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  1. Both are done after 6. Povich 6 IP 5 H 0 R 0 BB 6 SO Spencer 6 IP 4 H 2 R 2 BB 3 SO Both with a no decision. O's bullpen gave up the lead in the 8th. But, scored 2 runs in the bottom half. I'm a Yankees fan. This was a gut punch. At least the O's could have given Cade his 1st victory if they were going to win.
  2. The Orioles broadcast has Will in the booth saying he felt like a proud dad. Both have pitched really well. Cade slightly better. Spencer had a hard luck 3rd inning. A lead off double, a bloop single, and a couple ground balls led to 2 runs.
  3. What could have been if Stokes ball stays fair and Cags ball goes foul. Someday the breaks have to go our way, right.
  4. College baseball is the sport that is the most impacted by geography. It's why the SEC has 11 teams in a Regional. The ACC southern teams are well represented, also. Until the powers that be decide to start the season later, it will take special seasons (Indiana, Michigan, etc) to advance very far in the Big 10.
  5. I am pleased with the effort in the last 2 innings.
  6. That Columbus ball summed up this weekend in a nutshell. If Florida was batting that would have been a home run.
  7. All I want to see is be competitive in these last 2 at bats.
  8. Our team is not built to outslug a team like Florida. Our pitching is not built to shut them down, either.
  9. Now, it sounds like we just want the season over.
  10. I can live with the Friday game. They just beat us. Today, we helped them build this huge lead.
  11. I didn't get to see it, but according to the radio, the pitch was down and off the plate.
  12. Something we need to work on for next season. Need to make contact.
  13. Our luck has ran out. When we hit the ball, we hit it hare, but right at em.
  14. The radio guys said Bolt, Childress, Harvell, and possibly Gunnar took turns yelling at the ump after the top of the 3rd.
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