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    In state kids?

    He is interesting. I was told he might have another inch or two to grow yet as well. Hopefully he gets and remains healthy. His dad was a 7 foot plus high jumper back in the day and looks like Max got some of that ability also.
  2. Art Vandalay

    2018 C Brady Heiman (Platteview) - LOI

    Man, I think it hurt Tiger. Pretty sure his back injuries started after he started getting really jacked but maybe did not hurt his actual swing.
  3. Art Vandalay

    2020 G Donovan Williams - VC

    Too bad, I thought Sharpe said he was going to visit unofficially this weekend. Maybe I was not listening close enough, hopefully we get in the picture with him soon as well.
  4. Art Vandalay

    2020 G Donovan Williams - VC

    I bet we offer soon, maybe as soon as this weekend. I thought I heard he might make an unofficial to Lincoln soon. Would be smart for NU to get some kids down there when DWade and son are in town as well.
  5. Art Vandalay

    2019 Akol Arop

    I always compared Aquek to Ade myself so I agree with this as well. If his jump shot has improved as much as they say I really like this one
  6. Art Vandalay

    2020 G Donovan Williams - VC

    While I agree with you in premise and would not get into reaching for kids just because they are from here. I do think we will see a steady flow of kids who can play at the D1 level going forward. The number of kids competing at high levels at earlier ages has sky rocketed in the state and we are seeing the benefits. You can probably identify multiple kids in each of the next four classes (Jacob would know better) that will be D1 and I do not see that stopping anytime soon. So I think if that continues I think we should always have room for a couple local kids on the team.
  7. Art Vandalay

    2020 PG Rashad McDaniels

    He looks like Khalid El Amin from Uconn. If he has anywhere near that type of game I am in
  8. Art Vandalay

    2018 Transfer Market

    He knows he has to win now and we need a back up PG. Harris might be good but he is a freshman and T Allen is not a point. If GW goes down or Harris does not catch on right away we could be hurting so I see that a little. Big is obviously the main need and I would love a JUCO guy for this year and next if they have some game. He mentioned qualified JUCOs so maybe there is a freshman out in the JUCO ranks they are looking at. Not sure how that works if they do not have their two year degree yet though.
  9. Art Vandalay

    Jordy Gone

    To bad he is not 2-3 inches taller, stretch 4 is the perfect position for him IMO. I have no problem playing one big, 3 decent sized wing and a PG. Would be a lot of fun if we can board. Not a lot of teams have 1 let alone 2 guys who are good at posting up so Def is not a big concern to me.
  10. Art Vandalay

    Morrow leaving

    I think he was gone when we continued to start Jordy after Ed came back from injury. At that time everyone loved Jordy’s upside at the 5.
  11. Art Vandalay

    2019 Recruiting

    He would seem to be a great pick up if we can get him. We could use a Juco and Frosh PF / stretch 4 type guy for next year if we can find them
  12. Art Vandalay

    2019 PG Shareef Mitchell

    He reclassified because he is young and is a good student so that is not the issue. He actually did not want to do that but since his best offers at the time were mid majors I believe his family wanted him to. Then Creighton suggested he go Prep school and then they might have something for him like what they did with K Thomas and he was sold. That is why I think if NU offered for 2018 we had a decent shot even though Creighton was his dream school.
  13. Art Vandalay

    2019 PG Shareef Mitchell

    Man, I do not see T Smith at all but I will give you the concern on his shot at the next level. That and physical strength were my only two concerns. He has worked on his shot a lot and although I would not consider him a snipper by any means you definitely have to guard him out there. Strongly disagree on the defense though, maybe he is not locked in all the time but when he is he is a menace on defense, guys did not even want to dribble against him sometimes.
  14. Art Vandalay

    2019 PG Shareef Mitchell

    I don't know I have watch him a lot the last 2 years and I think he was easily the best player in the state and as we are seeing there is some talent in NE right now. So that 150ish ranking does not surprise me at all. I am curious as to what you saw that you did not like? He really does remind me of a young GW, who knows if he will take it to the next level at Creighton but I think he has earned the rating and hope he does well except against us.
  15. Art Vandalay

    2019 PG Shareef Mitchell

    I think Creighton was the dream but if NU would have offered earlier and for 2018 I think we could have had him. He was open to NU and apparently did not really want to reclassify. We are in on Hepburn early and sounds like Lewis is really working the whole family so hopefully that pays off down the road.
  16. Art Vandalay

    2019 PG Shareef Mitchell

    I agree and really think Shereef has a lot of similarities to Glynn Watson coming out of HS. Similiar smallish size, score first PG with excellent mid range pull ups and work to do on the three point shot. Also excelent quickness on defense. I think Reef will become more of a distributor now that he is playing with other high level kids. Really happy for for the kid, think we will regret this but I have been wrong many times before
  17. Art Vandalay

    2019 PG Shareef Mitchell

    If we would have offered for 2018, I believe he would be a Husker right now, and I wish we did.
  18. Art Vandalay

    2019 PG Shareef Mitchell

    Is it for 18 or 19? Wish we would have taken a chance, great kid.
  19. Art Vandalay

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    That is where I was completely wrong and Actuary was right but what I think needs to change. They place so much importance on analytics and do not use the eye test enough (not just this year with NU either). Maybe get some basketball folks instead of school ADs to be on the committee but not sure how that would work either. I know Rasmussen watches a lot of hoops but wonder how much others do and if not do they just rely on analytics. Picking that many teams from that many choices is going to be a flawed process no matter what I guess.
  20. Art Vandalay

    2022 PF Jasen Green (Omaha)

    We discussed him a little in the in state thread. He is probably going to Millard North per Jacob. My son used to play soccer with Jasen when they were younger, good family. I would expect him to keep growing as well, definitely someone to watch in the future. Plays up a year with Hepburn in AAU for team Factory.
  21. Art Vandalay

    2021 PG Chucky Hepburn

    Glad to see we are getting in early and taking our shot. If we have the season we hope to have that should improve our chances with kids like Chucky. Believe his Team Factory Squad is doing big things this summer so I bet he is on a lot of coaches radars already.
  22. Art Vandalay

    Costello Redshirt

    I agree with this. I do think I like his upside a little more than Trueblood. Johnny seemed to be better attacking the rim but not sure if he will ever be able to do that at this level without having a knock down jumper like Costello.
  23. Art Vandalay

    18-19 depth

    I think Allen will step into the 2 spot if he can hold up defensively. I would bet he does a lot better off the ball and focusing on knocking down shots like AG did for us last year.
  24. Art Vandalay

    In state kids?

    Thanks for the info, good to hear on Murrell. I did forget about Porter but did not know much anything about Sallis but he sounds promising. Will have to check out some of their games next winter. I keep hoping Jake will grow some more and fill out as I think he has excellent skills and is a great kid.
  25. Art Vandalay

    In state kids?

    Jacob, What are your thoughts on Max Murrell at Millard North? I used to play against his old man back in the day and he could really get up. Him Rueschhoff and Jung should be pretty good core I would imagine.