year’s team and should also have no problem sharing the ball. I’m just barely on the side of optimistic now, but it sure looks like a hell of a class.
  14. Hard to say, but I’d cautiously lean Frost. He can make all the changes he wants, and he spent the loot to do it, but something is going to have to change to make them believe they can finish a game. If they lose the NW, the wheels will fall off. Win it, and who knows, but that game is enormous. I think the football team gets six wins. It’s incredible how many days of practice they have missed out on due to not making a bowl the last several years. That’s a couple of camps worth of development. I’m guessing Frost gets the bowl game and the extra reps help get the program back to something more Pelini esque. Hoiberg needs one more guard to transfer here. However, we’ll have tremendous size to roll out next season and likely a more coachable team who should significantly improve on defense and rebounding. Offense couldn’t really get any worse than it was this past season. If I had my way right now, this is my starting lineup: Griesel Lloyd (I’m very high on this kid) Gary Keita Walker We might be able to create some bully ball problems with this bunch. At this point, I don’t even care if we are offensively challenged. We might be able to build a defensive/rebounding juggernaut. A lot depends on whether or not Keita can actually space the floor like Fred claims. If not, Gary will likely start at the 4 and we’ll have a major logjam at the 5 because I don’t think Wilhelm can play the 4 defensively. I’m neutral on the b-ball roster right now, but I am definitely curious. If we get an experienced, scoring wing, I think Fred will make the bigger jump. But that will be hard to quantify in terms of wins because, top to bottom, I think the conference has a way better group of basketball talent and coaching. It’s just a tough ass league.
  15. Reminds me of Jason Dourisseau with more weight. Definitely an energy guy. I don't mind the 6'6" frame as he is a general pain to guard and go against due to his energy and slashing ability. He also weighs 220 so he could probably barely hold up at the 4. He's heavier than Lat and infinitely better at scoring at the rim/handling the ball. He's really a wing. Looks like an upgrade to me. Defensively, he gives us a nice option for switching on the perimeter. Between Griesel, Lloyd, and potentially Gary, that's a ton of length and strength on the perimeter. I'd love to see us bully other teams for once with size. Roll something out that at least gives us a decided advantage somewhere. Griesel 6'6" 220 Lloyd 6'6" 190 Gary 6'6" 220 Keita 6'11" 235 Walker 6'9" 240 ^^^ this group would give you barely enough shooting and a completely different planet of improvement on the defensive end and the glass. Lots of options at the 4 with Wilcher as well, but Gary would give us a 4 body that can actually guard 3s, which Wilcher cannot from what I've seen. I think Wilhelm is a 5 personally just due to lack of lateral quickness. Put some weight on him and turn him into a Walton type with his IQ and skill. He should weigh close to 250 next season. I'm an eternal optimist to a fault, but the above looks a lot more B1G to me than anything we've ever rolled out, and I don't see Quad 3-4 teams being able to handle that physicality.
  16. Yes. Felton is the third PG. Doncic Pierce Melo Barkley Love That squad could win the sloppiest chip of all time.
  17. I can’t include Mason—he was too strong. But the rest are golden. Doncic Khris Middleton Carmelo Young Kevin Love Barkley Old Sabonis Niang Marc Gasol Boris Diaw
  18. Lol. Can we keep this going and get a starting 5? Paul Pierce has to be team captain.
  19. I was thinking about matchup zone as our defense in the other thread you posted, but didn't think we had anyone on staff who could coach it. Seems like we might have the athletes for it as we'll have a ton of guard length. Interesting coaching prospect for sure.
  20. This interests me. Tough kid. True PG.
  21. I expect the staff to bring in high IQ, coachable players as a fundamental part of their new recruiting philosophy. I think the coaching staff now has unity on that front with MA gone. For this to work, the players need to click in the first few weeks as opposed to the final two weeks of the season. Continuity with Trey and Walker would really help. I think those two with Griesel could be a lot more formidable with CJ and Lloyd than most might think. I'm excited to see who Fred nabs to fill out the staff.
  22. For sure. Here's his reel from this past season:
  23. He probably won't put up the same numbers, but his size will translate. 6'6" 220 at PG is huge for any league. He's a very methodical scorer--very patient--and he knows how to take advantage of smaller guards in the post. He'll also be able to continue to get his three point shot off with that height. Think very poor man's Luka Doncic. Luka is 6'7" 230 and a PITA to guard. ^^^Beverley is a great defender against dudes his own size. This is very to similar to how Griesel gets most of his points. The average PG in the NBA is 6'1" 183. The average PF has Luka's exact measurements. So if you have someone who can run point at PF size it creates lots of problems, and Fred knows how to use those bodies. Griesel will likely have to guard the SF or PF spot, but if he can do so at a decent level, it allows us to get more skilled guards on the court at the 1-3. I think the guys who typically have the most problems translating their game are short or skinny players. I'll take strength over quickness any day in the B1G. Add 38% from 3 and 76% from the line and he should be able to manufacture some points. He also averaged close to 6 rebounds a game which would put him almost at the top of our team. Kid is a gym rat to boot. He's gotten better each season with a ton of off season work.
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