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  1. Well, we didn't fold, and I believe we will take it to them the second half.
  2. This reminds me of how the Adams/Freeman football team would score on the first play of the second series with a hook and lateral against us every year.
  3. I'm at a Jessie Spano level of scared/excited right now.
  4. I guess we need to just take no,no, yes type 3's this game
  5. Very Very Very Dumb post........ and that is being kind. If I were you, I would delete it and hope only a few people saw it.... I am entitled to my opinion my friend, regardless who likes or doesn't like it. If you wish we had Sadler back, then please elaborate... Well it is pretty darn obvious that no one likes your posts, so you have that going for you I guess. I did not once say that I wanted Doc back. The only thing I want is for people like you to stop knocking on a great guy. There was 0 reason for you to start this topic... 0. It was honestly one of the dumbest topics I have seen posted in a while. Hence my first post. Oh I see, I should only post opinions that people like. OK, my bad, missed that one in the board rules... Surprisingly touchy, as Bill Parcells once said "you are who your record says you are"....but what does he know anyway? Bill Parcells was also known for excellent topic discipline when posted on message boards....but what does he know anyway?
  6. If that's what he's going for he got the socks/shorts ratio backwards.
  7. Somebody needs to tell Crean he can't pick a fight until he finds a suit that fits.
  8. I feel like the tide is starting to turn. They missed and Holt fouled a guy.
  9. I think we need to find away to turn every game into a rock fight this year, as pretty games aren't playing to our long suit.
  10. Well, I guess they were supposed to be good at offense.
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