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  1. In some positive huskers news from last night, JPJ with 40 pts (15-19 fg) in his g-league debut for the clippers. Not bad!
  2. I believe he was a finalist for Illinois high school player of the year, so certainly wasn’t terrible coming out of HS.
  3. Maybe my title verbage is wrong but saw this on HHC twitter but not here
  4. I don’t know. I (and many others) were left feeling pretty spited after many of our favorite players transferred out. I’m sure Amir/kd/and Brady now feel similarly. I get it’s the nature of the business. But it does feel kinda gross. I think it’s a valid take.
  5. Live on twitter Says B1G plays at 1150 and 3 (I assume central put not posted). Sunday’s games on ESPN2
  6. Major bummer. We knew attrition would happen. Too bad it was him.
  7. Soon someone’s going to change their name to AndBall on this board and say this is 100% a sure thing!
  8. As long as there’s a way to upvote it
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