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  1. It is amazing how many basketball players NU and Wisconsin are both in on, and it seems every single one goes to Wisconsin.
  2. Both made changes to the coaching staff. Frost seems to have brought in the bigger names and with it bigger expectations, which means the basketball team will have the better season flying under the radar! As in most sports though it comes down to not how good you are, but how good your competition is and the football schedule is pretty soft, especially early on while the Big 10 in basketball is always very tough as you have to play all the teams. The thing about our basketball recruits is that had it been a few years ago and we brought in this group, we would be pretty excited, but now with Hoiberg the expectations on recruiting seem to be higher and we don't see this class as anything special. Like Hugh42 said earlier, this group may surprise us. (paraphrasing my old college roomy!)
  3. According to the OWH Ramey is now our number one target.
  4. It's funny because it's bigger than a normal hat.
  5. Not sure how accurate this is but...
  6. Not sure how early but I'm pretty sure it was at least before his Senior year.
  7. Sounds like a lot of Mid major players like Scheierman are being told to prove they can do it in a power 5 conference before the NBA will take a chance on them. (depending on the player of course) The Summit League will become a minor league for conferences like the Big Ten. Sad state of affairs. So much for building a program (the old way) at any level anymore.
  8. Scheierman is a very good player and it would be great if he ends up a Husker, but let's not compare him to Larry Bird. Bird is as good as anyone who has ever played the game. Don't think Scheierman is on that level.
  9. Jaylin Hunter transfers from Old Dominion to Ohio. Coach Hunter's son who played at O Prep and Lincoln High. Started every game for ODU and averaged just under 10 pts per game.
  10. Last season: 9.4 pts 3.5 reb 1.6 assists 40% FG 35% 3pt 76% FT
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