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  1. ‘Teddy allen doesn’t lack for confidence’ is this years ‘roby doesn’t know how good he is’ heard it at least 10 times this young season
  2. no BTN+ or Flosports this year!!! All non con on BTN or ESPNU
  3. Appears we will play Nevada Thursday. Tentatively on flosports. Yikes. Hopefully moved to BTN.
  4. Over the last two (or has it been three?!?) years, Chris Heady has been a great source for practice and behind the scenes things. Real loss for us and OWH. Feel it’s unlikely with the way OWH is going that they will replace his position.
  5. Would definitely say it’s worth checking out. I’m glad Hoiberg is doing what Miles was so good at and standing with the players on this. I applaud both coaches.
  6. Pretty unfair. I read all his articles re: Husker b-ball. He’s very neutral, if not, pro -husker. Listen to his podcast as well. Good reporter IMO. If an article caused a recruit to change schools, he was never ‘N’ in the first place.
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