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  1. https://twitter.com/RobinWashut/status/1381673158017622016 that last shot though
  2. Okie State parting ways with Cade Cunningham's brother, Cannen. Hired him in 2019, Cade plays in 2020, both leave in 2021. What an enormous coincidence.
  3. They don't pay you enough to try and keep everyone on topic here, but you do a great job at it
  4. CJ and I have much more in common than I thought. I'm also a big built wing with a release who is a below average rebounder and defender.
  5. Just to throw some numbers in there, in 2020, there were 1,030 players who transferred amongst the ~350 D1 schools. On average, that's almost 3 players per school who transfer. I think we sometimes get a little bit too caught up in how many people transfer versus who transfers and why they transfer.
  6. It took two hours but my text-to-talk finally read the whole post. Whether Nebraska loses their next 100 straight games or not, at least the sun will still come up tomorrow!
  7. I mean.... Indiana is 11th in the Big Ten in 3pt % and TJD is averaging 20.5 without making a 3 all season. So the strategy of clogging the lane and hoping Indiana misses doesn't seem all that bad to me. Indiana is 7/9 from 3 right now
  8. Hey, at least no one has worn a hoodie during warmups yet!
  9. Bow and arrow sighting at 0:57 and 1:19. He obviously picked that up from Cam Mack last year, meaning he's a Husker fan. Better add him to the scholarship matrix now, it's only a matter of time.
  10. Good math skills. FIBA's got her listed as 6'1" https://www.fiba.basketball/europe/u16women/2019/player/Clara-Djoko
  11. I'm not entirely sure how me saying "if people are sick, they should stay home and employers should accommodate that" is a silly utopia.
  12. Couple thoughts: If someone is sick with the flu, but continues going about their business without any regard to how it might impact others, then absolutely they deserve criticism. It's also valid to criticize the capitalist system in place that makes people feel obligated to work when they're sick due to a lack of guaranteed benefits/not enough sick days. Did Fred *really* need to be on the bench to coach a 7-win team in the play-in round of the Big Ten tournament? Nebraska could've forfeited the game and the sun still would have come up this morning. Also, schools and
  13. Productive at fouling, for sure. He's sitting at 9.4 fouls per 40min.
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