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  1. Jock Farmer

    New Huskers arrive today

    What about Michael Jacobson?? Don't see him listed on roster.
  2. Jock Farmer

    2015 C Mike Edwards

    According to Verbal Commits we offered him today
  3. Jock Farmer

    Paying the price?

    Shavon was a Doc recruit
  4. Jock Farmer

    Iowa game

    I likey!! Harbor Freight on cornhusker has safety glasses for less than $2.
  5. Jock Farmer

    Iowa game

    The UNL Chemistry department should have a slug of safety glasses
  6. Jock Farmer

    Here's my answer.

    Amen!! Totally agree
  7. Jock Farmer

    Akoy Agau -> Louisville -> Georgetown

    For what it's worth, Akoy sought out Jack and went for food together at halftime and returned together.
  8. Jock Farmer

    Make some NOISE!!!!!!!

    Let's get everyone doing "Husker Power" during Illinois' introductions!!
  9. Jock Farmer

    Red Zone Husker Power chant

    Gotta miss this game tonite. I want to hear "Husker Power" over Kent & Matt as I drive to the airport. Ya all Be Loud & Proud tonite!!
  10. Jock Farmer

    Coaches like/dislike

    Like: Nee, Miles, Izzo Like/ dislike Norm Stewart Dislike: Altman, Matta , McCaffery
  11. Jock Farmer

    Red Zone Husker Power chant

    I concur that would be awesome!
  12. Jock Farmer

    any update on leslee smith?

    They just retaped his ankle on the end of the bench. We sit above where the team enters and he didn't go to the locker room and played after the tape job.