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  1. That was kind of what I wondered at first. But is it a price reduction on a per game basis? Not the way it looks to me. I think it is the same price - just fewer games? Parking was $210 last year ($10 per game) and $150 this year. That would reflect the same math as the reduction in the total season ticket price.
  2. Went in and submitted out season ticket renewal. Noticed that the price was a lot cheaper than last year - but I think it just reflects a significant reduction in the # of games. Last year lower bowl tickets were $483 + fees - which worked out to $23 a game for 21 games counting 2 exhibitions. This year the renewal price is just $345 - which would be 15 home games at the same $23 price. The parking charge similarly indicates a reduction from 21 home games to 15. 21 home games was definitely more than most years - but by the same token 15 seems very low. I know we have the tournament in Orlando for some of the non-conference games as CU on the road this year - but still surprises me that we would only have 5 nonconference home games (and that assumes we would not be doing any exhibition games at home this year?) Anyone able to confirm that there will just be 15 home games? (K-State game is also set for T-Mobile arena in Kansas City - wonder if that other "neutral site" game impacts this as well?)
  3. Particularly for Walker and Trey I think it is really a question of how much "NIL" money the University can scrape together to pay them for another season. That is (unfortunately) the world of major college athletics now - how big is your budget for paying the players and how do you allocate that payroll among the available options. For those two we have to be able to at least match what they might make playing professionally overseas.
  4. How do you reconcile those last two calls? I thought Walker got to the spot a little late - but then so did Bouie
  5. 15 shoved Verge away before he went and took the rebound by out hustling Mayen
  6. Verge has more non-called fouls against him than anyone in the Big 10 by far.
  7. Agree - but I also think a large part of that is those guys are finally paying attention to spacing and getting themselves in places where he has the opportunity to pass it to them. Early in the year the perimeter spacing was terrible and kicking it out often was not a viable option.
  8. We embarrassed Penn State on their home floor just a few days ago. They will be motivated to get us back. I would rather get another shot at NW - and worry about the next game after the first one.
  9. BB Gods were so insulted by the attempt by the officials to give Wisconsin the game that they made them miss their last 7 shots Could not happen to "nicer" guys than Brad Davison and Greg Gard. (and yes the word "nice" was 100% ironic)
  10. Announcers realized after initially seeing it that there was no way refs were going to actually give us the ball on that no matter how obvious it was.
  11. I do give our players alot of credit for keeping their composure and continuing to try to play hard through the BS they have had to put up with in this game.
  12. Greg Gard should apologize to Hoiberg for this after the game - but since he is a total a$$hole you know that is not going to happen.
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