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  1. Also wrote that Kobe/zo are eligible to return. Not sure how accurate this is.
  2. Feel better about this than I did an hour ago.
  3. AP newcomer of the year according to Washut’s tweet
  4. Okay so do we want Minnesota to win or lose tonight? They win and we play penn st then Rutgers. They lose we get NW and Ohio state….and we’re not last place. Truly torn. Penn state/Rutgers path looks better. Maybe doesn’t matter either way with our newfound swag?
  5. In the premier league when fans have soured on a coach (manager) a common chant directed at the coach is ‘you don’t know what you’re doing’ on repeat. It’s both brutal and funny and maybe beneath most ‘nice’ Nebraska fans. Dare I say, it’s kinda what this staff needs to hear tomorrow.
  6. Jimmy Watkins from the owh. Fred, for some unknown reason to me, seems to loathe him. Anytime he asks a question Fred has a one-word response or basically doesn’t answer the question. And sounds so pissed/annoyed while answering. It’s wild.
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