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uneblinst's postgame chatter: vol 16; ed 8 - Creighton


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7 minutes ago, HuskerFever said:


We only made 1 less 3 pointer than last year.  We did 2 things differently this year.  We tried to play too fast (this allowed Creighton to take more shots).  We also couldn't clone Walker to handle Krenkmeier on the offensive end.

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We played awful.  Now we have to put it behind us.  It was tough, the crowd was there, and we were prepared to blow the roof off of the place, and well, we got schooled.

One team came to play, and it wasn't us.

One team busted their collective butts, and it wasn't us.

One team played great team defense, and it wasn't us.

One team controlled the paint, and it wasn't us.

One team shot lights out, and it wasn't us.

One team earned the blow out win, and it wasn't us.


That game sucked for us...but congratulations to Creighton for coming to play.

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- The referees did not lose us that game-- but they were horrible and the fact that McD didn't get a tech around the 10 minute mark was ridiculous.  When we went on our run, that was about the time he was on the referees hard and he pretty much got them to change the way they were calling things in that moment.


- At the end of the first half, their player jumped into our player.  That is not a foul and I'm pretty sure that an offensive player initiating contact is or was recently a point of emphasis for referees.


- We'll rarely, if ever, win shooting like that from deep.  Baylor will rarely ever shoot like that in the first half again... and he's a pretty good shooter overall.


- This game doesn't take away anything from our overall goals.  It's one game and we can't let CU beat us 2 to 3 times.  Two big ones this week in which we could go 2-0.


- The weight of outside expectations should be a nice lift off of our shoulders for a while.  We won't have any national eyes on us again any time soon and I'm ok with that.  We didn't handle being "the game of the day in college basketball" as it was touted.


- Part of us shooting so rough from deep, I think, was that the wrong people were taking the threes.  Allick shot 4, KT only got 4 as well and BW didn't even shoot one.

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