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  1. Imposed our will in the 2nd half. Only 1 turnover. Dominating defensive effort. Winning is much more fun than losing.
  2. This is how bad our offense is right now. Petras and Ferentz are looking tempting.
  3. https://archive.ph/2023.09.07-044125/https://www.denverpost.com/2023/09/06/coach-prime-deion-sanders-cu-buffs-nebraska-fans-folsom-field/#selection-1491.3-1504.0 Only Colorado fans would be happy they outnumber their opposing teams' fans. No other school would be excited they kept the red out when 20,000 opposing teams' fans will be there. BTW, I don't think I've heard. What's the name of Colorado's coach, and did they win last week?
  4. Good news. All we will hear about this week is Deion is the greatest coach in the history of college football. The good part about that is no one will be focused on us. I'm not sure if Colorado's offense is incredible or TCU's defense is God awful. We have things going for us, and some things against us. Colorado could not run nor stop the run. We were able to run and stop the run against Minnesota. TCU gave up big play after big play. I hope we try to keep from giving up the big play. Things against us : altitude. Confidence for them. Lack of confidence for us. We need to pound the football, take some calculated shots, and dear lord hang onto the football.
  5. Just watched Minnesota's TD, and the LT left early AND held on the same play.
  6. The offense did some good things. 181 rushing against a good defense is a good total. Absolutely have to take care of the ball. My optimistic view is we were much more physical than Minnesota. A team that prides itself on being physical.
  7. The positives. We forced Minnesota to become a passing team. We stopped their run game. The negatives. The offense made me sick. Turnovers, turnovers, turnovers. My worry came true. Sims was turnover prone at Georgia Tech. He reminds me of Adrian. He has brilliant plays, and does not value the ball like he needs to.
  8. I'm sure the school will fight the buyout.
  9. Make that 5 in the 1st 45! Congrats Max. Also, well deserved!
  10. By my count,4 Big 10 players have been picked in the 1st 42 picks.
  11. Most have him late 2nd, early 3rd round.
  12. Congrats to Brice. Well deserved.
  13. Texas outfielders lose ball in twilight. Allowed winning run to score. If any team deserves to lose in such heartbreaking fashion it is them.
  14. Maryland gave up 5 runs in 4 games. Pretty impressive.
  15. This was a fun season. Although, frustrating at times. This tournament reminded me why I love and hate this game. It's tough. I am holding out a tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny sliver of hope that Brice and/or Max come back.
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