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  1. Props to Coach Hoiberg. Ran a couple nice sets and saw the mismatch and played off Walker the rest of the game. Like Norm said, it was fun to see the movement and team play. I don't think last years team would have had the patience to play off Walker like that.
  2. Oklahoma 59 Ole Miss 55 in championship game Memphis over Stanford in 5th place game Purdue drills Duke by 19 Mich State 78-77 over Portland who missed a game winner in the paint after coming back down ten with three minutes left. Not our opponent (thankfully) but Alabama beat N Carolina 103-101 in 4 OT!
  3. Chucky H with 17 pts 4 assists and a steal to seal a 64-59 win for Wisconsin over USC. USC has a couple of pretty good players.
  4. I think we recruited that cut out a couple years ago. He's probably in the portal now.
  5. 4:30 PM on ESPN News I believe. Which means we will get to start watching it at the 13:46 mark in the first half after the game before goes OT.
  6. I did like the effort. We never folded and worked our way back in it. Just not enough fire power on this team to fall behind early. The problem is I can see about every game shaping up like this one. Good effort but another loss could be our motto.
  7. Andy Markowski struggled as well.
  8. That might cost him his scholarship to NU
  9. Saw it one possession and Pine Bluff did not score and it kind took them out of their rhythm. Not sure if they played again but sometimes a match up looks like a man. I think we will see it more as the season moves on.
  10. Michigan 91 Pittsburgh 60 Iowa wins at Seton Hall 83-67 We could play Seton Hall in the upcoming tournament Iowa plays Omaha Monday
  11. I saw that. Looks like a 4th grade Y League game!
  12. Good night for the Big Ten: Michigan State beats Kentucky in 2 OT Purdue beats Marquette at home Northwestern wins at Georgetown
  13. Penn State gets a home win over Butler 68-62 in a Gavitt game. Jalen Pickett with a triple double and zero turnovers. 11-0 assists to turnovers.
  14. Maine plays Boston College tonight. I think it is on TV. We play BC on 11/30.
  15. We need to eliminate those stretches where we revert back to last year's team. When we moved the ball and were patient we were not just helping our offense but the defense as well. We defended very well when they had to go against a set half court defense. Bad shot selection and forced shots lead to run outs and better looks for Omaha.
  16. I think Miles had a very good relationship with Hepburn. No doubt most all major conf coaches missed the boat on Sam and Baylor.
  17. Good catch. It will be interesting to see how he does at Virginia.
  18. So this is our 2022-23 roster for Nebraska kids playing on DONU: How would this team do? Lacking a true post but a pretty good group of guards and role players behind them. Chucky Hepburn Wis Hunter Sallis Zags Baylor Scheierman bad guys Sam Griesel N Aguek Arop San D State Donavon Williams Pacific Sheriff Mitchell bad guys Max Murrell Stanford Frankie Fidler UNO John Tonje Colo St Josiah Allick New Mex Charlie Easley SD St Jadin Johnson Old Dom Jasen Green (RS?) bad guys Isaac Traudt Vir Anyone I missed?
  19. Baylor Scheierman had 11 pts 10 reb 3 assists for the blue school that you probably purposely left off your list. Mitchell had 1 assist in 9 minutes of play.
  20. This team does have a totally different look to it, but we are missing that one guy that can put the ball in the basket. If and this is a big, maybe zero chance of landing if, we had a guy like Antonio Reeves (22 pts in first game with kentucky) we could really have a fun team to watch. Still can't believe he chose Kentucky over us.
  21. Creighton wins by 12 over some team called St. Thomas-Minnesota.
  22. Redshirting in today's world usually means that player gets an extra year at his new school.
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