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  1. Fun fact: this is the same high school that Mohamed Barry went to.
  2. https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/ucla-is-conducting-the-dumbest-coaching-search-it-could-possibly-conduct/ Gary Parrish not pulling any punches.
  3. One of my buddies said he ejected Suh from an intramural game for screaming "I will end you" and running at some guy after the guy tried hacking him to prevent a layup.
  4. Not to say I told you so buuuuuut... https://twitter.com/mgiannotto/status/1111447945977585667
  5. Especially Painter? I dunno about that one... He's taken Purdue to 3 straight Sweet 16s and has finished in the top 4 of the Big Ten in 10/15 seasons. Also, I'm not entirely sure why nearing retirement would discount coaches from being on a Top Ten list. If we want to do Top Ten Coaches Who Will Still Be Coaching in 2025, we can. It's just not the list I was making.
  6. I'm honestly curious who all is in your Top Ten. Because off the top of my head, I'd take all of these guys over Fred tomorrow (in no particular order): Tony Bennett John Beilein Mark Few Bill Self Roy Williams Coach K Tom Izzo Jay Wright Rick Barnes Matt Painter
  7. I'm pretty in favor. Doesn't punish the players and lets them see where they stand. Makes the NBA do a bit more talent scouting. Doesn't make coaches throw guys under the bus to get them to stay around (Sup Boeheim?). I'm not seeing a lot of downsides.
  8. Apparently, Kidd doesn't have a degree and might need a waiver from the NCAA/Cal?
  9. The MOU stuff can get messy. When Greg Schiano was hired and subsequently unhired as Tennessee football coach because the fan base didn't think he was good enough he didn't do his due diligence at Penn State, there was talk about how UT potentially owed him the value of his contract. I think it just died quietly in the night, but I'm not sure. I have no insight into Bill and Fred's conversations (if they happened), but Bill strikes me as someone who only gets lawyers involved when he has to.
  10. Nightmare scenario: Tim goes on a tear and wins the NIT. Fred gets antsy waiting and accepts the Arizona job. Tim gives Bill the middle finger and finds another job. Bill can't find anyone, settles with Ernie Kent.
  11. If you can somehow teach knowledge from it, it's all yours! Education is important - even if it is educating Hawkeye fans.
  12. Maybe you do know people who know things. But to me, it feels like you state everything as fact and refute everyone else's opinions out of hand without acknowledging that other posters also might know people who know things. In which case, I can come up with three explanations: You truly do know people who know things. Why spend so much time arguing with everyone on the board? Just wait for the facts to become public knowledge, come back, tell everyone told you so, and then watch as people take your insight more seriously next time. You know people who think they know things. They may or may not be right, but again we'll find out eventually and you can double down on your stances for as long as you like. It sucks to be lead astray and have to eat crow; I'd guess most people on the board could empathize with that. You don't actually know people who know things. Are you just making stuff up for the attention? Are you trying to manifest things into existence by putting out that energy into the universe? Again, totally your prerogative - many people don't have the time or patience to give that energy to you. Regardless, it seems somewhat juvenile to say "I have the best ball, lot's of people are telling me it's the best, and everyone should want to play with it." But then if people are trying to argue about which ball is better, you come back and say "I'm not willing to debate which ball is best, so I'm just going to take my ball and go home."
  13. Here's what I keep coming back to. Moos could have easily prevented ALL of this kerfluffle by releasing a statement post-Iowa, pre-Big Ten Tourney and said "Wow, what a great comeback. We have positive momentum heading into post-season play and we have the draw to make a run. Regardless of what post-season tournaments we end up in, I'll wait until our season is officially complete before making a decision on Tim's status as a head coach." Maybe I'm naive, but doesn't that cover all bases from 0-1 against Rutgers to 5-0 NCAA bid?
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