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  1. Definitely a cool opportunity. Slight drawback, I assume all of the games would count as home games for the NET, RPI, etc and thus be less valuable from that perspective.
  2. When I go to my unread posts feed, it shows every unread post rather than only one per thread. Is this a setting I could change?
  3. Question for those bigger sports enthusiasts than me: Is there ever pressure for kids of the wealthy to walk-on?
  4. Over what time frame? Cases have been dropping nationwide for a week. Still high, no doubt, but definitely not a situation where cases are rising in all but 2 states.
  5. Maybe I just missed them, but it seemed like there were very few articles from him recently, compared to when he started to UNL.
  6. Note that he only took 41 3-pointers in his entire career haha... 7-41. An average of one 3-point attempt every 23 games. Looks like the 3-point line existed for about 3/4 of his career.
  7. Thanks, @Jugular. Is it a private club, or is there any info on how to join?
  8. I live in Omaha, but I haven't heard of this "Big Red Roundball" club. What is Shatel referencing in the excerpt below? Shonsey runs a group of Husker hoops supporters in Omaha called “Big Red Roundball.” He said the group is still getting 70 members to meetings, where the coaches speak. From the OWH
  9. The World-Herald article this morning said that the current losing streak is the longest ever.
  10. Interested to hear what happened.
  11. Bart Torvik is showing different stats for Dru. Here is the top ten on his site for those who have attempted 40 threes or more on the year. Still crazy/impressive, though. That's some serious shooting by Tyler Hagedorn. Also, it's interesting to look at how almost all of them shoot better from 3 than they do from 2.
  12. His profile says he last visited the site 15 hours ago, but looking at his post history, it's very odd that he hasn't posted anything since 1/12.
  13. Interesting. Based on the below excerpt from his bio, I would not have guessed this. Did he underperform at WKU? Dalano Banton (pronounced duh-LAH-no BAN-ten) played 31 games at Western Kentucky in 2018-19, averaging 3.4 points, 3.0 rebounds and 2.1 assists per game.
  14. Sek was one of my favorite players on that team, and I will also never forget this moment. Maybe I'm too uptight, but I was enraged at this sign. If I was closer to those two, I definitely would have told them to have some respect for someone who had just given four years of hard work.
  15. I can't believe no one has commented on the fact that the SI article linked in the original post is over 60 years old
  16. You've gotta be kidding me - Jervay Green shot 53% from the line in juco? Wow. It is completely unacceptable for a college basketball player at the guard position to be shooting anywhere below 65%, let alone 55%.
  17. It's definitely the case for me, personally. I am more careful to get a good night's rest two nights before a big day at work as opposed to the night before.
  18. I had to be "old man get off my lawn" guy, but I haven't been too impressed with Cam Mack's body language so far. Lots of pouting when things don't go his way.
  19. Tonight, Mississippi Valley State lost to Utah 143-49, which is the largest D-1 vs D-1 loss in CBB history. This is the team we beat 106-37 last year!
  20. Using Bart Torvik, here are our losses against opponents that finished the season ranked #125 or worse, dating back to 2008. #262: 2008-2009 loss vs UMBC #253: 2014-2015 loss vs Incarnate Word #244: 2015-2016 loss vs Samford #179: 2011-2012 loss vs Wake Forest #175: 2016-2017 loss vs Gardner-Webb #160: 2013-2014 loss vs UAB (neutral site) #154: 2010-2011 loss vs Davidson (neutral site) #147: 2015-2016 loss @ Penn State #131: 2016-2017 loss @ Rutgers #129: 2011-2012 loss @ Penn State UC Riverside is currently ranked #219, but
  21. This is radio as opposed to TV, right? Does anyone have a link to listen, by chance?
  22. FYI for anyone wanting to go to the Nebraska/Creighton game this year, tickets go on sale this coming Monday the 14th @ 10am. I think these will be on Ticketmaster.
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