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  1. I understand not using him today as he hasn't pitched in forever. I just didn't understand the Michigan game when they scored 18 runs not using him. They used Perry that night.
  2. Did Blessie get injured? I would have thought today or the first Michigan game, he would be used.
  3. Again, it has talent, just super young talent.
  4. I just hope last night doesn't ruin Gomes. The kid has a bright future. His bullpen stats prior to last night : 15 2/3 IP 8 H 3 R 1 ER 4 BB 13 SO 0 - 1 13 SV 0.57 ERA
  5. This season is now over. I'm glad we decided to show that resiliency we heard about. This team's tournament ended as soon as that ball went over the fence last night, much like I figured.
  6. This team has phoned it in for the year.
  7. I don't like our chances tomorrow. We were in the driver's seat and needed 1 out. Now, we have to win 3 games with 1 somewhat reliable starter, who had 1 of the worst outings last time out. All because we can't trust Gomes to throw a breaking ball.
  8. Horrible pitch selection. Not 1 breaking ball, so 1st pitch fastball to the Big 12 home run leader.
  9. Solo HR's won't usually beat you. Just don't let baserunners before them.
  10. This has been another odd game. We smoke the lefty, and struggle against the righty.
  11. If we lose this challenge I give up on replay.
  12. This ump is decent, IMO. I think the crowd is the only people arguing. That pitch to Schwellenbach called strike 2 was questionable, about the only one.
  13. The worst part about that being upheld was during the Michigan Illinois game, the exact same play with the runner called out on a double play, it was overturned, and I thought rightfully so.
  14. Whoever we face in regionals, please do not have a left-hander.
  15. Apparently, we will not win a review.
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