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  1. I think you got that 99 game difference from adding up the records he gave. That is not accurate. Those are the all-time records of each of the coaches - not the records of the teams during the 20 years. If that was a 20 year time period - Duke would have averaged over 56 wins a year - don't think that is correct. FWIW Iba's record at Nebraska was 106-71. Nee's record at Nebraska was 254-190. That would pretty much cover Nebraska for 20 years I think. Not sure what Coach K's total record was during those years.
  2. The "seat yourself" process for season-ticket holders to change or add seats is going on today. Before the process started this morning there was one group of six seats in row 8 available and several pairs in the upper rows of the lower level. I just looked and those are all gone by 11:00 am. Nothing left in the lower level except a few singles. Just a few scattered pairs in the 200 level left. Not my time yet and not much to pick from - but kind of fun to look. I did not expect much to be available this year with the added excitement from the coaching change and that certainly is the case.
  3. Big 10 just lost to the MAC 21-19. Led most of the game but gave it away at the end. I don't think these teams have a "coach" but if they do the Big 10 one was an idiot. Happ was BY FAR the weakest player in this format and he was on the floor all but about 30 seconds. Other 3 rotated regularly. Pretty sure Watson was the high scorer. Murphy did well on offense but was lazy on defense. Happ was ridiculously inept both ways. Could not score and just got abused trying to guard guys away from the basket. Final bucket was the MAC spreading out and just let Happ's guy drive past him and beat him to the basket. If they would have just played the other 3 guys the Big 10 team would have won easily.
  4. I think many on this board overestimate the players knowledge of and level of comfort with Fred Hoiberg. Tom Allen was recruited by a large number of schools. I am sure he has something of a relationship with other college coaches who were involved in his recruitment - and no personal relationship with Hoiberg at all obviously. Hopefully he keeps an open mind and gives Hoiberg a chance to "recruit" him to stay (assuming that Hoiberg is in fact the next coach) - but I don't think it is realistic to expect the players to immediately be thrilled with any coach they have never met - as opposed to other coaches out there that they probably got to know pretty well a couple years ago.
  5. Horrible officiating in this game. They have lost control of the game and are just guessing.
  6. Yes. Did not think a Butler team would play this way. Lots of cheap shots and punk behavior.
  7. I thought I read he is able to graduate this spring/summer. I agree he would be better off not going to the NBA right now - but I would expect him to grad transfer if it is correct that he can - assuming MIles is gone anyway. I think the only chance he stays without Miles here is if he has a really good girlfriend in Lincoln.
  8. Any chance Tom Allen might play tomorrow ? Is he day to day or definitely out for the tourney?
  9. Wow that looks even way worse on the replay than it did live. Clearly flagrant - could be an ejection situation potentially.
  10. That was awful - the guy jumped backwards to emphasize the flop.
  11. Guess it is hard for Roby to block a guy out when he is allowed to spend the entire possession standing in the lane.
  12. My feelings exactly. Just could not believe the lack of effort tonight. I have advocated coaching changes in the past. I have been very hesitant to do that this time for a couple reasons - first as I get older the thought of starting over all over again gets even more depressing. Second I will still maintain that Miles is the first coach we have had since Joe Cipriano who has taken the program a clear step up from where it was under his predecessor. (Of course I admit that is too a large extent due to the state of the program when he took over - being at the lowest point that I think it has been during my long lifetime.) All that said - I can't defend what we are seeing right now. Part of a coach's job is to inspire the players to play with maximum effort. Tonight's game is a pretty clear example of Miles failure to do that with this group.
  13. Roby gets some of the worst phantom fouls called on him. Would have been OK for Amir to foul there - but we did not want one called on Roby.
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