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  1. I get that they would have that information - but transferring the tickets doesn't mean they are sold - lots of people share tickets or just give them to their children etc most of the time. Also FWIW pretty sure the ticket office is aware that many people sell their season tickets to others. I know people who have been buying season tickets from others for over 20 years - both in football and basketball. I don't think that would be news to anyone in the ticket office. Would be pretty unreasonable for them to change their position on that now.
  2. Have not seen the basketball tickets - but in the past they have been color printed with some sort of design. Football tickets were more colorful and elaborate. This year the printed versions are very small and vanilla. Maybe because the original plan was to not do paper tickets at all and when they changed direction on that to allow paper tickets they did not have the time or the budget to do anything fancier. Another possibility is that keeping them simple is just a further step toward weening people off paper tickets. FWIW we went the eticket route this year mostly because I knew it was going to come eventually so thought we would bite the bullet. Turns out that I like it alot. Much easier to transfer tickets to other people that way so it is great if you share tickets in a group.
  3. If you got e-tickets the parking passes are electronic also. The come with the tickets and you just show the person your phone with the QR code for them to scan at the parking entry. Has been that way for volleyball and football and that is how the basketball passes have come as well. You can transfer them with your phone just like you can transfer the tickets. We share season tickets for all the sports among a big family group and have found the eticket system to be very easy and efficient.
  4. If you tried to put everyone who has honest significant difficulty traversing the steps from the concourse to the floor and back up in PBA into ADA seating they would probably need about 20 times more ADA seats than they currently have. I also don't think anyone should be forced to change seats if there are reasonable ways to allow them to access the seats they have. Clearly some floor level access is possible. They are not closing it off completely - even allowing the big donor courtside seat people to go in that way. The idea of telling people to wait 10 minutes is a reasonable potential option for the end of games. Frankly if the problem people are worried about is really just the ones leaving early it would be very easy to just close off access to the floor from the seats until the game is over. I agree that it you allow exceptions it creates a situation where people who don't really need them will seek them. But to me that is less of a problem than not providing any exceptions to those people who really do need them to access their seats. There are certainly ways to make this available to people who really need it without it getting out of control.
  5. Like most things I see this as a situation where there should be a middle ground. To some extent this is a problem with building design mistakes. The design was to have most people leave at the concourse level - and also to have just as many if not more leave to the north as the south. But when you put the arena in the location it is in that doesn't happen - a large majority come in from the south because that is where they are before the game (because they are pre-gaming and because the parking on the north side by the ballpark is not as convenient in the winter as the designers anticipated.) More to the point it simply is the natural reaction of people given an option to move down rather than going up from their seats. I have long thought that many people would come down from their seats when they could be getting out of the arena much quicker by going up. Personally I come in from the north so this does not really impact me a bit - even though my seats are in the lower rows. It is alot of steps because I park on street level so there are a bunch of steps up to that north entrance and then a bunch more down to my seats. - but fortunately that is not yet a problem for me. That said I know several people who will be VERY much inconvenienced by this policy and at least one I know personally who will be totally unable to go to games because there is no way he will be able to get to his seats and back out via the upper concourse - far more steps from there to his seat than he would be able to physically handle. My hope is they will find a way to be flexible although I am not optimistic. I recall the first season when we wanted my elderly mother to be able to access the building from a handicapped entrance on the north side at floor level and walk directly to her row one seat on the north end - not very far at all from that door. They refused forcing her to take an elevator up - walk clear across the concourse to the escalator to get back down and then come in from that south floor level entrance and walk at floor level all the way to the north side. Was the only way to get her to that seat as going up and down that many steps was impossible for her at that time. My parents had been going to games for 50 years through three arenas and they had easy access from their parking to their seats in Devaney - but PBA access rules just made it too difficult so she stopped coming And that was when you could at least enter the court from the floor level. Again there are people who are still fairly mobile but simply cannot handle the steps from that concourse down to their seats and back up. Obviously they are allowing some floor level access - for the courtside seats and the students. Hopefully they will come up with some floor level access pass that they can issue upon request for good cause for season ticket holders who have lower seats but physical limitations that make it difficult or impossible to go down and up from that concourse. If they do that reasonably this could actually be better for those people as it would also help them to have to walk in and out among far fewer people. Again I am hopeful that they will make that accommodation - but based on past experience I am not optimistic and that will be very unfortunate for some long time and loyal fans.
  6. Did they have reserved seats? I just went in and got 4 that said they were general admission. I don't remember for sure but I thought last year we got reserved seats.
  7. True - ublinstu in terms of more recent times. But old timers like me remember full crowds in Devaney through the 1990's - and really before then as well. Husker fans' support of NU basketball has generally been very good - particularly in comparison to the level of success. I agree that was not necessarily true (or at least not as true) the last few years at Devaney - but NU Hoops was a very hot ticket in the 1990's and we had very good attendance before then as well.
  8. They did have a new rule this year that you could not add tickets if you already had 8 or more. We have a family block started by my parents who have had season tickets going way back to the years in the Coliseum. We have had 8 since PBA opened and 2 years ago we added 2 more - best we could get then was 200 level when our time came up then. This year there were quite a few 100 level seats when it got to us - midday yesterday. My niece wanted to add 2 to our block but I was not able to do that - just moved the 200 level seats down to 100 level fairly close to where our other ones are located. So just based on what we could do there seems to have been a little more demand 2 years ago than this year - but glad that it looks like most all of the tickets will get sold through this system (which FWIW works really well - have used it for football and volleyball too). Personally I did not like that they would not let me add more seats to our account - but I can also understand why they wanted to add that rule. Overall - this is a positive testament to Nebraska fans. Most power 5 programs that are much higher profile than Nebraska don't come close to selling out their arena's with season tickets.
  9. Watching Cam Mack's Prairie View A&M team blow their NCAA chance - losing by double digits to a team they beat twice during the season. Cam has made some really nice passes - he does see the floor incredibly well - but his teammates can't seem to finish at the hoop today at least. Not sure if he has scored - only recall him taking a couple of shots. So no arrows in the ceiling today so far I don't think.
  10. Actually I would take Miles over Richard Pitino every day of the week - and twice on Sunday. A big blunder if UNM takes Pitino instead of Miles in my opinion.
  11. RIcky Marsh was a pretty good player as well. He was the PG that helped get Jerry lots of his points.
  12. Would never have been called except he got a reputation by doing that early in the year and the refs now look for it and don't want him to get away with it. HUGE mistake to do it now.
  13. Walker is back on the bench now - but just sitting there. He was there at the beginning of the 2nd half but then gone for awhile - that would be consistent with him being sick I guess ?
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