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  1. Guess he had me (us) fooled. Timing seems weird. Seems as if it should’ve been with the Oleg/denim departures. I guess you’ve been alluding to this for months with your posts dismissing him; I kinda just figured he ran over your dog or something.
  2. I’m being way too loyal to a kid who’s never played a meaningful minute for us, but this feels a bit shitty. He was selfless enough to redshirt then had to medical redshirt last year. His demeanor on the bench was outstanding. Was engaged, supportive, and looked like a leader. Wish he would’ve gotten a shot here. Good luck Q!!!
  3. I don’t want to see Illinois again. Of the four, NW would be the ideal matchup.
  4. Line down to 4.5 after Maryland initially favored by 7.5
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