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  1. Nice pitching for the double header sweep. Win game 2 5 - 2. Bullpen struggled a little, but got the job done. Hopefully, we get the game in tomorrow or Sunday. Really could use Luensman back. Palkert struggled tonight, although to be fair 2 infield hits was how he allowed 2 runs to score. Gomes seems like our closer, but is a freshmen. Would like Luensman's experience.
  2. Waldron and Fisher last 2 games each : 31 1/3 IP 14 H 4 R 3 ER 1 BB 23 SO 3 - 0 so far with 4 outs to go and now we are ahead 5 - 2 in the bottom of the 8th. 0.86 ERA
  3. I'm sure doathlon would be interested. He'll be the one in TCU gear.
  4. What I wouldn't give for that injury not to happen. I still think with Isaac in the line-up, we are watching our boys today or tomorrow. Oh, the life of a Nebrasketball fan.
  5. Hopefully, we have our rotation figured out. Matt Waldron, Fisher, and Perry. Curry in mid-week games. Hopefully, Luensmen and Schwellenbach are healthy. We'll need them.
  6. I thought the ref motioned that the T was on Butler (pointed to the Butler player. Nothing in Watson's direction), and then gave Watson the T after looking at the replay.
  7. Rewatching the game, as I went to the game last night. Tanner's technical should have been a double technical on 22. He kept pushing Tanner well after the play. I saw it at the game and now realize I wasn't seeing things. They spend 5 minutes at the monitor after the earlier technical, to add a technical to Watson. Why didn't they even look at the play? These refs were poor to say the least. There is a reason they are a ref at an NIT game.
  8. It wasn't pretty, but I'll take an ugly win over a pretty loss.
  9. Most likely. However, after firing Riley, you could play it off as Moos pursuing Frost for a week.
  10. But, Hoiberg saying the deal is already done without an opening, looks bad. I would be happy if true, but Moos has to work on his PR skills.
  11. He is an ATHLETICS DIRECTOR. Not a football director. I'm not saying he has to go to every game to be doing his job, but his PR skills are poor. If spending family time is that important, he is old enough, and made enough money to retire. That's a decision him and his wife need to make. Right now, he has a job, and a decision to make. It looks bad to come in for one game and leave town. If he wanted to attend the Cal game, don't go to the BTT, if you might have to leave Thursday. Nobody would have been wiser to know you didn't attend Wednesday's game. Don't tell Miles you are going to make a statement, without telling him what the statement is going to be (my conspiracy theory is he told Miles what it was going to say, and Miles was able to get sympathy points).
  12. That would be another major hit to Moos' PR. Making a deal BEFORE the other coach is fired is a horrible tactic. Add to that, if it should be announced next week sometime, what if Nebraska goes to the NIT championship games. Makes me think it is not Nebraska, and probably an NBA job.
  13. I would say, for me, it's having success in a Power 6 conference. I don't think we have ever went that route before when hiring a new coach. There are some questions with him in regards to recruiting effort he would put forth. I do think it's an upgrade from Miles
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