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  1. 2014 game at the Breslin Center currently airing on BTN. Holy hell did Walter Pitchford have himself a day that day
  2. looks like everybody was back at practice today for the Buckeyes.
  3. Wonder if it'll be a solo show of Connor or he'll have a co-host. Schaefer's not sticking around at 93.7 either, so wonder if they're jumping over together? Gonna go out on a limb and assume if he’s replacing the time slot that’s been a one man midday show for the past couple of years, (Nick Bahe, Gary) it’ll probably just be The Connor Happer Show. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Saturday January 8th at Rutgers’ Jersey Mike’s Arena, formerly known as The RAC
  5. That was absolutely abysmal and pathetic. Just like their previous efforts before the week off. But hey, at least they got Abdelmassih back on the bench to sit there and squash those pesky internet rumors!!
  6. We really missed having an overpaid glorified cheerleader on the sidelines! Thank goodness!
  7. My favorite Nebrasketball hypothetical lineup is what if the 13-14 tourney team had Brandon Ubel. Miles tried to get him to redshirt 12-13 to play that next year because he knew that team the next year could be special. Would’ve been odd for a senior to redshirt his senior season but still a fun hypothetical what if
  8. I mean… There may be “no current or pending investigation,” but something is clearly up with Abdelmassih, and nobody’s been fooled. Only those who would genuinely believe he’s recruited 100% completely by the book since he’s been here.
  9. The “Hoiberg’s getting fired on Friday” part of this is the only part that I view as being blown out of proportion. Everything else, especially that pertaining to Mr. Abdelmassih is not even in the least bit surprising.
  10. Sean Miller was fired 4 years after the investigation with one year left on his contract.
  11. People do like to forget that since the whole “FBI investigating College Basketball” phenomenon hit 5 years ago. A grand total of 1 D1 head basketball coach at was fired for what came out of an investigation pertaining to their program. That man was Rick Pitino.
  12. Hoiberg and Loenser supposed to be in Tulsa tonight to watch Parker
  13. FWIW Hoiberg and Nate Loenser are supposed to be in Tulsa tonight to watch Parker Friedrichsen.
  14. I mean it’s a spot he’s in every week for Jake and Sip’s show. Sipple in the next segment noted that Robin is “covering a train wreck” and the quartet of Sipple, Schaefer, Happer, and Jake all just chuckled and laughed when Schaefer responded to it being a train wreck by saying “and it sounds like it’s only gonna get worse.”
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