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  1. The irony. We seem to make teams beat us from the arc but yet on offense we want to shoot the hell out of the three.
  2. Once again, thanks for the early loss to W Illinois. Made this one easier to handle and kind of expected. To all of you that are disappointed, remember what's important here. We are getting guys ready for the NBA.
  3. Walker hits 2 free throws (great to see) at about 5 min 30 sec mark Verge 1 of 2 Trey M 0 for 2 Wilcher 1 of 2 Verge 1 of 2
  4. One play that still haunts me is the pinch hit by Francisco Cabrera that scored Sid Bream in the 1992 NLCS when the Braves beat the Pirates. I can still hear the announcer's call of "base hit!" over and over. Idiot is a good choice of words for me, being a lifelong Pittsburgh Pirate, Husker basketball fan.
  5. It's kind of a relief for me. Now I can just relax and watch basketball and if we win, we win, if we lose, no big deal. I did not watch it on TV but listened to the radio so I did not see the selfish play everyone is talking about. Hearing this just makes it worse. My expectations for this team are pretty much non existent now and I guess I will make them win me back. I will still watch, but will not be bummed out after a loss. (My dog will appreciate that) I know it is just one game but a loss at home to (no disrespect to W Illinois) a mid major team that really did not play that well is tough to take, given the supposed talent we have. I'm just glad they did it right away so I can move on to other things this winter.
  6. The baseball team pretty well dominated the Big Ten last year. (And received a terrible draw in the tournament). BTW, when does baseball season start?
  7. I usually don't pay attention that close to announcers, in one ear out the other sort of thing, but John Baylor drives me nuts. I'm not sure why but I don't care for him as an announcer and I just can't ignore his voice. I think Kent is one of the best.
  8. Now that's a name! Sounds like a comic book hero.
  9. It looks like we are sitting pretty good with him, but he does seem to be interested in a lot of schools. (most in the Midwest)
  10. In Bryce's case I think he just needs to fill out and get stronger which about every frosh has to do. The problem is we probably will not see the fully developed Bryce but you can see the potential NBA scouts see. In a year or two he will finish at the rim so much better.
  11. Really fun stretch of basketball to watch in the first half. If the 3's are falling and the guys are moving the ball, this can be a very exciting team to watch. Second half was kind of ugly (which Colorado wanted) but we did enough to finish off the win. After the quick start we started to see some selfish play creep back in from last year and I'm not sure how good Colorado is even though they were picked above us in most of the rankings. The Buffs were a big team and as expected hit the O boards on us but it just looks like something we will have to get use to and hope the mismatch at the other end can off set it. Looked like the officials were not in mid season form as well. Overall I was very pleased with what I saw. We are not huge but the length on the wings makes us look bigger and played a part in the win as well.
  12. This seems to be the big question this year which I guess is a problem you want as most good teams have to deal with keeping good players happy with playing time. Hopefully Coach will not have to deal with a major attitude/team cancer situation like the last couple of years.
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