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  1. It sounds like a groin kick is where his decision has already been made...
  2. This stinks. If I have to pick between Ed and keita, I will take door number 2. I expect that Fred will have to try to get a senior transfer big? Think Duby Okeke and hope better? This roster is going to be depleted and leave us with nothing, isn’t it?
  3. Give Bryce a mega NIL deal . If we’re talking about winning the tournament this week, getting Bryce back seems more likely than that happening.
  4. Walker Wilcher Wilhelm Trey Dawson McPherson Andre Plus the recruits. Is THAT too much to ask for?
  5. I haven’t seen many other posts like this tonight, but I totally agree.
  6. Don't we, at least, know he's a capable coach who has grossly underachieved here? Only one direction we can go right? I’m not saying what will happen or what I think might happen. But it could happen. He succeeded at Iowa State and he can do it here, too. Damn it.
  7. I think these guys come back likely: Wilcher Breidenbach Walker Probably Trey, Keisei, Quaran...Dawson... I don't think Bryce, Lat, Andre, or Edwards come back. I'm not really sure it matters, until we figure out what is more likely- that Fred replaces a new assistant. Then Trev is going to have to meet with Fred and tell him what he wants: number of wins? postseason appearance? heck, just a team that shows passion unlike against Northwestern at home. I would say if Nebraska were a basketball school, it'd be more likely to fork up the buyout. I just am having a hard time believing we part ways with a huge price tag. But like many have asked, what's the issue here? 1) Do players hate Fred? 2) Has college changed too much since Fred was at ISU? Is Nebraska just that much harder to obtain success than other colleges like ISU? I think back to Tim's last year a lot. We said going into the year, "He knows it and everyone knows it, that he has to get to the NCAA tournament or else." I think that was flawed because Nebraska has no blueprint. Decent coaches have come here with success at previous stops and faltered here. I'm not all about this 5 year turnaround all the time. If we get a guy like Tim Miles, I think we have to ride it out. Is Fred that? He dang well should be. It's really an easy fix IMO. Guys have to buy in, pass the ball, and communicate. No more possessions with 0-1 pass unless you have an open layup. No more letting Northwestern shoot a 3 with the nearest defender 20 feet away standing still. We have bodies - get back to the basics. I took my 5 year old twins to the game today, and they got bored/sad that we lost and have lost so much. I can keep their interest in the games, but each game starts with eyes peeled and ends with....bleh. I hate this. I just want to see Tim Miles-like success here. At least we were talked about. Fix this. Please!
  8. Oof. I’m trying to be rational, but that presser almost seemed like Fred’s worst moment. I was hoping when the presser was announced that he’d say, “The team is going through a bunch of things and that starts with me. I’m the head coach. I am going to fix those mistakes and get a plan to make sure X Y Z doesn’t happen again. What kobe said was accurate, but he’s just frustrated like he should be. We have to do better. We will do better.”
  9. Did anyone else notice HC just said “we addressed it with Kobe and we’re moving on”, but didn’t say anything about he has to do better? He didn’t take an ounce of accountability did he?
  10. I don’t think it’s the players or coaches that need replaced. What drives me nuts is the shot selection and lack of ball movement. Bryce got blocked airballs three (or four but at least three) times when he tried to make something out of nothing. Why is moving the ball and taking a good look so hard?
  11. Nebraska doesn’t pass. Doesn’t hustle back on defense. And #5 plays like he just wants to get drafted. He’s not even helping us. Terrible shot selection. Gets stuffed. Doesn’t hustle back. I’m starting to wonder if recruiting hodge podge is killing us.
  12. I think it’s likely that these five start: McGowens McGowens Wilcher Walker Lat Does Bryce come off the bench so Zo can start? One guard is going to have to come off the bench. It’ll be hard to tell Trey, Wilcher, Zo or Bryce to do it. That leaves Zo, Wil, Andre, Kobe as my first four off the bench, and Tominaga when we need a shooter. I think this roster is good enough to be strong NIT. If both Wilchers are here in a couple years, it’s pretty hard to not like the chances of heightened success these next few years.
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