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  1. Which of these come first, football going to a bowl game or basketball winning an NCAA tournament game? Football going to a bowl game or baseball going to the CWS?
  2. Each game gets us closer to a big booster coming to pony up the money for the buyout. Imagine for a moment, Riley is 14 - 23 4 years in. He was 19 - 19 after 3 years, and got shown the door. There was a time in the 4th quarter, I got caught up in fool's gold. I saw a team that actually looked like the best team in the Big 10 West. Wisconsin has no QB. Iowa has no offense. Minnesota lost to Bowling Green. Northwestern is not good. Illinois is 1 - 2 in Big 10. Purdue keeps rotating QB's. Then, I remember Special Ed Teams are still a dumpster fire. Frost's post
  3. I'm going to change this Sure wins : none Should win : none Toss-up : none Should lose : none Sure losses : Northwestern, Michigan, Purdue, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio State
  4. The yardage difference in 1 score games. Colorado +170 Loss by 5 Troy +111 Loss by 5 Northwestern -5 Loss by 3 Ohio State -31 Loss by 5 Michigan State -41 Won by 3 Iowa -19 Loss by 3 Colorado +5 Loss by 3 Illinois +386 Won by 4 (How is that even possible?) Northwestern +26 Won by 3 Indiana +59 Loss by 7 Purdue -74 Loss by 4 Iowa -40 Loss by 3 Northwestern +125 Loss by 8 Penn State -203 Won by 7 Iowa +17 Loss by 6 Minnesota -79 Loss by 7 Rutgers +368 Won by 7 (Again, how is this possible?) Illinois
  5. Listening to this post game conference, I have no faith in this coaching staff. I was losing faith before but now it is gone. Blaming the team is absolutely uncalled for. It is your f'ing job to get it figured out and fixed. It is time to move on from Frost and find someone. This team is talented enough to win the West this year. But, the mental game of this team is absolutely awful.
  6. WE GAVE UP 254 YARDS TO MICHIGAN STATE, and still lose. 71 yards rushing to the top rushing team in the country. It's deja vu all over again. This coaching staff is the WORST in the country. You can't even try losing games the way we have.
  7. Bye bye Bowl bid. A terrible 4th quarter, special teams are an absolute trainwreck!!!
  8. Or, go 3 and out and have a special teams' implosion.
  9. 6:13 away from a well earned victory. Now, we need that run game that has worn down MSU in the 2nd half to start chewing up yards and clock.
  10. Imagine how good this team would be if we didn't have numerous mistakes every week. Like I say every week, the bench is a great motivator. If guys are jumping, their behinds need to sit the bench for at least a couple series.
  11. How many times can we beat ourselves. 4 out of 5 OL have a false start penalty. About every member of our DL has a penalty. Our P has kicks of 7 yards, and 29 yards. Then, the one time we need him to punt it short, he punts it into our end zone. At least the ST coach switched teams for the last FG try of the half.
  12. This Nebraska team has to be the easiest team to coach against. Just wait for them to make a PF on 3rd down after sacking the QB. A 29 yard punt. This team will find away to beat themselves.
  13. At least we didn't fumble any of Oklahoma's punts!! Baby steps.
  14. My silver lining in this game was the fact Oklahoma did not play a terrible game, and we still hung with them, despite our own mistakes. Martinez's one interception took an amazing catch, and actually turned out to help us. It gave us 25 yards of field position because if it drops incomplete, it moves back to the 33 yard line. Martinez has played extremely well this year. We need to figure out how to limit our mistakes. I'm hoping the offensive line can figure it out. Michigan State is going to be a monster test. They have played extremely well this year. I might put them ah
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