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  1. It looks like we are in the 4/5 game 9 pm Wednesday night. Illinois won and have the tiebreaker over us and Minnesota.
  2. For as poorly as we were playing when we headed to Northwestern, we have been playing very well. Go figure!! A regional bid should be nearly wrapped up. Probably 1 or 2 more wins would make it safer. It would be good for the young guys to get some regional experience.
  3. We are 6 - 7 against the 2nd and 4th RPI conferences (Big 12 and Pac 12). We have enough to make noise in a regional. We are 13 - 8 in the 7th best conference according to RPI. We also can go 2 and BBQ in the Big 10 tournament, and/or regionals.
  4. 2 outs. Extra run is huge. Tying run in on-deck circle.
  5. A decision to make. Shay throws 3 strikes for the third out in the 8th. Do you bring in Gomes or stick with Shay? Maybe we can just make this decision easier and score a bunch of runs in the 8th.
  6. Can't let up on the Sun Devils, need to try to add on. Nice to see the bats come alive. ASU, near the top of the country in home runs, have 7 home runs this series. We are near the bottom of the country in home runs and have 5 this series. I hope it is the bats coming alive, and not the ASU pitching staff.
  7. I agree. A lot of hard hit balls found gloves. Mojo's DP ball was scalded right at 1b.
  8. The pitcher tomorrow for ASU is 4 - 2 with a 6.15 ERA. Which means he will shut us out.
  9. I admit to it. I'm willing to eat some crow.
  10. This team has no fundamentals. Put the ball in play. Swings at 2 pitches nowhere close, and stares at strike 3 down the middle with a runner at 3rd and 1 out.
  11. He is what we needed today. I was very wrong about Eddins earlier in the year. He has been pitching very well. Lead-off double and walk to start the 7th, but no bunt leads to a pop-up to the catcher. Erstad refuses to play small ball. Bailed out by a hbp.
  12. Why shouldn't we keep playing a guy who is batting 10 - 60 (.167) with 29 k's, and bat him 4th to top it off?
  13. Went from a chance at the conference title to hoping to make the tournament in 2 weeks.
  14. Now, Erstad rips into the players. Where was it the last month?
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