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  1. I don’t think it’s the players or coaches that need replaced. What drives me nuts is the shot selection and lack of ball movement. Bryce got blocked airballs three (or four but at least three) times when he tried to make something out of nothing. Why is moving the ball and taking a good look so hard?
  2. Nebraska doesn’t pass. Doesn’t hustle back on defense. And #5 plays like he just wants to get drafted. He’s not even helping us. Terrible shot selection. Gets stuffed. Doesn’t hustle back. I’m starting to wonder if recruiting hodge podge is killing us.
  3. I think it’s likely that these five start: McGowens McGowens Wilcher Walker Lat Does Bryce come off the bench so Zo can start? One guard is going to have to come off the bench. It’ll be hard to tell Trey, Wilcher, Zo or Bryce to do it. That leaves Zo, Wil, Andre, Kobe as my first four off the bench, and Tominaga when we need a shooter. I think this roster is good enough to be strong NIT. If both Wilchers are here in a couple years, it’s pretty hard to not like the chances of heightened success these next few years.
  4. So Wood is leaving but the McGowens bros are staying, presumably.
  5. I’m ready for Fred to offer him.
  6. So two things. Why Lakes?? And why the poor shooting for two years? This is Fred’s bread and butter-shooting/scoring.
  7. Yep. I just wasn’t sure if D1 would happen. I’ve only seen him on tv limited but it seems he could become a player. If no, be a Maverick. If yes, Nebraska.
  8. Where do you guys see Saint Thomas ending up?
  9. Where does Kobe King rank among your all-time favorite Huskers?
  10. Maybe @hhcmatt can link the chart with all this info?
  11. It’s more of a good thing than a bad thing. But, that doesn’t make it any less true. It’s just crazy to think about when we had two seniors.
  12. Nebraska is now slated to bring back 21.6% of its points, 19.3% of its 3-pointers and 32.8% of its rebounds from last season. Per Chris Heady.
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