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  1. Watching Cam Mack's Prairie View A&M team blow their NCAA chance - losing by double digits to a team they beat twice during the season. Cam has made some really nice passes - he does see the floor incredibly well - but his teammates can't seem to finish at the hoop today at least. Not sure if he has scored - only recall him taking a couple of shots. So no arrows in the ceiling today so far I don't think.
  2. Actually I would take Miles over Richard Pitino every day of the week - and twice on Sunday. A big blunder if UNM takes Pitino instead of Miles in my opinion.
  3. RIcky Marsh was a pretty good player as well. He was the PG that helped get Jerry lots of his points.
  4. Would never have been called except he got a reputation by doing that early in the year and the refs now look for it and don't want him to get away with it. HUGE mistake to do it now.
  5. Walker is back on the bench now - but just sitting there. He was there at the beginning of the 2nd half but then gone for awhile - that would be consistent with him being sick I guess ?
  6. Anyone know why ? Andre played well in the first half - but still would rather have Walker on the floor.
  7. Well #4 for Wisconsin just shot two of the ugliest looking free throws I have ever seen at the college level.
  8. We just made both ends of a 1 and 1. That hardly ever happens !
  9. We have to be the worst team in America at running a 2-1 break. Which frankly is a problem that predates Hoiberg. Miles' teams were awful at that as well.
  10. Has Lakes even played in the second half? I think Fred realized starting him was a mistake. If he can't get shots he does us no good on the floor.
  11. I actually have always like Shamiel Stevenson and thought he should be getting more minutes. He makes some really good and athletic plays. That said he also does so many inexplicably bad things that he is SO frustrating to watch. Sort a metaphor for our while team this year really. That dunk he just missed is a great example. You like the aggression - but we are making a run here and that was a key bucket. Understand the moment and just make DAMN SURE that ball goes in. In that situation we get just as much momentum from the made basket - we didn't need the sh
  12. How did they not call that guy out of bounds? Ref was right there looking at it and looked to me his foot was clearly on the line.
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