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  1. Class of 2023, so he's going into his senior year of high school.
  2. The leading scorer on the team Lat joined is averaging 29 ppg and he played a couple years of college ball at D-II Newman University.
  3. Just to closet the loop, he's heading to Milwaukee
  4. I think this point in particular is what makes me think that everything NIL-related is somewhat overblown. Isn't this just athletics at it's core? Winning coaches/programs find ways to get everyone to buy into their role and gel together. And if players get too caught up in getting theirs, that's when things fall apart. NIL just brought the shadiness into the light and the public can actually see real dollar amounts.
  5. I'm reeeeealllllyyyy not confident in that bet at all lol
  6. Just to limit some revisionist history, in 2019 Mike Sautter had Baylor as the 4th best prospect in the class behind Akol Arop, Shiloh Robinson, and Javen Udofia. I really don't think that not offering him then was as big of a miss as some people think. FWIW, rounding out the Top Ten was Charlie Easley, Brady Danielson, Wes Dreamer, Jaylin Hunter, Nico Felici, and Bret Porter. Ended up getting 3 of the top 10 on the roster. https://omaha.com/sports/high-school/recruiting/photos-class-of-2019-nebhsrecruiting-basketball-rankings/collection_6c2e35d4-9988-11e7-80de-ef190046d1e0.html
  7. Not quite the same level, but in the last 10 years, Washington's made the NIT 3 times and the NCAA 1 time while also having 10 players get drafted.
  8. Maybe a strawman counterargument here, but I'd stay that NIL has actually allowed UNC to build some continuity from last year to next year. They got 4 starters coming back next who could have decided to take a chance at G-League/NBA contract, but decided to run it back again. I'm definitely not plugged in enough to know for sure, but I feel very confident in saying UNC's got the ability to make it worth their while to stick around another year.
  9. Based on just reading this thread and doing absolutely zero stats browsing or film watching, I am getting some David Rivers vibes. And every tournament team Nebraska has had this century, has had a David Rivers-type player on the roster. I'm all in on Juwan Gary and also just talked myself into believing Nebraska's making the tournament this year.
  10. Easter, Passover, and Ramadan. Only happens about every 30 years or so.
  11. Nebraska's the San Diego of the Big Ten. Maybe he just wanted to come chill in some good weather
  12. Went down to Lawrence the year that Nebraska played there. It was an amazing experience even with a blowout, couldn't imagine what that place would have been like on a big game day.
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong (the COVID and transfer changes make me forget who sat out when) but that's 2 third-year starters in Derrick and Lat 2 fifth-year starters in Trey and Sam (counting Pitt and NDSU) 1 guy who played starter's minutes in CJ To me, it feels like for the first time since Fred's been here that the team will actually be somewhat old.
  14. Old friends alert crossover. Kenya Hunter's kid. Was surprised to see he averaged 9 pts, 4 assists, and 4 rebounds a game this season.
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