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  1. Maybe slightly. But I think miles hilmself has brought more excitement to the program than a generic arena. Location is a plus, and I’m sure adds some butts to the seats. Moos is still a little b.
  2. Never have I said ‘wow this arena is so cool, this makes me want to go to a game’ IMO new isn’t always better. Much like houses, arenas that are brand new have zero character. We go to support the great talent that miles brought in. Moos is a little b.
  3. So en vogue to hate jpj earlier this year. He’s an MFing dude!
  4. ‘Likely’ out for tournament per washut.
  5. White elm/zipline/boiler/kros strain 79 toppling Goliath 75
  6. Can’t find what time the senior day pre game festivities start. 1230? Sooner?
  7. Don’t know if this has been said as I just caught up to the live feed but this is the best the big three have played collectively. Repeat this effort and get SOMETHING from anyone else and we could COULD do decent in the B10 tourney.
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