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  1. brfrad

    College Football Playoffs HHC

    Or maybe have all conferences play 9 conference games. The SEC is the only P5 conference with 8 conference games. I think you eliminate a game and conferences go to 8 games, 11 overall. Each P5 conference sends their champ. One G5 champ goes, and 2 at large bids. It will be tough to pass as AD's and Presidents don't want to eliminate the revenue from an extra game.
  2. Not to mention a 30 minute break after the tech to look at the clock.
  3. Roby took out some frustration down the stretch.
  4. They need to shoot the 3 better. Their defense is going to keep them in the games.
  5. This game changed with Roby's 4th foul, and the 30 minute conference by the moronic refs.
  6. These refs suck. The Seton Hall guy shuffled his feet 4 times on the possession they turned it over. Now, Watson goes straight up and gets a foul called on him. Seton Hall does it all game and nothing.
  7. Brady and Tanner gave us what we needed in the 1st half. 15 min 5 reb 1 ast 1 to.
  8. Roby needs to play more than 6 minutes in a half. His presence alone would help keep Powell and Seton Hall out of the lane.
  9. Nebraska 71 Seton Hall 62
  10. brfrad

    What would our record be?

    I did not understand our defensive game plan yesterday. Bush could not throw the ball down the field. The one or two good passes he had, the receivers dropped the ball. Why did not we not press the WR's and put 8 in the box with a spy on Bush? I am not big on counting on forcing turnovers or stopping teams inside your 40 yard line. I know this offense is going to score, but if we could get a defense to give up an avg. of 20 PPG this team is back to being a great team that challenges for big 10 and national championships. On a side note, Illinois actually made our ST's look amazing. They couldn't catch a punt or kickoff. They had a punt blocked that resulted in a safety. We need to not make mistakes on ST's and capitalize if the opponent makes mistakes.
  11. NU 80 MVSU 58 10 non conf wins 21 total wins
  12. brfrad

    Nebraska Football 2018-2019

    The most encouraging part is that we did not play a great game, yet made OSU sweat. We need some players on defense, and our ST have to improve drastically. Get those two areas fixed, we are getting back to a top 15 team consistently.