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  1. Took care of business when they needed to. Good job!
  2. Couldn't draw it up any better than that!
  3. Make your @#$%@#$%@#$^ free throws!
  4. Free throw line is killing 'em.
  5. Free throws don't lie. What a three-ring circus.
  6. And, there's absolutely no reason to be checking the monitor on this play. It was a hard collision, but just a basketball play. They called the foul - get on with the game.
  7. I thought the officiating we normally see at PBA was bad, but this next level ridiculous.
  8. What a horrible call. 11 wasn't fouled on the previous and-1 either.
  9. Cravens gets mugged in the paint every play.
  10. Lots of missed layups, although there's been a good bit of contact on most of them. Refs, as usual, are terribly inconsistent. Just playing kind of sloppy.
  11. What was wrong with Shelley? No blocks? C'mon. P.S.: Hard to believe Haiby didn't take a shot in 28 minutes.
  12. I find it hard to believe that the shots will start falling. If the team can only shoot in the 20's percentage-wise against the plus-300 dregs of the NCAA, does anyone really think that will improve significantly against B1G competition with much better athletes, size, coaching and schemes to shut down Nebrasketball's anemic attempt at offense? Sure, there will probably be a game or 2 where the shots are just falling, but from what we've seen so far, the league schedule is going to be a bloodletting of epic proportions. Have to agree with most others. Lat is playing really poorly right now. His minutes need to be reduced significantly. Does not do anything at all that you can point to and say it is a positive for the team. Maybe length on defense, but he does not play defense well.
  13. McGowens the younger taking 25-footers back-to-back doesn't help.
  14. My goodness, this is ugly. I didn't see any of the first 2 games, but now I understand the results. It's going to be a battle to get to 10 wins this year.
  15. Is it too late to revise my season win total prediction to 7?
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