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  1. I think we will finish better than 8th also. Haven't seen what others have coming back, but we should be a decent team this year. This is everyone who is back that played a majority of games : C - Hellstrom/Roskam 1B - Gomes/Roskam 2B - Hallmark SS - Schwellenbach 3B - Chick LF - Mojo CF - Acker RF - Palinsky This doesn't include the freshmen or anyone else. Weekend rotation I would like to see : SP - Gomes I would like to see him get the Friday starter spot. He has Komine/Joba potential SP - Perry SP - Blessie In this scenario Shay would probably be the closer. Plenty of arms to be excited about. The season will depend on how the arms hold up throughout the season. Also, probably why we are picked 8th since we lose our entire weekend rotation.
  2. Another flop by Pretzel draws a foul by Nebraska. The most ridiculous part is the refs call fouls on Nebraska on almost all their flops. We should be shooting free throws every trip.
  3. 35 just shoved Thoir and no moving screen He looks like a better blocker than our OL.
  4. We have to go flying across the floor like Wisconsin does. Maybe they would call something on him.
  5. Would they call a foul on him if he picked up an opponent and body slam him?
  6. I don't know. His teammate Davidson gives him a run for his money.
  7. Isn't there a rule against flopping? We should maybe let the refs know. I see Wisconsin still gets away with it.
  8. The fact they've pitched tents in the lane, I have no idea if they actually know rules.
  9. Wow. Rough half. About what I expected. We don't have the guy to guard a skilled big man without help. And, Ohio State decided tonight would be the night they can't miss.
  10. This is a bad match-up for us (not that we have many good match-ups). A skilled big man surrounded by 3 point shooters is a bad recipe. Wesson was in the lane the last trip for 5 seconds. WTF!
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