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  1. If I'm Mickey on the bye week, all players are fighting for their jobs. It's a clean slate. Next Monday, the depth chart comes out with how well you practiced this week, along with your effort. We were due for a clunker, and boy did we get one.
  2. While the defense isn't going to turn into the 2009 Nebraska team. I feel they can improve enough to be serviceable this year. I am not super knowledgeable in defense matters. However, on at least 2 long runs. I saw a LB run into the back of a DL, not very good alignment. Fix that, and focus on tackling in practice, that will improve the defense.
  3. I heard there was a school who promoted their WR coach to interm head coach. Then, kept him and are now a perennial power.
  4. Josh Heupel took over for Frost at UCF. Had a couple good years and a couple decent year. Now, he's at Tennessee. Got them to a bowl game, and now they are 15th in the country. I don't understand why it didn't work for Frost.
  5. Which boosters ponied up 7.5 milliion to let Frost go now.
  6. I don't want to see that list. The top of the list is give Frost an extension.
  7. We've tried everything the last 25 years, with 1 conference championship, and 5 division champs. We tried the loyal head coach promotion. 1 conference championship. 1 division championship. 1 undeserved national championship appearance. Then, we tried the fired NFL coach. 1 division championship. Next, was the Defensive Coordinator. 3 division championships. We then tried the Power 5 head coach. Finally, we tried the Group of 5 up and comer hometown boy. I'm trying to think of the next choice. I might have to do some research tonight.
  8. I'm going to start a godundme for $7.5 million to pay for Frost to be fired before October 1st. This team is beyond embarrassing. What is 31 doing on that long run? I have no idea. And, apparently he didn't either.
  9. Good plan. Wear out the GA Southern offense. Man, we are BAD! At least Iowa has defense and special teams. Our entire team sucks.
  10. Well. I'll take the win. My only hope was jet leg made us look not very good. We have a lot to work on. Frost is safe for another week.
  11. Will we win a game this year? This team is bad! We can't move the ball. We can't tackle. We look lazy. No energy. Can we afford to keep Frost until October 1st? We are tied with a team that finished 7th in their FCS conference last year at halftime.
  12. Another season like last year. The only suspense will be "How do we lose this week?"
  13. The onside kick, up 11 points, with all the momentum is the WORST decision in the history of football. That decision alone should have him fired.
  14. I'm going to start this by saying I despise Notre Dame in almost every sport. But, if they could beat Tennessee in the Super Regionals, I would be ecstatic. I just saw the Tennessee batter get ejected on a borderline strike call, and being surprised he got ejected. He yelled at the ump, took a few steps toward him and was still saying stuff. It was a quick ejection, but you can't argue balls and strikes.
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