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  1. Alabama was close...with no research that surprises me too.
  2. This is awesome. Thanks HB. I guess I’m just skeptical that hoops is still second fiddle when we’ve pleaded for years to just put effort into it, not just money. If he’s firing Miles like most think he will, is that 7 year, $28 million deal accurate? The Frost contract came out before announcement. If it’s Hoiberg, I think the state will embrace it like no hire before.
  3. I was just thinking if he would have released that statement after the football season. So if Riley went 5-7 instead of 4-8...nobody believes he’d have a wait and see statement. What does knowing if they make a tournament have to do with 7 seasons of work? Can someone explain why this makes sense?
  4. Today? Tomorrow? Whenever he comes back from California?
  5. I’ve heard that some people think we don’t want the Mavericks because it makes Nebraska look bad. I hate creighton with a passion but I do not mind cheering for Omaha at all! Only went to college at UNL but was a huge fan even before college. Is is it acceptable to make Omaha your second favorite team and...be called a Mavsker?
  6. Guys...penn state was #2 and it’s not close.
  7. The Huskers (16-15 overall, 6-14 Big Ten) scored 16 points in the final 47 seconds of regulation and made 10 of their final 11 field goal attempts including nine in a row at one point, over those 47 seconds and overtime. Huge thanks to @nebrasketball10 for the tickets. My family has an awesome time joining me. Everyone saved the game, didn’t they? If Palmer and Watson go 3-4 instead of 4-4 in the final minute, we lose. If trueblood doesn’t come up with that, we lose. If Roby doesn’t do his thing, we lose. If Harris misses that layup, we probably lose. Too hard to single one one thing out because it was all so important. Amazing team effort is what I’d call it.
  8. Brfrad and I are not the same person. But great minds think alike.
  9. Based on score, effort, whatever you want to go by, NU was competitive. NU should have won the game. Some will bring up rebounds but when there’s 9 missed threes by one dude...I don’t know. There were some bad ones where all we had to do was box out (45) but most of the time I wasn’t terribly concerned about effort etc. Amir’s foul was clean on the sideline swipe. Purdue shot ninety whatever percent from the line. But what bugged me about flow was Roby seems like he can get hacked with no call but he gets fouls called on him. The dunk was horrible. Palmer is going through something that is unexplainable at this point. His shots just will not fall. Cope plays today and we win by double digits easily. We all know what’s coming in two weeks though.
  10. Let me start by saying I don’t think NU should be in and am not getting my hopes up. However, I know we are in some brackets so I’ll ask. Does anyone know how many brackets Nebraska is in?
  11. People at work said sharp and benning quoted a projection that Nebraska is Firat Four Out. I mean if a seven game skid still keeps you on the discussion, it doesn’t take a huge winning streak. But they haven’t been able to compete. If NU wins both this week, we’ll have so many optimistic posts to read
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