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  1. Webster Teddy Buckets Stevenson Banton Lat this is what I hope to see if Trey is not eligible. If he is he starts over Webster or Stevenson. Think in big ten Lat plays the 4 more and Yvan or Walker get more PT
  2. Wes Wilkinson part two? but hopefully he is a little more assertive and confident
  3. I hope he has things worked out now and can focus on school. He actually has an incredibly high ceiling in football but just did not have the mindset and liked hoops a lot more. Rumor was Pelini wanted to offer him as a frosh after one of their camps.
  4. Don’t diss Milt , he is a great guy.
  5. I think the coaches feel good about Trey getting a waiver, you could add him. No clue what the arguments will be for him or Kobe but hopefully they both get one.
  6. Shooting Year Grade Team GP Min Pts FGM FGA FG% PPS AFG% Varsity Totals 32 331 137 243 56 1.4 57 18-19 Junior Varsity 23 283 117 201 58 1.4 58 17-18 Sophomore Varsity 9 48 20 42 48 1.1 49 Shooting Cont. Year Grade Team GP Min Pts 3PM 3PA 3P% FTM FTA FT% 2FGM 2FGA 2FG% Varsity Totals 32 331 1 7 14 56 89 63 136 236 58 18-19 Junior Varsity 23 283 0 3 0 49 76 64 117 198 59 17-18 Sophomore Varsity 9 48 1 4 25 7 13 54 19 38 50 Totals Year Grade Team GP Min Pts OReb DReb Reb Ast Stl Blk TO PF Varsity Totals 32 331 73 233 312 21 6 125 7 18-19 Junior Varsity 23 283 63 196 265 14 3 98 7 17-18 Sophomore Varsity 9 48 10 37 47 7 3 27
  7. Looks like 64% FT his junior season which is not bad. Don’t think he played senior year. Real happy with this one, beating those schools is impressive.
  8. Guessing AS was one of those kids that told multiple coaches he was coming. Seton Hall and Fred seemed convinced. if this kid is a fall back sign me up. As Norm said not super athletic but seems to be very skilled
  9. Badgett is a good dude, always one of my favorites.
  10. Theythink they have a good case for McGowins also, so we are waiting on that. I do like your point that if they allow a one time transfer it could lead to some kids to redshirt so they don’t have to save it to avoid losing a year.
  11. I looked at the official list of those who put their name in the NBA draft. I did not see Mack, assuming he did not get the correct paperwork submitted which would not be surprising. Very odd kid but hope things turn out well for him
  12. will be interesting. Cross might turn out much better however we seem to have a few guys like him already and Lakes brings something much different to the table.
  13. Just pure speculation but it could be a grades thing too.
  14. If they go online classes they should prepare to lower tuition. Im with Norm, people are already turning. Plus biggest thing to me is getting kids back in school this fall. We have to figure that out somehow. K-12 kids can’t go another year with out school and that is what is really happening now in most school districts.
  15. That is what I have read to but there is a good argument to be made. If it’s approved this summer, kids will argue and rightfully so that they are being punished a whole year that other going forward will not. I have also read the whole covid issue will also play heavily. Be interesting to see how it shakes out but I would not be surprised if everyone is eligible right away if it passes. I just hope the season starts as normal and we get a chance to see these guys as soon as possible, excited for the future.
  16. The big difference to me is last year we had 1 guy with P5 experience (maybe1.5 but Thor did not play much). As others mentioned none of those outside of Cheatham was really highly rated coming out of high school. Those two were also our most consistent guys day to day. We also had zero guys who had run FH and Doc’s systems. This year we will have 7+ guys with P5 experience and 5 guys who were highly ranked coming out of high school. We also have 6 guys with experience in this system now. I know Banton is kind of unknown but don’t think he will be a bust. He was a top 50 kid who showed flashes at times but was not physically strong enough. I do not think Fred would by hyping him up so much if he was not sure he was going to be a good player for us. I am not predicting a tourney bid or anything now but there is definitely a lot of reasons to be more confident than last year for sure.
  17. I might be wrong and have not looked it up but I think we have lots of stars. Banton, King, Walker, McGowens, Mayan were all 4 star type guys I think and Teddy has proven he can score at the P5 level. That’s a good start
  18. Is this Duncan Robinson part 2? 6’7” shooter who starts at lower level and moves up to P5. Hope we get him
  19. He very well might but right now passing, 3 pt%, and moving without the ball are not his strengths and Fred loves those qualities, so does McD. He is a volume shooter that dominates the ball and is not overly efficient. He is talented enough he could thrive in any system if he wanted to make adjustments but that’s a big IF. Most guys like that figure why change if what I am doing is working. I am real interested to see where he lands. Think KSU and Okie St would be good fits, hope he does great.
  20. Most people seem to think the one free transfer rule is going into effect. Question will be will it start this year or next.
  21. I think everyone might be overreacting here, could be a simple answer.. Donovan is a very talented, ball dominate, scoring guard who would have fit pretty good with what Miles wants to do. Fred has a much different style than Tim. He likes spacing and sharing the ball, not clear outs for guys. I think that is why Burke and Green maybe did not flourish like we hoped they would. Would Donovan adapted his game and flourished? Does he want to? Maybe he is looking for a system that will highlight his strengths. Fred honored the offer and Donovan chose not to sign which was his choice. Then Fred moved on probably hoping to find guys more suited to his style. Don’t think it is a coincidence that Creighton did not offer as their system might not be the perfect match either. hope he finds the right place and has a great career.
  22. was told ACT / SAT are working on options like online testing so kids can get the tests they need. They were hoping for June but who knows.
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