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  1. Key plays to me: 1. Early on Benton makes a steal and tries to dunk it instead of just making a layup. If he makes the simple play we are up 12-4 and rolling. They stick a 3 right after which always happens after a missed layup and the momentum is gone. 2. Hand check on Allen late that allows them to shoot free throws without having to earn a hoop in the clutch and tie the game. 3. Lack of execution on the 2 for 1 play. Lat hesitates on the open three.
  2. I did not expect to see Strowbridge on the list and I could not remember Cliff Scales and Henry T Buchanan being that good of a shooter. When I think of pure shooters from the past I think of Cochran, Cresswell and Conklin.
  3. Not going to let that one die are you? The kid can light it up.
  4. Agree with both of you. I felt in the past we passed over some kids that could shoot because they were not athletic enough to guard people in our conference. We had slashers with no where to go because the lane was always clogged up with defenders who didn't care if their man had the ball. The saying offense wins games but defense wins championships can be true but the saying offense wins games and more offense wins more games can work as well.
  5. Kuxhausen is one of the better shooters to come out of a Nebraska high school.
  6. I think that Butane Cookman school was one of the six. Heard he had a poster of a lighter in his basement.
  7. Just like it was before the internet. (Without the kid announcing his top six and was "blessed to receive 75 offers from whatever school")
  8. Sounds like Coach A is hitting the Conn/NY area hard. Trying to be first with an offer for some of these kids.
  9. Thanks for all of you that did the research that I was to lazy to do. I do like black as an alternative, but not a replacement for red.
  10. I remember I liked the black uniforms from the early 90's but I can't find a picture of them. Anyone have a pix?
  11. I was thinking about this the other day and if Hunter Sallis came to NU I would not be that surprised if he did not start for us. He and McGowens are ranked about the same but I too expect McGowens to start right away. It will be interesting to see how it goes with these two.
  12. By the time Wednesday rolls around we will be playing Duke, Slippery Rock and Butane Cookman instead the way things are changing so quickly.
  13. The 12 p.m. start time on Nevada's Chadron State game is Pacific time, meaning 2 p.m. central. So it would not affect the start time for Nebraska's game against McNeese State.
  14. 6' 6" shooting forward from California (4 star)
  15. Does anyone know how accurate KenPom's predictions are from a percentage stand point over the years?
  16. Definitely front loaded with tough games. Big Ten hates Nebraska.
  17. That is my impression as well. It sounds like each assistant has a specific role with the team and Matt's is to recruit. I'm not sure he has to many other responsibilities and I don't think he even scouts or game preps.
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