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  1. wow! I like coach Miles and will not say anything bad about him at all but you are forgetting a lot of games we lost to lesser opponents.
  2. Auburn and UConn (wish we had Sanogo) have some dudes. We better get better fast or Auburn will run us off the court
  3. Your not the only one, I’m am with you. Definitely disappointed so far, especially Creighton game. We do not look like a well coached team right now. I also agree on Edwards, play him more instead of Lat (hurts my soul watching him handle the ball, shoot, pass, or cut is all he should do) I don’t think we will shoot it as good as we all thought but I’m confident it will improve. Weather we can get close to our potential lies on Defense IMO. Lack of intensity and communication is terrible. Leads to all the open shots and easy offensive rebounds. One last positive is we pulled ahead and closed out a close game. Not something we have excelled at so even though it was a bad team it helps.
  4. I was wondering if he is possibly redshirting with Oleg and Jack? Probably a good idea if true
  5. dang, that makes the glass half empty guys look positive. Many teams have lost early season games and went on to have great years. To early to tell anything right now
  6. After rewatching the game I didn’t think Verge was as bad as I thought at the arena. He actually started out looking to pass and could have had at least 3-4 more assists if guys (Lat specifically was bad) hit open shots. Then he got to the rim at will but couldn’t make a layup and they were good shots he should make. I think that got him frustrated and out of sorts. I saw about 4-5 bad shots and he made one of them. Hopefully he calms down and gets back into what we saw vs Colo. We will need it Tuesday night
  7. Agreed, especially since this would have been a prep school year. However the big bonus is now he can forever say he was on the first NU team to win a tourney game, so he’s got that going for him.
  8. don’t forget Kobe and he might not even be in the rotation
  9. I agree, taking him this early leads me to believe he is not a reach in their eyes. He looks an awful lot like some of his wings at ISU to me
  10. Agree, we probably will play 9 at the most come Big10 play. Kobe would be my other guess at limited minutes even though I like him a lot
  11. This, it is going to suck getting to our seats now. Come in go up, over, and around, then back down. Plus no heckling the other team as you walk by.
  12. Lat not starting would be a surprise but not a huge one. Xavier fans wanted CJ to play the 4 for them as they thought he was strong enough and smart enough to defend there. I have also heard they really like Zo’s defense so far since he’s been here. So it would not be our strongest def lineup, I think it would be ok and as you pointed out, that is some firepower on offense.
  13. Better get used to Wilhelm at the 5 as well. Sounds like he will play there. Interested to see how the minutes are divided at the post.
  14. Not surprised Jasen and his father have been Creighton fans for a while. Once they got serious I was nervous. Sucks to lose him but I don’t think he is a game changer by any means, probably a solid role player who will end up losing to Nebraska 4 straight years
  15. We have a shot at Traudt and good shot at Green but can not bank on getting either so we need options. Plus it is smart to develop relationships for the portal kids down the road
  16. I am very aware of the history and am certain you are wrong
  17. Guessing we could have 5 spots open up. Think Trey and Lat will move on with their careers. 1 probably 2 bench guys will want more time and leave. Finally I know Walker said he wants to play but if Ed is what we think and Blaise coming in PT will be tight.
  18. what makes me uncomfortable was trying to guard or even dribble against Dev a few weeks ago in pick up ball. Did not go well for me at all.
  19. I think they had to cover all their bases and see who was interested. Think Trev was who they wanted all along but I’m pretty sure it was not an easy decision for him to make the change. Do not think he was interested last time they were hiring.
  20. There is one other candidate, not being mentioned. Curious if Trev would leave UNO as it is probably his if he wants it.
  21. There is Kevin Obanor who just announced he is in portal. Lit it up to end last season, wonder if we have reached out.
  22. Fred is not a fan of Pollard, so no go Davison will not even be considered, OWH shows how clueless they are by throwing out his name. Give Moos credit, he did what was needed. Don’t buy for a second all these coaches come here if Eichorst was still the AD.
  23. Does not look like he was invited to the combine
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