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  1. I haven't watched any PSU home games this year, but they had one of the worst to listen to on TV. I swear they had someone yell into the crowd mic non stop when PSU was on defense.
  2. brfrad

    Scouting Indiana

    I think we match-up well with Indiana. They don't have much of a post presence. They aren't the best offensive rebounding team. It still is going to take one of our better efforts of the year, but we can win.
  3. Yesterday was unique. Roby was playing a great game. So, you didn't want to take him out of the game. Nana missed two practices because of illness. Amir is just coming back from illness. Worried about wearing those two out. Don't play until Monday. I think if Amir had played, he gets some minutes in the 2nd half, and if Nana was healthy, he gets some minutes in the 2nd half.
  4. brfrad

    Scouting Indiana

    Indiana is 12-3 3-1 in conference Conference games : Northwestern at home W 68 - 66 Penn State away W 64 - 62 Illinois home W 73 - 65 Michigan away L 63 - 74 Not a great FT shooting team (65.0%), a decent 3 point shooting team, that defends the 3 well. Shooting 36.0 %. Opposing shooting 29.4 %. In conference play, a little better from free throw (70.2%) but worse from 3 (30.9%). Still defend the 3 well (26.8%) Their best player is true freshmen Romeo Langford (probably only time we will see him unless we meet in the post season) Avg. 18.2 PPG 5.7 RPG. Palmer will have his hands full. Langford is 6'6". Does not shoot the 3 well at all. 22.6 % from 3.
  5. I've been thinking about minute distribution Here's the ideal minute distribution by brfrad PG - Watson (30) Amir (10) SG - Allen (28) Palmer (10) Nana (2) SF - Palmer (22) Copeland (10) Nana (8) PF - Copeland (23) Roby (15) Nana (2) C - Roby (15) Tanner (15) Brady (10) If that's the plan Watson 30 Allen 28 Palmer 32 Copeland 33 Roby 30 Amir 10 Nana 12 Tanner 15 Brady 10
  6. Part of the reason we struggle rebounding is we have 3 guys go for a block. That leaves 2 guys to box out 4. We got to be more disciplined. Roby and Watson played great. We can beat anyone with Palmer, Copeland playing up to their level, along with Roby and Watson playing like tonight.
  7. They struggled to put Illinois away at home. So, much like we struggled to put PSU away. NU 72 Indiana 76
  8. Nana was sick, and Amir was just coming back after a month off. Palmer needs to turn it around. He played poorly the first 4 or 5 games, and then played well until the last few games. Get Palmer going with Copeland and Roby.
  9. brfrad

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    Better yet, hand the ball to the Marquette player guarding the inbounder, as long as he's inside the 3 point line.
  10. brfrad

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    Creighton should have just bounced it under the Marquette basket. Even if Marquette gets the ball they have no time to get a 3 off.
  11. brfrad

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    Marquette made a lay-up with 0.8 seconds left. Creighton throws it the length of the court, but forgot to touch the ball. Marquette inbounded under their own basket. Drained a 3 just as the buzzer sounded to force OT.
  12. I think maybe the Minnesota game and not going to zone probably cost them the game. Other than that I agree, he's done a decent job. We desperately need a win over PSU. (basically need to play like Creighton). We have a chance to reel off 7 straight wins after that. @ Indiana is a winnable game (much like Maryland), MSU is a winnable game at home. @ Rutgers I will be disappointed if we lose. OSU and Wisconsin at home should be wins. @ Illinois like Rutgers will be disappointed in a loss. Maryland at home should be a win. Heck, even @ Purdue is a winnable game. Then, we get Minnesota and Northwestern at home. @ Penn State, another disappointment if we lose. Purdue at home is winnable. About the only 2 games left, @ MSU and Michigan will be super tough. Iowa at home should be a win. 12 - 4 in that stretch is very achievable. 23 - 8 with a win in the Big 10 tourney (24 - 9) gets us a 3, 4, or 5 seed in the dance. It all starts with playing well against PSU tomorrow night.
  13. I went off of warrennolan, which had Michigan with an rpi of 39. Tier 1 home games are top 30. Clemson is 54. Road games are top 75. They play in a good conference. I think they should stay there.
  14. Here's some good news. We are still 15th in the NET. Here's our remaining games. Current NET in parenthesis. PSU 2 x (76) possible tier 1 road game @ indiana (20) tier 1 MSU 2 x (7) tier 1 x 2 @ Rut (135) OSU (29) possible tier 1 Wis (17) tier 1 @ Illinois (125) Maryland (32) possible tier 1 Purdue 2 x (22) tier 1 x 2 Northwestern (56) @ Michigan (3) tier 1 Iowa (35) possible tier 1 Minnesota (38) possible tier 1 We have a possible 12 games remaining with tier 1 teams. We have a good chance at going 8 - 4 in those games. That would give us 9 wins. Last year we had 0 tier 1 wins. We were 5 - 10 in tier 1 and 2 games. We have a great chance of having only tier 2 games remaining. PSU home game and Rutgers road game are only 2 games that would drop to tier 3. Let's say we finish 12 - 4. That would give us a 10 - 4 record in tier 1 and 2 games. We are 1 - 4 in tier 1 games and 3 -0 in tier 2. Right now, 4 - 4 in tier 1 games (5 - 8 overall) 6 - 0 in tier 2 games (9 - 0 overall) 14 - 8 in tier 1 and 2 games. Last year, we were 5 - 10, and 0 - 9 in tier 1.
  15. Jacobson still plays the post for Iowa State. They start him and 4 guards.