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  1. My biggest concern about Nebraska basketball going forward is that we are always cleaning house as we scramble to catch up to a good league and never gain the depth and experience to consistently compete
  2. Indefinitely is a pretty generous way of saying two games
  3. Nebraska related internet is going be real unpleasant if it takes football two more years. Basketball if we have an old roster in two years I’ll feel real good about things
  4. I’m to the point where I almost feel the level of fan support is unhealthy for everyone. The fans may need to step back in order to feel better when jumping back on the bandwagon once it’s starts moving again, and not to be dead inside already once it does, and maybe playing in emptier arenas may help the players loosen up and move forward
  5. I want to post something thoughtful about Wisconsin getting hot from deep, but my disgust with their utter Wisconsiness is preventing me from it.
  6. Instead of trash talk, no. 50 for IU is probably telling people about the latest Joe Rogan podcast
  7. Besides the great points already made in this thread, I’d really like to know what it’s going to take to get the University to sell me some gear with that logo on it.
  8. I think we always assume that being part of a high major basketball program is the best outcome for a kid like Allen, but I’m not sure that’s going to be the best situation for him going forward. I’m not sure that putting him another fish bowl situation is going to lead to good things.
  9. Do you like watching something that looks like a pick up game with fancy uniforms?
  10. Besides the obvious flaws in the game. The ESPN commercial break music is killing me because they have none on Hulu live for this game
  11. I’m not going get upset over any losses this year but my biggest fear is that a really rough season keeps us on the roster treadmill in the spring and we don’t close the gap on the rest of the league from a coherence and useful experience standpoint.
  12. Well, we didn't fold, and I believe we will take it to them the second half.
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