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  1. Nebraska 68 Minnesota 73
  2. Nebraska 75 Illinois 64 12 wins
  3. Busch Light

    HHCC Game #07 - at Clemson (Nov. 26, 6:00 PM CST)

    Nebraska 71 Clemaon 68
  4. Nebraska 86 Western Illinois 54
  5. Nebraska 84 Western Illinois 61
  6. Nebraska 74 Texas Tech 71 3
  7. Nebraska 83 Missouri State 60
  8. Nebraska 78 Seton Hall 65
  9. Huskers 81 Delta Devils 59 non-con wins - 9 regular season wins - 22
  10. Busch Light

    18-19 depth

    Okay. Well hopefully that changes with time. Thanks for the update.
  11. Busch Light

    18-19 depth

    Perhaps he does some promising things offensively but can’t cut it on defense yet.
  12. Busch Light

    Creighton Cobra Kai

    Those guys had talent though. Gibbs didn’t. Plus, he was like 35 years old. There’s also the North Carolina dirty play along with countless others. The fact that he played for Creighton probably made it worse, but if he played for North Dakota State, he would have still been one of the biggest delta bravos to play D1 around that time period.
  13. Busch Light

    Morrow leaving

    Jacobson had to rebound to get minutes, Copeland doesn’t. I bet if Copeland’s playing time depended almost entirely on rebounding, I bet they would be similar. Jacobson was an ox but Copeland could get to more boards athletically.
  14. Busch Light

    2018 PG Amir Harris - LOI

    I like this pickup a lot. Defensively, he’s able to switch off any screen. Offensively, any player with handles and that type of length at PG will cause stress on the defense, even if they only hit at a 30% clip from deep. This kid should pop in a tape of Jalen Brunson and hit the weight room hard. If I were Miles, I’d have options for him to post-up a few times a game if he has that type of game.