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  1. The way I read it, it is for everyone. They will figure out scholarship money and such per school.
  2. Knowing Nebrasketball's luck, we would get scheduled against N Car, and the non conf season gets axed.
  3. The question is going to be if you can get the virus a 2nd time, and if you can, is your immune system stronger to fight it off for you to survive the 2nd time? If the California study is accurate, and 10 x more have/had it, means almost 10 million have/had it. It makes the mortality rate at .5 %, instead of 5 %. I am torn. I really don't want to get it, but we also can't wait 2 + years for a vaccine to come, that might be 40 % effective. Back to the question in hand, I went with January and conference games only. That will make for an interesting selection show. How do you give out bids and seed teams? The top 5 from power 6 conferences, and champs from the other conferences? There will be no non conference games to see what team might be good in a strong conference, where their record is not good. Or, they be an average team in a bad conference, and have a good record.
  4. That was kind of my point, though. If you have someone at risk, they should not be exposed to the general population. I understand the severity of the cases, but we also can't keep ourselves in a bubble 24/7. If you have a child or at risk individual, be careful and monitor them, if they leave the house. To force everything to shut down, is kind of crazy. They are saying SARS is much more dangerous, yet we didn't shut down everything to this level when that crisis came about.
  5. Archie Miller is the worst coach in the Big 10. Only, Pitino might be closest.
  6. What a year. We have football players joining the team and playing two days later. We have a former head coach acting as a head coach.
  7. I guess I wasn't lying when I said Three Blind Mice were the officials for the game.
  8. Bang bang call BS!! The player was obviously moving.
  9. I say we bring Banks in to run over their players. Indiana can do it.
  10. Three blind mice it is. The guy guarding Cross moves his feet into Cross, but I guess since he was vertical it's not a foul. To compound it, the ball clearly goes off Indiana gets the ball. Do we really need refs with this Corona Virus scare?
  11. It's not crazy when you think about our lack of depth.
  12. Pick the team, one team is shooting 3 - 7 from the line, the other is 11- 13.
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