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  1. This would be a awesome! Perfect 4 for FH. Big-body, shot 37.5% from behind the arc. If he’s ready to work and his head is on straight, he will be someone who creates matchup problems.
  2. Kavas will start. Hoiberg is going to get him a ton of open shots, especially in transition.
  3. If he wants to come here, you take him 100 times out of 100.
  4. As they should. Tim Miles is going to be fired, I get it, but he’s done nothing in his 7 years of service to deserve this kind of treatment. It takes 5 minutes to fire someone when all of the paperwork is complete, which I’m sure it is. Make time.
  5. If in another week Moos has Frost AND Hoiberg overseeing the two major athletic programs, he could drink a 30-pack of beer and pass out in a Haymarket alley every night for all I care.
  6. Exactly. Ultimately, if Moos makes a good hire, nothing else matters and everything is forgotten.
  7. Yeah, I’m fairly certain Moos has reached out to Hoiberg’s people. Who knows what happens from there.
  8. I’ve been super positive throughout nearly all of Doc and Miles tenure. It’s time to start winning in men sports though. This athletic department is too well-funded, our facilities are too good, and our fans are too passionate to continue down this path of mediocrity. It’s time to shake things up.
  9. Yes. And the guy who takes money for parking. I dont think MB is to blame at all, he’s not hiring, recruiting, or coaching. This program desperately needs a new look though across the board. Clean it all out and next year come back for baseball if they keep trending mediocrity.
  10. We need a new vision from the top down.
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