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  1. Agreed. Was in a generous mood last night. I’ve never agreed with shon Morris more when he said you could see the charge Davison drew on shamiel coming ‘like the plot of a lifetime movie’.
  2. Shamiel is a one-trick pony. No subtlety and a bit of a black hole.
  3. Or do you keep woods to make the young mcgowens happy? I think they’re best buds?
  4. Lack of facial hair maybe? Feel like his beard may have made his face look thinner. Fat guys always look slimmer with facial hair.
  5. Looks like that February 3rd return is now the 6th. Had to accommodate a Michigan State rescheduled game against Iowa. Would be nice if they found someone to play on the 3rd. Penn state is now playing Wisconsin on January 30th which would’ve been against us.
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