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  1. LNKtrnsplnt

    The rotation this year

    He mentioned Allen, Nana, and Amir as guys he expects to step up. No mention of Thor or Chan. Sounds like Thor and Davis (with health issues) may be the guys on the outside looking in.
  2. LNKtrnsplnt

    Most Improved Player?

    I’ve always thought Nene Ekantan had a lot of potential. Hoping he’s the dark horse/sleeper.
  3. LNKtrnsplnt

    Donovan Williams is N

    On Robin’s article it showed three stars
  4. LNKtrnsplnt

    Bigger impact in 18-19?

    ‘If Nana works so hard he wouldn’t be doing dunks! with his hoodie! in the lay-up line!’ ——that one (likely racist) guy who trolled this board last year.
  5. LNKtrnsplnt

    Husker Athletics Priority

    Perhaps this has been done before, but not in a few years at least. As a distraction to the…odd…news out of Lincoln and with the spring game coming up, I’m curious to where y’alls allegiance lies. Equal is not a valid answer.
  6. LNKtrnsplnt

    Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    Per twitter: 6'10 F Antun Maricevic of Casper College has committed to South Florida. One of the best bigs in JUCO and an absolute steal for the Bulls! bummer
  7. LNKtrnsplnt

    Idea for NCAA Tournament

    Lunardi to NEB re:128 team field ‘next four out’
  8. LNKtrnsplnt

    Where does Nebraska land?

    I sincerely appreciate your positivity re: our chances in the tourney. You’ve been saying were in for a long time, consistently. I don’t know that you’ll be right but I like the outlook. I was feeling good early this week but seems like all the conf tourney games have not been favorable. Thanks for keeping the optimism alive!
  9. LNKtrnsplnt

    NCAA or bust.

    Who told you this? Please cite sources
  10. UNL 69 MICH 66 1
  11. LNKtrnsplnt

    Big Ten Tournament

    OT! Get it to 2OT!
  12. I believe @Jacob Padilla said it on this board. Was really high on him.
  13. LNKtrnsplnt

    Now what?

    As long as we ‘D’ up like we did in the first half vs PSU and in the first Michigan game we have a chance. Having to play the day before playing us has to be a huge advantage for us, energy wise. Sure palmer might be down a little, but that can’t last. Even if he is, cope, zay, Jordy, and glynny are trending up!!
  14. LNKtrnsplnt

    It's Time to Subscribe

    Couldn’t agree more but I’m one of those weirdos who buys albums vs streams them because I feel smaller artists deserve to get paid. /End self-righteous post.