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  1. I don't think NC St has the pitching to hang with them. I think Arkansas will outslug them.
  2. If Cade does go, I go Perry, Gomes, Shay for my rotation. Possibly Frank, if Gomes isn't able to come back from his injury. If Cade does not go, I go Cade, Perry, Shay for my rotation. I like Wynne as a closer, if he doesn't go. Of course, Bunz as a set-up guy (terrible time for someone to get the yips) Shay really needs consistency. He has the stuff to be a Friday night guy. He can have amazing outings, like the one against Purdue, Maryland, Michigan, and NJIT. Then, he has outings like against Iowa, Illinois, and Rutgers. Needs to have more Purdue, Ma
  3. I feel more bummed after this game, than the Oklahoma State game in 2019. I told myself, "I was just happy to be here," but then we get to the bottom of the 8th, with 2 outs, no one on, tied at 2, I started feeling maybe this is the year. Alas, it was not.
  4. I know this is kind of early, but wondering how this team looks next year. I would have to say our pitching is going to have to carry us for awhile. We are going to lose a ton of production from the line-up. Our top 4 hitters will be gone, and our entire outfield will need to be retooled. Selfishly, I hope the draft doesn't kill us. Schwellenbach is gone, for sure. I think Cade is probably gone. I don't think Perry will go high, but some team might take a chance on him. Wynne is a posibility. I don't think Chick will go high as he is a feast or famine guy. Another year of learning pa
  5. Arkansas hit about 2 home runs a game on the season. We gave up 4 in 3 games against them, with 3 of them being in 1 game. We had 2 HR's in 3 games. It came down the WP. That was on Bunz. Everitt had zero chance to block that ball. The HR just gave something to cheer about.
  6. So, do we know the names of the announcers? NJIT got more positive pub than Nebraska did. Not a mention of Nebraska going toe-to-toe with the number one team in the nation. Just how much NJIT was embraced by the Arkansas fans. Of course, they were. Who would they rather play, a team deserving of a # 1 seed or a 4th seed team that barely made the tournament?
  7. I know we went to Bunz in that situation. Probably the only choice. However, hindsight being 20/20 and this being a huge situation, should we have went to Schwelly to try to get one out? Maybe go to Hroch to start the 9th, if Schwelly finishes.
  8. We went toe to toe for 26 innings with the number 1 team in the nation. Made them sweat. Had a meltdown in 1 inning and that's all she wrote. Feel bad for the seniors. They were the heart and soul of the team. The announcers starting the Woo Pigey!! Soo Piggey!! Whatever the hell they call it.
  9. Funny how those boarderline pitches Arkansas got when Frank was pitching, Arkansas is still getting with Kopps pitching.
  10. Only watching ESPN when we are playing on it. That homerun call was absolute Bullshit!!!
  11. At least these f'in announcers have something to cheer about.
  12. Frank wasn't far off. If he is wearing a Kopps jersey, maybe he gets a couple of those calls.
  13. This is not good. We need dominate Bunz right now.
  14. I still don't think he would leave the game.
  15. As a baseball purists, this is a well played and very entertaining game. As a Husker fan, I am hoping we can claw it out.
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