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  1. unl

    Rock Bottom!?

    Isn’t that true for any team? Are you concerned we won’t win 5 of our next 7 games which are at home?
  2. unl

    If Miles is Fired This Year

    My night is ruined I am so ticked off about this loss. But we won at Indiana a week ago and this is NU’s first bad loss. Unreal take here. Five of next seven at home.
  3. That’s pretty good info. Good research, Matt.
  4. What’s the difference between college players averaging 38 minutes a game twice a week, and NBA players averaging 38 min a game three times a week? NBA has one or two commercial breaks a quarter, right? College has four between halves. I’m not trying to lead one way or the other here but the college players re younger and get more breaks-I do think fatigue is worth watching but I do not understand this hype that NU will have nothing left come tournament time. And further of pount, I’d expect some (not sure how many) games from now until Purdue will allow for Thor, Brady, and the walkons to get minutes to an extent.
  5. unl

    Scouting Mich St

    I want this game’s atmosphere to be at least like Penn State last year. Can we pull that off?
  6. unl

    New NET Rankings

    Ok, Oklahoma State! Thanks for the good game. Won at West Virginia.
  7. unl

    If Miles is Fired This Year

    Is anyone nervous it’d be Ernie Kent?
  8. unl

    The Top 25 thread

    NU could be ranked next week. #23 and 25 already lost and 22 Wisconsin might lose to Minnesota tonight. Of course, 25 may lose again to us Sunday. These games are more intense to follow just because NU is in a spot it’s almost never been before.
  9. People that complain about miles after all three losses but had no praise after Clemson Seton Hall or Creighton. That is my number one pet peave at the moment. Listen we didn’t lose a home game in 2018. We have tons of talent. We’re going dancing this year. This game sucked but we get to keep playing.
  10. unl

    The Top 25 thread

    So #16 Marquette loses at unranked (one vote) St. John’s. They may not fall 8 spots to NU but it will be interesting how St. John’s is affected.
  11. unl

    2020 Zaire Wade

    Any news on Zaire?
  12. I didn’t fact check this but it’s getting a lot of retweets. So I hope it’s all correct
  13. unl

    The Top 25 thread

    Very small impact for NU right now but would you want Buffalo or Marquette? I lean Buffalo because it could help the big east fall completely out of the polls. I also think buffalo can’t hold on to this strong of a season. Realistically though this game could impact our seeding.
  14. When do you guys think Heiman makes the big jump? I think I know that he will be good by his junior year...but I hope he can compete next year. He’s got a strong chance to start next season...
  15. unl

    The Top 25 thread

    Will Arizona State fall out after tonight?