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  1. I would like to see some different arms get some opportunities. Shay is pitching really well, though.
  2. I like that rule. I think basketball should adopt it.
  3. 3 years out of HS. So, either RS Soph or Jr year.
  4. Unless they change the rules, we have him 2021, 2022, and 2023. He would be draft eligible in 2023. I have been impressed with him, but Brice Matthews has also been impressive. His fielding is what impressed me the most with Matthews. I wonder if he can move to short next year, and Anderson at 2nd. I'm sure Schwellenbach will be gone after this year.
  5. The radio guys aren't kidding about this ump's definition of the strike zone. It is TINY!!
  6. I was the official scorer for a minor league baseball team for 6 years, and they would always get a stolen base if they were running with the pitch. I think it is actually in the rule book. I found it : (a) When a runner starts for the next base before the pitcher delivers the ball and the pitch results in what ordinarily is scored a wild pitch or passed ball, the Official Scorer shall credit the runner with a stolen base and shall not charge the misplay, unless, as a result of the misplay, the stealing runner advances an extra base, or another runner also advances, in
  7. These freshmen (Matthews and Anderson) are going to be something. Anderson is already 6 - 9 with a homer and 3 rbi's in 2 games. Matthews with a 3 run double. Whoever the official scorer is wrong. Matthews should have a stolen base. If you are off and running with the pitch and the ball gets by the catcher, you get credit with a stolen base.
  8. That was disappointing. We had plenty of baserunners, but 15 strikeouts was our demise.
  9. Povich couldn't find the strike zone. 4 walks in 3 innings. Last year, he had 2 walks in 21 1/3 innings. Bragg looked really good. Was victimized when a ball got lost in the sun and blown to the right field line went for a 1 out triple. Everitt dropped a ball and allowed the runner to score. And then Schrieber gave up a lead off double that came around to tie the game. The offense has gotten runners on base with 15 hits, but also 13 strikeouts. It would be different if the Purdue pitchers had Joba stuff, but it was mostly junk. They probably top out at 90. We need to make
  10. That inning by Purdue shows what happens if you make contact. A hard double leads it off. A ground ball up the middle to get him to 3rd and a swinging bunt to get him in.
  11. Well he didn't need much speed when the ball is hit like that.
  12. The benefit is the runner on 3rd doesn't seem to be fast. He was chugging on his double.
  13. Well, we tie it up with a ball getting by the Purdue catcher. Now, we need Schreiber to be lights out.
  14. At least throw it towards home plate, with the pitcher covering. A good chance to get him there.
  15. Tough luck for Bragg. A bloop triple. And the Everitt drops the ball to allow the tying run in. Should have tossed it to Bragg.
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